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Had a chat with Victoria Sykes from the Chet Edwards office today (Chair) Victoria Sykes called to apologize for their office miscommunication when they told us Chet Edwards was not going to be in Glen Rose when he actually was to meet with the county commisioners and judge.....- 9/10/2007 5:41:38 PM
Cancer in your DOG and CAT? Have you Chipped Them with an RFID Chip? (salon) I wrote the other day about Digital Angel and Verichip's chipping humans and some research that shows that chipping could lead to cancer. I hadn't really thought at the time about the animals themselv.....- 9/10/2007 5:10:13 PM
NAIS (National Animal Identification System) Registration Versus Gun Show Registration (salon) from Jim Hightower's Lowdown re: the National Animal Identification SystemEvery farm, home, horse stable, or other domicle of these animals would have to have its address and precise GPS coordinates f.....- 9/10/2007 4:59:54 PM
Heh! My Life Is Falling Apart Because of Gay Marriage-Video (salon) - 9/10/2007 4:42:02 PM
Speaking of Attempts to Merge Police Training with Mercenaries- Head of Institute QUITS amid scrutiny (salon)  The head of the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois has quit amid scrutiny for his simultaneous work with a North Carolina contractor best known for providing security in Iraq and.....- 9/10/2007 10:17:10 AM
How Come the UK Going to Get Such a CUTE Electric Sports Car??????The Lightning (salon) This car is supposed go from 0-60 mph and 250 miles on ONE charge. Compare that to the car I wrote about the other day that has a maximum speed of about 35 mph. And, much as I love the idea of an elec.....- 9/10/2007 10:05:36 AM
More on Using Mercenaries (Soldiers of Fortune) for BORDER AGENT activities... IN the United States (salon) from South Texas Chisme, who notes that the El Paso newspaper also has qualms about using DynCorp, PRIVATE *security* contractors to do the job of border patrol.I agree. I just finished reading ".....- 9/10/2007 9:39:32 AM
US Building ANOTHER Military Base in Iraq-This One Near the Iran Border (salon) Yeah. We're really leaving Iraq. Yuh-huh. The Pentagon is preparing to build its first base for U.S. forces near the Iraqi-Iranian border, in a major new effort to curb the flow of advanced Iranian we.....- 9/10/2007 9:25:49 AM
Are Male Republicans Big Viagra Users? How Come So Many Of their Arguments Involve Male Sex? (salon) I've pretty much come to the conclusion that if you see a Republican male congressman joining a committee that has anything to do with sex, it's because he hopes the committee will act as his public *.....- 9/10/2007 9:13:45 AM
This Web Log Writer Engages in the Politics of Division (salon) If you truly believe that your point of view is right, or at the very least worthy of strong consideration, you don't AGREE with an opposite point of view. That's divisive. And anyone that tries to pe.....- 9/10/2007 9:03:58 AM
FBI-Ve Do Not Just Track YOU But All Your Associates (salon) Wide net, indeed. Notice that they had to STOP because they were doing this through National Security Letters, which have been struck down as of last week, um, because they VIOLATED the 4th amendment......- 9/10/2007 8:45:51 AM
Another SMACKBACK to N Barba Enterprises Commercial Injection Well in Huckabay Ridge, Texas (Erath County) (salon) Got this in email. Previous writing on it.Early this afternoon, Sept. 4, we received a call from our lawyer, Lloyd Muennick, stating that he had received "Notice to the Parties" from the TX .....- 9/10/2007 8:39:02 AM
Most Insurgent Attacks Target US Military- And Civilian Deaths Steady through the Escalation (salon) Insurgent attacks against Iraqi civilians, their security forces and U.S. troops remain high, according to the document obtained by The Associated Press. It is a conclusion that the well-regarded Army.....- 9/10/2007 8:22:57 AM
Why'd The Sunni Sheiks in Anbar Turn Against Al-Qaida? AQ Wanted To Marry Up With Their Women (salon) In an article that AGAIN shows that the so-called stable conditions in Anbar Province happened BEFORE Bush's escalation, there's an interesting paragraph about WHY  the sheiks turned against Al-Qaida .....- 9/10/2007 8:18:28 AM
