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Wanna-Be Texas Speaker McCall's Daddy was Pardoned by Bush in 2004 for Savings and Loan Scandal (salon) While I was reading about low-key Brian McCall of Plano, I read that his daddy used to be mayor of Plano. Well, I didn't know his Daddy was also heavily involved in the scam on Texans, the Savings.....- 12/27/2006 10:12:33 AM
Imagine- 30,000 Barrels of Oil and Waste... PER DAY Injected into the ground by YOUR home - Huckabay, Texas (salon) Going to say that again. That's the maximum amount PER DAY that crap could get injected into the ground. From where? Well, say, from gas well waste in Tarrant County, where the county has said "N.....- 12/27/2006 8:44:48 AM
Gerald Ford Dead-Known for Pardoning Nixon-The-Crook and Last Member of the Warren Commission (salon) Funny how you look back at presidents and they all seem to be cut from the same cloth, have the same crooks in their cabinet, and do apparently shady deals behind the public's back. Rumsfeld and Chene.....- 12/27/2006 8:35:58 AM
Bush and the Pentagon Court Muslims into the Military-The WTF moment for me was Bush and the Iftar (salon) I was reading an article about how the military is looking for warm bodies to fill the ranks and how helpful it would be if they were Muslims. Naturally, having those who can speak middle eastern lang.....- 12/26/2006 7:52:47 PM
Justice Department Building Massive Information Database-I thought we got rid of Total Information Awareness DB (salon) Was reading about how the Justice Department is creating the "One DOJ" database, called humorously by C-Net "OneDOJ to Rule Them All" (Quick! Where's Frodo?)The Justice Department .....- 12/26/2006 5:26:59 PM
Who's TXU'S Support Group? TAB aka *Texas Business for Clean, Affordable, Reliable Energy* - Pushing Coal Fired Plants (salon) Texas Association of Business's Bill Hammond taking his dirty coal ideas on the road. And TXU has its own support group. Some business leaders in Texas point to the Electric Reliability Council of Tex.....- 12/26/2006 4:53:17 PM
Bush BACK on Holiday again... but this week he's actually going to his Faux Ranch in Crawford, Texas (salon) He's going to think hard about how he can try to make his same old tired crap sound like a *New Way Forward* -going to be hard workand Camp Casey will be open for business again to be the flies in his.....- 12/26/2006 4:19:00 PM
RFID chips used to prevent NASCAR car owners from cheating (salon) I'm not completely against RFID chips when they are being used in an entirely voluntary way and can be disabled completely when you want. IN this case, marking car parts, including the chassis with RF.....- 12/26/2006 4:14:21 PM
Well, Well, Well. Looks like TSA Looking at Passengers BUCK NEKKID in the airport through Backscatter will have to be delayed (salon) I don't care what excuses they make, I'll bet they are hearing PLENTY from people who don't want a choice from TSA as to whether they will be felt up or be seen mostly naked in a machine. (No extra br.....- 12/26/2006 4:01:58 PM
More Questions (Environmental Ones) about TXU's Coal-Fired Plants in Texas (salon) Among other good ones in this article“I think we need to ask some serious questions,” Scott Lipsett of Ravenna said at the recent CORE meeting. “Why is a dirty industry allowed to come into our area w.....- 12/26/2006 3:57:29 PM
Hammer Time! How to Disable an RFID Chip in your passport (salon) Among other good ones in this article“I think we need to ask some serious questions,” Scott Lipsett of Ravenna said at the recent CORE meeting. “Why is a dirty industry allowed to come into our area w.....- 12/26/2006 3:40:45 PM
Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas) Buys Her Kids a New Home in Virginia-Except they LIVE in Dallas (salon) I already think she's a bonehead for having kids and being in Congress. I don't care if it sounds sexist or not, I especially don't think that a woman who *adopts* children, which would imply even mor.....- 12/26/2006 3:17:32 PM
