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The Legislative Conundrum (pstern) "What in blazes" you may ask "is the matter with our legislators?"  After writing commentaries, blogs and letters for the past 10 years on urgent issues nationally and st.....- 8/5/2008 4:20:03 PM
Photos of Suicide Bomb Attack in Anbar Province in June 2008 (salon) Warning -very graphic images at this link.From PR Watch-the military apparently has banned Zoriah Miller, who took the photos above, from working in Marine-Corps controlled areas. So, on the one hand .....- 8/5/2008 3:32:57 PM
Fair Use-10 Second Clip of Uri Geller Bending a Spoon (salon) - 8/5/2008 3:23:33 PM
So... Did John Edwards Have an Affair That Led to a Baby? (salon) I read about this a while back but didn't pay too much attention (I've heard the same thing about one of our more relevant poltiicans). But even though I READ about it, I never saw anything about it o.....- 8/5/2008 3:19:22 PM
Texas High School Students To Be Dressed Like Convicts If They Don't Buckle Down to Dress Code (salon) This is really too much. Gonzales High School wants to dress kids in orange jumpsuits (ACTUALLY MADE BY TEXAS INMATES)  if they won't adhere to the dress code. Course some kids are going to do th.....- 8/5/2008 2:59:33 PM
*Virtual Army Experience* Another PR Way to Get Recruits (salon) - 8/5/2008 2:53:59 PM
Pay for Play-One in Five Companies Have Bought Advertising in Exchange for News Story (salon) From PRWatchWhat this eseentially means is that when you see an item on the *news*, you can't know whether it is a legitimate news item or you're watching yet another commercial WITHOUT KNOWING IT.&qu.....- 8/5/2008 2:41:48 PM
Heh- Farmer Sends Message to Newbie Neighbors with Car Fence (salon) I love this. A farmer has erected a backyard fence made of three old cars sticking up in the air to send a message to new neighbors that he can do whatever he wants on his property."This is just .....- 8/5/2008 1:16:57 PM
I Heard Last Night that Dish Is Losing Subscribers (salon) As readers here know, we're dumping *Clutter Media* around here lately. Part of the reason is to cut expenses and live a more frugal life; the other is that, because we're examining at a close level h.....- 8/5/2008 12:49:44 PM
Toll plans continue to put special interests over public good (pstern) The only good toll road is no toll road at all.But don't take my word for it... just ask people in New York, New Jersey and California.If there's an ounce of dignity and integrity and the need to.....- 8/5/2008 6:48:30 AM
Where is the Legislative 'Cavalry' when we need them? (pstern) Texans need property tax relief --- NOW!Naturally, the best way to do so is to revamp and/or eliminate the current Property Tax & Appraisal System; however, that is NOT the most expedien.....- 8/4/2008 5:19:48 PM
Free Speech *Zones* Are Back... for the National Democratic Party Convention (salon) I remember that the powers-that-be at the Democratic Convention in 2004 wanted to be sure that nothing spoiled the particular PR event they intended to have. Nobody could attend bringing their own sig.....- 8/4/2008 2:30:31 PM
Is this a viable option to our energy crisis? (pstern) I'm not saying "yes" or "no" to this, merely that it's an interesting read:http://nextbigfuture.com/2008/06/arata-cold-fusion-follow-up-analysis.htmlAs with most options and opinio.....- 8/3/2008 2:07:49 PM
Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) Says Texans Can Look Forward to More Toll Roads (salon) From his town hall meeting in Copperas Cove.Answering a question about the Trans-Texas Corridor, Miller explained that the Texas Department of Transportation put the entire highway system out for bid......- 8/3/2008 10:43:03 AM
Democratic Leadership Adjourns Congress (pstern) Just one question: How can the majority Democratic leadership justify adjourning Congress at a time when millions of Americans are being annihilated by sky-high gasoline costs WITHOUT F.....- 8/2/2008 6:19:34 PM