Our Secret Secret Government-Senate Stalls Bills on White House Records and Donors to Bush Library (salon) You know how hard it is when you're waving bloody flags and can't seem to pass useful legislation.Legislation that would force the Bush presidential library to disclose its donors is stalled in the Se.....- 9/10/2007 8:10:43 AM
Move America Forward Rally in Crawford, Texas Gets Dissenters (salon) The bloodthirsty group that is all for continuing war at any cost stopped in Crawford on their way somewhere else. The article in the Waco paper doesn't say how many people actually were there to be i.....- 9/10/2007 8:04:53 AM
Does Bush Personally Call ALL the Democratic House Members About the Iraq War? (salon) Or just the ones he thinks will vote with the Republicans?Edwards, D-Waco, said he intends to honor a request Bush made in a personal phone call two weeks ago. Bush asked Edwards to keep an open mind .....- 9/10/2007 7:53:10 AM
Buh-Bye Public Utilities-Since TXU Will be PRIVATE, can we STOP taking land through eminent domain (salon) - 9/10/2007 7:45:26 AM
Why I won't watch the NFL until Al Michaels resigns (joe) A few years back during the Kerry/Bush election cycle Al Michaels made a comment one night about flip-flopping during a Monday night game and I have not watched an NFL game since. Mind you I grew up a.....- 9/9/2007 9:23:19 PM
Nuclear Power Plant Radioactive Materials News O Day Indian Point, Bulgaria, and Oi (salon) NRC Eyes Penalties for NY Nuclear PlantThe owner of the Indian Point nuclear power plants near New York City could face penalties for not keeping close enough tabs on minute amounts of radioactive mat.....- 9/9/2007 5:03:37 PM
Weird Statement- Rick Noriega Said Idealogical Lathers are Damaging to the Political Culture in This Country (salon) In an article that talked about Noriega's comments at the Texas Association of Broadcasters Convention this year, where he was one of the keynote speakers.But then Noriega returned home and told the T.....- 9/9/2007 4:44:21 PM
Independent Safety Reviews of Nuclear Power Plants-Legislation in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire (salon) From Slashdot/"Recent problems at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant have spurred Congresspeople from Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire to introduce legislation that would allow State.....- 9/9/2007 3:25:08 PM
Fossil Rim *Glimpse of Africa in Glen Rose, Texas* In the Black This Year (salon) Interesting article about Fossil Rim's financial management.Around 28,000 vehicles -- the park calculates that each car translates into an average of 3.5 people -- drove through the park in 2003. The .....- 9/9/2007 3:18:06 PM
Political Affiliation in the Brain-Liberals More Apt to Respond to New Signals Correctly (salon) while conservatives pressed the wrong button more repeatedly out of habit. Researchers have long known that conservatives and liberals score differently in psychological profiling tests. Now they are .....- 9/9/2007 3:15:21 PM
Bush the Moron- International Embarrassment in Australia-Yes, Australia, not Austria (salon) from People's Republic of Seabrook.He's right. I don't expect Brainiac to be President. But I wish we had someone who didn't brag he was a C Student. On the one hand, if you have kids, you're always t.....- 9/9/2007 2:48:13 PM
The Christian Radicalization of America (joe) All these so called 'Christians' touting 'stay the course' and we need to keep the surge going are really saying that killing people is ok, as long as they aren't Christians and they are Muslims. I do.....- 9/9/2007 11:59:30 AM
The Bin Laden tape is a hoax to help Bush sell his war...aka 'boogey man bin laden' (joe) Previous Bin Laden tapes are crisp, clear, and have a very good quality to them. The one released the other day reminds me of the one released right before the election...both are crap because they ar.....- 9/9/2007 11:52:46 AM
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to retire (joe) - 9/9/2007 11:15:35 AM
Jack Goldsmith, DOJ Office of Legal Counsel, claims he faught white house (joe) By Daniel KlaidmanNewsweekUpdated: 3:38 p.m. CT Sept 8, 2007Sept. 8, 2007 - Jack Goldsmith may not be a household name. But he was a key player in the post-9/11 battle over how much power the presiden.....- 9/9/2007 11:03:36 AM
