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In response to Sen. Jeff Wentworth's commentary printed in several Texas newspapers: (pstern) Wentworth sold-out Texans There's no nice way to put it.  Senator Jeff Wentworth just sold-out Texans with the latest in toll conspiracy legislation HB 1892. During the past decade, the Texas legislat.....- 4/20/2007 7:13:31 AM
House approves secrecy for licensed concealed gun owners (pstern) What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports were they thinking? I'll have to agree with Salon on this.-The lawmakers of the Texas House of Representatives once again have used poor judgment in providing le.....- 4/19/2007 2:15:37 PM
Two Former TXU Energy Traders to Testify in Austin to the Texas Lege (salon) These *whistleblowers* know about TXU's market manipulation AND believe they've been scapegoated for it. Phil King as quoted in this article seems he's looking to,at least a litle bit REGULATE (gasp, .....- 4/19/2007 11:07:12 AM
Packing Heat with Concealed Weapon? The Texas Lege Thinks You Can Keep it a Secret! Even if you're a Criminal! (salon) PFFFFFFFFFFFFT! Okay, Texas Senate, please be SMARTER than these yokels in the House. I notice again that Patrick Rose is quoted here. I've said before that I saw the movie where it showed his race ag.....- 4/19/2007 11:02:41 AM
Time Warner via U.S. Postal Service planning to take away our Freedom of Speech (pstern) There's time to stop it. Time Warner, the largest magazine publisher and news media owner in the nation, has cooked up an idea that will cost many of us more of our rights to Freedom of Speech.  Few h.....- 4/19/2007 12:24:36 AM
EW!!! Nuclear Power Plant News O Day- Body Parts Tested for Nuclear Radiation without Family Consent (salon) Sellafield, UKDarling's announcement came after trades unions flagged concerns that organs had been removed without next of kin giving their permission -- a practice banned last year amid widespread c.....- 4/18/2007 4:23:37 PM
I'm sorry about Virginia Tech-But Iraq has TWO Virginia Techs EVERY SINGLE DAY (salon) Awful what happened at Virginia Tech. But imagine if the news media paid the same sort of attention to both the United States military men and women that are killed, with the same expressions of horro.....- 4/18/2007 4:08:11 PM
TxDOT Imitates WWII Panzer Attacks for Toll Roads (pstern) Wake-up, Texans!   Soon you'll be paying double and triple toll taxes and the quiet, lovely Texas countryside you once knew and loved will be replaced by super-x-stressways that may send you packing f.....- 4/18/2007 4:03:02 PM
If I had Dinner With Bush, I Sure Wouldn't Admit It! Chet Edwards Does! (salon) In fact, I'd turn it down; I'd sooner go eat in CellBlock 32. Not for Chet Edwards who finds a way in his notification about the Virginia Tech Tragedy to namedrop about the fact that he had dinner wit.....- 4/18/2007 1:52:56 PM
Can the Government Still Attach Ken Lay's Assets If His Widow Got Them After Lay's Death? (salon) Course, the conspiracy theory part of me wants to think that Ken Lay is still alive and only pretended to be dead to avoid a long sentence in the hoosegow. Closed coffin, anyone? Anyway, it's an inter.....- 4/18/2007 1:36:39 PM
Taser Frolics! Sid Miller (TX Dist 59) Against Restricting Police Use of Tasers (salon) I can't tell you how many stories I've read of Taser misuse. I read a story a couple of days ago about a man who was tasered while holding his baby, and the baby fell; the mother says her baby hasn't .....- 4/18/2007 1:22:03 PM
Erath County Citizens Show up En Masse to the Texas Railroad Commission Hearing on Huckabay Ridge Injection Well (salon) Good to read. The hearing was on Thursday last week and the Stephenville paper has a good article about it. Even Sid Miller showed up to speak against it! And provided lunch!“None of our hearings have.....- 4/18/2007 1:15:00 PM
Branch Davidian Site in Waco-Religious Leader Plans Museum and Tabernacle (salon) What will be in that museum? Charred bodies? You know, I had forgotten that somebody still lives on that acreage! Tell you what, those were TWO terrorist acts-first by the ATF under the Clinton admini.....- 4/18/2007 1:06:20 PM
If Carilles Had Been Iraqi, He'd Be In Gitmo now-Or Renditioned... But He's Going to be Free on Bond (salon) Carlos Posada Carilles is a terrorist. The Bush administration has been harboring him, thus, if Bush were true to his word (which we know he is not), he would stop because he *SAYS* he's against count.....- 4/18/2007 8:01:16 AM
