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Scuttlebutt- heard that there's a strong probability that a Dinosaur World will come to Glen Rose, Texas (salon) - 4/1/2007 8:52:47 PM
Texas Voters Must Beware of Road Bond Proposals (pstern) All Texas Voters Must Wise-Up Quickly What is happening in Hays County is or will be occurring as well in other Texas counties. Special Interests Await Voter Passage of Hays County Road Bonds Click he.....- 4/1/2007 6:50:31 PM
Heh. Louie Gohmert of the Piney Woods, Texas-A Shared Congressman for DC (salon) Made me laugh. During the debates about representation in Congress for District of Columbia residents, Gohmert argued against it...saying all 535 members of Congress have the city's well-being at hear.....- 4/1/2007 5:13:52 PM
Eliminating, Then Privatizing The VA (pstern) The handwriting is on the wall! The Bush administration doesn’t want to maintain the VA as a government agency and is pushing to dismantle it. It is interesting to note that for the most part the VA w.....- 4/1/2007 2:39:14 PM
More Toll Road Scams in the Making... (pstern) Who's Watching Out for Hardworking Texans?Sal Costello, David Stall, Somervell County Salon and quite a few others...4/01/2007Is Macquarie Robbing the Public Treasury? {try {parent.deselectBloggerImag.....- 4/1/2007 12:51:25 PM
The Texas Bluebonnets are here- and a few other yard flowers (salon) Who's Watching Out for Hardworking Texans?Sal Costello, David Stall, Somervell County Salon and quite a few others...4/01/2007Is Macquarie Robbing the Public Treasury? {try {parent.deselectBloggerImag.....- 4/1/2007 11:55:11 AM
How INSULTING! USDA Manual pushing NAIS Tells Staff to address Farmers at *Sixth Grade Level* (salon) Sheesh. So the USDA thinks farmers are stupid or not educated, do they? (Kind of follows along with a comment I heard recently about why O&G wants to dump their waste in rural communities; because.....- 4/1/2007 11:10:00 AM
Which Missing Computers? Oh, You Mean the 14 That Had Nuclear Weapons Classified Information! (salon) You'd almost want to laugh if the government wasn't such a Screw-Up. Hard to be fighting Wars On Terror (trademark) if the Energy Department can't keep technical secrets about nuclear weapons safe. Th.....- 4/1/2007 10:52:54 AM
Nuclear Waste on Rail Lines Near Yucca Mountain- Another Reason Nuclear Energy is NOT *Clean* (salon) On the one hand, I keep reading that Yucca Mountain storage of nuclear, radioactive waste, is a dead issue. But then why is Union-Pacific building rail lines in Nevada for that purpose? If I were in t.....- 4/1/2007 10:47:06 AM
Friction Between American Troops and Contractors (salon) I've often thought that it can't be a very comforting thought that the United States decided to outsource so much of the armed services... and at a well-paid tune. Here's a story about more friction b.....- 4/1/2007 10:38:10 AM
Trans Texas Corridor- Lt Gov Dewhurst Tells Carona To get Moratorium Bill Out of Committee (salon) Amazing article with article subtext "Legislators Worry Contracts Are Sending Profits Out of State".Oh. NOW they're worried? Where were all these glad-handing fools when they snuck the legis.....- 4/1/2007 9:45:16 AM
Judge Hecht-Thy Middle Name is Corruption (salon) Ugh. Hecht, erstwhile boyfriend of Harriet Miers and, despite being cleared of an ethics complaint in which he used his position to lobby for her to get the position of Supreme Court Justice, some of .....- 4/1/2007 9:08:04 AM
TSA Screeners Missed 90 Percent of Simulated Weapons at Denver Airport-Oh, that makes ME feel safe! (salon) Proving that the WOT is a propaganda device and not a fix. In one test, sources told 9NEWS an agent taped an IED to her leg and told the screener it was a bandage from surgery. Even though alarms soun.....- 3/31/2007 10:24:00 AM
