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Not Enough Indian Workers for Hungry US Outsourcing Companies - Solution? Train More Indian Workers (salon) Article made me feel sick. Globalistic corporations won't pay proper wages for American workers, even for jobs like.... ANSWERING THE PHONE... so they've done the anti-American cheapo thing and sent t.....- 4/7/2007 11:34:48 AM
Bush Administration Continues to Harbor a Terrorist- Luis Posada Carilles (salon) Been writing about this for the last 2 years. The Bush administration has been holding Luis Posada Carilles, who is wanted as a terrorist in Venezuela, but will they extradite to the country that want.....- 4/7/2007 10:32:59 AM
TXU- Sorry We Helped You *Perceive* That We Were Gonna Shut Down Power Plants (salon) Heh. Eat Crow, TXU! First they threatened to shut down power plants in retaliation to the Texas Senate not passing what they wanted? (Yahoo actually used those words in their article, referenced above.....- 4/7/2007 8:55:15 AM
For the Holiday- Photos of My New Chicks and Ducklings (salon) - 4/6/2007 4:22:22 PM
Good Cop! Bad Cop! KKR and Texas Pacific Play the Shmooze Card Versus TXU's Threats (salon) Remember yesterday how, WAH, TXU didn't get its way, so it threatened to close down some electricity plants? You have to wonder if KKR et al saw that and screamed "Arrgggh! What's WRONG with thes.....- 4/6/2007 2:58:39 PM
MORE Nuclear Power News O Day- Fire at Indian Point 3 Nuclear Power Plant Caused Shutdown (salon) An electrical fault and fire in a transformer yard forced the automatic shutdown Friday of the Indian Point 3 nuclear power plant, officials said. ..The NRC, the federal agency which monitors nuclear .....- 4/6/2007 1:28:47 PM
PODCAST-*From a user’s standpoint, it makes very little difference who operates the facility*-Public/Private Partnerships (salon) CanOFun Podcast about this subject: After listening this morning to the Podcast about economics and globalization, I've been unable to shake a dawning big picture realization about all these attempts .....- 4/6/2007 2:41:40 PM
Nuclear Power Plant News O Day-ANOTHER Reactor Safety Breach at Tokyo Electric (salon) Tokyo Electric has already been taking it on the chin for deliberately concealing unlawful acts with the operation of their nuclear power plant. Well, here's another one to add to the list of over 100.....- 4/6/2007 10:22:34 AM
For Whom the Road Tolls ---- Governor "39-percent" Shaking in his Cowboy Boots? (pstern) "To toll or NOT to toll, that's not much of a question."Gov. Rick "39-percent" Perry spent years pushing toll roads for his wealthy special interests.  Perry is nothing more than o.....- 4/6/2007 10:03:27 AM
Remember that Gas Explosion in Wylie, TX? Texas RailRoad Commission Whitewashes ATMOS Responsiblity (salon) Here's background from last November, at the time that Atmos was padding their expense reports while trying to justify a rate increase. A Wylie couple died when their home exploded-this was AFTER they.....- 4/6/2007 9:17:02 AM
One More Comment about the Texas Railroad Commission Hearing about the Injection Well at Bluff Dale (Erath County) Texas (salon) from Bill Gordon.A lot of folks are asking how our Bluff Dale / EOG Resources went. Out of the 215 citizens that protested - only 20 to 22 showed up for the hearing.  This was a disappointment. EOG ma.....- 4/6/2007 9:08:34 AM
A Few Notes from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper This Week- April 5, 2007 (salon) Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper - First off, there's a notice that Fossil Rim is converting to biodiesel for its fuel.Interesting picture of the Paluxy River and how high it got recently during the rains.....- 4/6/2007 8:29:08 AM
AUDIO Podcast from Think (KERA-DFW) Yesterday- Fewer and Fewer Suppliers and the Global Economy (salon) Yes, I know the titling of this sounds a little dry but this podcast is FASCINATING and DISTURBING. Barry Lynn wrote an article for American Prospect last month called "Why Economists Can't See t.....- 4/6/2007 7:55:42 AM
Judge Hecht and Corruption- Oh, there's MORE! Hillco Contribution (Perry Homes) Days Before Court Appeal (salon) Wrote about Hecht, who is on the Texas Supreme Court, the other day, after I read that he, in order to pay his legal bills for having to defend his unethical conduct touting girlfriend Harriet Miers, .....- 4/5/2007 9:55:03 PM
Public-Private Partnerships-Innovative Contracting US House Hearing on April 17, 2007 (salon) Noticed this as I was looking at hearings on the Committe on Transportation and Infrastructure, site-this was listed on the Minority site, but not on the main, don't know why? At any rate, it can be w.....- 4/5/2007 5:51:18 PM
