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Minutes from the Somervell County Hospital District or Authority Board for the Past Year (2013-2014) (salon) Somervell County Hospital District Board Meetings (or Authority Board). Opinions below are STRICTLY mine and do not reflect or represent anyone else but me. As noted, these minutes have NOT been.....- 8/8/2014 10:20:30 AM
More on the Somervell County Hospital District Wanting to Take out An Expensive Loan to Alter The Hospital (salon) Background. Apparently at the meeting last night the motion to do anything more about this has been tabled, didn't listen to the meeting but I assume there will be minutes, audio and video availab.....- 8/5/2014 9:23:10 AM
Barbara Lancaster receives exceptional marks from state elections inspector!! (pharper) I was the person that drove the petition for a state inspector to come and watch the Somervell County Hospital District election back in May. They did come and they wrote up a report but for some reas.....- 8/4/2014 11:06:45 AM
Somervell County Hospital District is going to get an Attorney General opinion on Q re: term lengths (salon) UPDATE: 2/11/2015- AG issued their opinion today, they agree with Paul. Opinions expressed below are STRICTLY my own and do not represent anyone else When Somervell County had the Hospital Distr.....- 8/3/2014 9:31:29 AM
So... Somervell County Hospital District has NOT been posting minutes to their internet site... ever (salon) Not really a surprise but it's why it's a GREAT thing that there will be an informative useful website rolled out in early September. Nice that those of us that are taxpaying citizens will fin.....- 8/3/2014 8:56:10 AM
I wonder why Ron Hankins didn't bother to check his facts before bringing up baloney? (salon) One more thing I found interesting about this last meeting. Mr Hankins seemed to be on a rampage, and appeared quite excited. One thing he did several times was say things that simply weren't true.....- 8/3/2014 12:46:23 AM
Because Telling a Crowd of People You Wanted to Punch Someone in the Mouth is the Height of Professionalism (salon) When a person, even an attorney, cannot win an argument via reasoned discussion, is it really best to indicate to a crowd of people that the desire to hit people who doesn't agree with him &n.....- 8/3/2014 8:46:05 AM
Since When Is Ron Hankins Abiter About What Goes on an Agenda? (salon) Another thing I was entirely astonished to view was Ron Hankins, Somervell County Hospital Board member, questioning WHY certain things were even on the agenda, RIGHT after the topic had been broached.....- 8/3/2014 12:21:52 AM
Ron Hankins Equates Facebook Censorship to 1930s Germany (salon) We all know what he's talking about here. He's trying to equate board members with being like Nazis. Does he think, for example, that Dennis Moore of the Glen Rose City Council is a Nazi? Acco.....- 8/3/2014 8:38:50 AM
Can a board vote to get a new attorney? Why YES THEY CAN! (salon) The following opinion is STRICTLY my own and represents NO ONE ELSE Texas Health and Safety code 286 Sec. 286.052. ADMINISTRATOR, ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR, AND ATTORNEY. (a) The board may appoi.....- 8/3/2014 8:48:44 AM
Gee.. and I thought we elected Adults to the Board Not Dogs (salon) I've been watching the video from the Somervell County Hospital District meeting from July 31 2014 and was stopped cold in my tracks when I heard Ron Hankins whining about how he views Chip Harris.....- 8/3/2014 12:36:02 AM
The Facebook *Controversy*- Somervell County Hospital District 7/2014 (salon) The opinions expressed below are STRICTLY my own and nobody elses I don't personally care about Facebook. I think it's a pretty awful type of social media, particularly was disgusted recent.....- 8/2/2014 2:47:20 PM
Omigod, I LOVE Dr Burroughs! About the budget for the Somervell County Hospital District 7/31/2014 (salon) Wow! I am so impressed. Have been watching the video for the meeting that occurred last week in which the agenda item was about giving some direction to the Somervell County Hospital District CEO abou.....- 8/2/2014 6:18:16 PM
So... Somervell County Hospital District Wants to Spend MORE Money and Get ANOTHER Loan-UPDATED (salon) Opinions expressed below are STRICTLY MY OWN (salon, FEMALE whose site this is-salon.glenrose.net) This while, as we know, EFH has negotiated a lower valuation on Comanche Peak, giving us LESS taxe.....- 8/3/2014 8:44:52 AM
Video-Michael Honea at the Somervell County Hospital District meeting Aug 2 2014 (salon) Opinions expressed here are STRICTLY my own. There may have been other things that were discussed leading up to this in some other meeting but for me, a citizen who wants to know what is going on in t.....- 8/2/2014 1:33:05 PM
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