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Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) Looks to Trounce Republican Challenger in the fall (salon) I didn't realize the Chet Edwards has won 9 straight elections. We all remember him winning against Arlene Wolgemuth and the hapless Van *Trust Fund Baby* Taylor. And, if you're keeping up with what's.....- 3/20/2008 6:46:35 AM
From Clinton's Schedules Just Published-Support for NAFTA and Was She A Tourist? (salon) Yesterday the National Archives released pages of Hillary Clinton's schedule while First Lady during the Bill Clinton administration. Naturally, there have already been people poring over the schedule.....- 3/20/2008 6:34:46 AM
New CBS/Times Poll Shows Barack Obama Still Leading Over Clinton AND Over McCain (salon) - 3/20/2008 5:15:48 AM
Of COURSE the GOP Says that Barack Obama's Speech is *Not Good Enough* (salon) Between being pretty fed up with seeing Buchanan's racist mug on every friggin' MSNBC show he can crawl out of his cot beneath the desks there for, is there really ANY surprise that the GOP, which app.....- 3/20/2008 12:04:14 AM
How to Hack RFID Credit Cards for 8 Bucks-with video (salon) - 3/19/2008 1:15:07 PM
Texas Senator Carona on Lexus Lanes (salon) from the Collin County Observer.I'm used to reading all the "sky is falling spin" state officials like to give about how the highway system is bankrupt. So his dire predictions didn't surpri.....- 3/19/2008 1:13:29 PM
On the Reading List-What are YOU Reading? (salon) Feel free to add a book and short review.I today got "Crazy for God" by Frank Schaeffer. I heard him speaking on NPR a few weeks ago. I had not myself heard of him before that, but apparentl.....- 3/19/2008 1:08:09 PM
Yes! To El Paso-Who Have Voted to Deny DHS access to city property for border fencing (salon) It may turn out to only be a symbolic vote but what is infuriating is the lack of respect the Department of Homeland Security has for the people whose land they are TAKING through eminent domain for a.....- 3/19/2008 1:03:30 PM
Wondering-Why aren't all the state primaries and caucuses on the same day? (salon) Or else why aren't all the states using something like what Oregon does with mail-in ballots? Seems to me that a whole lot of this mess about the Democratic votes would be solved by just having everyo.....- 3/19/2008 12:58:27 PM
My letter to Joe Scarborough (deedee) I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing you bully your co-hosts, especially Mica. You are so unbelievably condescending and you do not have the standing to be that condescending .....- 3/19/2008 7:09:48 AM
Is Gramps McCain Clueless.... Or Too Old.... Or Just Stupid? (salon) You know when you have to have Joe Lieberman at your side to correct your nonsense that's an evil omen.Update: Here's video of thatAnd here's more commentaryMr. McCain said at a news conference in Amm.....- 3/18/2008 3:48:26 PM
Obama's *A More Perfect Union* Speech in Audio and Video (salon) - 3/18/2008 2:55:08 PM
Video- Sally Quinn on Billy Graham and Jesse Jackson's Racist Comments In the Past (salon) Did we see Bush distancing himself from Billy Graham because of what was found to have been said to Nixon about the Jews? Nope. She made these comments on MSNBC shortly before Obama gave his wonde.....- 3/18/2008 1:19:23 PM
HEALING THE WOUNDS OF RACE (deedee) - 3/18/2008 12:27:00 PM
I challenge Joe Scarborough to find one white kid who didn't get college because of affirmative action (joe) Joe Scarborough made some stupid comment this morning after the Obama speech about a white kid who did not get to go to college because of some affirmative action. This is a MYTH...and if it has ever .....- 3/18/2008 11:26:38 AM
Joe Scarborough is an ASS! So's racist Pat Buchanan! About Barack Obama's Speech and the Chattering Classes (salon) We were transfixed in front of the teevee watching Obama give what certainly has to be one of the best speeches ever, by anyone. I love that he talked about race issues and laid them out on the table......- 3/18/2008 12:22:25 PM
OBAMA'S UNFAIR CROSS TO BEAR - WHY? (deedee) I am so frustrated and angry about this whole thing surrounding Obama and his Pastor even though I've known all along this sort of un-American and un-Christian type trash would happen. How well I.....- 3/18/2008 10:11:33 AM
Bush Spying on Americans- Court Overturns Qwest Conviction Because Nacchio Couldn't Testify (salon) Remember how, despite the telecom's protestations that they all thought what Bush wanted them to do was legal... EXCEPT that Qwest didn't think so and wouldn't go along, and then Qwest said that the B.....- 3/18/2008 9:03:19 AM