Children still low on Texas list of priorities (pstern) If Texas children were important to elected officials, they would have arrived at a rational and swift resolution to financing public education and improving learning outcomes. There wo.....- 8/2/2008 5:33:02 PM
Somervell County Salon getting 10 times More Traffic Than Last Year This Time (salon) Somervell County Salon is a blog, mostly political but also including local items such as commissioner\'s court audio or video records, city council ditto, sheriff\'s logs, etc and other items.....- 8/2/2008 4:20:26 PM
Next Up-Wind Farms That Can SPY ON YOU!!! (salon) Critical Solutions Inc. (Other OTC:CSLI.PK - News), the designer of renewable energy tower systems, announces that the Company has received a purchase order and deposit to design an alternative energy.....- 8/1/2008 2:55:07 PM
Funny Snark about the McCain Ad Equating Obama with Hilton and Spears (salon) Made me laugh. From The Superficial.Many are calling the John McCain ad a new low, and I agree. There's such a thing as mudslinging, Senator McCain, but equating your opponent with Britney Spears and .....- 8/1/2008 2:35:18 PM
WARNING-REALLY GrUESOME STORY (salon) Was listening to BBC World News last night and heard about this story about riding a bus in Canada. The details of this have stuck with me, because it's pretty awful... and makes you want to know who .....- 8/1/2008 2:18:03 PM
Odd. Why is Diane Delisi (TX Dist 55) Resigning her Texas House Rep Seat? (salon) Call me a cynic, but I have yet to see ANY politician abruptly resign without there being some smarmy, illegal, unethical or lucrative reason behind it.After 18 years in office, District 55 state Rep......- 8/1/2008 2:10:16 PM
America Was Not Founded as a Judeo-Christian Nation-Another Reason NOT to Vote for McCain (salon) I was reading an account of a John McCain town hall meeting in Racine, WI in which, among other things, John McCain said that America was founded as a Judeo-Christian nation. Not the first time he's s.....- 8/1/2008 2:01:35 PM
Don't You Think the US Is Embarrassed Over Gary McKinnon and THAT's Why they are going after him? (salon) I was listening to BBC World News last night and heard the story about Gary McKinnon, who hacked into the Pentagon databases SHORTLY AFTER 9/11.McKinnon, an unemployed computer systems administrator f.....- 8/1/2008 1:05:53 PM
One More Thing about T Boone Pickens and his company Clean Energy Fuels Corp (salon) Already said yesterday that Pickens energy proposal is not because the man is patriotic but he sure does like to appeal to our country's patriotic and nationalistic senses in commercial... but because.....- 8/1/2008 12:30:04 PM
You Live on A Private Road-Your Property Is Marked Private-But Google Sneers At You (salon) Google is being sued by a family that lives on a private road because their house showed up on Street View.  Google is trying to argue, in response, tnat NOBODY SHOULD EXPECT PRIVACY anymore in t.....- 8/1/2008 11:55:38 AM
Ve Vill Take Your LapTop For As Long as Ve Want- Department of Homeland Security (salon) Can I just say again how creepy the Homeland name is? Sounds like Nazis. But I digress. From the WaPost.Federal agents may take a traveler's laptop or other electronic device to an off-site locat.....- 8/1/2008 10:12:23 AM
A Few Pictures from Ernie Casbeer's (Running for Tx House District 59) Campaign (salon) Goldwaithe Goat Cookoff- VIDEODublin Chamber of Commerce Mixer and Hico Old Settlers DayHere's his schedule for August2nd - HAMILTON (morning/afternoon):   Hamilton Band BBQ,  11:0.....- 8/1/2008 8:58:34 AM
On Education-Here's a Good Reason NOT to Vote for Gramps McCain (salon) He's for charter schools and vouchers. 1 p.m. -- One woman asked a question about his support of Christian schools.“I support all choices, whether they are faith based,” McCain said. &ldqu.....- 7/31/2008 6:40:33 PM
Arrgggh. When my computer crashed, my email was hosed (salon) and I thought it was fixed. It wasn't. I just fixed it for the salon email and got FIVE HUNDRED MESSAGES. If you have sent me anything critical in the last month since my computer died, be patient whi.....- 7/31/2008 5:29:18 PM