Kay Bailey Hutchison the State's Lone VP Hope for the GOP? (salon) Not that I'm not pretty thrilled to see 39 percent and My-Nose-Is-Up-Bush's-Rear listed as cut out of the running. After all, Aging Cheerleader is So Much More Popular Than Cornyn (at least to Republi.....- 3/31/2007 10:18:56 AM
Where are all the Workers? Corporations Worldwide Encounter a Labor Crunch (salon) Not only was this an interesting article but it sheds some light on some lies from the Bush administration. #1, if employers pay more, there would not be a labor shortage. #2. It shows why Karen Hughe.....- 3/31/2007 9:58:13 AM
Austin, Texas To Take the Lead in Plug-In Car Technology (salon) Very cool! This is for drivers who don't drive more than, say, 40 miles in a given day. But, most people DON'T drive more than... 40 miles in a given day. After charging their cars at night, plug-in o.....- 3/31/2007 9:45:44 AM
Lightning Strike on a Gas Storage Tank near Cresson, TX (salon) From the Hood County News, as seen by Elaine Smith of WorriedAboutWaterExplosion, fire near Cresson (Posted Thu 10:58 am)Apparent lightning caused an explosion and fire Thursday at gas disposal storag.....- 3/31/2007 9:39:38 AM
How Much Pollution Does an IGCC Coal Plant Put out? NRG's Could Increase Greenhouse Gasses by 50-60 Percent (salon) Again, IGCC is the same technology that the TXU buyout  mega-corp is pushing, telling people it is clean. (And that includes Environmental Defense, too). So, why, then, last week, did the NRG try to s.....- 3/31/2007 9:03:31 AM
DFW Regional Leaders Trying to play Ozone Card in Order To Kill the Toll Road Moratorium Bill (salon) SB 1267, sponsored by Nichols, is parked in committee. It would...prevent the state Transportation Department from entering into contracts in which private companies put up billions of dollars to buil.....- 3/31/2007 8:47:37 AM
Blow Against Texans Who Want Clear Air- Texas State District Judge Upholds Riesel Coal-Fired Plant Permit (salon) but opponents are going to take the fight to a higher court. It is OUR air.A state district judge Friday upheld an air permit for LS Power’s coal-fired power plant in Riesel, but opponents plan to tak.....- 3/31/2007 8:38:08 AM
Now Macquarie of Australia Set to Buy Pennsylvania Electric Utility (Duquesne Light) (salon) Let's see. In another state which, like Texas, is deregulated, Duquesne, currently a public utilty, will be privately owned by an Australian corporation.  Naturally, the stockholders are ecstatic! Her.....- 3/31/2007 12:26:58 AM
Another instance of Injecting Carbon Dioxide into the ground- this time in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio (salon) First heard about this the other day, in Michigan. In this case, the test site is within 2 miles of Port Washington, Ohio. Gee, that sounds pretty close.Scientists selected a site in eastern Ohio for .....- 3/30/2007 11:36:49 PM
Need a Change in Texas Law- Real Estate Agents Do Not have to disclose location of nearby drilling rigs (salon) unless, maybe, they're next door. In any case, people are thinking now not just of mineral rights but also property values. As for drilling, real estate agents don't always know the location of wells .....- 3/30/2007 10:24:05 PM
Local Officials in Robertson County, Texas Love Pollution- TXU's Oak Grove Power Plant (salon) Looks like Robertson County business and government officials are on the stump to persuade the locals in Robertson County that they Just Love Dirty Air. After all it Creates Jobs. Who cares if you can.....- 3/30/2007 9:36:56 PM
The Democratic Boot to Anti-Iraq War Critics- Part 2 (salon) I've said before that hawk Chet Edwards has made comments that not only show that he was one of those gutting the teeth from the Iraq War deadline bill but describes exactly what is going on and how i.....- 3/30/2007 7:57:35 PM
Awk! Census Bureau Wants to NOSEY PARKER into our SPENDING HABITS- MYOB! MYOB! (salon) Unbelieveable. My bro from Austin told me some months ago that Austin was chosen as a test bed for some nosey, intrusive census collections, and I also know of a really nosey, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ag.....- 3/30/2007 7:03:25 PM
