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Video- City of Glen Rose Discusses Using Passport America Or Related for Oakdale Park (salon) from Sept 27 2010 I thought it was great that Bob Stricklin brought up that this would violate the promise that the City made to surrounding RV parks, that they would not offer lower prices at .....- 9/29/2010 8:50:17 AM
Video- City of Glen Rose Votes to Ban K2 (salon) - 9/29/2010 12:54:27 AM
Banned or Restricted Books at Glen Rose ISD (Sept 2010) (salon) From the 14th annual report on challenged and banned books in Texas public schools Seen via Texas Watchdog which has an interesting take on the open records returns. GLEN ROSE ISD Scho.....- 9/29/2010 12:22:37 AM
Glen Rose City Council Member RESIGNED? CPAC Meeting Cancelled Due to Lack of Quorum (salon) Just got back from going down to record the CPAC meeting. When I got there, there was a crowd of people waiting outside, and the Freese and Nichols guy, Dan, was standing outside too. On the door w.....- 9/28/2010 6:18:58 PM
Oakdale Park Manager Will Be Contract/No Benefits and Minimal Experience - Sept 2010 Glen Rose Town Council (salon) Remember how we posted the job description the other day that Ronald Bruce, City of Glen Rose supervisor, came up with for someone to run Oakdale Park? We thought at the time that it was woefully l.....- 9/28/2010 4:50:34 PM
We Don't Need No STEENKIN City Administrator! City of Glen Rose Votes Down Temp Contractors (Sep 2010) (salon) Barbara Mitchell was absent, so the vote was 2-2. That motion didn't require that the mayor vote on it, but she did anyway to make sure it was dead. The Saga of the Curse of the City Admnis.....- 9/28/2010 1:38:49 PM
Audio and Some Pics from City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting Sep 28 2010 (salon) will clip some selected video later, including the fact that once again the city didn't hire any type of administrator. Agenda here Listen here or right click to download .....- 9/28/2010 10:31:09 AM
Atheists Know More About It Than The Faithful (humanbeing) From LA Times by Mitchell Landsberg: "If you want to know about God, you might want to talk to an atheist. Heresy? Perhaps. But a survey that measured Americans' knowledge of reli.....- 9/28/2010 8:19:15 AM
Audio from Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Session Sep 27 2010 (salon) - 9/27/2010 2:57:26 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Sept 27 2010 (salon) Going to spend a lot of this week doing some fall cleaning, so may be light posting from me. I continue to have issues with my mower-part of it is fixed now, but something else happened, so have to.....- 9/27/2010 2:46:36 PM
Who Won the Time Trials in the Tejas 500? (Glen Rose) (salon) Star-telegram Of the 27 male riders that began the Tejas 500, 17 finished and only one female, Sharon Stevens of Richardson, was able to make it all 19 laps under the allotted time. .....- 9/26/2010 5:19:20 PM
We're Missing the Boat, Folks (humanbeing) Their Moon Shot and Ours by Thomas Friedman, NY Times: "China is doing moon shots. Yes, that’s plural. When I say “moon shots” I mean big, multibillion-dollar, 25-year-ho.....- 9/26/2010 4:35:41 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Sept 25 2010 (salon) Raining. Love it! Hope it continues all day. I definitely need to set out predator traps. Besides the feathers I found yesterday I found some more in one corner of the chicken pen and I"m miss.....- 9/25/2010 12:52:42 PM
High School Football Glen Rose 38, FW Castleberry 0 - Sept 24 2010 (salon) - 9/25/2010 11:09:50 AM
Agendas for Special and Regular Meetings of Glen Rose ISD Board Sept 27 2010 (salon) From GRISD.NET *************** Notice of Special Meeting The Board of Trustees Glen Rose Independent School District A Special meeting of the Board of Trustees of Glen Rose Independen.....- 9/25/2010 10:37:10 AM
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