The Bailout of Bear Steans by the Feds-A Teachable Moment (salon) This moral hazard concept - where the government crosses the capitalistic system line by bailing out corporations that should, ordinarily be allowed to fail - really interests me. Apparently, there ar.....- 3/18/2008 5:36:56 AM
Hillary Disses Sinbad (salon) - 3/17/2008 6:10:07 PM
Texas Democratic Party Boyd Richie's Answer to the Clinton Attempt to Stop the County Conventions (salon) Below is a statement by Texas Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie regarding the Delegate Selection Process:The Texas Democratic Party and local Democratic Party organizations around our state are working .....- 3/17/2008 5:51:31 PM
Huh? The Feds Bail Out Bear Stearns? (salon) I'm not going to pretend to understand how this all works, I'm simply not a big financial person. But maybe someone can explain to me why the Bush administration didn't want to help out homeowners but.....- 3/17/2008 2:03:56 PM
Pit Bull Battles a Porcupine (salon) - 3/17/2008 1:21:26 PM
Parker County (Texas) Citizens to Fight Another Waste Injection Well (salon) Reminder that if something like that tries to happen again in our small county, we can FIGHT it.Wade Davidson said residents in Peaster and the Zion Hill area are concerned about the well being so clo.....- 3/17/2008 12:08:30 PM
About those Rush Limbaugh Republicans Voting for Hillary- Boston Globe Has More (salon) We've already commented several times at this blog,here, here  and here about how some Republicans in Texas decided, unless they were for Huckabee, to vote for Clinton. Why? In order to get her t.....- 3/17/2008 12:04:29 PM
The $50 million dollar booty (joe) Paul McCartney is probably scratching his head today wondering how in the world he ended up paying over $8 million a year for the booty called Heather Mills. You could have gotten a lot cheaper w.....- 3/17/2008 10:11:32 AM
Texas Voucher Proponents Still Trying to Gut Public Education-This Time through dropouts (salon) Anti-voucher groups warned a state advisory board Monday not to do an end-around the Texas Legislature by using tax money on private school vouchers for high school dropouts.The High School Completi.....- 3/17/2008 7:51:12 AM
EPA gives $600,000 to the Texas Railroad Commission under the *Underground Injection Control (UIC) program* (joe) http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/e8f4ff7f7970934e8525735900400c2e/29527ee39eb0a2b6852573c9005a6a8d!OpenDocument(Dallas, Texas – January 7, 2008) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency .....- 3/16/2008 11:28:30 PM
Political Cartoons (salon) - 3/16/2008 4:39:45 PM
Video from SNL-Black is the New President (salon) - 3/16/2008 2:53:29 PM
The Counterpoint Bushbot Reverend Rivers Who Dissed Obama on the Teevee (salon) I hadn't been paying much attention, due to being sick, to some of the fracas around Rev Wright, who is (or, if he's now retired, was) Obama's pastor at the Christian church he's been attending for ye.....- 3/16/2008 12:15:16 PM
Um. Madonna Needs to Quit Embarrassing Her Kids (salon) - 3/16/2008 11:11:36 AM
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) Recent Congressional Votes (salon) from the Houston Chron.1. Government surveillance: Passed, 213-197, a bill (HR 3773) extending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) until Dec. 31, 2009. The bill permits the government to .....- 3/16/2008 7:08:30 AM
Think Employers Ought to Have Access to Your PRIVATE Health Records? State of Texas does (salon) Yeah. You'll read this article and the phony-balony assertions of employers who want that that they willl Never Ever Abuse this By Firing People Who Have Costly Health Care. Sure.Medical privacy has b.....- 3/16/2008 1:22:26 AM
Video-Lloyd Doggett on the Secret Secret FISA Meeting on March 13, 2008 (salon) - 3/16/2008 1:18:42 AM
Video Snip from Clinton about Katrina from March 2008 (salon) at the National Newspapers Publisher's Association. I have to tell you, I was listening to this on C-span and when she said that Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster and basically,what can you do,.....- 3/15/2008 11:43:07 PM
Video-Oldie but goodie- Clinton's Double Talk exposed by Edwards Campaign (salon) - 3/15/2008 10:34:23 PM
Video-Barack Obama on the Wright Controversy (salon) - 3/15/2008 10:30:24 PM
So.. Clinton Wants to Stop the Texas Caucuses (salon) Blah. Saw this via Easter Lemmings.As final results from the Texas Democratic caucus remain unknown, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign wants signatures from the March 4 contest verified before pa.....- 3/15/2008 10:08:02 PM
