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John Mellencamp Wants John MCain to QUIT USING HIS SONGS on the campaign stump (salon) like Our Country. Rolling Stone via Dungeon DiaryUpdate: John McCain removes "Our Country" and "Pink Houses" from his playlist."Are you sure you want to use his music to promo.....- 2/5/2008 11:40:33 PM
Countrywide Made Loans Based on Racism?-NO WONDER the CEO was so flush with moolah (salon) Most of my troubles with Countrywide began when I was told I needed put customers in more exotic products such as the "No Income-No Ratio (NINA)," "Stated Income-Stated Assets (SISA),&q.....- 2/5/2008 2:15:51 PM
New Super-Efficient Chip Could Run on Body Heat (salon) From Wired about some MIT researchers that have developed a low-voltage chip that could recharge from YOUR OWN BODY. Very, very cool, except I hate to see in the article that already the miiltary is t.....- 2/5/2008 1:36:40 PM
Huntsville Jumps on the *We Don't Want the Trans Texas Corridor* Bandwagon (salon) From KBTX.Com includes video.The vast majority of speakers were vehemently against the road coming through Walker and Grimes County, as it is currenly slated to do in Tier 1 of TxDOT's environmental s.....- 2/5/2008 1:28:59 PM
Squeezing the Spin out of Cornyn's PR Push about SCHip (salon) from the Waxahachie LightHe said in his op-ed that “Children’s health is an important issue to many Texans.” Despite its title, however, a careful reading of the article did not reve.....- 2/5/2008 1:18:25 PM
Not Far From Us-The Waco Mammoth Site Project-Got $100,000 Boost from Rapoport Foundation (salon) Supporters are hoping to open a $3.2 million visitor center and pavilion to protect the site this spring.“We are excited about the project as a significant potential economic development compone.....- 2/5/2008 12:58:05 PM
Judge Smacks Back Bush Administration on No-Sonar Navy Training Zone (salon) Can you believe this? The president thought that, even though there was a COURT injunction against the Navy using waters off Southern California to conduct sonar exercises, that he could IGNORE the co.....- 2/5/2008 12:48:23 PM
Countdown's Bushed Segment- Buy-Bye to Civil Liberties and Privacy Board (salon) - 2/5/2008 12:38:28 PM
Weird Texas Story O Day-the Alice Mayor Who Stole the Neighbor's Dog, Told them the Dog Died (salon) - 2/5/2008 12:05:52 PM
High Speed Rail in France (salon) - 2/5/2008 11:59:59 AM
Fisher-Riza of Keene, TX has been convicted of felony murder (salon) Not suprising. I feel very sorry about that baby she killed.Aimee Andrea Fisher-Riza, 37, led police on a high-speed chase April 6 that ended in a crash on U.S. 67 in Alvarado. The 40-minute chase, th.....- 2/5/2008 11:46:25 AM
Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Warning True Today: *Under the Thumb of the Industrial-Military Complex* (pstern) Eisenhower knew what he was talking about...The truth is plain and simple. Special interests have destroyed our nation. Americans live in the new era of rule by a huge Corporate-Military Complex and i.....- 2/4/2008 5:45:33 PM
Totally Hilarious that Maria Shriver, Wife of the Gropinator, Endorses Obama (salon) - 2/4/2008 5:28:52 PM
Robert De Niro endorses Obama and here's a GREAT quote from him. (salon) - 2/4/2008 5:25:57 PM
Bush *I Spy on Americans* Proposes $1 Billion Increase for Earth-Observing Satellites (salon) - 2/4/2008 5:17:16 PM
Sheesh! Where did THIS Bill come from? (salon) - 2/4/2008 5:01:10 PM
How Hillary Clinton *Found her Voice*- She paid a Voice Coach $7,500 Smacks (salon) Wonder if he also taught her how to cry on cue, with just the right crack in the voice? According to Clinton campaign's latest federal campaign disclosure report, the Democratic presidential .....- 2/4/2008 4:56:59 PM
Clinton Tries to Rip off Obama's Successful *Yes We Can* slogan (salon) - 2/4/2008 4:53:38 PM
One Day Before Super Tuesday-And Hillary Trots Out the Tears Again (salon) From Radar Clinton campaign spokespeople have suggested that if this most recent display of emotion allows the candidate to win Connecticut she will embark on a twenty city keening tour and follo.....- 2/4/2008 11:41:59 AM
Prosecution Rests in Case Against Keene, Texas' Fisher-Riza (salon) - 2/4/2008 11:26:34 AM
