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Bush, While Admitting the US is Losing in Iraq. Is Pushing Expansion of the Empire of Militarism (salon) When I heard the other day that Bush wanted to *surge* more troops into Iraq, I wondered where the heck those troops were going to come from, if not from troops already stretched thin and on yet anoth.....- 12/20/2006 2:06:28 PM
Texas Health Department Altered Records to Hide Evidence of State Grant Money Used Improperly (salon) Boy, I had to read that carefully to find out just WHO altered the dang records. Looks like somebody(ies) in the State Health Department didn't want anyone to know how closely they were giving out goo.....- 12/20/2006 1:35:15 PM
Horse Hollow Wind Farm Lawsuit in Abilene, Texas- Winner is the Wind Farm Builder, EPL Energy (salon) The question was about wind power NOISE.After a two-week trial, a company that built the world's largest wind farm has won a lawsuit filed by neighboring landowners who said the wind turbines were too.....- 12/20/2006 1:09:56 PM
Bluff Dale, Texas Meeting on Waste Injection Wells-Fight Them! (salon) We weren't able to make it due to inclement, very foggy weather, but the Stephenville paper has an article.A standing room only crowd listened intently late Tuesday as the leader of a Wise County citi.....- 12/20/2006 1:00:39 PM
Texas Monthly Amuses - Dick Cheney on the Cover (salon) - 12/20/2006 12:05:23 PM
Boy, THAT Was Quick-Martin Hubert of TCEQ Resigns to work for Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller (salon) He only took over the job on September 1st. You have to wonder if being one of the 3 state environmental commissioners overseeing hearings on TXU's coal-fired plants was a thankless job compared to ru.....- 12/20/2006 12:31:21 AM
TXU Continues to be Under Fire-Three Stockholder Resolutions About their Pollution with Coal-Fired Plants (salon) Even shareholders think TXU is doing a poor job and question their judgementTexas-based utility TXU (ticker: TXU) is proceeding with plans to build 11 new pulverized coal-burning power plants in its h.....- 12/20/2006 12:28:09 AM
On Craddickism- Did Craddick LIE about the check he received OR No WONDER people want to see his calendar! (salon) McBlogger's post about whether Craddick committed perjury caught my eye earlier, and of course I'm always interested in anything that involves Craddick and checks, mostly because of Sid Miller's invol.....- 12/20/2006 12:17:22 AM
Grayson County, Texas Commissioners Put Moratorium on Fast-Tracking of TXU's Coal-Fired Plants (salon) Here's a citizen commenting on it at the commish meeting“Last week I felt like I didn’t communicate with you,” Feld said. He said he asked himself what he had missed when he talked to them about the p.....- 12/19/2006 4:32:17 PM
TXU not content with polluting only Texas with coal-fired plants-Wants to build them in Northeastern Pennsylvania (salon) But, er, PA isn't eager to have their stinky polluting coal-fired plants... EITHER. A Texas utility company’s expansion plans could include the construction of coal-fired power plants in Northeastern .....- 12/19/2006 4:26:45 PM
Should School Districts Rely on Oil and Gas Revenue? Denton County, Texas-35 percent of the budget (salon) In the Weatherford Democrat this morning, there's an article about Devon Energy's presentation about the economic benefits for Parker County. Among other things, this was interesting.In Denton, 35 per.....- 12/19/2006 10:54:33 AM
Harry Reid! Listen UP! Don't Listen to Bush about *Surging* More Troops to Iraq- His approval rate DOWN to 28 percent (salon) When I read yesterday that Harry Reid of the Senate said that maybe it would be a good idea, as long as it was only a couple of months, to *surge* some more troops to Iraq, I thought, did he LISTEN to.....- 12/19/2006 12:21:40 AM
Drove around looking at Christmas lights in Glen Rose just now (salon) I really enjoy looking at how people in town light their houses and yards. Out in the county where we are, there aren't a lot of lights up, mostly, I suspect, because you can't see a lot of people's h.....- 12/18/2006 9:45:19 PM
Lexus Lanes (Toll Roads for the Rich) to come to Fort Worth (Tarrant County) Texas (salon) Blah. I can see it now. Here I will be, driving on the *free* existing lanes on I-35, or Loop 820, or 121/183, and, waving at me from their expensive SUVs will be the well-favored who can afford to ri.....- 12/18/2006 9:37:30 PM
Collin County Texas Citizens ANGRY over the North Texas Outer Loop-Which could become part of the TTC.... (salon) Who says the majority of people like these toll roads? Besides politicos who don't want to spend money where it ought to be spent and would rather let private companies ream the public after taking th.....- 12/18/2006 8:11:01 PM
