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Why isn't probable cause required to search and even seize a laptop? (salon) US Courts consider the legality of laptop searches-are laptops like suitcases?????The government contends that it is perfectly free to inspect every laptop that enters the country, whether or not ther.....- 1/8/2008 12:55:21 PM
Long Knives Out for Clinton- John Dickerson of Slate on the *Two Rallies* (salon) - 1/8/2008 11:54:37 AM
Gloria Steinem's Going to Vote for Clinton... Why Her Argument is the Wrong One (salon) I have always considered myself a feminist. I spent a lot of time in my working life reading books about breaking the glass ceiling, how to talk so as to be understood and respected by my male counter.....- 1/8/2008 11:09:30 AM
More on Mitsubishi Nuclear Reactors for Comanche Peak (Glen Rose, Texas) (salon) The article from the DMN says that Energy Future (formerly known as TXU) doesn't know when they're going to file the applications for the new reactors to be added to Comanche Peak, but hopes the whole.....- 1/8/2008 10:29:19 AM
More Reaction to Hillary Clinton's Teary Performance Yesterday (salon) Heh. Scumbag Rudy Guiliani has to tie being teary to (wait for it......) September 11th!John Edwards says he wasn't criticizing Clinton yesterdayCountdown last night mentioned that Clinton teared up o.....- 1/8/2008 10:07:20 AM
Johnson County (Texas) Court Records are now Online (salon) from the Cleburne Times-ReviewJohnson County district clerk court records are now available online free of charge for public access, District Clerk David Lloyd said Friday in a press release.To access.....- 1/8/2008 9:49:38 AM
Rick Perry-Too Busy to Schedule Veteran's Ceremony- for Six Months (salon) It's hard work when you're running around overseas or campaigning other states... instead of DOING YOUR JOB.EDINBURG — Six months after this city's most famous son was posthumously awarded the s.....- 1/7/2008 2:20:34 PM
Hillary Clinton Gets Weepy from Exhaustion on the Campaign Trail-Caught on Video (salon) Sigh. I really hate to see this, and my distaste has nothing to do with not liking Hillary Clinton or wanting her to be president. It's that I hate to see a woman in public breaking down. That type of.....- 1/7/2008 1:44:31 PM
American Economy First Concern of Voters (pstern) That's what the opinion polls showed.Apparently, the Republican and Democratic parties and their candidates are "surprised" by that fact.Personally, I'm not surprised by their surprise! Afte.....- 1/7/2008 12:48:49 PM
Geez. Seems like Bill Clinton really DOES want to sabotage his wife's run for president (salon) - 1/7/2008 12:34:59 PM
NCLB (No Child Left Behind), Unfunded Mandate, Lawsuit Revived by US Appeals Court (salon) Good. The issue is, WHO pays for this and WHY should schools be forced to comply? I notice that 8 school districts in Texas are part of this suit.A federal appeals court has revived a lawsuit challeng.....- 1/7/2008 11:36:59 AM
Earmarks- Loads O Money for the DFW Area Including Pete Session's Obesity Study (salon) from the Dallas Morning News.And while this is the first year lawmakers have been required to list in the federal budget the projects for which they secured funding, Congress hardly curtailed its spen.....- 1/7/2008 11:31:50 AM
Democrats Ponder Changing the 2005 Bankruptcy Law as Bankruptcies Spike (salon) While Dodd's White House hopes ended after the Iowa caucuses on Thursday night, his voice still carries plenty of clout on Capitol Hill. As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, he has ignited a f.....- 1/7/2008 11:19:43 AM
15 States Reject Bush's Abstinence-Only Funding... Because it doesn't Work! (salon) A growing number of states are taking a stand and actually rejecting federal abstinence-only funds, reports Attkisson. New Mexico just became the 15th. "The governors are saying; 'Even if th.....- 1/7/2008 11:02:27 AM
Ron Paul Will Cross Picket Line for HIS Celebrity Night on Leno (salon) - 1/7/2008 11:00:28 AM