Not-So-Odd-Couple- Bill Clinton and Poppy Bush Tell Wireless Execs Their Work Shapes Democracies (salon) Not ONLY is it still pretty bizarre to me to see DogNPony shows starring Clinton N Poppy (Best Friends Forever) but the article was full of swill and made me want to hurl. Nothing like telling a bunch.....- 4/18/2007 2:23:25 AM
Not Just North Texas Excluded from Toll Road Moratorium Bill- El Paso, Too (salon) Sheesh. I repeat what I said the other day that I believe this whole hoopla about a *moratorium* is to pacify people, hoping they just forget about it when 2 more years rolls by. After all, the Texas .....- 4/18/2007 1:52:26 AM
Instead of Toll Roads, HERE"S a good idea- Red Light Runners and Speeding Tickets Pay for Roads! (salon) Heh. After having lived in the DFW area for many years, I'm convinced that, if you just took the people who run red light's fines, we'd have Pinkies Up Quality Roads and could kick out Perry and his c.....- 4/18/2007 1:45:20 AM
On Solar Energy-I've noticed that COMPANIES are going solar, with very little fanfare.... (salon) When solar energy becomes the norm, it appears it won't be because citizens in general are pushing for it, but because corporations want to save money and they KNOW THE WAY TO DO IT IS TO GO SOLAR. I'.....- 4/16/2007 7:04:32 PM
Nuclear Power News O Day- Oh, a FLOATING NUCLEAR ENERGY PLANT????? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA???? (salon) Sometimes you just scratch your head and wonder what chucklehead comes up with these things. Of course, it has to be money involved somewhere. Russia has begun to build the world’s first floating nucl.....- 4/16/2007 6:50:45 PM
Microsoft's Annoying *Phishing* Filter (salon) I've been pretty busy today and yesterday working on a message board project. It's the same dang message board software that I used with CanOFun and it's not like the code popped up from under a cabba.....- 4/16/2007 4:08:32 PM
Two-timing Triple-taxing Pro-Toll Legislators (pstern) Legislators Blatantly Trying to Screw Texas Taxpayers Watchdog Sal Costello, founder of www.AustinTollParty.com lets us know that those vigilante toll enthusiasts, Senator Watson and Rep. Krusee are a.....- 4/16/2007 1:06:34 PM
Is Ben Wear of the A-AS on the TTC Take? (salon) He's obviously pro-toll road; I've read his columns before. But I don't get why, if one acknowledges in the first paragraph or so of an article that a company that works FOR the TTC is hired to do a s.....- 4/16/2007 8:40:49 AM
TAB nothing more than BLAB (pstern) What's good for the goose ain't so great for the gosling community!CEO Bill Hammond of Texas Association of Business (TAB) is whining again. This time it's about how Texas must be more fair to its tax.....- 4/16/2007 8:29:58 AM
Texas Association of Business-Remember How They Funded Sid Miller's Campaign Flyers? They're Back in Court Today! (salon) Here's a bit of background, I have written extensively here about the TAB/TRMPAC illegalities and how they involved Sid Miller of our US House District 59. (Plus here's where they contributed to, and .....- 4/16/2007 8:19:21 AM
AUDIO-PODCAST- Bush Misrespresents the Will of the American People and Sneers at the Democratic Process (salon) - 4/15/2007 12:52:49 PM
Gun Control --- Help Wanted: Street-Smart Elected Officials (pstern)  In response to 4/13/07 editorial in the Cincinnati Enquirer, "Mayors unite against gun crime".    "And then there's the one about"... New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in Cinci.....- 4/14/2007 8:30:37 PM
Weird! Bush Radio Address CUTS OFF before inflammatory statement (salon) I was reading Huffington Post, where Brent Budowsky took issue with Bush saying, in his radio address today, as written by BBToday's radio address by George Bush included some of the most demeaning, d.....- 4/14/2007 7:25:00 PM
Professors at SMU Continue to Work to Block the Bush Library (salon) As we've noted before, some professors and clergy see a clear disconnect between United Methodist church teachings and what Bush believes and espouses. On Wednesday, this group continued to press its .....- 4/14/2007 5:36:53 PM
What New Gas Well Waste Can We Inject Into the Ground? How About Coal-Bed Methane? (Montana) (salon) Ugh. I know this crap isn't getting injected HERE, we have our own waste to be concerned with, but overall, why does the gas industry continue to foist, in ANY state, that the way to deal with pollute.....- 4/14/2007 5:30:05 PM