Recycling Water for Gas Wells in the Barnett Shale (Texas)- Devon Energy Trying This (salon) Glad to read this. I read last week a report that Devon had commissioned about how economicially great they are for the area-well, yes, part of their responsibility must not simply be economic but env.....- 12/18/2006 12:08:03 PM
Texas School Vouchers Next Trojan Horse Attack on Public Education- Autistic Children (salon) Again, how about taxpayer money goes for PUBLIC education, that if a parent doesn't like one school's special education program for his or her kid, s/he can transfer said child to another PUBLIC schoo.....- 12/18/2006 11:25:39 AM
FBI Lets Military Recruiters Continue to Visit Schools- When they KNEW the Recruiters were Cocaine Traffickers (salon) The FBI knew for THREE YEARS that not one, but a dozen military recruiters were taking bribes to transport cocaine. Now, none of them is accused of giving drugs to students, but the astonishing factor.....- 12/18/2006 11:09:51 AM
Regarding that Rumour about Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant as Heard about Supposedly on NPR (salon) Wrote about it earlier today here after hearing from WhosPlayin in Denton County.WhosPlayin has written up his thoughts about the whole thing here.  He says he heard the story about the NRC finding a .....- 12/17/2006 11:59:11 PM
Quick Techie Note-I added a registration piece a couple of weeks ago in order to allow comments (salon) IF you have any problems at all with registering or logging in, email me at salon    at     glenrose.net. Whosplayin alerted me to an error after registration that made it look like a person wasn't re.....- 12/17/2006 11:50:45 PM
Mack White of Austin's Christmas Show Podcast- Fantastic Selection- Jazzy, Rockabilly (salon) - 12/17/2006 10:51:04 PM
Starbase-Funded by the Department of Defense as a Civilian Military Program ... for At -Risk School Children (salon) Got an email today about Starbase, which ostensibly is a program to help kids learn math and science. Except that kids are bussed to military bases to attend and it's five days. Except that, although .....- 12/17/2006 10:32:05 PM
Video from Mennonite Church Counter-Recruitment Conference Held in San Antonio, Texas in November (salon) - 12/17/2006 9:34:39 PM
Time Magazine's Condescending People of the Year issue-You Work for Nothing But Maybe Time Will Get Paid if you buy their rag (salon) A lot of people have commented recently on Time Magazine's pandering choice of choosing anyone who breathes people who use the internet to share their view of the world to be Person (?) of the Year. N.....- 12/17/2006 3:05:20 PM
Why Should TXU be the energy policy maker in the state of Texas?????? (salon) The Environmental Defense group raises some good questions.“TXU should not be dictating the power policy in Texas,” said Colin Rowan, director of regional communication for Environmental Defense.Envir.....- 12/17/2006 2:36:33 PM
Uh.. How Crazy is this? Raise the Gasoline Tax but still have new toll roads. ... Huh? (salon) Did a double-take when I read this Austin American Statesman opinion piece about what a great idea it is to raise the gasoline tax to pay for highway construction, etc... except keep the toll roads. H.....- 12/17/2006 2:32:34 PM
By 2008 will we see an end to Electronic Voting Machines that don't include paper trails? (salon) Article in the Chron discusses national bill debates that will go on when Congress starts up again next year. This caught my eye in particular.States and counties that bought the machines will have to.....- 12/17/2006 2:20:34 PM
Private Airplanes and Luxury Hotels- Sheesh! It's LUCRATIVE when Texas legislators use campaign money for goodies! (salon) Maybe EVERYBODY ought to run for office and have others cough up dough for them? Did you think when you donated money to some of these clowns that it was going for, uh, campaign expenses, instead of N.....- 12/17/2006 2:11:44 PM
Another reason to consider about military service- Returning soldiers suffer from stress disorder (salon) "If you cannot predict what can happen to you, it is extremely traumatic," Reeves said. "You can put up with the 24/7 stress for about six months, but after that, it makes you vulnerabl.....- 12/17/2006 1:59:50 PM
Burn Them CowPies! Star-Telegram Does Article on Stephenville's (Erath County, Texas) BioGas Operation (salon) Have written about Microgy's operation here before. Energy from cow poop.The processing plant will consist of eight large tanks similar to grain silos that can process manure from up to 10,000 cows a .....- 12/17/2006 1:55:15 PM