Valorie McKinney of Glen Rose, Texas in Baghdad, mentioned in Stars and Stripes magazine (salon) According to the article, she's been married for about a month, and then, a week before Christmas, was called to Iraq.McKinney, a member of a large, rambunctious Glen Rose, Texas, family, was sent to .....- 12/26/2006 2:48:16 PM
Airplane Attacks to Nuclear Power Plants- Seems the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Decided not to Implement New Tougher Rules (salon) I've wondered about this myself. Suppose that an airplane tried to crash into Comanche Peak, would it cause a meltdown? Before, when I've read about it, the docs have said that the concrete surroundin.....- 12/26/2006 1:52:31 PM
Halliburton and Kellogg-Brown-Root to Divorce - After All, Those Pesky Nigerian Bribe Scandals and Iraq Kickbacks are Hurting the Bottom Line (salon) What to do if you're an investor and Halliburton has a BAD NAME? You have a trial separation as your love turns to embers-from Motley FoolAs dry as SEC documents can be, you can read pure emotion in H.....- 12/23/2006 4:37:18 PM
Holiday Wishes For Readers of the Somervell County Salon Blog of Glen Rose, Texas (salon) When I first moved to Glen Rose, I felt as lucky as one person could possibly get. Ever since I've been a kid, I've driven through Glen Rose on my way to points south to visit kin and one of my first .....- 12/23/2006 3:04:25 PM
Time for Letters to Santa from the Local Glen Rose, Texas paper (salon) One of my favorite features every year in the local paper of record, the Glen Rose Reporter, is the letters from all the kids in school to Santa. Here are some excerpts (offered anonymously) from a fe.....- 12/23/2006 2:07:51 PM
Some at SMU Not Too Thrilled with Bush's Library-A Trojan Horse from Right-Wing Christians To Attack Methodists? (salon) The other day the theology department at SMU wrote a letter about their angst at having Bush's library at SMU. And it continues.But Johnson said she fears what some Bush associates have expressed as a.....- 12/23/2006 12:15:28 PM
Texas Attorney General Sues Lyondell for Pollution-Harmful Pollutants into the Air (salon) A Houston-based chemical company and two of its subsidiaries were sued Wednesday by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who accused them of releasing harmful pollutants into the air.....According to t.....- 12/22/2006 5:51:56 PM
A-AS Snarks on the Symbolism of Bush Talking About the War ... in the Indian Treaty Room (salon) A Houston-based chemical company and two of its subsidiaries were sued Wednesday by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who accused them of releasing harmful pollutants into the air.....According to t.....- 12/22/2006 3:36:30 PM
From Warrantless Surveillance to Torture, the Bush Era Draws to a Close (from Wired) (salon) I've felt the same way too, as long as the Democrats fully investigate and reverse the travesties of this administration.2006 will be remembered as the year in which our government imprisoned journali.....- 12/22/2006 2:57:26 PM
More on the Transfer of State Parks to the Texas Historical Commission-Political Tug of War? (salon) Higher entry fees? Political football as the Parks Department decides, reluctantly, which parks it might be willing, if arms twisted, to cede to the Historical Commission. (Wrote about this before)Her.....- 12/22/2006 12:14:27 PM
The Tribute to Hubris Aka Bush Library Probably Going to SMU and Not Waco/Baylor (salon) First I saw an article in the DMN about the lawsuit some condo owners had waged against SMU taking property to clear for the way for the Mediocrity Memorial. SMU officials have said they plan to demol.....- 12/22/2006 9:23:26 AM
Uh... Security? TSA? Over 3700 ID Badges Stolen from TSA since 2003 (salon) and Bush International in Houston has the highest number stolen in Texas, followed by DFW airport. Earl Morris, field operations general manager for TSA, said the missing items don't mean the system i.....- 12/22/2006 8:14:21 AM
Wasn't Such a Good Idea to Privatize Social Services with Accenture (Remember them? Used to be Arthur Anderson Before ENRON!) (salon) I wasn't paying attention at the time that the State of Texas decided to outsource its social services like the Children's Health Program (CHIPS) and Medicaid, but I have to wonder WHY they ch.....- 12/22/2006 1:37:38 AM