Weird Texas Story O Day- Odessa Man Says Wife Died During an Exorcism (salon) An Odessa man accused of killing his wife said he was holding her facedown on the floor during an exorcism when the devil entered his body and caused her to die, according to a probable cause statemen.....- 2/4/2008 11:06:08 AM
Mention of Jacob Jasnocha of Glen Rose, Texas in Article about John Deere dealerships (salon) The John Deere program -- a four-way partnership with John Deere Co., John Deere dealers, GCCC and its students -- started in 1991 with the purpose of creating skilled technicians for employment in th.....- 2/4/2008 9:48:44 AM
Texas UIL Realignments (salon) - 2/4/2008 9:45:53 AM
Craddick Likes Them Fancy Digs in Austin- Will Run for Another Term (salon) Despite a messy showdown last year in the Texas Capitol, Republican Speaker Tom Craddick predicts he'll be elected to a fourth term as leader of the House.The Midland Republican triumphed over a coup .....- 2/4/2008 8:43:49 AM
Bush Administration's DOJ Deal with BP about Explosion in Texas Gets Whacked Today (salon) The DOJ is so good at trying to get plea deals in that lightly tap the guilty hands of the accused while letting the corporations continue on their merry way. In the case of the BP explosion last year.....- 2/4/2008 8:38:39 AM
Did you think Texas State Fees Went For the Purpose They were Allocated? (salon) Silly You. The Texas Legislature gets some stuff passed, with a bone thrown in that the fees for whatever are going to be given for a good purpose... and then they don't send any of the money there.He.....- 2/4/2008 8:31:07 AM
UFO Witness from Dublin, (Erath Co) Texas Claims Military Harrassment (salon) Not just once, but four times, he claims to have seen the massive flying object he estimates to be the length of “three or four football fields.” He said he’s not sure about the size.....- 2/4/2008 8:23:21 AM
Federal Election Commission Contributions for Chet Edwards (Us House Dist 17) (salon) The FEC now has contributions online from the ones who have filed, and that includes Chet Edwards-will include challenger data WHEN that happens. You can also sort by amount; here are the top PAC cont.....- 2/4/2008 10:05:11 AM
Anecdotally-Another White Woman (from Texas) for Obama (salon) Yesterday I was out at the local wildlife center, and one of the people there enjoying the scenery was a WHITE WOMAN WITH AN OBAMA button! In North Central Texas! She not only had on a very cool Obama.....- 2/4/2008 8:03:55 AM
My List of Best and Worst Superbowl Advertisements (salon) Here's the link the NFL showed to where the ads are if you missed.BestThe Audi Ad that had a Godfather reference (you know which one!)The Night at the Roxbury Pepsi commercial (One of my all time favo.....- 2/4/2008 12:30:14 AM
Giants WON! That was a GREAT game! (salon) They really pulled it out at the end, which was, for me, a real nailbiter. This kind of game is why I have always felt like the Giants are my team. Now, for the NE Patriots, I hope they are exposed on.....- 2/3/2008 11:59:26 PM
Texas Politics: Evolutionary or Extinct? (pstern) Texas Politics: Evolutionary or Extinct? Or ...Where’s the ‘Intelligent’ in Intelligent Design?Let’s look for a moment at Texas politics for what it has become. Currently .....- 2/3/2008 9:07:30 PM
This Video about Barack Obama's Yes We Can Speech Gives me Goosebumps (salon) - 2/3/2008 7:59:18 AM
I hope the Giants beat the cheaters (joe) I mean really...people say well everyone cheated, well did they really? How many were fined? How many have made it to the superbowl over and over? I think that there is a little stink in the Patriots .....- 2/2/2008 8:44:14 PM
Texas Legislators Left 100% Disabled Veterans High and Dry (pstern) Officials Passed "No Property Tax" Bill, the Voters Approved It, But Legislators Did NOT Determine How to Apply the LawIn another brazen move in 2007 Texas legislators proposed Senate Joint .....- 2/2/2008 7:07:56 PM
Fun Quiz-Match the Actors to Politicians of '08 (salon) - 2/2/2008 11:33:48 AM
Does John *100 Years More in Iraq* McCain Agree With Bush's Signing Statement on Permanent Bases? (salon) I was really surprised when  I read, after the NH primary, that some people voted for John McCain because they thought he was anti-war. HUH??????? Talk about people paying NO attention.But what's.....- 2/2/2008 11:13:13 AM