Boy Scout Rick Perry Fundraising TWO YEARS EARLY-Think He's Sweatin a Mite? (salon) Heh. Pretty funny issue-by Perry fundraising NOW he's taking money away from GOP candidates who are running for election in the fall. Seems that KBH has a lot of moolah in the bank that Perry, at this.....- 7/31/2008 4:56:08 PM
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) Smacks Bush Administration Over Veteran's Bill (salon) because Bush only pays lip service to veterans. Bush threatening to veto OTHER bills unless the spending is cut out of THIS bill-guess Bush doesn't want to DIRECTLY look like an ass.“In my 18 ye.....- 7/31/2008 3:28:53 PM
US Drought Monitor Includes Glen Rose, Cleburne, Stephenville, and Granbury under SEVERE Drought Conditions (salon) - 7/31/2008 2:15:21 PM
Toll Road Follies in Texas-Why Having a Camera Get your License Plate is Bogus (salon) One wonders if this stuff is going on IN ORDER TO force people to get the toll tags! HURST — More North Texans are coming forward with complaints that a collection agency hired by the Texas Depa.....- 7/31/2008 2:09:32 PM
Kinda Humorous for Gramps McCain to Feature White Bimbos in his ad when he's married to one (salon) I saw the ad last night that some liken to a racist smear against Obama appealing to people's fears about black men and white women. Maybe so for the idiot racists out there, and if that's who McCain .....- 7/31/2008 12:33:56 PM
What the Fool is cryptosporidium? Cleburne's (Texas) Splash Station Closed Over it on Saturday (salon) Ick. a parasite. Interesting that the Splash Station in Hulen Park has a disclaimer people have to have read.When people arrive at Splash Station in Hulen Park, they are asked to read a statement sayi.....- 7/31/2008 12:21:39 PM
On T Boone Pickens Energy Plan AKA MESA Water-THIS from a scummy corporate raider (salon) Running discussion in this household about T Boone Pickens. For me, he will always be a rapacious disreputable corporate raider who has tried to do water grabs and sell WATER for gosh sakes to Dallas .....- 7/31/2008 12:07:55 PM
Van Taylor Must Be (Pinkies up!) Toasting with Champagne Today-Exxon Hits Record Profit (salon) I was listening to Market Place on NPR earlier and DESPITE THE FACT THAT EXXON HAS SET A US RECORD FOR PROFITS, apparently, wah, Wall Street thought they should have gotten MORE profits. (Can you say .....- 7/31/2008 10:43:36 AM
AWWWWW Pic O Day-Tiger Cubs Nursed by Golden Retriever (salon) - 7/31/2008 10:35:19 AM
Completely irrelevant-I just liked the title of this Galveston Daily News Article. (salon) - 7/31/2008 10:30:52 AM
Dumping Media Baggage in this House and Going for the Literate and (Mostly) Interactive End (salon) Recently I went to look at one of DISH network's PPV movies and there, on the disclaimer, was a note that said I had X amount of time to watch the movie and once I started watching it, only X amount o.....- 7/31/2008 10:21:33 AM
Reading Today-The Blind Watchmaker by Dawkins (salon) I realized in the last couple of months that I actually don't have a solid understanding of evolution. In a couple of books I've read recently, which includes The God Delusion, also by Dawkins, the th.....- 7/31/2008 9:53:13 AM
Soldier was found dead at Fort Hood (Killeen, TX) in Training Area (salon) Ihave to wonder if it's because it's been so hot around here. I mean, the temperatures the other day were over 105 degrees!  I remember last year there was a training death in the summer, too-Law.....- 7/31/2008 8:38:22 AM
How An Email Smear Gets Started-The Army Officer Who Wrote a BS Smear Against Obama (salon) I always wonder how some of this crap gets started. You have to wonder why this man lied and wrote this baloney. Deedee sent this link, via Army Times.Porter wrote that Obama then went straight to the.....- 7/31/2008 8:28:32 AM