Selective Service Planning Test Run of the Draft for 2009... Exercise only at this point (salon) Saw a couple of years ago that the Selective Service was hiring up for its draft boards. Then, as we all know, Bush asked Gates for how they can increase the size of the military. Today... gee, a *moc.....- 12/22/2006 1:24:50 AM
Texas Senator Kip Averitt (Dist 22) Secured an Air-Quality Monitor for McClennan County-Too bad the Coal Plants are Fast-tracked before that (salon) Our senator is FOR the coal-fired plants. So, the aritcle from Waco TV's KWTX that says he has secured an air quality monitor for the county... to be paid for not ONLY by the county but by all Texas t.....- 12/22/2006 1:16:02 AM
John "Mr Oily" Cornyn Stumps About Bi-Partisanship and What Texas Voters Want - What a Hypocrite (salon) I cannot even read crap like John Cornyn saying that what voters want is for one side to quit blaming the other- when he has done it ALL THE TIME. I've said before that I suppose anyone that doesn't w.....- 12/22/2006 1:01:22 AM
ON Craddick - Peter Stern of Dripping Springs, Texas Filed an Official Complaint on him in 2004 (salon) He emailed me in response to what I wrote here and said.Just wanted to let you know that in 2004  I had filed an official [written] formal complaint against Speaker Tom Craddick with the Office of the.....- 12/22/2006 12:47:07 AM
Texas Railroad Commission Agrees to Postpone Hearing on Bluff Dale (Erath County, Texas) Waste Injection Well (salon) RRC tried to be unfair about how they treated citizens versus O&G companies by scheduling a hearing over Christmas with almost no lead time. Bluff Dale had a meeting to talk about the WASTE wells .....- 12/22/2006 12:35:41 AM
Didn't know this- To graduate high school, students must take an abstinence program in Texas (salon) I knew that abstinence programs were taught but I assumed they were elective. Nope. The Weatherford Democrat article discusses.Texas Public Schools are required by law (TEC Chapter 163.001 and 163.002.....- 12/22/2006 12:33:40 AM
Meridian Police Chief (Bosque County, Texas) Police Chief Arrests Mayor Over Extension Cord (salon) About noon Friday, Vandergriff found an extension cord running from an 18-wheeler to a city building at 407 W. Morgan St., according to the Bosque County News.After Vandergriff had the cord removed fr.....- 12/21/2006 12:47:33 PM
About Bloggers Disclosing Sponsored Posts (After FTC Opinion) (salon) Wrote about this the other day, the idea that you'd be reading something on a blog or similar that you thought was merely someone's opinion but that person was paid to shill a product. Here's the firs.....- 12/21/2006 12:29:20 PM
The 60 Minute Smoking Gun WMD- Oh... It's US! Prompt Global Strike Anywhere on the Face of the Earth! (salon) The X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile-bringing fear and terror to all parts of the earth. But it's okay as long as it's the United States doing it, just not some other country. Were it someone else or we.....- 12/21/2006 12:14:05 PM
Video of Austin Event Telling Citizens to *Re-Gift* Lumps of Coal to Rick Perry for TXU's 11 Coal-Fired Plants (salon) Here's the event itself.Here's the group singing "You Better Watch Out"Heard from Jessica B of Environmental Defense (environmentaldefense.org) of this event, after she read where I talked a.....- 12/21/2006 11:24:52 AM
Who Wants School Vouchers? Catholic Private Schools in Dallas, That's Who! (salon) In order for students and teachers to attend a rally in February in Austin for support of school vouchers, Dallas Catholic schools have cancelled classes. Hey! If you want your kid to attend a Catholi.....- 12/20/2006 2:36:36 PM
Bush, While Admitting the US is Losing in Iraq. Is Pushing Expansion of the Empire of Militarism (salon) When I heard the other day that Bush wanted to *surge* more troops into Iraq, I wondered where the heck those troops were going to come from, if not from troops already stretched thin and on yet anoth.....- 12/20/2006 2:06:28 PM