Now THIS is how the HPV shot should be administered-voluntarily by parents who request it (salon) I am not for forcing 12 year old girls to get the HPV shot. And it's not because I am a religous fundamentalist or I think that it will encourage 12 year old girls to have sex, etc. I've said before t.....- 1/7/2008 10:55:41 AM
John *Uncle Fester* McCain's Earmark Hypocrisy (No, We Dare Call it LIES) (salon) Lurch John McCain before surgery to remove lobbyist from his head.McCain says he never asked for a single earmark. Um, does he mean that he never said... OUT LOUD.. that he wanted an earmark? Or that .....- 1/7/2008 10:49:22 AM
It Can't Happen Here... but it already has.. Pitts (salon) There is nothing new about being scared. Nor about abridging civil liberties in response. It happened in the civil rights movement, in the Red scare, happened when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, .....- 1/7/2008 10:44:24 AM
Bribing Pilgrim's Pride HR in Mt Pleasant, Texas To get a job plucking chickens (salon) "The HR employee who was taken into custody has been terminated from employment," Atkinson said in a statement to The Associated Press. "We are looking further into the matter."Und.....- 1/7/2008 10:32:14 AM
Joe Barton Smacked Back About his Vote Against the House Energy Bill (salon) from Steve Bush, US House Dist 6, who is running against Smoky Joe.Barton’s vote puts him in the bizarre position of voting against the improvement in fuel efficiency that most Americans, most c.....- 1/7/2008 10:23:17 AM
On Ernie Casbeer (D) Running Against Sid Miller(R) (Tx House Dist 59) (salon) Article from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.Casbeer said his decision to run for a second time stems from his concern over several unresolved items in the state legislature. He said schools are &ldqu.....- 1/7/2008 10:04:42 AM
Bloom Off the Rose? No New Gas Well Drilling in Bosque County, Texas? (salon) - 1/7/2008 9:08:09 AM
*Concept of Liberal Media Cries Out for Nit-Picking*-Cleburne Times Editorial Opinion (salon) Now, let’s nit-pick. If you insist on criticizing the liberal media, please remember that we are talking about plural outlets. Never say, “The liberal media is ...”; say, “The .....- 1/7/2008 9:04:52 AM
Cleburne (Johnson Co) TX Top Stories for 2007 Include some from Glen Rose (salon) or that we have written about.#1. House explodes due to gas leak.(our take)Cleburne Fire Marshal Bill Wright concluded that several events caused two explosions in the house. Although the home did not.....- 1/7/2008 8:57:56 AM
*I Want the Second Tier to be Heard Because National Media is Ruling this Election* (Iowa) (salon) Interesting article from Iowa Independent, in which case Biden's supporters were *timed* out of having a voice in one of the precincts in Iowa by a hasty precinct chair. Have to say that I object even.....- 1/7/2008 8:36:22 AM
Waco Friends of Peace Went to Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) About His War Funding (salon) Dear Congressman Edwards,I and others of the peace community in District 17 have met with you twice concerning ending the Iraq occupation. At the time we felt you were sincere in addressing our concer.....- 1/6/2008 11:24:54 PM
Couple More Annoying Things About Clinton From last Night's Debate in NH (salon) One. When she was defending how great things were in the past, she used HER HUSBAND'S EXPERIENCE AS PRESIDENT, ie, getting rid of the deficit, etc. Okay, but that wasn't HER that did it, it was her HU.....- 1/6/2008 5:40:18 PM
John *Uncle Fester* McCain Calls Americans Imperialistic Wimps (salon) Well, those weren't his EXACT words, but what else could it mean when he says that all Americans want the United States to occupy other countries because SAFETY trumps everything else. Oh, and he also.....- 1/6/2008 3:56:34 PM
What if *Hot Or Not* Voting Was Used for OUR Elections? Because Plurality Voting is a LOSER (salon) Extremely interesting article on *range voting* from a mathematician.WP: Range voting is the newest in the sense of people being aware of it and promoting it: If you're rating a video on YouTube you g.....- 1/6/2008 2:32:53 PM