Aren't Hollywood Actors and Actresses Et Al CITIZENS TOO? (salon) I was watching MSNBC yesterday and every dang one of the shows I watched GRIPED about the camera shots of the celebrities in the audience for the Democratic *debate* held in Los Angeles. And a couple .....- 2/2/2008 10:56:16 AM
Churches with Big Screen TV BETTER NOT SHOW THE SUPERBOWL-or the NFL will fine them! (salon) The NFL said, however, that the copyright law on its games is long-standing and the language read at the end of each game is well known: "This telecast is copyrighted by the NFL for the private u.....- 2/2/2008 10:39:36 AM
More Privacy intrustion-Intellus Buys Cellphone Numbers and Publishes Them on Website (salon) - 2/2/2008 10:37:13 AM
Does ANYBODY still buy Mattel toys? If so, why? (salon) - 2/2/2008 10:33:08 AM
Christmas Mountains Tract May become part of the National Park Service Big Bend Park in Texas (salon) (Of course, you'll need to have your Big Brother Real ID Passport to go into the park)The 9,269-acre Christmas Mountains tract ranges in elevation from 3,400 feet to more than 5,700 feet, with a spars.....- 2/2/2008 9:39:38 AM
THIS is a cool bike-the Glow in the Dark Puma (salon) and practical, too. Just yesterday I went to Stephenville to get those new "They Came For the Milk" UFO t-shorts from those clever kids at the Stephenville HS Science Club, and there, on Hwy.....- 2/2/2008 9:21:52 AM
ANOTHER Texas Railroad Commissioner Candidate Doesn't Understand the RRC-Mark Thompson (salon) Sheesh. As I said the other day, I don't expect that Texans in general understand what the Texas Railroad Commission is. I remember going to a City of Glen Rose meeting a couple of years ago in which .....- 2/2/2008 8:51:27 AM
Why Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo! (pharper) The reason behind the offer to buy Yahoo! is simple if you know the Microsoft advertising business. Google Adsense and Adwords are the two vehicles behind the mammoth advertising mechanism that Google.....- 2/2/2008 12:02:35 AM
Pfffttt! As I thought-Government Substituting for Plaintiff in Telecom Spying Trials (salon) - 2/1/2008 4:48:33 PM
Bush Smacked Back by Federal Court on Guantanemo Bay (salon) A U.S. federal appeals court refused Friday to reconsider a ruling broadening its own authority to scrutinize evidence against detainees at Guantanamo Bay.The decision is a setback for the Bush admini.....- 2/1/2008 4:19:52 PM
I have *Debate Fatigue* so I didn't watch last night's Democratic *debate*. (salon) I'm betting nobody asked the quesitons I want answered anyway, it really is all like a beauty contest, plus I have CNN blocked on the teevee (and am much happier for it!)But I DID watch the after deba.....- 2/1/2008 2:10:04 PM
TSA has a blog and the comments on it are a hoot! (salon) - 2/1/2008 1:33:19 PM
US Troop Deaths in IRaq increased in January (salon) - 2/1/2008 1:09:52 PM
McCain-Contempt for Unions (Crosses Writer's Picket Line to be on Tonight Show) (salon) - 2/1/2008 1:08:38 PM
McCain *Double Talk Tour* Includes Cursing at John Cornyn (salon) Before hitting the campaign trail, John McCain was a key architect of the McCain-Kennedy comprehensive immigration reform bill that linked border security with a temporary worker program and would hav.....- 2/1/2008 12:27:08 PM
Weird Story about 7 Year Old Boy Found Hanging From Coat Hook in Texas Charter School (salon) I'm sorry. There's just no way I can read this article and not think that some kid hung the kid from the coat hook and pulled down his pants. I don't think it was sexual, but I think it was a kid pran.....- 2/1/2008 11:47:26 AM
Perry Holds His Finger In the Wind and NOW He Supports Border Fences (salon) Now that his secret dream of getting a plum position in Nutcase Scumbag Guilian's administration has been dashed, he's undoubtedly pandering to John McCain, who he endorsed yesterday. Regardless of ho.....- 2/1/2008 11:25:31 AM
Ron Paul Filed a Bill to Prevent Federal Funds for the Trans Texas Corridor (salon) Ron Paul, Republican congressman from Lake Jackson who is running a longshot bid for president, has filed a bill in the House of Representatives to prevent the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor from recei.....- 2/1/2008 11:20:33 AM