No PUC Buyout Approval for the TXU/KKR/Texas Pacific Huge Merger- But the Lege Says In the FUTURE, yes (salon) Sheesh. That's exactly the same thing they did with toll roads the other day. Harummph! *Yes, We Need To Make Sure WE Have Regulatory Approval of this industry, and Yes, We Will Have it... AFTER this .....- 4/14/2007 5:08:09 PM
*Pay for Play* In Media- Do Consumers Know When They Are Watching (or Reading) Paid Programming Segments? (salon) Along the lines of FAKE NEWS, what about when a company or PR agency wants to get an item out to the television-watching public, makes a pay-for-play deal, but it's not clear to the watcher that the s.....- 4/14/2007 4:22:06 PM
Bush Senior and the Moonies! Poppy Bush Will be Keynote Speaker for Moonie Paper Washington Times (salon) I think the Moonies are weird, although, to politicians, at least their money is good. I truly don't understand why anyone would want to be keynote speaker at a Moonies event, but nothing's too far ou.....- 4/14/2007 3:36:09 PM
And They Can't Pay to Recycle Water? XTO Chairman Paid $59.5 Million Last Year (salon) You may remember how the XTO guy whined at the Somervell County Commish Court a month or two ago about paying for road costs when the ROAD GETS DAMAGED BY THE BIG GAS RIG TRUCKS. Reading something lik.....- 4/14/2007 2:00:11 PM
Stalker? No! Governor Perry! *Every Breath You Take* his New Theme Song (salon) I already knew Bush was illegally spying on Americans; also knew that private corporations were amassing data on every aspect of our lives-but who knew that Governor Perry and one of his aides were ac.....- 4/14/2007 9:56:29 AM
HB 4108 vs. HB 13: The Oversight and Regulation of State Homeland Security (pstern) Wake-up Texans, our civil rights are being threatened!HB 4108 is a bill authored by Rep. Richard Raymond as a counter to the demand made by Gov. Rick Perry to legislators for approval of HB 13 authore.....- 4/14/2007 8:54:16 AM
Don't Have the Right Toll Transponder? Sorry, You'll pay more in Indiana.. if you're from Illinois (salon) Here's an obvious problem with TOLL ROADS. You're travelling along, going from Illinois to Indiana  and you're paying with one of those dang RFID transponders. IF you use I-Zoom, you'll get a discount.....- 4/13/2007 10:01:09 PM
Not Content To Break the Law Without Penalty, Bush Asks Congress to Let Him Spy on Yet MORE People In MORE Ways (salon) It's been disturbing to me to see that the Bush administration continues to spy on its citizens, breaking the law, and Congress has not stopped him. That apparently has, if you'll excuse the expressio.....- 4/13/2007 5:52:10 PM
Move-On Jumps the Shark-Misleads about Clinton's Stance on Iran- *No Option Off the Table* (salon) I mentioned before that I already wrote Move-on and removed myself from their list. This today reinforces why I'm happy I did that. (Oh, and I am NOT going to vote for Hilary Clinton and YES, I am fem.....- 4/13/2007 5:14:50 PM
Corrupt Oil and Gas News O Day- Injecting Waste Product into Ground Water- CA and Texas Rancher Sues Forest Oil (salon) Another reason why this industry needs to be directly regulated, and NOT by entities like RubberStamp Texas Railroad Commissions.A Santa Maria oil company, two employees and a former employee have agr.....- 4/13/2007 4:46:53 PM
Do Sexual Abstinence Classes Work? Study Says NO! (salon) Have written about the State of Texas mandated abstinence classes before and that it's more than inappropriate that they are taught by religious personnel, as with the "Worth the Wait" progr.....- 4/13/2007 4:23:06 PM
Uh-Oh! I'm Losing Count of How Many Crooks and Incompetents there are in the Bush administration (salon) I guess I'm going to have to get a notebook where I can make hash marks-when the number of thugs number more than 10, can we please get Bush impeached? From today, Wolfowitz, the Ew Factor, and remind.....- 4/13/2007 3:59:04 PM
Why is the Democratic Party Choosing an RIAA Shill for PR for the Convention? (salon) Boy, is THAT a collosally bad move.  As Boing-Boing points out, the RIAA takes top prize for most hated company in America... and the Democrats want Jenni Engebretsen, the RIAA's Director of Communica.....- 4/13/2007 3:14:22 PM
Somervell County Democratic Party Meeting/Discussion (Chair) - 4/13/2007 2:42:14 PM
Plug for *The Hightower Lowdown*- new newsletter by Jim Hightower (salon) got this in the mail today and have already written the check for $10. He's one of my favorite writers (I also subscribe to the Texas Observer) and of quite a range of political writers that are truth.....- 4/13/2007 2:51:39 PM