Tx Senator Kip Averitt Mentioned in Article about Freeport, Texas, Hunton Energy Synthetic Natural Gas Plant (salon) That's our Texas Senate District 22.  I don't know much about SNG, here's a bit."This is a very exciting project," says Jim Marston, the State Climate Initiatives Director of Environmen.....- 1/6/2008 2:12:03 PM
Cartoon-Huckabee's Negative Campaigning (salon) - 1/6/2008 1:49:43 PM
Videos of Democratic Senator Candidates Rick Noriega and Ray McMurrey Speaking to Sun City Democrats This Weekend (salon) - 1/6/2008 1:42:38 PM
Video Clip-John Edwards Pushes Clinton's Buttons at Jan 5 08 Debate (salon) - 1/6/2008 1:27:59 PM
Muwahahah-Carlyle Group Wants To Privatize EVERYTHING -and invites foreign investors (salon) THIS is what I object to with Private Public Partnerships (PPPs). The idea that the Carlyle group would use infrastructure money to get into vital public projects in the United States, including water.....- 1/6/2008 12:07:40 PM
Cringe Moment from Debate Last Night- the *Likeable* Question (salon) I don't remember,but maybe it does happen, anyone in a presidential debate before being asked about being more *likeable* than other candidates. Whether you like a candidate or not is such a subjectiv.....- 1/6/2008 11:10:41 AM
Reversals of Forture for Private Equity Firms- Blackstone-PHH Deal Over (salon) Underneath all this is the subprime mortgage fiasco and the dreaded *R* word.Private equity buyers have been hit particularly hard by the downturn because they pay for the companies they buy primarily.....- 1/6/2008 10:46:28 AM
The Goldman Sachs Scam-Earn Fees from Leveraged Buyouts, and Pay Yourself Because You're Also the Bank (salon) What's the niftiest way to vault to the top ranks of banks that earn fees from leveraged buyouts? Pay yourself. That would take a page right out of Goldman Sachs' (nyse: GS - news - people ) play.....- 1/6/2008 10:39:18 AM
Map of Surveillance Societies Around the World (salon) - 1/6/2008 10:24:31 AM
TXU aka Energy Future Holdings-5 MILLION SMACKS for David Poole to Stay on (salon) When TXU was bought out by KKR last year, David Poole, who is general counsel, could have left the company. And still can. But Energy Future Holdings wanted to keep him on, so they bought out his cont.....- 1/6/2008 10:22:56 AM
Monster in Fannin Co, TX- Natural Gas Coal Fired Plant Outside of Savoy (salon) Boy, does THAT sound like trouble waiting to happen!After last year’s controversy over proposed coal-fired power plants in Texas, talks of a new natural gas power plant on the Fannin/Grayson cou.....- 1/6/2008 10:13:02 AM
Wow! I am SO impressed with the fire and passion of John Edwards! (salon) Had to pause from watching the Democratic NH debate and write this. I voted for John Edwards in the Texas primary-I wanted HIM to win the nomination, but this time around I haven't particularly had an.....- 1/5/2008 10:05:33 PM
Pharmaceutical Advertising on TV Should be Banned (pstern) At the least, those drug ads must be rated for parental guidance with the option to block them.We Americans know that the U.S. Pharmaceutical industry and its companies spend huge amounts of campaign .....- 1/5/2008 6:57:56 PM
Hillary Clinton and the Role of Spouses in a Campaign (salon) I heard the other night, I think by some commentator on MSNBC, that one problem with Hillary is that, by her relying so much on Bill Clinton to front for her, she reminds people that she stands for th.....- 1/5/2008 1:24:42 PM
EEOC Will Now Let Businesses Stiff Retirees on Benefits -AARP Says Act is Discriminatory (salon) From the Athens ReviewThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has published a report that will allow businesses to create a wide range of retirement health plans without violating the Age D.....- 1/5/2008 1:03:52 PM
Homegrown Terrorists News O Day- Stealing Explosives in Montana (salon) Two cousins who stole nearly 300 pounds of dynamite and detonation cord from a bunker in Victor last year were sentenced Friday at a hearing in U.S. District Court in Missoula.Brett Pritchard, 20, wil.....- 1/5/2008 12:38:58 PM
HOW Much time do Candidates spend in New Hampshire? (salon) - 1/5/2008 12:28:39 PM