New Website to Watch Oil and Gas- Chevon Talks Green but Prevents Retailers from selling renewables (salon) (http://www.oilwatchdog.org)    As crude oil prices surged this week and gasoline prices continued spiking toward new records, FTCR called Chevron's behavior "two-faced."    In March 2006, O.....- 3/30/2007 6:53:42 PM
Senate GOP to Latinos "No Se Puede"- Re: Cesar Chavez (salon) Today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) issued the following statement to commemorate thebirthday of legendary civil rights leader and founder of the United Farmworkers, Cesar Chavez, which is.....- 3/30/2007 6:39:02 PM
Update on Mexican Trucks Coming through US Border- Senate Takes Stand Against Bush Administration (salon) Background. Teamsters today:The Senate took a stand against the Bush administration's irresponsible attempt to allow unfetteredaccess to America's highways by unsafe Mexican trucks, passing a suppleme.....- 3/30/2007 6:33:49 PM
Texas RailRoad Commission Kisses Atmos Energy -Yes, You May Raise Your Rates, Sir! (salon) Well, I was right! Even though the Texas Lege passed a bill that should have reined in Atmos, they left it up to.... bah-da-boom, the RRC to review it! Atmos Energy Corp. must refund about $2.3 millio.....- 3/30/2007 6:25:36 PM
3245 (salon) Well, I was right! Even though the Texas Lege passed a bill that should have reined in Atmos, they left it up to.... bah-da-boom, the RRC to review it! Atmos Energy Corp. must refund about $2.3 millio.....- 3/30/2007 6:16:47 PM
Smackdown to Bush Administration Over Their Attempts to Remove Environmental Protections from National Forest System (salon) Despite the best efforts of the Bush administration to gut our planet, a US District judge has invalidated regulations issued by the Bush adminstration in 2005. Today's ruling found that Bush administ.....- 3/30/2007 6:05:15 PM
Texas PUC Proposes 6 Month Period to Review the Buyout (salon) Despite the best efforts of the Bush administration to gut our planet, a US District judge has invalidated regulations issued by the Bush adminstration in 2005. Today's ruling found that Bush administ.....- 3/30/2007 5:55:39 PM
TXU- US Regulators Freeze Assets of Couple Who Profited from Illegal Insider Trading (salon) U.S. regulators this week obtained a temporary restraining order freezing the assets of a married couple living in the United Kingdom who allegedly reaped more than $270,000 from illegal insider trade.....- 3/30/2007 5:53:40 PM
Where's those Gas Pipelines in the ground? Don't Know? In Texas, No one is Required to Tell You (salon) Good article worth reading in its entirety about the rough tactics of gas and oil *landmen* that are trying to put the squeeze on Fort Worth residents to drill in their neighborhoods, and are the risk.....- 3/30/2007 5:31:47 PM
Transportation Cutbacks in Texas? Why? Because of Bush's War on Terror and Hurricane Katrina (salon) More than enough reason to 1. Cut out Halliburton for any more contracts-not only have they wasted too much money but now they're thumbing their nose at the United States by moving to Dubai. 2. End th.....- 3/30/2007 5:22:09 PM
Local GOP in Gilmer, Upshur, Texas Lambastes Perry and Bush -TTC Worst Boondoggle in the History of the State (salon) Since Republicans have it as part of their party platform to be against the TTC, it's not surprising to see Republicans rising up against 39 percent. But it's refreshing to read.Republican Gov. Rick P.....- 3/30/2007 5:17:45 PM
Texas School Vouchers Killed by House (salon) Although the Senate will be looking at this as well, vouchers are effectively dead until some monied elitist that is against public education tries to bring it up again in a future session. More Democ.....- 3/30/2007 3:53:09 PM