Nuclear Power News O Day- US Has India on a Leash? and TURN OFF NUCLEAR POWER (salon) Naturally, I saw again the constant drumbeat marketing articles in the last few days that trumpet "Nuclear Power is Making a Comeback!" that are undoubtedly Adverts-In-Sheep's-Clothing desig.....- 4/13/2007 1:44:50 PM
Is the Texas House Vote on 2 Yr Moratorium Just a Public Pacifier? Or Why Didn't They Stop the N Texas Toll Roads? (salon) I've been mulling this over for a few days after reading that the Texas Lege (on the House side) voted for a 2 year moratorium on toll roads, to include the TTC... except that they still kowtowed to t.....- 4/13/2007 1:27:50 PM
Giant NAFTA Hub Opens Today in Dallas, Texas- the Dallas Logistics Hub (salon) Boy! The Never Ending Shovelling of Cheap Goods from Other Countries Is Being Helped Out Today!  Let me guess that since the Allen Group is financially backing this, they wouldn't be happy if the TTC .....- 4/13/2007 1:09:32 PM
More about Wolfowitz and the Woman He's Shtupping-Because the Bush Hypocrisy is So Delish! (salon) BackgroundWhile I was out yesterday, I heard on the radio that the Bush administration made some comments that they stood behind Wolfowitz. I thought, Oh. So Bush Thinks it's Okay to be Cheating on Yo.....- 4/13/2007 12:42:46 PM
A Few Bits from this Week's Glen Rose Reporter newspaper- Week of April 12, 2007 (salon) Glen Rose Reporter newspaper link. Naturally, the article about the Keene woman is on the front page, as well as a great picture of state competitors Perry Peterson and April Howell, who are competing.....- 4/13/2007 12:18:17 PM
Wah! Sandy Kress Unhappy that Texas Might Get Rid of TAKS Test (salon) Had to laugh when I read this article in the Waxahachie paper, which basically discusses how end-of-year tests will replace these horrendous general TAKS tests that want to see, over cumulative high s.....- 4/13/2007 11:41:40 AM
Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas Must Pay Double K Homes for Work Done in 2005 (salon) From the Stephenville paperTen of twelve jurors in the 266th Judicial District Court agreed Wednesday that Rough Creek Lodge must pay Double K Homes $26,245.14 for work performed at the lodge in 2005......- 4/13/2007 11:04:17 AM
HB 3323 --- Vote for Insurance Commissioner a Must for Texans (pstern)  In Texas the governor appoints many positions and one of them is the commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).   "So what?", you may say.  "It's a big deal," I say .....- 4/13/2007 10:41:53 AM
Drilling Activity in Bono (Johnson Co) Texas- with Pics (salon) I'd heard that there was a lot of drilling activity, including a gas processing plant and an injection well on the road that goes from Acton to Bono. So, after leaving Cleburne the other day, thought .....- 4/13/2007 8:41:22 AM
Alternative Politics: The People Speak Out (pstern) Across the Nation and in Texas People Have Had It!For years elected officials have been working for their special interests instead of working for the majority of the voters who hired them.  Well, gue.....- 4/12/2007 9:39:03 PM
Somervell County, Texas Growing at the Rate of 5.42 percent (salon) Interesting. According to this survey, the fastest growing county in north central Texas is Rockwall. These are population estimates released by the North Central Texas Council of Governments and are .....- 4/12/2007 7:35:10 PM
George Walker Bush: "Grand Strategist" or just a miserable president? (pstern) Recently people have been buzzing about the almost ancient 2/11/2004 Washington Times editorial by Tony Blankely titled, "George W. Bush -- grand strategist" and depending on individual pers.....- 4/11/2007 4:41:33 PM
Keene, Tx Woman Whose Baby Died in High-Speed Chase STOLE MONEY from Brownwood, Texas Store (salon) Okay. So that's why she was willing to risk her baby's life (who died)-she was a thief! The woman accused of killing her baby in a wreck Friday after a 25-mile chase is also accused of taking more tha.....- 4/11/2007 11:34:09 AM
The Master Gardener Program for Hood, Somervell and Johnson Counties (salon) I've been attending, twice a week, an excellent program sponsored by both the Master Gardener's from those counties and the county's extension agents. Some of the classes have been *Environmental Land.....- 4/11/2007 9:01:53 AM
City of Glen Rose, Texas Meeting for April 9, 2007-in Audio/Video (salon) Audio- MP3 here, plus a few selected video bits I found interesting. Some items on the agenda: Vote to approve or deny request for approval of final plat for First Financial Bank expansion (Lonnie Whi.....- 4/10/2007 11:43:18 AM