Quick Personal Note (salon) I've been really sick this week due to the weather changes, second time in about 4 months that I got a raging cold. You know how great it is when all of a sudden you realize that you feel... GOOD? Tha.....- 3/15/2008 9:49:25 PM
Wires-Litter on Highways in Booger County, Texas (salon) from a regular reader1.  Wires are strung along public highways in Booger County. This is on Hwy FM 46 north of Wheelock.2. I have reported to the TxDot but nothing has happened. I guess they are.....- 3/15/2008 8:04:14 PM
When You Got Nothing, You Inflate Your Resume and Hope Nobody Finds Out (salon) Two more HIllary Clinton, if not fabrications, at least trumped up experience that doesn't hold true.We said before that her Northern Ireland claims were scoffed at by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dav.....- 3/15/2008 6:15:00 PM
Amused Listening to Congress Discuss The Secret Sessions the Republicans Want (salon) I'll have to clip a bit of this later. I believe this is a Republican tactic because they want to try to get immunity for the telecoms. But even listening to everybody debate on why the heck they need.....- 3/13/2008 8:07:58 PM
The FBI WAS Spying On People and Ignoring the Courts To Get Private Records (salon) Hands up! Who remembers Nixon? Who remembers J Edgar Hoover?  For the umpteenth possible time, I remind that Nixon was almost impeached for MUCH LESS than this.The FBI twice disregarded a secret .....- 3/13/2008 7:26:11 PM
The Jokes Will Write Themselves- Dr Kervorkian Runs for Congress (salon) and Dilbert steps up to the plate first.I wonder if Dr. Kervorkian has trouble entertaining guests at home. I can imagine this scene playing itself out a lot:Dr. Kervorkian: “Carl, you look tire.....- 3/13/2008 7:19:10 PM
Bwaahahah-This Hillary Video Reminds me of a scene from *The Breakup* (salon) - 3/13/2008 4:45:16 PM
Quickie Note about Hotels (salon) There's a new hotel going up on the north side of 67 across from the bank and it is HUGE. I've heard that there are going to be LOTS of hotels in this town (another one projected to be built behind th.....- 3/13/2008 4:28:10 PM
A Few Bits from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper Week of March 13, 2008 (salon) As I remind, not my paper (this is a blog), but the one I like to read and I subscribe to.  I have been very sick for the past week with a cold that was ferocious this time, so I missed going to .....- 3/13/2008 3:52:37 PM
Why HIllary Clinton Should Have Fired Geraldine Ferraro Instantly (salon) Okay, take out your lists and find the separate page on Hillary Clinton, "Why She Should Have Fired Geraldine Ferraro Instantly." and just look at the top. You don't have to scroll down any .....- 3/13/2008 3:16:21 PM
Hillary Clinton Can Do Magic Tricks? Video (salon) - 3/13/2008 2:45:53 PM
On Pat Buchanan, the Old Goat Who Seems to Have a Cot at MSNBC (salon) because he's on every dang show they have. We've wondered here if he owns a big piece of stock in MSNBC or GE or if he has kin related to the president. There must be some explanation why they have th.....- 3/13/2008 2:18:34 PM
Alarmed. Why is the US massing military on the US/Mexico border? (salon) Military power being concentrated in El Paso and Southern New Mexico will be "on call" for use against terrorist threats on the nation's Southwest border and local disasters, said Gen. Victo.....- 3/13/2008 9:39:02 AM
Black Commentator on Rejecting the Clinton's Racialized Politics (salon) The party elders may try to convince themselves that when this happens, all of the Democratic constituents will come together and rally behind the nominee, Hillary Clinton. Guess again. Obama - who ha.....- 3/13/2008 9:22:47 AM
Iraq News- 15 US Troops Killed Since Sunday (salon) From Juan ColeIf you’re reading these words, you are better informed about US casualties in Iraq than most Americans, for whom it has become a forgotten war. If it is not on television, it does .....- 3/13/2008 9:20:10 AM
On Clinton's 1995 UN Speech that She Likes To Tout as Part of her Foreign Policy Experience (salon) but which, as former First Lady, actually puts her into the same category as Laura Bush than a president.Clinton's supporters also tout her 1995 speech in Beijing as perhaps her most visible foreign p.....- 3/13/2008 9:05:18 AM
Video -Countdown from Last Night-Was Hillary's Reaction to Geraldine Ferraro's Comments Deliberate? (salon) - 3/12/2008 10:39:15 PM
Video-Keith Obermann's Special Comment on Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro (salon) - 3/12/2008 10:33:30 PM
House Judiciary Rejects Telecom Immunity, Still Says There are Concerns About Legality of Bush Program (salon) - 3/12/2008 6:50:31 PM