Why Private Toll Road Contractors MUST have non-compete contracts ... or they won't make a deal (salon) I"ve been reading some articles today about public-private partnerships and ran across this interesting discussion about the use of non-compete agreements in public AND private toll roads. A Must.....- 4/5/2007 5:37:59 PM
Reliant Energy (Houston, TX) One of 4 Companies To Refund Money to Ratepayers- Manipulation of Natural Gas Prices (salon) Boy. Remember a few years ago when Reliant Energy was caught on tape making deals to bilk Californians and jack up energy prices by conspiring to close some CA power plants to artificially create a po.....- 4/5/2007 4:29:37 PM
Wolfowitz's Mistress Getting Higher Salary-It Pays To Shtup the Head of the World Bank (salon) I wrote about this 2 years ago-with a pic of the woman who is NOT a looker; course, neither is Paul Wolfowitz (the woman, incidentally, is the one on the RIGHT-heh). Anyway, saw this article at the en.....- 4/5/2007 4:11:54 PM
North Texas Cities Want the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) To Reconsider its Atmos gas decision (salon) I wasn't surprised the other day to see the RRC suck up to Atmos, but good to see that there's a group that wants the RRC to think again about the gift the RRC commissioners gave Atmos.A group of Nort.....- 4/5/2007 3:55:12 PM
Lots of Wormy Apples at the State Capitol (pstern) The Texas Legislature may be filled with some good apples and bad apples, but it sure does look like all the apples are filled with worms. Let's recap some of the special interest legislation that was.....- 4/5/2007 2:40:26 PM
More on the RRC (Texas Railroad Commission) Hearing Held about Bluff Dale, Texas on Tuesday (salon) from the Stephenville paperGordon said EOG Resources Inc., who has sought RRC approval of the Bluff Dale site, has agreed to operate a “non-commercial” well, meaning the company will only be able to d.....- 4/5/2007 12:08:53 PM
Texas Lege Won't Cater to TXU? TXU Threatens to Shut Down Some Power Plants (salon) First, you have to read this- Texas Lawmakers Take no Action on TXU deal.  This despite that fact that Phil King solicited lobbyists to help him out to pass law that would benefit the electrical indus.....- 4/5/2007 11:53:44 AM
Texas Senate Panel Says NO to *39 Percent* and Approves 2 year Toll Road Moratorium (salon) Now, who knows what will happen when it goes to the House, as run by Crook Craddick? But at least there are Texas Senators looking out for the people that represented them.A key Senate panel approved .....- 4/5/2007 11:44:33 AM
Audio snippet. On Having a Man Who Works for Macquarie as Counsel for US DOT- David James Gribbin (salon) We've talked here before about the push of our government to get private-public partnerships so that entities like our highways are no longer public but under the control of private corporations. Mary.....- 4/5/2007 11:28:02 AM
Nuclear Power Plants Have to Get a License? Nah, Just Stealthily *Uprate* Existing Units (salon) I'm thinking *uprate* is the nuclear power terminology equivalent to *upgrade*. Not trivial at all, instead of the big public deal of asking for licenses to build new nuclear power plants or being con.....- 4/4/2007 5:10:04 PM
Phil King(Weatherford, TX) Sneaks Changes to Utility Legislation-Asks Utility Group to Lobby For Him (salon) Boy. I've followed a number of King's handouts for himself from corporations and lobbyists, but asking the AECT to lobby for him tops his corruption so far. Basically, Senate Bills SB482 and SB483 rel.....- 4/4/2007 4:57:26 PM
Nuclear Power News O Day- Duane Arnold Plant in Iowa has Power Loss and Japan Power Nuclear Safety Doubts (salon) Mind you, the article says that the public was never in any danger because they have backup pumps. Only commenting that nuclear power plants are not trouble-free.CEDAR RAPIDS (AP) - Officials say plan.....- 4/4/2007 4:47:43 PM
Is the Public Turning Against Militarism as a Solution to the World's Problems? Poll Shows Crisis of Confidence in Bush Administration (salon) I watched Delusional-In-Chief last night on the repeat of his press conference, and wondered, for the millionth time, how he can keep ignoring the will of the American people, where the majority don't.....- 4/4/2007 10:50:40 AM
Bible as Textbook in Texas-Here's a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen (salon) I don't think I would be so adamently against this if it were a more general "Religions as Literature" class that included, say, texts from the Koran, and the Mormon Bible, as well as other .....- 4/4/2007 10:35:03 AM