Underperforming Texas Charter Schools to be Examined in this Lege Session-Will it include Erath Excels? (salon) Apparently a new bill to be introduced this session (I don't think it has yet) would close down ALL the charter schools, immediately reopen the good ones and close down the bad. "We have to rewar.....- 12/17/2006 1:46:29 PM
Texas Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant -Did the NRC Find that the Quench Tank Has been Dry for Years? (salon) Got an email from the author of "Who\'s Playin\' " blog from Denton County, who said that he was listening to NPR (KERA locally) this last Friday and heard it said that the NRC .....- 12/17/2006 1:09:31 PM
Texas Railroad Commission Unfair to Citizens Versus Oil and Gas Companies- Hearing Notices at Christmas (salon) From Bill Gordon regarding waste disposal well at Bluff Dale (Erath County) Texas"Bluff Dale Citizens receive early Christmas from RRC!" The Citizens of Bluff Dale, Texas (Erath County) rece.....- 12/17/2006 12:19:15 AM
Missing the *Two Grannies* Restaurant in Glen Rose, Texas (salon) Ft Worth Star-Telegram has a charming article about the restaurant with down-home cooking where hugs were not optional. It's been closed down and is for sale."My family is all huggers," Whit.....- 12/16/2006 2:37:07 PM
Astounding-At least one Johnson County Texas man believes it's good we're in Iraq because there's Muslims there to kill (salon) Every once in a while letters to the editor from surrounding papers catch my attention, as these 2 did.From the Cleburne Times Review December 3, 2006-W V BondsI don’t know all the ins and outs of Isl.....- 12/16/2006 1:44:59 PM
On the Texas State Legislators Belatedly Realizing the State Parks Need Money (salon) It isn't just that there hasn't been enough money allocated for state parks; it's that the money allocated has been SHIFTED to other funding. Article in the Waco Trib seems to want to say that there's.....- 12/16/2006 12:36:32 PM
SMU'S School of Theology Doesn't Want the Bush Library- *Bush's Abysmal Record* (salon) What's a dictator president to do when one of the places that he's like to have his airbrushed tribute to his legacy has theologians.. that don't want it there? (One has to wonder why Baylor wants it .....- 12/16/2006 12:03:39 PM
Want to Hear from Experts about Waste Injection Wells and the Effects on Communities? Bluff Dale, Texas Tuesday Night (salon) (That's Erath County). Georgia Scott has planned a Town Hall meeting in Bluff Dale on Tuesday, December 19th at 7pm at the Bluff Dale Fire Hall. People in the "know" will tell us about injec.....- 12/15/2006 6:38:48 PM
Chalmers Johnson on *Republic or Empire* in Harper's Magazine of January 2007 (salon) Extremely interesting article that has, at its core, Military Keynesianism, which Johnson defines as "in which the domestic economy requires sustained military ambition in order to avoid recessio.....- 12/15/2006 2:33:02 PM
On Impeaching Bush- Harper's Magazine of January 2007 talks about why we should (salon) Everyone who follows national politics knows by now that Nancy Pelosi and others in the House have pledged not to put impeachment of Bush on the table, much to the dismay of those of us who believe th.....- 12/15/2006 2:09:35 PM
If C-Span Has it's Way, We'll See More Canoodling in the House (salon) As a C-span fan, there have been times when I have heard about someone rushing across the floor and shouting at someone else, or trashy people like Katherine Harris rubbing elbows with fellow male rep.....- 12/15/2006 1:55:10 PM
Tom Burka Makes Me Laugh- on the Decider- *Decider To Defer Decision on Decision Deferral* (salon) President Bush decided to defer a decision on when he will decide on a new approach to the Iraq war until "some time next year," although he has not decided exactly when his deciding will ta.....- 12/15/2006 1:49:54 PM
Heh! Stockings Filled with Lumps of Coal Delivered to Rick Perry (salon) Texas Public Citizen spokesman Tom "Smitty" Smith, shown with the stockings, said protesters are concerned about fast-track permits for the construction of several new coal-burning power pla.....- 12/15/2006 1:38:19 PM
Why Should We Trust Anything TxDot or Krusee Say about the Trans Texas Corridor Route? Williamson County Resident Calls BS (salon) Via Eye on Williamson CountyThe above referenced blog talks about Taylor, Texas, in Williamson County, and where the route will go. Until and unless we all are able to see a route cemented and written.....- 12/15/2006 1:33:15 PM
Children Jailed, Too, in Immigration Detention Center in Taylor (Williamson County), Texas (salon) Let's say that somebody in Homeland Security had a bright (?) idea that when you were thinking about deporting possibly illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico, it would be a good idea to .....- 12/15/2006 1:27:42 PM