Federal Court News Short Cuts for January 5, 2007 (salon) Disgraced Clinton donor Hsu off to the Big HouseJose Padilla is suing John YooImmigrant jailed for U.S. entry to send son off to war (Ironic, no?)Searches conducted against opponents of G-8 Summi.....- 1/5/2008 12:58:35 PM
Bush Spits on Congress Again-Re: Mexican Trucks Pilot Program (salon) Can't wait for Lawless Bush to get the heck out of office. Here's the deal. Congress passed a law blocking the controversial program that allows Mexican trucks access to US highways. Bush signed it. E.....- 1/5/2008 12:11:16 PM
The Battle of Blu-Ray Vs HD-DVD---- Blu Ray Is Winning (salon) - 1/5/2008 11:45:49 AM
Rick Perry at Williamson's Funeral in Weatherford, Texas (salon) Could NOT resist the play on this picture that was in the Weatherford Democrat paper. I didn\'t like Ric Williamson, didn\'t know he was from Weatherford, but am not going to dance on .....- 1/5/2008 11:33:55 AM
Heh- Mike Huckabee on Canadian's National Igloo (salon) Now, you can tell from Huckabee's girth that this was from a while back, but he more than rivals Junior Bush in foreign country knowledge, eh? BwahahahahahLink to video thru Boing Boing. Boing Bo.....- 1/5/2008 10:51:39 AM
All Your Roads Are Toll-List of PPPs In Various States (salon) from Mother JonesHere's Texas.TX - Two companies, Zachry American Infrastructure and ACS Infrastructure Development, submitted paperwork to the state in October expressing interest in building an exte.....- 1/5/2008 1:55:06 AM
The *One Laptop Per Child* Lovefest Between Negroponte and Intel is Soooo Over (salon) A little background. And now... Intel decided to quit their alliance with Negroponte and, although they told the OLPC people they were going to work on a joint press release, they up and put out .....- 1/5/2008 1:21:01 AM
Federal Court Upholds Texas's 2003 *Moment of Silence* Law (salon) I'm guessing there's a strong possibility that the Crofts will appeal. What's interesting to me is how the moment of silence was characterized by Republican Governor Rick Perry-completely out of any r.....- 1/5/2008 12:51:57 AM
Barack Obama has Oprah and Ron Paul has common-sense! (pstern) Either of these 2 candidates, one Democrat the other GOP, may be our only salvation.ObamaOprah has millions in dollars and fans. If she wanted to, she probably could win as a candidate herself. Obama .....- 1/4/2008 6:23:10 PM
As I thought, Rob Curnock Entered Race Against Chet Edwards Because No Republican Opponent (salon) Since he was beat the two times he ran before in the Republican primaries. Here's his whine."The Republicans have beat each other up, wasted their money and themselves politically," Curnock .....- 1/4/2008 6:07:39 PM
Mike Huckabee- Dirty Tricks thru his campaign manager, Ed Rollins (salon) One thing that Junior Bush perfected when he was in office, starting with being governor, was having others do the dirty work for him, as his surrogates, while he appeared, for all intents and purpose.....- 1/4/2008 5:23:43 PM
Sears- Where America Shops? Where Sears Puts Spyware on Your PC (salon) Go buy a computer from Sears and Sears will (muhwhahahahahahahahah) know all about what you're doing.Sears and Kmart customers who sign up for a new marketing program may be giving up more private inf.....- 1/4/2008 4:29:39 PM
WHY Didn't Dennis Hastert Seek Re-election? Um, Lawbreaking with the FEC and Mark Foley Scandal (salon) I've gotten to the point that anytime I read where someone is voluntarily stepping down to, for example "Spend Time With My Family" or there's no discernible reason why someone i.....- 1/4/2008 4:51:58 PM
Why does Joe Scarborough hate Mika Brzezinski? (joe) I was watching a few minutes of the show on MSNBC this morning and it caught my eye that Joe Scarborough hates Mika Brzezinski. He referred to how she said something as incorrect just because he .....- 1/4/2008 10:24:21 AM
Hillary Clinton lost and it was no upset (joe) Barack Obama won the democratic primary caucus in Iowa last night while John Edwards rounded second and Hillary Clinton came in third. Congratulations to Obama! The media today is talking like th.....- 1/4/2008 9:39:01 AM