Adding *Under God* to the Texas Flag Pledge-WHY? (salon) No clue why the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a photo of Phil King with the article about Debbie Riddle of Tomball's bill, HB1034, but I did like the example of the 17 year old Jehovah's Witness from L.....- 4/4/2007 10:26:27 AM
Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas A Go Despite Weather-Ready For Bush's Vacay! (salon) When I first got an email about this, it was the day after some truly torrential rains around here, soggy was the word of the day. It's also been raining off and on, with some tornadoes and thundersto.....- 4/4/2007 9:51:22 AM
Bush Whines About Congress Taking Easter Vacay-As He Heads Off for HIs OWN Vacay in Crawford, Texas (salon) That pretty well convinces me that Bush reads texts that other people write, because to believe otherwise is to find him one of the most idiotic presidents of my lifetime (well...... heh). I heard him.....- 4/4/2007 9:46:43 AM
Category: Duh!~Mary *Toll Road Queen* Peters Has Perry's Back on Attack on Moratorium (salon) Title of this article is "Federal Transportation Chief Backs Perry's Toll Plan"-geez, this woman wants to turn FEDERAL highways into toll roads, so what difference does it make that SHE is f.....- 4/4/2007 9:13:49 AM
Special Interest Road Bond Politics? (pstern) Hays County Commissioner Will Conley pushes for road bond meeting.  Motives at best are questionable. Hays County voters should be asking, "Why is a County Commissioner holding a meeting to promo.....- 4/3/2007 9:50:46 PM
Pay More, Get Less Service To Ride in that Big Crowded Bus in the Sky (salon) Airline service industry study. I saw an article a few minutes ago that said that there were less complaints overall- I guess that means people just put up with this for the Privilege of being Searche.....- 4/3/2007 9:17:46 AM
Gee! Was It All the Corruption? Lack of Oversight? Pew Poll Shows Less People Identify Themselves as Republicans (salon) Even more striking than the changes in some core political and social values is the dramatic shift in party identification that has occurred during the past five years. In 2002, the country was equall.....- 4/3/2007 9:12:44 AM
Radio Shack Sued for Improperly Disposing of Corpus Christi Sales Docs/Receipts in Dumpster (salon) I quit shopping at Radio Shack when they started asking me, a long time back, for my telephone number and insisted they wouldn't do business unless I supplied it. I think they have changed that now, b.....- 4/3/2007 9:03:04 AM
Toxic Gas on Trains in Texas (salon) The last couple of days I have been on a TOXIC and HAZARDOUS MATERIALS roll-heh, and this morning saw in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram another article about toxic materials being carried by trains, and.....- 4/3/2007 8:53:57 AM
Texas HB 4052- Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District-NO Consideration to Include Oil and Gas Exemption (salon) Here you are, trying to figure out how to conserve and regulate water usage in your district, and you've made legislation just for that. But you're FRUSTRATED because the house bill to create the dist.....- 4/3/2007 8:24:16 AM
What Would a Nuclear Meltdown Look Like? (salon) One would think nuclear power plant energy is just a Rosy, Rosy Picture. Not. Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to many events that could lead to meltdowns, including human and mechanical errors; im.....- 4/3/2007 12:29:43 AM
$18.9 Million Dollar Verdict AGainst TXI (Toxic Waste Cement Plants) in Midlothian, (Ellis Co) Texas (salon) Just now saw this article from last week. The widow of a man killed in an explosion at a TXI facility in Midlothian, Texas was awarded $18.9 million by a Dallas jury today, culminating a month-long tr.....- 4/3/2007 12:10:55 AM
Circuit City Flips Off Their Employees- Lays Off Best Workers While Paying CEOs $10 MILLION in perks, etc (salon) NYTimes has an article about the *wholesale firing of people who did their jobs well*.Circuit City seems to have forgotten that the customer interaction — the user interface, to use contemporary langu.....- 4/2/2007 11:23:27 PM
Where are the Oil and Gas Hoggies? (salon) While looking at some stuff earlier, I came across a US Dept of Energy website that has some Energy Hog mascots. I'm all for tips and tricks to help people improve their energy effiency and not be ene.....- 4/2/2007 11:04:49 PM