TxDOT Provides Shoddy Roadwork (pstern) TxDOT requires oversight and regulation  Communities, e.g., Driftwood in Hays County, are complaining about the shoddy roadwork done by TxDOT.  Five months ago TxDOT "resealed" most of FM 18.....- 3/30/2007 3:24:50 PM
Texas Is New El Dorado for Spanish Companies-Springboard for the entire United States? (salon) All right. You already know I'm annoyed by the idea of foreign investors, I DON"T CARE FROM WHAT COUNTRY, buying up our INFRASTRUCTURE. So, naturally, this article on Spanish companies investing .....- 3/30/2007 3:43:22 PM
In Boston, Attorney General Takes Nuclear Plants to Court over Storage of Spent Fuel Rods (salon) Spoke a bit ago about how the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) isn't concerned with terrorist attacks with respect to where those RADIOACTIVE spent fuel cells go. Well, here's one AG who isn't taki.....- 3/30/2007 1:20:58 PM
Nuclear Power Has Too Many Negatives-Union of Concerned Scientists (salon) Author says that the article in USA Today glossed over major caveats to nuclear power.Yes, the United States should be re-examining all low- and zero-carbon energy options, but expanding U.S. nuclear .....- 3/30/2007 1:15:19 PM
Texas Insurance Doing Real Well and Waving to Us --- from the Bank! (pstern) Texans Still Paying the Highest Home Insurance Premiums in the Nation The question is "Why?" Just received the following (pasted at end of this brief commentary) newsletter from Texas Coalit.....- 3/30/2007 11:26:02 AM
*Don't Bother the Oil Companies*- Interior Department to Auditors as Underpayments Abound (salon) US Interior Department is preventing recovery of oil and gas fees from companies that drill on FEDERAL land and FEDERAL waters. We're talking about underpayments, here, where the Interior Department a.....- 3/30/2007 8:44:14 AM
State of Texas and TxDOT Screw Over Texans- 130 Toll Road Contract Run by Cintra/Zachry Signed on the Sneak (salon) There's no way that Carona, Nichols et al didn't know about this deal when they were shmoozing citizens earlier THIS SAME MONTH at the Senate Transportation Hearing. That must be the reason Carona abr.....- 3/30/2007 8:18:34 AM
Bush and Laura's Divorce- More Globe Goodies-Their Loveless Marriage-His Secret Late Night Phone Calls (salon) The Globe says Condi Rice is all hot to trot after Laura finally dumps Loser 6 months after we finally get him OUT of the White House. I did notice that she sure wasn't sitting with Mr. D for Dictator.....- 3/29/2007 7:21:43 PM
Notes from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper this week- March 29, 2007 (salon) Things that interested me in the Glen Rose newspaper, the Glen Rose Reporter, this week. Pretty bad wreck, with pic of J Merced Ibarra's collision with a semi.  I notice that Oakdale Park is having a .....- 3/29/2007 7:11:19 PM
3 More Injection Well Applications in Erath County... east of Desdemona, Texas (salon) Things that interested me in the Glen Rose newspaper, the Glen Rose Reporter, this week. Pretty bad wreck, with pic of J Merced Ibarra's collision with a semi.  I notice that Oakdale Park is having a .....- 3/29/2007 5:22:00 PM
Norah "the war mongerer" O'donnell...when are you going to go to Iraq? (joe) I would like nothing more than you to see your smug little face walking the streets of Iraq. Get off MSNBC and go work for your war mongerer friends over at the FAUXNEWS channel. You bring a nasty ton.....- 3/29/2007 12:26:40 PM
Senate Okays Iraq Funding AND Withdrawal Bill- Will Bush Veto and Stop Funding the Troops? (salon) Had to laugh last night when watching Countdown about Bush, delusional as usual (Hey! Bush! Take a Deep Breath! bwahahahahahah), saying that Congress is not funding the troops. Yes, they are. They're .....- 3/29/2007 10:59:46 AM