Few Bits from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper Week of January 31, 2008 (salon) because I like to read it!Voting equipment costs $300 day to lease (county). City leases $150 per day.Pipeline testing of the pipe that fills the Wheeler Branch Reservoir. Nice photo of Kein Taylor on.....- 2/1/2008 10:52:54 AM
The Stephenville HS UFO T-shirts are in! (salon) - 2/1/2008 10:32:56 AM
More jobs cut, payrolls drop for first time since 2003 (salon) - 2/1/2008 10:19:11 AM
Exxon Mobil Posts OBSCENE PROFITS- $40.6 BILLION Dollars (salon) Oh, boo, hoo. You know that we've all had to pay higher gas prices... SO THAT EXXON MOBIL CAN MAKE A PROFIT FOR THEIR SHAREHOLDERS. Just think, Van "Trust Fund Baby" Taylor has some more mon.....- 2/1/2008 10:16:50 AM
Gov. Rick *39-percent* Perry Supports Sen. John McCain? (pstern) So who cares?Leave it to "39-percent" Perry to choose another loser!Actually, you have to wonder who really gives a damn which candidate Perry supports?And why would ANY presidential candida.....- 1/31/2008 9:00:18 PM
Chet Edwards for Vets- Mileage Reiumbursement Rate Increased (salon) Mileage reimbursement rates for veterans visiting Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics will jump tomorrow to 28.5 cents per mile from 11 cents per mile — the first increase in 30.....- 1/31/2008 7:07:12 PM
Perry Doubles Down, After Failed Endorsement of Guiliani, Tries Out McCain (salon) Texas Gov. Rick Perry's national political posture was bruised Wednesday as the presidential horse he was riding in the Republican nominating process dropped out to endorse U.S. Sen. John McCain of Ar.....- 1/31/2008 6:15:30 PM
Went to HEB in Stephenville, all the checkers were wearing UFO t-shirts! (salon) - 1/31/2008 5:39:02 PM
Bwahahahah-Tracy Flick and Hillary Clinton-Separated at Birth (salon) - 1/31/2008 2:05:11 PM
Slate on the Stephenville (Texas) UFOs (salon) - 1/31/2008 2:01:05 PM
Um. Why is that Green Egg Story So *AMAZING*??? Nobody heard of Americaunas? (salon) I've been raising Americaunas, also known as Aracaunas, for the last 4 years and they LAY GREEN, BLUE AND PINK EGGS. Actually, because I don't have any white egg layers, but all various shades of brow.....- 1/31/2008 1:37:41 PM
Bill Clinton Denies Meeting With Kazakh Officials-Until He's Shown the Proof (salon) There are a couple of very troubling things about these 2 articles concerning Bill Clinton's involvement with Kazakhstan financier. One appears to be a quid pro quo after he was involved in a mining d.....- 1/31/2008 1:25:13 PM
Anti-Union Clinton-No WONDER Walmart isn't listed on her website resume (salon) (I had forgotten how there were weekly furors all the time over Clinton's hair. Now I remember why).I don't get it. WHY does Clinton have endorsements from some unions? When she worked for Walmart, wh.....- 1/31/2008 1:08:05 PM
Video from 2006- Trans Texas Corridor- Waco (McLennan Co) Tex-Lester Gibson (salon) - 1/31/2008 12:47:02 PM
Video from 2006 Trans Texas Corridor Meeting -Temple (Bell Co) Tx-Judge Barrow (salon) - 1/31/2008 12:45:37 PM
Separated at Birth- Romney and *Animal House* Niedermeyer (salon) - 1/31/2008 12:36:54 PM
Bush to Congress - I'm not Bound by Your Laws (salon) America to Congress-Why Aren't You Impeaching This Flagrant Law-Breaker?It's about as basic as it gets: Congress has the power of the purse. And Section 1222 of the massive defense appropriation bill .....- 1/31/2008 12:14:19 PM
I'm Sure Rudy *Scumball* Guiliani would have imploded WITHOUT Rick Perry's endorsement (salon) - 1/31/2008 11:23:57 AM
On that Bible Course Lawsuit in Ector County (Odessa) Texas (salon) Face saving, eh?  (Here's a little background from one of our previous posts)Some Ector County Independent School District trustees said they’d be willing to change curriculum as a resoluti.....- 1/31/2008 11:17:22 AM
Ted Roden of Odessa Passes Away-Born in Glen Rose, Texas (salon) Ted Roden, a modest but highly generous philanthropist and successful Odessa businessman, died Monday after a heart attack, his friends and family said. He was 88.Born in Glen Rose and educated a.....- 1/31/2008 11:14:38 AM
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