Caught Another Raccoon in the Trap-That Makes SIX for the month (salon) Hub caught, basically, one racoon for 4 nights (with 2 on one night) while I was gone, for a total of 5 raccoons. I noticed after coming back that I seemed to see raccoons EVERYWHERE and I don't just .....- 7/31/2008 8:24:35 AM
Karl Rove: a symbol of the problem (pstern) Rove is a symptom of long-time corruption and manipulation in Washington DC.He's a symbol of what's bad in our administration and within our Congress.  Both parties are guilty of special interest.....- 7/30/2008 5:52:21 PM
School Starting Soon-Opt Out of Giving Your Student Information to Military Recruiters (salon) I was listening to NPR in the last couple of days and heard a woman talking about her HBO movie about recruiting for the millitary on Think (podcast here)  and was reminded that the time is here .....- 7/30/2008 1:23:03 PM
More Scuttlebutt about Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) As Possible VP Match with Obama (salon) Edwards represents possibly the most Republican district currently held by a Democrat. In what would be a delicious irony for Democrats, his most famous constituent is President Bush, whose Crawford r.....- 7/30/2008 12:36:41 PM
Islamic Charity Files New Illegal Warrantless Wiretapping Suit Against the Government (salon) Remember this?  And this?  The courts dismissed the NSA illegal spying lawsuit by saying that the plaintiffs had no standing... but after all that has come out about what the Bush administra.....- 7/30/2008 12:33:08 PM
Wah! Senator Brownback (R) Doesn't Like Getting Spied Upon by the Chinese (salon) but it was all fine and dandy when he voted for AMERICANS to get spied upon and to give the telecom companies immunity for doing it. "The Chinese government has put in place a system to spy on an.....- 7/30/2008 11:52:18 AM
Assorted School Notes from All Over Texas-July 2008 (salon) I like this. Dallas ISD is interviewing candidates from other countries OVER THE WEB. I have believed for a long time that we have a lot of technology in this country that allows us to do long distanc.....- 7/30/2008 11:34:58 AM
10 Fort Worth ISD Texas Schools use No Child Left Behind Money to Fund Retreats at Swanky Places (salon) Like, for example, going to Gaylord in Grapevine.  The South Hills HS retreat costs MORE THAN 50 THOUSAND DOLLARS.Ten struggling schools in the Fort Worth district are spending more than $200,000.....- 7/30/2008 11:20:06 AM
Sierra Club To Sue Energy Future Holdings (aka Luminant aka TXU) (salon) The environmental agency accuses the Dallas-based energy giant and its Luminant subsidiary of endangering the health of Texans by ignoring toxic amounts of mercury emissions at the Martin Lake coal-fi.....- 7/30/2008 11:13:53 AM
Reading-Just Finished *Misquoting Jesus-The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why* (salon) I've never really believed that the Bible is inerrant. The argument goes that the Holy Spirit is the source of what one reads therein and if there's error, it would mean that the Holy Spirit p.....- 7/30/2008 10:56:55 AM
Pedernales Electric Cooperative: still running amok! (pstern) PEC rides again! Dear Texas Senators and House Representatives: Last month I wrote all of your re: the doubling of my monthly electric costs by runaway Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC)......- 7/29/2008 5:06:03 PM
Article about Randy McLelland of Glen Rose, Texas in the Cleburne paper (salon) Comedians today use different methods to entertain crowds. Some use bodily humor, some use foul language and some use dirty jokes. Fifty-two-year-old Randy “Mac” McLelland has his own meth.....- 7/29/2008 2:23:49 PM
Man Needs Medical Bill Money-Sells Rock With Dino and Human Prints to Creation Evidence Museum (salon) Had to laugh when I read this article, which I saw first in the Weatherford Democrat by David May of the "Lone Star News Group" because the entire article sounded like a PR stunt from the la.....- 7/29/2008 1:59:01 PM