4 Steam Generators Arrive for Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant (Glen Rose, Texas) (salon) Saw a picture of one of the HUGE steam generators in the local paper of record, the Glen Rose Reporter, from December 14. The four replacement generators, which transfer heat from the nuclear reactor .....- 12/15/2006 1:06:17 PM
Puzzled about the Schools Cleared in the TAKS investigation- Did TEA make a new contract with Caveon? (salon) The more I've read about the Caveon study to see whether there were schools that cheated on the TAKS test, the odder the whole debacle is. First off, TEA contracts with Caveon to do the study. Caveon,.....- 12/15/2006 12:45:02 PM
Perry's *Error in Judgment* -Texas Education Groups Warn Trustees Against Perry's Gambling with Retirement Funds (salon) Wrote about Perry's pet projects before and how happy he is to take teacher's retirement to invest in HIS little group. You can't help liking an article where the trustees for public education retirem.....- 12/15/2006 12:08:45 PM
Your Shoes Don't Just Stink- Nike Shoes Plus IPOD Kit Will LET OTHERS STALK YOU! (salon) Geez. You thought you were just out running and trying to keep track yourself of how far you run,  and how much time it took to do it. And how nice to have those expensive Nike shoes with an IPod Spor.....- 12/15/2006 12:03:46 AM
Poll After Poll Shows Americans Think Bush Sucks- Latest One has him Lowest Among Last Six Presidents (salon) - 12/14/2006 11:45:15 PM
Chertoff of Homeland Security Pushing Those National ID Cards *Your Papers, Please*! (salon) Chertoff said one of his agency's top goals next year is to forge ahead with recommendations for the controversial documents established by a federal law called the Real ID Act in May 2005. By 2008, A.....- 12/14/2006 11:44:00 PM
Senator Akaka Says He'll Repeal Real ID if Privacy Protections Not Put in and It Continues to be Unfunded (salon) Senator Sununu feels the same way. The lawmakers are likely to take the issue up again during the 110th Congress. Sen. Daniel Akaka, a Hawaii Democrat, and Sen. John Sununu, a New Hampshire Republican.....- 12/14/2006 11:40:49 PM
More Friction for TXU Over those Dang Coal-Fired Plants- from Federal EPA AND a Green Group Tells Banks not to give TXU money (salon) Good. Looks like there's quite a few entities that are not rolling over like Perry did to favor TXU.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is raising concerns that the proposed permits for TXU power.....- 12/14/2006 11:06:44 PM
I got Flash and am learning it-so you will all suffer with me as I change the site (salon) At least for me, Flash has a learning curve associated with it, and so parts of the pages will look all glossy and dazzling while others will limp along until I figure out, for example, how to do drop.....- 12/14/2006 5:48:32 PM
Violating Army Regulations- Fort Worth's Pete Geren (Undersecretary of the Army) Criticized for Appearing in Evangelical Video (salon) Nearly a dozen high-ranking military officers and Pentagon officials came under fire Monday for participating in a promotional video for an evangelical Christian organization, renewing an outcry over .....- 12/13/2006 5:37:38 PM
Leininger, Enemy Of Texas Public Education, Continues His Work to Slide in School Vouchers-New Tactic (salon) Instead of skulking around the halls of the Texas Legislature trying to influence legislators (still looking forward to seeing that camera footage!), Leininger has decided he will directly try to infl.....- 12/13/2006 4:24:54 PM
Clang, Clang! Sunday a Day of Rest? Not for Gas Rig Companies Who Use it to Noisily Take Down Rigs (salon) In Tarrant County, at least one resident (the one that spoke up) didn't like how the O&G companies were using Sunday to take down their rigs. The drilling companies fired back that they lose $10,0.....- 12/13/2006 1:26:53 PM
FTC Tells Viral Marketers to Fess Up- What about Karen Hughes and her *Chat Room* propaganda? (salon) Within the last few years, I've read more and more about marketers coming to blogs/message boards/chat rooms and planting advertising disguised as innocent posts; in fact, it can also be as subtle as .....- 12/13/2006 12:54:29 PM
Bush to blind people: Screw your Rehabilitation Act, vending machines won't like it (joe) In an effort to finally do something conservative, the Bush administration asked an appeals court to keep a law from taking affect forcing them to print paper money with braille included so blind peop.....- 12/13/2006 9:29:11 AM
Off to Federal Prison for Skilling- for 24 years (salon) - 12/13/2006 8:10:52 AM