What's Up with the Republicans Being Deliberately Disruptive at Hearings? (salon) I noticed this last night when listening to Lurita Doan and the GSA Hearing being chaired by Waxman. One pinhead in particular, Mica of Florida, repeatedly interrupted and attacked Waxman about the wa.....- 3/29/2007 10:44:19 AM
How Do Latinos Feel about Alberto Gonzalez Fall from Grace? (salon) Although I wouldn't presume to say that only one view represents the group, I thought this dissertation on Alberto Gonzales and the Politics of Whiteness was interesting. Generally, I don't myself lik.....- 3/29/2007 9:15:08 AM
Washington Legislators Mysteriously Locate $700 BILLION in Revenue (pstern) Found money? An interesting observation in the Waxahachie Daily Light reports that our legislators in Washington conjured-up a whopping increase in revenue, like, "Hey, man, look what I found und.....- 3/29/2007 4:17:27 AM
Public Education: an issue of legal responsibility (pstern) Where are those "great minds of Texas" the governor always spoke of?Apparently, once again, legislators decreased the state's responsibility for public school by $1.5 Billion. Lawmakers high.....- 3/29/2007 3:01:00 AM
No Surprise here- Most Texas Immigration Bills are Likely Unconstitutional (salon) No duh. Like the Berman one? Two-thirds of the 30-plus immigration bills before the Texas Legislature will likely not come up for a vote this session.Lawmakers said Wednesday that's because they viola.....- 3/28/2007 6:59:29 PM
Is Price-Fixing Always Illegal? Flower Mound, TX Store Sues Manufacturer Who Cut Off Supply When Store Lowered Prices (salon) So you have a store and you get a lot of different merchandise to sell from various suppliers and manufacturers. For whatever reason, you lower the price on some items, and the manufacturer tells you,.....- 3/28/2007 6:33:16 PM
Texas State Regulators Recommend $210 Million in Fines Against TXU for Manipulating the Electricity Market (salon) to its own benefit. Naturally, TXU cries in its beer and says "Not So! Not So!"The alleged market abuse was observed between June and September of 2005, according to the Public Utility Commi.....- 3/28/2007 6:26:46 PM
Robertson County Texas the Dumping Ground for Waste and Foul Air? *Acid Gas* Injection Well Application (salon) Sheesh. What the fool is *acid gas* and why is that being injected into the ground? I hope to heck EVERY SINGLE PERSON LIVING IN ROBERTSON COUNTY is sending a protest letter to the RRC NOW about this......- 3/28/2007 6:07:28 PM
Someone at the Texas Railroad Commission Does Care! (salon) from Bill GordonOn February 7, 2007, I sent an email to concerned citizens in several counties requesting help in opposing an application for a “Commercial” Surface Waste Disposal Facility, by Taint W.....- 3/28/2007 6:00:46 PM
You only THOUGHT Toll Roads were a set price-Inflation in Indianapolis Forces Changes to Plan (salon) This is not about Texas but well could be in the future. I noticed the above headline about the Indiana Toll Road Major Moves road-construction plan in which road construction is underfunded.. due to .....- 3/28/2007 5:53:18 PM
Taking a Break from Politics for a Few Days and Watching *Mr Smith Goes to Washington* (salon) to remind myself that, at least in the movies, Populism reigns and overcomes the creepy corporatists of the world. On a related note, got NetFlix a couple of weeks ago, which is a terrific service, an.....- 3/28/2007 2:42:11 PM
The Problem With (the) US (pstern) Just in case any of you are wondering...It's really easy to see what our problem is.  During the past several decades most of us have been dumbstruck.  Or call it whatever you want, e.g., we've been b.....- 3/27/2007 3:02:41 PM
Chevron/Texaco and American News Media Hide Worst Oil Spill in History... (pstern) I came across this little publicized article about a group of Amazon rain forest residents suing Texaco, now owned by Chevron, for $6 Billion for costs to clean up oil spills.  Mainstream periodicals .....- 3/27/2007 10:09:10 AM