Texas Health Department Altered Records to Hide Evidence of State Grant Money Used Improperly (salon) Boy, I had to read that carefully to find out just WHO altered the dang records. Looks like somebody(ies) in the State Health Department didn't want anyone to know how closely they were giving out goo.....- 12/20/2006 1:35:15 PM
Horse Hollow Wind Farm Lawsuit in Abilene, Texas- Winner is the Wind Farm Builder, EPL Energy (salon) The question was about wind power NOISE.After a two-week trial, a company that built the world's largest wind farm has won a lawsuit filed by neighboring landowners who said the wind turbines were too.....- 12/20/2006 1:09:56 PM
Bluff Dale, Texas Meeting on Waste Injection Wells-Fight Them! (salon) We weren't able to make it due to inclement, very foggy weather, but the Stephenville paper has an article.A standing room only crowd listened intently late Tuesday as the leader of a Wise County citi.....- 12/20/2006 1:00:39 PM
Texas Monthly Amuses - Dick Cheney on the Cover (salon) We weren't able to make it due to inclement, very foggy weather, but the Stephenville paper has an article.A standing room only crowd listened intently late Tuesday as the leader of a Wise County citi.....- 12/20/2006 12:05:23 PM
Boy, THAT Was Quick-Martin Hubert of TCEQ Resigns to work for Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller (salon) He only took over the job on September 1st. You have to wonder if being one of the 3 state environmental commissioners overseeing hearings on TXU's coal-fired plants was a thankless job compared to ru.....- 12/20/2006 12:31:21 AM
TXU Continues to be Under Fire-Three Stockholder Resolutions About their Pollution with Coal-Fired Plants (salon) Even shareholders think TXU is doing a poor job and question their judgementTexas-based utility TXU (ticker: TXU) is proceeding with plans to build 11 new pulverized coal-burning power plants in its h.....- 12/20/2006 12:28:09 AM
On Craddickism- Did Craddick LIE about the check he received OR No WONDER people want to see his calendar! (salon) McBlogger's post about whether Craddick committed perjury caught my eye earlier, and of course I'm always interested in anything that involves Craddick and checks, mostly because of Sid Miller's invol.....- 12/20/2006 12:17:22 AM
Grayson County, Texas Commissioners Put Moratorium on Fast-Tracking of TXU's Coal-Fired Plants (salon) Here's a citizen commenting on it at the commish meeting“Last week I felt like I didn’t communicate with you,” Feld said. He said he asked himself what he had missed when he talked to them about the p.....- 12/19/2006 4:32:17 PM
TXU not content with polluting only Texas with coal-fired plants-Wants to build them in Northeastern Pennsylvania (salon) But, er, PA isn't eager to have their stinky polluting coal-fired plants... EITHER. A Texas utility company’s expansion plans could include the construction of coal-fired power plants in Northeastern .....- 12/19/2006 4:26:45 PM
Should School Districts Rely on Oil and Gas Revenue? Denton County, Texas-35 percent of the budget (salon) In the Weatherford Democrat this morning, there's an article about Devon Energy's presentation about the economic benefits for Parker County. Among other things, this was interesting.In Denton, 35 per.....- 12/19/2006 10:54:33 AM
Harry Reid! Listen UP! Don't Listen to Bush about *Surging* More Troops to Iraq- His approval rate DOWN to 28 percent (salon) When I read yesterday that Harry Reid of the Senate said that maybe it would be a good idea, as long as it was only a couple of months, to *surge* some more troops to Iraq, I thought, did he LISTEN to.....- 12/19/2006 12:21:40 AM
Drove around looking at Christmas lights in Glen Rose just now (salon) I really enjoy looking at how people in town light their houses and yards. Out in the county where we are, there aren't a lot of lights up, mostly, I suspect, because you can't see a lot of people's h.....- 12/18/2006 9:45:19 PM
Lexus Lanes (Toll Roads for the Rich) to come to Fort Worth (Tarrant County) Texas (salon) Blah. I can see it now. Here I will be, driving on the *free* existing lanes on I-35, or Loop 820, or 121/183, and, waving at me from their expensive SUVs will be the well-favored who can afford to ri.....- 12/18/2006 9:37:30 PM