Hazardous Incidents in the US for the month of March-Part 1 (salon) from this site. One thing is for sure, we live in a hazardous world! I also notice how many times military ordinance is found! 03.01 USA 070301-03 Salem, NH. An early morning car explosion, caused by .....- 4/2/2007 10:59:41 PM
What about US Govt Funding Projects OVERSEAS that affect Climate Change? They can be SUED (salon) Smackdown.A U.S. judge has advanced a lawsuit against the government over its funding of overseas projects that environmental groups claim contribute to climate change.The lawsuit, filed by environmen.....- 4/2/2007 7:02:32 PM
But Will AT&T Be Spying On Them? Government to Make Its Own New T3 Intranet (salon) (First off, everyone knows, right? That AT&T has taps for the benefit of the government in OUR telecom system and the government uses that to spy on us? And, at least under the Republican Congress.....- 4/2/2007 5:42:46 PM
Robertson Co, Tx- Broad Daylight- Paved Road - Dumping Crap? NO PROBLEM! (salon) - 4/2/2007 4:25:39 PM
Who Needs Incentives? (pstern) Since When Is It Necessary To Provide Teachers With Incentives To Teach?Apparently, legislators are still arguing about this "bad boy" piece of legislationAs a retired teacher, school admini.....- 4/2/2007 1:13:33 PM
Macquarie's Forays Into Electricity Acquisition in United States-Now In Houston, Texas (salon) Mentioned the other day that I saw that Australian Macquarie was buying up Pennsylvania's Duquesne Light. Today I read that Macquarie Cook Power starts up today, a member of the Macquarie Group. The 2.....- 4/2/2007 11:51:10 AM
Revisiting the Medicare Thuggery on Seniors- Two years later *The Ugliest Night I have Ever Seen in Politics* (salon) If you have ever wondered why the cost of prescription drugs in the United States are the highest in the world or why it's illegal to import cheaper drugs from Canada or Mexico, you need look no furth.....- 4/2/2007 10:46:52 AM
Bosque Co, TX Commissioners Officially Registers Protest Over ANY New *Commercial Disposal Wells* by RRC (salon) Good to read this. You may remember that Somervell County Commissioners Court also brought up the same proposal in March\'s meeting. Seems that we out here in the rural counties don\'t want to.....- 4/2/2007 9:02:59 AM
Busses of Protesters to Attend Two RRC Meetings in Austin About Injection Wells in Huckabay Ridge and Bluff Dale,Texas (salon) From the Stephenville paper.Area protesters are readying to travel to Austin to show opposition to proposed commercial oil and gas waste disposal wells near Huckabay and Bluff Dale.Buses are being cha.....- 4/2/2007 8:25:37 AM
Republican Matthew Dowd- Bush *Not the Person I thought*- (salon) He said he clung to the hope that Mr. Bush would get back to his Texas style of governing if he won. But he saw no change after the 2004 victory.He describes as further cause for doubt two events in t.....- 4/1/2007 9:10:06 PM
Photos from Proposed River Walk Along Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas (salon) The committee in charge of considering a river walk that would go from Heritage Park, near downtown, to Big Rock Park, took a walk to scope out the lay of the land this evening. As you can see, there .....- 4/1/2007 8:56:38 PM
Scuttlebutt- heard that there's a strong probability that a Dinosaur World will come to Glen Rose, Texas (salon) - 4/1/2007 8:52:47 PM
Texas Voters Must Beware of Road Bond Proposals (pstern) All Texas Voters Must Wise-Up Quickly What is happening in Hays County is or will be occurring as well in other Texas counties. Special Interests Await Voter Passage of Hays County Road Bonds Click he.....- 4/1/2007 6:50:31 PM
Heh. Louie Gohmert of the Piney Woods, Texas-A Shared Congressman for DC (salon) Made me laugh. During the debates about representation in Congress for District of Columbia residents, Gohmert argued against it...saying all 535 members of Congress have the city's well-being at hear.....- 4/1/2007 5:13:52 PM
Eliminating, Then Privatizing The VA (pstern) The handwriting is on the wall! The Bush administration doesn’t want to maintain the VA as a government agency and is pushing to dismantle it. It is interesting to note that for the most part the VA w.....- 4/1/2007 2:39:14 PM
More Toll Road Scams in the Making... (pstern) Who's Watching Out for Hardworking Texans?Sal Costello, David Stall, Somervell County Salon and quite a few others...4/01/2007Is Macquarie Robbing the Public Treasury? {try {parent.deselectBloggerImag.....- 4/1/2007 12:51:25 PM
The Texas Bluebonnets are here- and a few other yard flowers (salon) - 4/1/2007 11:55:11 AM