What New Way is Perry's Administration Trying to Gut State Parks? Transfer 22 Historical Properties to Commission (salon) The better to have them lined off to sell off to private hands later on. That's what this Republican administration is all about-privatization.The transfer would include the Port Isabel Lighthouse, th.....- 12/13/2006 8:01:10 AM
State of Texas Cut State Workers to Process Medicaid, Food Stamps and Welfare - Waco Workers Protest (salon) The reason the State of Texas did this is because they said they had an automated system to process claims... the problem is that the automated system isn't functional yet and there's no timetable for.....- 12/13/2006 7:54:26 AM
Chet Edwards (US House District 17-Texas) Larynx Surgery Delayed Until Next Year (salon) Seems there was a slight inflammation in his larynx and the doctor that was to do the surgery recommended he rest up till January or February. That means Congress will have started before Edwards can .....- 12/13/2006 7:44:11 AM
TXU and Coal-Fired Plants Roundup- Paris-Yes; Mt Vernon-No; New PAC to fight TXU formed;Skyonic (salon) From Paris- Lamar County voted against joining the Clean Air Coalition. I thought this was a good point.About representation at permit hearings, Jones said TCEQ represents the interests of Texas resid.....- 12/13/2006 7:39:50 AM
Sid Miller (Texas House Dist 59) STILL hasn't put in the bill to notify residents when gas wells to be put in (salon) Here, again, is the video about the question as recorded at the Hico meeting held with the RRC. Miller not only stood up and said he would fix it, but again said at the Miller-Casbeer debate held in S.....- 12/13/2006 12:40:18 AM
Johnson County (Texas) Active Democrats to Show *An Inconvenient Truth* on Sat Dec 16 in Burleson (salon) - 12/13/2006 12:32:45 AM
When is a news segment a VNR or related advertising? Joel Connable of NBC took exception to a November blog entry (salon) In November, I was watching a local Fox news segment about a Dallas company called FareCompare in which some footage was identified, properly, as being supplied by the company. I appreciated seeing th.....- 12/13/2006 12:00:05 AM
How many waste injection wells can you stick in the 2nd smallest county in Texas? (joe) We have six (6) at the moment...that's enough for each voting precinct to have their own. I do find it strange that there are zero (0) in Tarrant County...why? How is it that a small county like ours .....- 12/12/2006 9:49:04 AM
McCain beats the war drums for IRAN (joe) This is just like the Vietnam thing...where one side didn't talk to the other and hence we had a war. The vietnamese thought we were trying to colonize them and they were fighting to the death...all b.....- 12/12/2006 9:14:34 AM
Video from DFW Fox 4 News on Salt Water Injection Wells in North Texas (salon) Bill Gordon sent this out. Good video that shows how this crap works. The gas wells frack the ground but then the water used to do it is UNUSABLE so it gets pumped down into the Ellenberger formation .....- 12/12/2006 12:25:36 AM
Maybe They'll Just Have To Cut Some CEO Salaries-Supreme Court Rules Against Oil and Gas Industry (salon) BP America and ARCO had tried to argue that they shouldn't have to pay back unpaid royalties if it's been more than 6 years since they were asked to cough it up via a lawsuit. The SCOTU disagreed.The .....- 12/12/2006 12:02:37 AM
Excellent Letter on the TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) and Toll Roads in the Hays County Free Press (salon) from Susan Cook. Way to go, Susan! Just say 'no'How come TxDOT is telling the citizens of Texas that they can no longer "afford" good roadways without putting toll booths up and taking pictu.....- 12/11/2006 10:31:54 PM
Hey! All This Money Giving is Cutting Into Our Corporate Profits! Texas Lobbyists Support Caps Bill (salon) I can't imagine any other reason why the lobbyists care about bills that limit what they can give to influence our politicians, other than they're priced out by the Big Spenders like Bob Perry and Jam.....- 12/11/2006 5:20:33 PM
How the government will steal your login data (yes, even over ssl) (joe) The government is purchasing (having built and currently testing) devices to take your SSL encrypted data and decrypt it into a machine. This machine is to be (may be now) plugged into the cores of th.....- 12/11/2006 11:53:24 AM
Outsourcing the News to India aka *Remote Control Journalism* - and ARFID (salon) Can you really cover *Wall Street* from Bangalore, India? What else can be outsourced in a country that doesn't value its own workers enough? Why, journalism, of course! All a company needs is a fiber.....- 12/11/2006 11:32:21 AM
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