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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 10/16/2014- Donkey Day (salon) Well, today's the say that the vet is coming from Granbury to geld the donkey. I've got the donkey penned up right now, he's not really thrilled with being penned, but I'll be danged i.....- 10/16/2014 12:10:52 PM
Excursus about Open Records in Texas- Emphasis on Somervell County Salon Open Records (salon) I for a very long time had a page on my site, Somervell County Salon (salon.glenrose.net) listing various open records documents that I had requested over time. At the time I pretty much stopped going.....- 10/16/2014 10:38:06 AM
Some Video Clips of the City of Glen Rose City Council Meeting Oct 13 2014 (salon) Here's the agenda More later to update this after they're uploaded About the Water Quality (using wells) CVB Report Oakdale Report City Administrator Report C.....- 10/15/2014 9:17:54 PM
2nd Ebola Case in Texas-WHERE'S RICK PERRY? Oh Yeah, in Europe (salon) - 10/14/2014 8:45:58 PM
Compliments to Glen Rose City Council/Mayor Dennis Moore for Running Such a Professional Govt Meeting (salon) I went to the City of Glen Rose meeting last night, in particular to hear two items on the agenda, with my video camera. Over the next couple of days, I'll put up audio and some video of the meeti.....- 10/14/2014 10:23:00 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 10/12/2014 (salon) Just LOOK at how little girls have dressed up in costumes. LOVE this. -Mashable. Texas Presbyterian Health care being run through the ringer for the service they provided to two people who died of .....- 10/12/2014 11:43:33 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 10/11/2014 (salon) Supposed you wanted to look up public records about any complaints issued about doctors? Texas Medical Board!  Karen Burroughs  Justus Peters - In fact, the Justus Peters one is so interesti.....- 10/11/2014 10:59:20 AM
Tone -Deaf Microsoft's Nadella says Women Shouldn't ask for raises but wait on Good Karma (salon) Read something tonight that boggles the  mind. Head of Microsoft Nadella said at a conference (and not just ANY conference but one FOR WOMEN IN TECH) the following He had been asked to give .....- 10/10/2014 12:56:18 AM
What's the Deal with the Alcohol Petition? (Red Barn- Glen Rose) (salon) Update: Went down to Red Barn and took a pic of the petition.(Click to see bigger). Says "The legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages" and La venta legal de todas alc.....- 10/9/2014 12:00:20 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 10/9/2014 (salon) Met a wonderful lady the other day  who raises horses and donkeys. I was telling her about what I was doing to train the donkey and she said "Oh, that will take forever" and suggested I.....- 10/9/2014 11:32:47 AM
Some Video Clips of the Somervell County Hospital District Meeting 9/25/2014 (salon) Got a chance to listen to the last Somervell County Hospital District meeting today after asking a board member for a copy of the video.Incidentally, I think I"m going to ask one of the board mem.....- 10/9/2014 12:05:19 AM
Video - Glen Rose Economic Development Board Meeting- Oct 6 2014 (4b-CVB) (salon) Went to the 4b board meeting (GREDC) this last Monday night 10/6/2014. Here's the agenda for the meeting  Finances -Bank Balance   Status of Signs on the highway. Apparently.....- 10/8/2014 9:41:33 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 10/6/2014- (salon) This commercial brought tears to my eyes hahah With all the Supreme Court decisions that allow various states to decide if they will discriminate or not, it really makes it seem that we .....- 10/6/2014 12:17:05 PM
Video of Burglars September 2014- Robbing Store in Glen Rose-Somervell Co TX (salon) Courtesy Dr Mike. A few comments about this. The first guy is not only not wearing gloves but smokes a cigarette and throws the butt into trash can. The second guy appears to be wearing a bozo .....- 10/6/2014 12:46:48 PM
Selling stuff within television shows or movies (salon) Recently, I was watching a show, can't remember now which one, but at one point, a cop pointed to the floor and said "Isn't that tile Windstruck Meadows" or something. It was so inco.....- 10/4/2014 9:11:52 AM
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