How INSULTING! USDA Manual pushing NAIS Tells Staff to address Farmers at *Sixth Grade Level* (salon) Sheesh. So the USDA thinks farmers are stupid or not educated, do they? (Kind of follows along with a comment I heard recently about why O&G wants to dump their waste in rural communities; because.....- 4/1/2007 11:10:00 AM
Which Missing Computers? Oh, You Mean the 14 That Had Nuclear Weapons Classified Information! (salon) You'd almost want to laugh if the government wasn't such a Screw-Up. Hard to be fighting Wars On Terror (trademark) if the Energy Department can't keep technical secrets about nuclear weapons safe. Th.....- 4/1/2007 10:52:54 AM
Nuclear Waste on Rail Lines Near Yucca Mountain- Another Reason Nuclear Energy is NOT *Clean* (salon) On the one hand, I keep reading that Yucca Mountain storage of nuclear, radioactive waste, is a dead issue. But then why is Union-Pacific building rail lines in Nevada for that purpose? If I were in t.....- 4/1/2007 10:47:06 AM
Friction Between American Troops and Contractors (salon) I've often thought that it can't be a very comforting thought that the United States decided to outsource so much of the armed services... and at a well-paid tune. Here's a story about more friction b.....- 4/1/2007 10:38:10 AM
Trans Texas Corridor- Lt Gov Dewhurst Tells Carona To get Moratorium Bill Out of Committee (salon) Amazing article with article subtext "Legislators Worry Contracts Are Sending Profits Out of State".Oh. NOW they're worried? Where were all these glad-handing fools when they snuck the legis.....- 4/1/2007 9:45:16 AM
Judge Hecht-Thy Middle Name is Corruption (salon) Ugh. Hecht, erstwhile boyfriend of Harriet Miers and, despite being cleared of an ethics complaint in which he used his position to lobby for her to get the position of Supreme Court Justice, some of .....- 4/1/2007 9:08:04 AM
TSA Screeners Missed 90 Percent of Simulated Weapons at Denver Airport-Oh, that makes ME feel safe! (salon) Proving that the WOT is a propaganda device and not a fix. In one test, sources told 9NEWS an agent taped an IED to her leg and told the screener it was a bandage from surgery. Even though alarms soun.....- 3/31/2007 10:24:00 AM
Kay Bailey Hutchison the State's Lone VP Hope for the GOP? (salon) Not that I'm not pretty thrilled to see 39 percent and My-Nose-Is-Up-Bush's-Rear listed as cut out of the running. After all, Aging Cheerleader is So Much More Popular Than Cornyn (at least to Republi.....- 3/31/2007 10:18:56 AM
Where are all the Workers? Corporations Worldwide Encounter a Labor Crunch (salon) Not only was this an interesting article but it sheds some light on some lies from the Bush administration. #1, if employers pay more, there would not be a labor shortage. #2. It shows why Karen Hughe.....- 3/31/2007 9:58:13 AM
Austin, Texas To Take the Lead in Plug-In Car Technology (salon) Very cool! This is for drivers who don't drive more than, say, 40 miles in a given day. But, most people DON'T drive more than... 40 miles in a given day. After charging their cars at night, plug-in o.....- 3/31/2007 9:45:44 AM
Lightning Strike on a Gas Storage Tank near Cresson, TX (salon) From the Hood County News, as seen by Elaine Smith of WorriedAboutWaterExplosion, fire near Cresson (Posted Thu 10:58 am)Apparent lightning caused an explosion and fire Thursday at gas disposal storag.....- 3/31/2007 9:39:38 AM
How Much Pollution Does an IGCC Coal Plant Put out? NRG's Could Increase Greenhouse Gasses by 50-60 Percent (salon) Again, IGCC is the same technology that the TXU buyout  mega-corp is pushing, telling people it is clean. (And that includes Environmental Defense, too). So, why, then, last week, did the NRG try to s.....- 3/31/2007 9:03:31 AM
DFW Regional Leaders Trying to play Ozone Card in Order To Kill the Toll Road Moratorium Bill (salon) SB 1267, sponsored by Nichols, is parked in committee. It would...prevent the state Transportation Department from entering into contracts in which private companies put up billions of dollars to buil.....- 3/31/2007 8:47:37 AM
Blow Against Texans Who Want Clear Air- Texas State District Judge Upholds Riesel Coal-Fired Plant Permit (salon) but opponents are going to take the fight to a higher court. It is OUR air.A state district judge Friday upheld an air permit for LS Power’s coal-fired power plant in Riesel, but opponents plan to tak.....- 3/31/2007 8:38:08 AM
Now Macquarie of Australia Set to Buy Pennsylvania Electric Utility (Duquesne Light) (salon) Let's see. In another state which, like Texas, is deregulated, Duquesne, currently a public utilty, will be privately owned by an Australian corporation.  Naturally, the stockholders are ecstatic! Her.....- 3/31/2007 12:26:58 AM
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