Somervell County Texas County Commissioners Meeting April 9, 2007 (inc Audio/Video) (salon) - 4/11/2007 12:21:31 AM
Texas Railroad Commission Denies Erath County/Huckabay Ridge Request for Party Status-Because It was EMAILED (salon) Instead, RRC says that Bill Gordon should have *hand carried* his request for re-inclusion of party status to them. That's all well and good if you actually LIVE IN AUSTIN, where the RRC office is, bu.....- 4/10/2007 8:56:29 AM
Illegal Waste-Dumping in Kopperl (Bosque Co, TX) on Hwy 174 (salon) When I went to the Kopperl meeting a month or so ago about the commercial waste injection well going in, someone mentioned that they had seen a truck dumping waste by the side of the road. I see that .....- 4/10/2007 8:51:04 AM
Across-the-board teacher pay raise passed in Texas House -on to the Senate (salon) A state House of Representatives-passed bill headed for the Senate includes an across-the-board teacher pay raise of $1,800 to be spread over the next two years and solidifies the solvency of the stat.....- 4/9/2007 8:36:12 AM
Iraqis Want US OUT! Tens of Thousands Protest *Get Out, Get Out, Occupier* (salon) Yes. Let's Get Out!Tens of thousands draped themselves in Iraqi flags and marched peacefully through the streets of two Shiite holy cities Monday to mark the fourth anniversary of Baghdad's fall. Demo.....- 4/9/2007 8:31:05 AM
American Politics: Evolutionary or Extinct? (pstern) Or ...Where’s the ‘Intelligent’ in Intelligent Design? Let’s look for a moment at American politics for what it has become. Currently we have a political structure evolved into a system that does NOT .....- 4/8/2007 4:22:46 PM
Heh- Just for Easter-Power to the Peeps! (salon) - 4/8/2007 11:47:38 AM
Look Out! First Step for State Toll Roads is to get a State's Lege to Give Authority to State's DOT (salon) Just as happened in Texas. I read an article about Tennessee attempting to do the same. The thing is, it's part of an overall plan pushed by private-public partnership theory, because it's a necessary.....- 4/8/2007 11:27:06 AM
Will SMU's reputation be tarnished by having the Bush Library there? (Heritage Foundation with a Cross on the Door) (salon) The argument continues. Why? Because the campus is owned by the United Methodist Church and Pffttttt, how in the world does what Bush believes sync with Christian, Methodist teachings? It doesn't, and.....- 4/8/2007 8:39:23 AM
Sad Story of Infant Who Died When Thrown from SUV in Johnson County, TX (salon) A motorist on Hwy 67 at Glen Rose noticed erratic driving and notified the Somervell County Sheriff's Department. The deputies weren't able to get her to stop and she kept on going east on 67, presuma.....- 4/8/2007 7:56:24 AM
I can't believe it is SNOWING in Texas.. On April 7th! A few pics (salon) - 4/7/2007 8:44:07 PM
MTBE Contaminated Water Lawsuit Filed in Maryland- 'Member the Repubs and Chet Edwards Shielding the Manufacturers? (salon) I still remember watching this on C-span when the Republicans were in power and how Tom Delay and his cronies, including "Smokey Joe" Barton,  worked to make sure the manufacturers of MTBE w.....- 4/7/2007 4:01:45 PM
You know what I LOVE about Nancy Pelosi? Her Treating Bully-In-Chief as a Spoiled Brat (salon) I adored a week or two ago when she told Bush to take a deep breath after his usual, scripted, fist-pounding lies about the war. She was the picture of calm, cool collection and the contrast made Bush.....- 4/7/2007 2:57:50 PM
Sid Miller (TX House Dist 59) and Chet Edwards Eat Horses, Don't They? Part 2 -US Congress Bill on Slaughtering Horses (salon) Before I talk about the bill, .....US House Bill 503 would:end horse slaughter in the U.S. and prohibit the slaughterhouses from exporting horses even further to their plants in Mexico and Canada. The.....- 4/7/2007 2:08:50 PM
Camp Casey-Easter Baskets To Bush and Trouble at Crawford (Texas) Peace House (salon) Snowing pretty hard outside the window at this moment, so it's most likely snowing today in Crawford, too. (I'm guessing Bush isn't even trying to pretend today that he's out chainsawing juniper trees.....- 4/7/2007 1:43:23 PM
Even the Pentagon Just Said That the 9/11-Saddam Ties are Baloney- Report From this Week. (salon) IN fact, they call the link *inappropriate*. The declassified report said Defense Department officials “undercut” the intelligence community. It specifically said that analysts reporting to Douglas Fe.....- 4/7/2007 11:43:00 AM
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