Deliverance, Huckabee-Style: Hanging Dog and Slitting its Throat-Then Covering it up (salon) Who's Huckabee going to chose as his VP? Michael Vick?I originally read about Huckabee's son torturing and killing a stray dog while at... Boy Scout Camp... about a month ago. Yesterday, I saw the New.....- 1/4/2008 10:04:36 AM
If you are over 70, people should quit calling you a 'Maverick' (joe) John McCain is one old dude yet the peolpe on the tv keep telling us he is a Maverick. I don't think he is a Maverick and am pretty tired of hearing him called one. Let's look up what a Maverick is ac.....- 1/4/2008 9:20:14 AM
Weird for Bush to tell Republican Candidates to *Saddle up* When He's A-Skeered of Horses! (salon) Heck, Vicente Fox called him a *windshield cowboy*.He recalled a meeting in Mexico shortly after both men had been elected when Mr Fox offered Mr Bush a ride on a "big palomino" horse. .....- 1/3/2008 10:00:29 PM
5 Movies That Prove the MPAA Ratings System is Broken. (salon) - 1/3/2008 9:48:23 PM
Who's Watching the Watchers? WE ARE-The Surveillance Society Flipped (salon) I mentioned an article the other day that says the United States is at the top of intrusive surveillance societies. And, unlike some other countries who are pushing back and attempting to implement so.....- 1/3/2008 8:54:44 PM
Relief! Clinton Projected in 3rd (Losing) Place in the Iowa Caucus (salon) Yes, I've got MSNBC running in the other room. Obama, with over 70 some odd percent of the precincts in, is projected to be the winner of the Iowa caucus, with Edwards in second place. And Clinton in .....- 1/3/2008 8:41:45 PM
*God Told Me Who'll Be President... But I'm Not Telling YOU! *-Pat Robertson (salon) Let's see. Don't I remember seeing a news clip of Pat Robertson hugging up to philandering slimebag Rudy Guiliani? Did God tell Robertson that adultery is now a-ok?  Or did God change his mind an.....- 1/3/2008 6:05:05 PM
When a GPS RULES YOUR LIFE!!!!!!-heh (salon) A computer consultant apparently put too much faith in the GPS technology in his rental car: It didn't tell him to look both ways before driving onto tracks as a train barreled toward him. The dr.....- 1/3/2008 5:32:09 PM
On the CIA Destruction of Torture Tapes-A Few Updates (salon) New AG Michael Muckasey has started a criminal investigation into the tapes destruction. Sound like the Bush administration, typically, wants to control the investigation by circumscribing what actual.....- 1/3/2008 5:47:32 PM
Great Meteor Shower TONIGHT after midnight! The Quadrantid (salon) Peak about 12:40 am CST.  I don't know how many we will see here, but I'm going out to look.According to the International Meteor Organization, maximum activity this year is expected on Friday 1:.....- 1/3/2008 4:29:30 PM
NJ Republican Says Slave's Descendants Should Get On Their Knees and Thank God (salon) Michael Patrick CarrollUgh."But, on a current note, if slavery was the price that a modern American's ancestors had to pay in order to make one an American, one should get down on one's knees eve.....- 1/3/2008 3:52:58 PM
New FOIA Law does NOT *Restore Presumption of Openness* (salon) Yes. I read a few of the accounts congratulating Bush on signing the "Open Government Act of 2007", which supposedly restored the parts of the FOIA act that John Ashcroft trashed. I suspecte.....- 1/3/2008 3:06:13 PM
Cloned Food Identification- Another NAIS purpose Sneaking In Under the Radar? (salon) I was looking at the NoNAIS site this morning and saw an article in which the writer indicates that the big AG producers are pushing NAIS (National Animal Identification System) in order to get approv.....- 1/3/2008 1:43:52 PM
NAIS Video- Meeting in Missouri Against the National Animal ID System (salon) I notice that one of the commenters on this Youtube video saysI was at a anti-nais meeting in Paris TX Sept 07 where Mark Homer, elected Texas representative told a group of nearly 80 people that the .....- 1/3/2008 1:30:54 PM
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