Another Crooked Republican Indicated-FINALLY- Senator Ted *Tubes* Stevens (salon) I've been wondering when he was going to get in trouble for the house/contractor deal. Here, for old times sake, is my favorite audio mashup of Tubes. I listened to this over and over when I first hea.....- 7/29/2008 1:13:33 PM
2008 Presidential Campaign: voters brainwashed by media hype and gossip? (pstern) Apparently American voters haven't learned much.We're still listening to the media hype and gossip being pushed at us. On Senator Barack Obama:He is really a Muslim first, then an American; .....- 7/29/2008 4:36:34 AM
Heat Advisory Today for North Texas -July 28 08 (salon) High temps of 104 degrees. Sunday was the hottest day the region has seen so far this year, with temperatures as high as 105. There have already been 17 days this year that have hit or surpassed the 1.....- 7/28/2008 12:28:34 PM
600 More National Guard Troops Deploying to Iraq for a Year.. from Waco (salon) 124th Cavalry RegimentSgt. Robert Pacatte, of Temple, expressed similar sentiments. The father of three said he and his wife are expecting their fourth child on January 20.“It just makes it that.....- 7/28/2008 12:24:24 PM
Barnett Shale Rig Report for July 27, 2008 (salon) - 7/28/2008 12:20:19 PM
Texas Has a List of Bad Gas Pumps -Cheating You Out of Your Money (salon) Iwas reading an article about how the Texas Department of Agriculture has been cracking down on gas pumps that aren't calibrated properly. Basically, because the fine for uncalibrated pumps is only $1.....- 7/28/2008 12:15:05 PM
Can Religion Be Used to Force Assault on Unwilling Parishioners? The Exorcism Case (salon) When I read about how, in some countries, woman have female genital cutting or it's acceptable to beat your wives, I'm a little appalled with how backwards that seems. I have to think that if, say, th.....- 7/28/2008 12:02:46 PM
Contaminated Groundwater-Leaky Gas Pipes RUIN Jay Marcom of Ranger's Water Supply (salon) You can't drink gasRANGER — The groundwater on part of Jay Marcom’s ranch does something that most water won’t do: It catches fire.A leaky natural gas pipeline near a compressor stat.....- 7/28/2008 11:18:20 AM
More on Kenneth Copeland-Because the Investigation into Evangelists Continues (salon) I just wrote about update to Grassley's investigation into evangelists improperly using monies. FW Star-Telegram popped out another article shortly thereafter. Looks like if you're a pal or kin of Ken.....- 7/28/2008 11:15:21 AM
TX House District 59 Campaign Events in Copperas Cove-Ernie Casbeer Versus Sid Miller (salon) The campaigns of Rep. Sid Miller, R-Stephenville, and challenger Ernie Casbeer for the District 59 position in the Texas House of Representatives are getting started in Copperas Cove, with both campai.....- 7/28/2008 10:04:10 AM
Obama can win if... (pstern) Obama can win with a stronger political tactic:I am writing this as a campaign objective and tactical maneuver for Obama in order to beat McCain.I believe the Obama campaign a.....- 7/28/2008 9:25:19 AM
One More Reason the Surge Works-What About the Bribes? (salon) I almost forgot about this, via Daily Dish, but I've written about this before and Robert Gates said on MTP some months back that was what they were doing.  (Here's also about paying the Anbar pr.....- 7/27/2008 9:43:06 PM
Um. Richard Simmons as a Congressman? (salon) - 7/27/2008 9:35:23 PM
Did Steve Fossett Fake His Own Death? (salon) - 7/27/2008 9:31:00 PM
Gag Me! What Happened to Madonna? (salon) - 7/27/2008 9:29:38 PM
Terrorism: Still Alive and Flourishing (pstern) After almost 8 years of the Bush administration, do Americans feel safer now from Al Qaeda and terrorism?   If so, is it reality-based?Has the Bush administration really done that much to qu.....- 7/27/2008 1:13:22 PM
McCain Flails Around Talking about the Surge-Video from Countdown (salon) - 7/27/2008 1:06:36 PM
Gramps McCain Decides Obama's Plan to Get Out of Iraq is a Good One (salon) - 7/27/2008 12:12:37 PM
Abraham Obama in Boston July 2008 (salon) - 7/27/2008 10:49:08 AM
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