CAMPO Meeting on Tolls, Sept. 10th (pstern) CAMPO Meeting re: 'Toll Roads' at the State Capitol  CAMPO Meeting re: 'Toll Roads' at the Texas State Capitol In Austin on Monday, Sept. 10th  at 6:00 PM Capitol EXTENSION Auditorium E1.004  EVERYONE.....- 9/9/2007 8:43:01 AM
Debunking the Private Equity/Hedge Fund Claims that Hiking Taxes Will Hurt Pensions (salon) Knew this was coming. the PPP people and Hedge Fund managers have had free reign and little regulation until, possibly, now. NOW they're looking for reasons to keep from having to pay taxes.Those who .....- 9/8/2007 5:55:27 PM
RFID Chip Implants Linked to Cancer-Another Reason Not To Get Chipped (salon) -- When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved implanting microchips in humans, the manufacturer said it would save lives, letting doctors scan the tiny transponders to access patients' medica.....- 9/8/2007 5:42:46 PM
*I Downloaded This Child Porn To Show to Chet Edwards* (salon) Ew! Lame-O Excuse of the Week. An Elm Mott preacher had a box of child porn under his bed, which a family member found, and his excuse was:Edgington told detectives he downloaded the pornography to gi.....- 9/8/2007 5:21:39 PM
The Glen Rose Reporter cut off my ads for $35 bill (Chair) So I thought we had these ads running with the Glen Rose Reporter...and I went in to pay the bill and find that they had cut off the ads and stop running them because we owed them $35.20...yes, really.....- 9/8/2007 4:45:46 PM
More Comments on the Military's *Freedom Walk* and the Intent To Have a Militarism Day Every Year (salon) What is "Freedom Walk"? America Supports You, a nationwide program launched by the Department of Defense, recognizes citizens' support for our military men and women and their families, and .....- 9/8/2007 5:10:23 PM
Have you seen the Andy Rooney statements? (Chair) Have you ever noticed that every election cycle you get an email telling you how Andy Rooney says all these things and then people are encouraged to send them to others if you agree. These hate monger.....- 9/8/2007 4:23:30 PM
Democratic Senators are NOT leading the way out of Iraq (joe) You would think with all the anti-war votes up for grabs that the democratic senators would be bending over backwards to lead the way to bring the iraq fubar to a rapid close...but that's not what's h.....- 9/8/2007 4:07:41 PM
Militarism Events for 9/11- High School Assembly (Hill County) and *Freedom Walk* in Corsicana, Texas (salon) Remember in 2005 when it came out that the Department of Defense was sponsoring a "Freedom Walk" that was actually a political event? It was designed not only to do remembrances for the trag.....- 9/8/2007 4:15:53 PM
Keeping Troops In Iraq? No! Excellent Opinion Editorial from Bill Richardson (salon) From the WaPost-Why We Should Exit Iraq NOW. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have suggested that there is little difference among us on Iraq. This is not true: I am the only leading Dem.....- 9/8/2007 9:56:36 AM
Hey! Heckmann! We the Taxpayers Are PAYING For TxDOT to Propagandize Us -And you SKIP Your SESSION????? (salon) Not only is it insulting enough that taxpayers are coughing up the dough to have TxDOT train its staff to go on the radio and tell us how great it is that, instead of the money going to fix and develo.....- 9/8/2007 12:35:34 AM
Why Is it the Justice Department's Business to Comment on the FCC's Net Neutrality Question (salon) Read yesterday that the Justice Department opposes *net neutrality*, that is, thinks that there should be tiered network use, which would no doubt break out on who has the money to use the *fast lane*.....- 9/7/2007 12:24:12 PM
The FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Has Now Officially Okayed the TXU Sale (salon) - 9/7/2007 12:06:48 PM
$20 THOUSAND Dollars of OUR Highway Taxes Spent by TXDOT to Teach TxDOT How to Propagandize (salon) Can there be ANYTHING more offensive than this? Hey, if there are ANY Texas Legislators (Hello! Mike Krusee!) who think that it's okay to HIRE a PR Firm to TRAIN TxDOT agency officials so that they ca.....- 9/7/2007 12:05:03 PM
Notes from the Glen Rose Reporter (Glen Rose, Texas) Newspaper This Week - Sep 6, 2007 (salon) (As I've said before, I'm only a READER of the Glen Rose Reporter, our local newspaper, because I like it, not otherwise affliliated.)Really nice picture on the front of the Glen Rose High School athl.....- 9/7/2007 10:35:17 AM
