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What about the Promise 10 year lease with Somervell County for the Amphitheatre? (salon) When looking at the budget for this year earlier today, I couldn't find any reference to the $1.00 per month that the "Promise in Glen Rose Inc" pays to Somervell County to lease the amp.....- 10/11/2017 12:38:04 PM
Some interesting info from Somervell County 2018 Proposed Budget (salon) Link to the budget - posted on the Somervell County website. Budget was approved and adopted on Sept 18 2017 This budget will raise more revenue from property taxes than last year's budg.....- 10/11/2017 12:37:16 PM
Rowan Co NC Commissioners Vote to Appeal Prayer Ruling to SCOTUS (salon) Have been following the Rowan Co NC prayer lawsuit in which Rowan Co NC commissioners, from the dais, offered up partisan  (better, government sponsored sectarian) prayer during commissioner.....- 10/11/2017 12:36:04 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 9/7/2017 (salon) It's been a terrific spring and summer, busy with a lot of projects, and now about midway done with all of them. I have some plans for this site in the next month or two, to make it more community.....- 9/7/2017 12:48:33 PM
UPDATED 9/8/2017 -GRISD Public School Supporting Christian Mission thru SchoolToolBox.com (2017) (salon) Update: FFRF had written a letter to GRISD     which was answered by the law firm representing Glen Rose Independent School District. (Wayne Rotan was cc'd on this lette.....- 9/7/2017 11:27:21 AM
City of Glen Rose Texas Lack of Transparency (2017) (salon) The City of Glen Rose audio records only one of their meetings, the regular Glen Rose Town Council meeting each month. They do not record special sessions, It's unclear if the other agencies of th.....- 9/7/2017 9:36:07 AM
3 year anniversary of the lawsuit Darrell Best lodged - STILL ongoing (salon) You run for office. Someone doesn't like it that you won, and puts in a petition to remove you from office. The local county attorney, acting as the State of Texas, decides to legitimize the petit.....- 8/27/2017 9:01:51 AM
Trump's Phoenix Rally. 15,000 People? Not possible.. maybe 4000 (salon) - 8/25/2017 12:50:48 PM
Video- Texas Bathroom Bill Saga in 5 minutes (salon) Texas Tribune I'm on the side of government minding their own business. No one has ever bothered me in a bathroom, I don't pay attention to what people do behind a stall.   .....- 8/22/2017 9:32:21 AM
Since Donald Trump Loves Confederate Statues so much, why not offer to put them at Trump Golf Course Clubs? (salon) I mean, the man has a lot of clubs and golf courses, and already has a fake history plaque at one of them. He has lots of room and lots of clubs. He seems to be concerned with *erasing history* despit.....- 8/19/2017 12:28:57 PM
Does Jack Graham Condone Trump's Response to Charlottesville? Still Part of Trump's Evangelical Committee (salon) My opinion on the President's Evangelical Counsel Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit you will recognize t.....- 8/19/2017 9:15:54 AM
That FoxConn Deal Trump was bloviating about - 3 Billion Bucks (salon) Ars Technica Opponents said the deal wasn't a good use of taxpayer funds. The $3 billion incentives package includes about $2.85 billion in cash payments from taxpayers and tax breaks valued .....- 8/18/2017 2:15:06 PM
Trump O Day- 8/18/2017 (salon) Economist  Mr Trump is not a Republican, but the solo star of his own drama. By tying their fate to his, they are harming their country and their party. His boorish attempts at plain speakin.....- 8/18/2017 1:01:57 PM
The Republican Party is overtly now the White Supremacist Party (salon) which may, in fact, be fine with a lot of Republicans who actually want racism, bigotry and believe that the white race is better than any other.But for anyone who has values of inclusiveness, fairnes.....- 8/18/2017 7:50:14 AM
If you care about freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, you should care about THIS (salon) Dreamhost For the past several months, DreamHost has been working with the Department of Justice to comply with legal process, including a Search Warrant (PDF) seeking information about.....- 8/15/2017 10:12:05 AM
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