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No School Sponsored Prayer at Medina Valley High (Texas) -Even After Appeal! (salon) A high school student at Medina Valley High in Castroville, parents and American United for Separation of Church and State  sued the school to prevent school-sponsored prayer at the graduation.....- 6/4/2011 1:53:29 PM
Waving Goodbye to Public Education... (pstern) Texas Legislature doing what it does best.... removing tax dollars from public education by Peter Stern Slightly more than 10 years ago the state provided up to 70 percent of the total budg.....- 6/2/2011 9:31:54 AM
Somervell County Judge Mike Ford encouraging residents to give personal info to 3rd party without disclosure its a 3rd party (pharper) In a recent Facebook post on May 23rd by Somervell County Emergency Mangement Coordinator Dwayne Griffin:  Judge Ford urges citizens to log onto the county website at www.co.somer.....- 6/1/2011 12:21:21 PM
Press Release from Sid Miller's Office on the Teeth Floaters Bill That Passed (salon) Miller Helps to Protect Horses, Owners & Vets with Compromise Legislation   Austin, Texas – Today, State Representative Sid Miller (R-Stephenville) announced the pass.....- 5/31/2011 3:26:20 PM
Texas GOP Bulldogs Rip Into Travis County (pstern) Is there any logical reason to divide Travis into 5 districts? by Peter Stern Sure there is, if the GOP wants more power. Apparently it’s not enough that the GOP already has the major.....- 5/31/2011 10:42:52 AM
Texas Legislature Still Playing Games with Taxpayers' Money and Lives (pstern) Special Session Costs Taxpayers $3 Million by Peter Stern Governor Rick Perry and Texas legislators cannot do the jobs voters hired them to do. For the past decade urgent issues have remain.....- 5/31/2011 9:08:01 AM
Friends of the Brazos River Meeting June 25 2011 (salon) via email. Dear Friends of the Brazos, Our next meeting will be at Mary Lee Lilly’s house (CONTACT FOR ADDRESS)  Coffee will be served at 8:30 and breakfast at 9:00. Please rsvp.....- 5/29/2011 5:23:55 PM
Heh! Video After the Rapture (salon) - 5/29/2011 11:41:09 AM
Ever Been Stuck Trying to Figure Out Where to Find an Emergency Toilet? (salon) - 5/29/2011 11:21:06 AM
Secessionist Rick Perry *Thinking* about being President (salon) - 5/28/2011 11:10:37 AM
Delusional Perry going 'to consider' a run for the Presidency (pstern) What did the American people do to deserve this? by Peter Stern After 1 year of saying that he is not interested in running for President in 2012, Perry stated that he "will consider&q.....- 5/27/2011 5:33:43 PM
Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) Jan 2011 Campaign Finance Report-Expenditures (salon) What does Miller spend his campaign donations on? Allsup's #14, , , 14 HWY 377, Dublin, TX, 76446, 20101102, 50.10, Fuel Allsup's #14, , , 14 HWY 377, Dublin, TX, 76446, 20101105, 3.....- 5/27/2011 8:40:57 AM
Sid Miller (TX House District 59) Campaign Finance Report Jan 2011- Receipts (salon) Who contributed? Sorted by most money to least. IND, Kelly, Rusty, , Austin, TX, 78701, , , 20101208, 1000.00, , Blackridge, owner/lobbyist Info on Blackridge. ENT, Texas Gaming Assn. P.....- 5/27/2011 8:33:29 AM
How Much Might Glen Rose ISD LOSE in the Texas School Funding Budget Cuts? (salon) - 5/26/2011 3:48:11 PM
XBox Kinect and Avatar Dancing-This is Cute- Video (salon) - 5/26/2011 3:39:57 PM
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