Geez. Bitter Geraldine Ferraro Tenders her Resignation from Clinton's Campaign (salon) But, um, she's going to go with all her racism guns a-blazing. Ferraro notified Clinton by letter Wednesday that she would no longer serve on Clinton's finance committee as "Honorary.....- 3/12/2008 6:47:18 PM
Weird Story O Day-Woman Sat on Toilet for Two Years (salon) The funniest part of the article.The boyfriend called police on Feb. 27 to report that "there was something wrong with his girlfriend," Whipple said, adding that he never explained why it to.....- 3/12/2008 3:56:38 PM
Pentagon CANCELS Presser about Report That shows no connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda (salon) Bush administration doesn't want more attention paid to this than necessary.ABC News' Jonathan Karl Reports: The Bush Administration apparently does not want a U.S. military study that found no direct.....- 3/12/2008 3:26:55 PM
Heh! Clinton Campaign's Update on Obama (salon) - 3/12/2008 2:45:06 PM
Senator Clinton isn't a Republican.... As Far As I Know (salon) from HuffpoAnd then there are Senator Clinton's remarkably obnoxious endorsements of Senator McCain, as well as her desire to follow Bill Kristol's advice (again) -- this time his advice was to frame .....- 3/12/2008 2:34:50 PM
Keith Olbermann Says He has a special comment tonight about Hillary Clinton (salon) undoubtedly it will be about the Clinton campaign's race baiting and her refusal to take a stand against racist Geraldine Ferraro. Yes, I dislike HIllary Clinton but occasionally I wonder why she is s.....- 3/12/2008 2:32:20 PM
So... Is Clinton not Firing Ferraro From Campaign Because she is COURTING White Racists? (salon) - 3/12/2008 2:27:07 PM
Putting the Trans Texas Corridor Video Clips up on Youtube (salon) I've been doing video clips since about 2004 and have a huge collection. For a long while, I hosted them on a media server, and you may have seen where, more recently, I was converting vid clips to fl.....- 3/12/2008 12:43:38 PM
Obama Wins Mississippi- 60-37- Also Won Texas Delegates (salon) - 3/12/2008 10:23:49 AM
Bwahahah-Sinbad, who supports... OBAMA... deflates Clinton's Foreign Policy *Experience* (salon) You have to read the whole thing but this is my favorite line which had me busting out laughing.In her Iowa stump speech, Clinton also said, "We used to say in the White House that if a place is .....- 3/11/2008 11:24:41 PM
Ugh. Apparently Geraldine Ferraro, member of Clinton's campaign, has been a racist for YEARS (salon) From SLOG Placid of demeanor but pointed in his rhetoric, Jackson struck out repeatedly today against those who suggest his race has been an asset in the campaign. President Reagan suggested Tues.....- 3/11/2008 9:23:36 PM
NSA Enlarges and Expands Upon its Domestic Spying- Enemy of the State Anyone? (salon) from the WSJFive years ago, Congress killed an experimental Pentagon antiterrorism program meant to vacuum up electronic data about people in the U.S. to search for suspicious patterns. Opponents call.....- 3/11/2008 8:10:46 PM
What? McCain Didn't Check for Himself? Re: Hagee Anti-Catholic Comments (salon) McCain: "I will say that he said that his words were taken out of context, he defends his position."Okay. But here's one big problem I have with McCain, period. He has a pattern of not check.....- 3/11/2008 7:30:34 PM
Clinton's Double Standard- Refuses to *Denounce or Reject* Ferraro (salon) from TPM - Bill Burton from Obama's campaign“With Senator Clinton’s refusal to denounce or reject Ms. Ferraro, she has once again proven that her campaign gets to live by its own rule.....- 3/11/2008 6:34:29 PM
Worker Caught Having Sex with Vacuum Cleaner Named Henry Hoover (salon) The building contractor claimed he was cleaning his underpants with Henry Hoover when he was found naked and on his knees in a hospital's staff canteenA stunned security guard stumbled onto the man in.....- 3/11/2008 4:23:34 PM
Get to Know Dale Henry-In Runoff for Texas Railroad Commissioner (salon) I have a couple of clips I have edited from meeting involving commercial waste injection wells in Somervell and Bosque Counties. Dale Henry absolutely knows what he is talking about, and will protect .....- 3/11/2008 4:00:45 PM
Who Knew Geraldine Ferraro, Clinton Supporter, Is Such a Racist? *If Obama was a white man* (salon) Sadly, I remember this woman was once considered as a vice presidential candidate; at least until it came out her husband was connected to mobsters or something.  What will be interesting is .....- 3/11/2008 1:06:07 PM
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