Here Comes the Dog N Pony Show for the *New* TXU- You'll be Bombarded with Commercials (salon) trying to convince you that TXU being bought by private investors is a good idea and it will be MORE responsive to customers.When you get done watching those commercials, if you fell for their sales p.....- 3/27/2007 9:57:24 AM
Outsourcing News O Day- US Postal Office is now outsourcing mail delivery service (Oregon article) (salon) trying to convince you that TXU being bought by private investors is a good idea and it will be MORE responsive to customers.When you get done watching those commercials, if you fell for their sales p.....- 3/27/2007 1:06:25 AM
Shouldn't our utilities be PUBLIC utilities? Why should private equity firms be allowed to buy UTILITIES? (salon) I saw an article about Texas Pacific looking to buy Spanish airline Iberia (which of course is not a utility) and wanted to know more about it. Tough to know because Texas Pacific, like Carlyle Group .....- 3/26/2007 12:54:19 PM
Rick Perry "39 percent" Tries to Get the Austin-American Statesman to Retract Its TYC Story about His Office (salon) You know how we KNOW that an aide to Perry received detailed investigative reports alleging a sex scandal at West Texas State school..... DAYS BEFORE THE NOVEMBER ELECTION, not just within the last co.....- 3/26/2007 12:19:30 PM
Global Warming? Pah! Just Bury the GreenHouse Gas (CO2) Underground -Geologic Carbon Sequestration (salon) Here's the gas equivalent of the *salt water* waste injection wells that we have here in Texas, in which crap is injected into formations deep in the ground... Apparently in some places, like Gaylord,.....- 3/26/2007 12:07:32 PM
The Bullies of the Colorado OIl and Gas *Conservation* Committee- Can It Happen Here? (salon) As you're reading this, compare what's happening in Colorado, which is also being drilled to death, with how the Texas Railroad Commission operates... If Colorado can see the commission's influence wa.....- 3/26/2007 11:53:41 AM
How Nice! Make-A-Buck Company Puts out Nuclear Power Station Maps -A Demographic Display (salon) Just in case those terrorists can't find a handy dandy map of where they all are, what the reactor count, design type and manufacturer, and station capacity is. And in case they wonder where the resea.....- 3/26/2007 11:37:20 AM
Texas House Speaker and Wife Very Proud of Luxury Suite Inside the Capitol (pstern) Ahh, the life, perks and quirks of a Texas Speaker... We're supposed to believe it's okay that Speaker Tom Craddick has a suite inside the Texas Capitol where legislation is presented and reviewed by .....- 3/25/2007 6:24:32 PM
The 8th Wonder of the World... Dubai? (pstern) The World... is now being rebuilt off the coast of Dubai Want to know where Gov. Perry visited and where some Texas tax dollars and special interest campaign contributions went? Want to know what proj.....- 3/25/2007 4:03:42 PM
I've Moved On from MoveOn- Sent them an email to tell them to quit sending me emails. (salon) This was AFTER I read of Chet Edwards vote on what I consider a pat on the head from Democrats to those of us that actually want to end the war, and BEFORE I read an article from Salon that indicates .....- 3/25/2007 3:07:12 PM
Is that Documentary You're Watching Really a Shill for Corporations To Press Marketing or Other Agendas? (salon) Such a fine line between what you would hope would be one person or one group's view of a subject and, more cynically, a documentary created in order to sell product. Wrote before about Big Pharm doin.....- 3/25/2007 2:31:30 PM
How Our US Congress Voted This Week-Hutchison, Cornyn and Edwards (salon) First off, Cornyn and Hutchison are ALL FOR our social security being used, not for what it's intended but to be put back into the general funds. They also don't much like Special Education. To their .....- 3/25/2007 2:20:47 PM
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