Collin County Texas Citizens ANGRY over the North Texas Outer Loop-Which could become part of the TTC.... (salon) Who says the majority of people like these toll roads? Besides politicos who don't want to spend money where it ought to be spent and would rather let private companies ream the public after taking th.....- 12/18/2006 8:11:01 PM
Recycling Water for Gas Wells in the Barnett Shale (Texas)- Devon Energy Trying This (salon) Glad to read this. I read last week a report that Devon had commissioned about how economicially great they are for the area-well, yes, part of their responsibility must not simply be economic but env.....- 12/18/2006 12:08:03 PM
Texas School Vouchers Next Trojan Horse Attack on Public Education- Autistic Children (salon) Again, how about taxpayer money goes for PUBLIC education, that if a parent doesn't like one school's special education program for his or her kid, s/he can transfer said child to another PUBLIC schoo.....- 12/18/2006 11:25:39 AM
FBI Lets Military Recruiters Continue to Visit Schools- When they KNEW the Recruiters were Cocaine Traffickers (salon) The FBI knew for THREE YEARS that not one, but a dozen military recruiters were taking bribes to transport cocaine. Now, none of them is accused of giving drugs to students, but the astonishing factor.....- 12/18/2006 11:09:51 AM
Regarding that Rumour about Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant as Heard about Supposedly on NPR (salon) Wrote about it earlier today here after hearing from WhosPlayin in Denton County.WhosPlayin has written up his thoughts about the whole thing here.  He says he heard the story about the NRC finding a .....- 12/17/2006 11:59:11 PM
Quick Techie Note-I added a registration piece a couple of weeks ago in order to allow comments (salon) IF you have any problems at all with registering or logging in, email me at salon    at     glenrose.net. Whosplayin alerted me to an error after registration that made it look like a person wasn't re.....- 12/17/2006 11:50:45 PM
Mack White of Austin's Christmas Show Podcast- Fantastic Selection- Jazzy, Rockabilly (salon) IF you have any problems at all with registering or logging in, email me at salon    at     glenrose.net. Whosplayin alerted me to an error after registration that made it look like a person wasn't re.....- 12/17/2006 10:51:04 PM
Starbase-Funded by the Department of Defense as a Civilian Military Program ... for At -Risk School Children (salon) Got an email today about Starbase, which ostensibly is a program to help kids learn math and science. Except that kids are bussed to military bases to attend and it's five days. Except that, although .....- 12/17/2006 10:32:05 PM
Video from Mennonite Church Counter-Recruitment Conference Held in San Antonio, Texas in November (salon) Got an email today about Starbase, which ostensibly is a program to help kids learn math and science. Except that kids are bussed to military bases to attend and it's five days. Except that, although .....- 12/17/2006 9:34:39 PM
Time Magazine's Condescending People of the Year issue-You Work for Nothing But Maybe Time Will Get Paid if you buy their rag (salon) A lot of people have commented recently on Time Magazine's pandering choice of choosing anyone who breathes people who use the internet to share their view of the world to be Person (?) of the Year. N.....- 12/17/2006 3:05:20 PM
Why Should TXU be the energy policy maker in the state of Texas?????? (salon) The Environmental Defense group raises some good questions.“TXU should not be dictating the power policy in Texas,” said Colin Rowan, director of regional communication for Environmental Defense.Envir.....- 12/17/2006 2:36:33 PM
Uh.. How Crazy is this? Raise the Gasoline Tax but still have new toll roads. ... Huh? (salon) Did a double-take when I read this Austin American Statesman opinion piece about what a great idea it is to raise the gasoline tax to pay for highway construction, etc... except keep the toll roads. H.....- 12/17/2006 2:32:34 PM