Republican (and now, DEMOCRATIC) Senators, It's Time to Bring the Troops HOME (salon) - 9/7/2007 8:20:52 AM
Was This a Large Cat (A Panther?) at Tiger Stadium in Glen Rose, Texas? (salon)   The High School is near the Paluxy River-maybe whatever that cat is came over to check things out? I heard that somebody left a little, um, *calling card* on the field and that\'.....- 9/6/2007 9:21:12 PM
CAMPO Meeting re: 'Toll Roads' (pstern) CAMPO Meeting re: 'Toll Roads' at the Texas State Capitol In Austin on Monday, Sept. 10th  at 6:00 PM in Capital EXTENSION Auditorium E1.004   EVERYONE against the massive toll road crusade should att.....- 9/6/2007 8:05:55 PM
Pow!!!! Judge Strikes Down NSL (National Security Letters) Portion of Patriot Act (salon) because, guess what, the Federal JUDGE upheld the dang constitution!A federal judge struck down parts of the revised USA Patriot Act on Thursday, saying investigators must have a court's approval befo.....- 9/6/2007 6:34:20 PM
Senate Democrats Already Planning to Wuss Out Re: Iraq (salon) n&oref=slogin">Back from vacay, deciding to compromise with Republicans in order (OH NO!) to avoid Republicans filibustering. HEY, LET the Republicans filibuster. Let them be on record that they want .....- 9/6/2007 5:38:32 PM
Soldiers of Fortune Aka Paid-For-Hire-Mercenaries on the Border? BAD IDEA (salon) I've been thinking a lot about mercenaries this week as I've been reading the book "Blackwater" by Jeremy Scahill. Hard to put your arms around just how many jobs in how many places in how m.....- 9/6/2007 2:05:30 PM
Has Larry Craig Had an AIDS Test? Thinking about his wife (salon) I get all crawly up the back when I see scummy predators hauling their wives out to stand beside them in their moments of shame. "I'm a Family Man! See? I Have a Faithful Wife!" I thought Da.....- 9/6/2007 1:49:52 PM
Video- A Sheik from Al-Anbar Speaks Out About Americans and Al Qaida in His Province (salon) - 9/6/2007 12:47:21 PM
Iraq Benchmarks Not Met? Heck! Homeland Security for the US Didn't Make 8 Out of 14 (salon) Maybe instead of the US pouring so much money and time into trying to force Iraq to give up its oil and let us keep military over there forever, we should pay attention to our OWN country and borders......- 9/6/2007 12:59:14 PM
Sitter Cam Catches Ghost Video (salon) - 9/6/2007 12:13:31 PM
Fort Worth Weekly Article on Eminent Domain and its Abuses (salon) Cities have long had the ability to take land to build airports, roadways, utility easements, lakes, railroads — even mall parking lots. And they’ve reaped unexpected benefits. Dallas/Fort Worth Inter.....- 9/6/2007 9:55:20 AM
Permanent Bases and Embassy in Iraq-the SEMANTICS issue and SOFA agreements (salon) Are you gonna believe your own eyes or are you gonna believe what I tell you? Why, if we really are not going to have a permanent presence in Iraq do we continue to build those HUGE boondoggle bases a.....- 9/6/2007 10:42:21 AM
Corporations are NOT Persons With Right to Free Speech- Humboldt County, CA Abolishes Baloney (salon) Anyone that has watched the movie "Orwell Rolls In His Grave" remembers where the Supreme Court decision to elevate corporations as the same as an individual citizen was added, to ill effect.....- 9/6/2007 9:42:59 AM
Oscar Wyatt (Houston, Texas) Kickback Conspiracy Trial Getting Jurors (salon) I used to live in Houston but paid more attention to Wyatt's wife, Lynn, who was always on the society pages being glammy. Oscar Wyatt is now 83 years old and if he is convicted in this Oil for Food r.....- 9/6/2007 9:30:49 AM
British Occupation of Iraq and How What Bush Is Doing Is the Same Colonialism Sans Democracy (salon) As readers here know, I've been wondering for a while why the United States, which professes to want to spread democracy in the Middle East, has decided, instead, to form a bribery bond with the sheik.....- 9/6/2007 9:19:19 AM
People Who Register Republican But Vote Democrat-Wonder How Often That Happens? (salon) I was talking to my sister the other day and she told me that she is a registered Republican (NO! No! Say it Ain't So!) But what surprised me is that she said she always votes Democratic. So maybe, al.....- 9/6/2007 9:04:14 AM
