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Did Rick Perry Miss the 3 Branches of Government Civics Lesson? (salon) Ole Secessionist Rick is the gift to comedians that keeps on giving. In his book Fed Up, (oh, are we supposed to pay attention to that book anymore?)  he says that Congress should be able to o.....- 8/20/2011 1:49:25 PM
Is Rick Perry Upholding Shariah Law in Texas? Halal Food Law HB470- 2003 (salon) While I was reading about Gov Rick Perry and building a mosque at Ground Zero (go LISTEN to the audio at this link), I came across some info about  the Texas Halal Law which was signed in by G.....- 8/20/2011 12:17:53 PM
Dripping Springs (DSISD) School Board Voted to Take Homes From District Residents (pstern) Increases Operations Taxes to Maximum Rate    by Peter Stern   The Dripping Springs School Board voted to increase the tax rate to the highest level under.....- 8/20/2011 10:21:50 AM
Huffington Post calls it right: 'Texas Tax System Heavily Burdens Poor Residents' (pstern) KNOW THY DEVIL!  Those of us who live in Texas and pay property taxes already know all about this, but the Huffington Post at least puts it in print.  More Americans need to know.....- 8/19/2011 8:50:31 PM
Candidate Jon Huntsman Blasts Perry on Twitter (pstern) According to the Associated Press article and reprinted in the Concord Monitor of New Hampshire, Perry's latest stomping ground, "Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsma.....- 8/19/2011 5:43:59 PM
Will Rick Perry Stop Selling His Book *Fed Up* Now That He No Longer Agrees With It? (UPDATED) (salon) Updated: Rick Perry says the book Fed up ARE his views. Poor man can't remember, apparently, from day to day what his view ought to be and wants to keep selling those books. So he STILL thinks .....- 8/19/2011 3:06:54 PM
Rick Perry Continues to Lie About Trans Texas Corridor in Des MOines Iowa interview (salon) I guess he's trying to sell that swill outside of Texas where people don't know. On the supposed Nafta superhighway, Perry called it “an interesting myth that has been out the.....- 8/19/2011 1:34:13 PM
Rick Perry Continues to Lie About Gardasil Decision*I'm One of the First To Say We Didn't Approach This Issue Right*-Gardasil (salon) ... about trying to force STD shots on little girls by issuing an executive order over TXLege's head and without parental permission. On the Gardasil vaccine, he gave the impression he .....- 8/19/2011 12:32:23 PM
Roundup of Clueless Rick Perry O Day- 8/19/2011 (salon) Bank of America wants to fund Rick Perry. Oh, we know whose interests Rick Perry would be looking out for Wall Street Journal Rick Perry's Education Performance Rapped You&rsqu.....- 8/19/2011 2:04:11 PM
Hey You Response Cultists! SUCKERS! Rick Perry's Bigoted Prayer Event WAS Political (salon) Amusing because so many of The Response people thought that, despite GOVERNOR Rick Perry using his office to initiate, promote and even robocall about the event, including a video on the front page.....- 8/19/2011 10:02:44 AM
UT and Perry Violate the Texas Open Records Act? (pstern) It is no secret that Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Regents of the University of Texas (UT) are too cozy with each other.  After all, Perry has appointed more special interest individuals t.....- 8/19/2011 9:34:27 AM
Rick Perry To Meet with James *I Hate Public Education* Leininger (salon) I noticed this morning via Texas Tribune from Politco  that Rick Perry is supposed to have a nice vacay in Texas at Leininger's posh ranch this month.Leininger calls it a *call to action* .....- 8/19/2011 9:25:12 AM
New Page- Put all the Rick Perry Comics Up on One Page (salon) - 8/18/2011 9:45:35 PM
Rick Perry The Panderer on Hispanics -Which Audience is he talking to again? (salon) Is it the Hispanics he's trying to woo? or the racist Republicans who hate hispanics? Flip Flop on immigration And don't forget about his special session about sanctuary cities. oF ALL The .....- 8/18/2011 4:29:34 PM
3-faced Rick Perry Blasts Feds for Same Thing He Does (pstern) As reported many times by people who have followed the history of Texas Governor Rick Perry, the man cannot be trusted nor should people believe anything Perry says.  He is a proven liar. .....- 8/18/2011 12:55:49 PM
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