By 2008 will we see an end to Electronic Voting Machines that don't include paper trails? (salon) Article in the Chron discusses national bill debates that will go on when Congress starts up again next year. This caught my eye in particular.States and counties that bought the machines will have to.....- 12/17/2006 2:20:34 PM
Private Airplanes and Luxury Hotels- Sheesh! It's LUCRATIVE when Texas legislators use campaign money for goodies! (salon) Maybe EVERYBODY ought to run for office and have others cough up dough for them? Did you think when you donated money to some of these clowns that it was going for, uh, campaign expenses, instead of N.....- 12/17/2006 2:11:44 PM
Another reason to consider about military service- Returning soldiers suffer from stress disorder (salon) "If you cannot predict what can happen to you, it is extremely traumatic," Reeves said. "You can put up with the 24/7 stress for about six months, but after that, it makes you vulnerabl.....- 12/17/2006 1:59:50 PM
Burn Them CowPies! Star-Telegram Does Article on Stephenville's (Erath County, Texas) BioGas Operation (salon) Have written about Microgy's operation here before. Energy from cow poop.The processing plant will consist of eight large tanks similar to grain silos that can process manure from up to 10,000 cows a .....- 12/17/2006 1:55:15 PM
Underperforming Texas Charter Schools to be Examined in this Lege Session-Will it include Erath Excels? (salon) Apparently a new bill to be introduced this session (I don't think it has yet) would close down ALL the charter schools, immediately reopen the good ones and close down the bad. "We have to rewar.....- 12/17/2006 1:46:29 PM
Texas Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant -Did the NRC Find that the Quench Tank Has been Dry for Years? (salon) Got an email from the author of "Who\'s Playin\' " blog from Denton County, who said that he was listening to NPR (KERA locally) this last Friday and heard it said that the NRC .....- 12/17/2006 1:09:31 PM
Texas Railroad Commission Unfair to Citizens Versus Oil and Gas Companies- Hearing Notices at Christmas (salon) From Bill Gordon regarding waste disposal well at Bluff Dale (Erath County) Texas"Bluff Dale Citizens receive early Christmas from RRC!" The Citizens of Bluff Dale, Texas (Erath County) rece.....- 12/17/2006 12:19:15 AM
Missing the *Two Grannies* Restaurant in Glen Rose, Texas (salon) Ft Worth Star-Telegram has a charming article about the restaurant with down-home cooking where hugs were not optional. It's been closed down and is for sale."My family is all huggers," Whit.....- 12/16/2006 2:37:07 PM
Astounding-At least one Johnson County Texas man believes it's good we're in Iraq because there's Muslims there to kill (salon) Every once in a while letters to the editor from surrounding papers catch my attention, as these 2 did.From the Cleburne Times Review December 3, 2006-W V BondsI don’t know all the ins and outs of Isl.....- 12/16/2006 1:44:59 PM
On the Texas State Legislators Belatedly Realizing the State Parks Need Money (salon) It isn't just that there hasn't been enough money allocated for state parks; it's that the money allocated has been SHIFTED to other funding. Article in the Waco Trib seems to want to say that there's.....- 12/16/2006 12:36:32 PM
SMU'S School of Theology Doesn't Want the Bush Library- *Bush's Abysmal Record* (salon) What's a dictator president to do when one of the places that he's like to have his airbrushed tribute to his legacy has theologians.. that don't want it there? (One has to wonder why Baylor wants it .....- 12/16/2006 12:03:39 PM
Want to Hear from Experts about Waste Injection Wells and the Effects on Communities? Bluff Dale, Texas Tuesday Night (salon) (That's Erath County). Georgia Scott has planned a Town Hall meeting in Bluff Dale on Tuesday, December 19th at 7pm at the Bluff Dale Fire Hall. People in the "know" will tell us about injec.....- 12/15/2006 6:38:48 PM
Chalmers Johnson on *Republic or Empire* in Harper's Magazine of January 2007 (salon) Extremely interesting article that has, at its core, Military Keynesianism, which Johnson defines as "in which the domestic economy requires sustained military ambition in order to avoid recessio.....- 12/15/2006 2:33:02 PM
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