ONE Good Thing Kay Bailey Hutchison has done- Bill To Ban FREE Highways into Toll Roads (salon) We've been shouting here for the last week about TxDOT's underhanded attempts to lobby US Congress (with OUR tax money!) to change some EXISTING INTERstate highways into toll roads. It is BAD ENOUGH t.....- 9/6/2007 8:59:22 AM
Chesapeake Energy at Fort Worth Caught Trying to Pretend They're *Green* As They Chop Down Trees (salon) From the Fort Worth WeeklyFort Worth residents aren’t thrilled that a large stand of old-growth trees is pegged for destruction to make way for gas drilling near the Trinity River. Most folks thought .....- 9/6/2007 8:53:07 AM
Stacking Your Water District Where Only 5 Voters Eligible And They're All Your Pals- T Boone Pickens (salon) Sheesh. We're talking about privatized WATER for sale, folks. T Boone Pickens, as we've noted before, wants to sell water to, for example, the DFW area. His latest gambit is to create a water district.....- 9/6/2007 8:39:08 AM
Eastman Chemical (Gasification Plant in Beaumont, Texas) Pads Campaign Coffers of Kip Averitt (salon) among others.When announcing the Texas investment, Eastman cited that local officials approved about $100 million in incentives for the gasification project, which was called “an environmentally respo.....- 9/6/2007 12:19:35 AM
Why Does God Want Iowa To Have the First Caucus? Or, What Did God Tell Bill Richardson? (salon) I like Bill Richardson but this was a little weird.Sioux City, Ia. - God's will is for Iowa to have the first-in-the-nation caucus, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson told a crowd here .....- 9/6/2007 12:16:29 AM
Another Larry Craig Video Joke (salon) I can't imagine what the heck is wrong with Larry Craig that he is prolonging the attention surrounding his *wide stance* fiasco but it sure is entertaining. In listening to Countdown tonight, Olberma.....- 9/6/2007 12:06:37 AM
More on the Democratic Divisions Over Terrorism and Bush's Surveillance Bill (salon) WHO were the conservative Democrats who argued behind closed doors to pass the White House bill before going on vacay? Was Chet Edwards one of those who spoke for passing that travesty or did he merel.....- 9/5/2007 11:49:26 PM
So... Not Safe Enough for Bush in Iraq-He Had to go to 13 Mile Perimeter *Camp Cupcake* (salon) The fact that Bush didn't even himself try to go out where the public is tells buckets about how unsafe Iraq is. But his supposed "visit to Anbar Province" was in some ways even more cynical.....- 9/5/2007 11:38:14 PM
CAMPO Meeting re: 'Toll Roads' (pstern) CAMPO Meeting re: 'Toll Roads' at the Texas State Capitol In Austin on Monday, Sept. 10th  at 6:00 PM in Auditorium E1.004   EVERYONE against the massive toll road crusade should attend to show a unit.....- 9/5/2007 10:12:15 PM
Seems Senator Craig has something to hide-No Ethics Investigation for him (salon) - 9/5/2007 7:50:39 PM
What Will the Democrats Do About an Attack on Iran? Go Along With it? (salon) Chet Edwards will be for Bush attacking Iran. And it seems that the Democrats would be on board if Bush was crazy enough to do it. I do NOT want this to be inevitable. WHY should attacking and invadin.....- 9/5/2007 12:49:08 PM
Oopsie! Air Force Flies Six Nuclear Warheads from North Dakota to Louisianna Last Week (salon) and, er, the AF didn't notice until the planes were in LA.UPDATE. Larry Johnson posits that someone leaked this info because the AF Base where it went is a jumping off place for the Middle East-are we.....- 9/5/2007 12:32:09 PM
Loyalty to Party? Or to Principle? Why Are Some Democrats Rolling Over For Party First? (salon) Jeff Cohen wrote an article about Hillary Clinton Rolling On and whether *netroots* are a paper tiger. His points of argument are 3: First, that what would happen if Clinton got the White House is und.....- 9/5/2007 11:54:13 AM
The Great Divide Between Civilians and the Military-Who Secures Our Freedoms? (salon) I saw an NPR article today that discusses the many many times US military disregarded rules that are supposed to prevent indiscriminate killing of civilians in a war zone. The ACLU had sued to get rep.....- 9/5/2007 11:00:17 AM
3745 US Military Have Now Died in Iraq- How Many Mercenaries? (salon) 3 by explosively formed penetrators.I've been reading the book "Blackwater" by Jeremy Scahill.I'm only a little over halfway done but I'd like to know exactly where the funding for Blackwate.....- 9/5/2007 10:36:27 AM
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