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Oops. Email Goes out to Entire Company Letting them KNow about Upcoming Sack (salon) from adageIn a rare, uncomfortable look into the preparations for employee layoffs, management informed its rank and file of forthcoming layoffs and other changes in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word docu.....- 9/4/2008 1:03:06 PM
Heh! Ben Stein Thinks Palin is a *Peculiar Choice for VP* and Needs a Babysitter (salon) I'm not a big fan of Ben Stein. Wonder how all the evangelicals who were bribed to see his movie Expelled like his comments?  Via WonketteBut you know, I agree. She DOES need to get a babysi.....- 9/4/2008 12:35:30 PM
Boy, I'm All Fired Up Now! Where's Hillary Clinton to Take on the Sarah Palin Baloney? (salon) I am not and have never been a Hillary Clinton fan but she is, at this point in time, uniquely qualified to take on the bs that Sarah Palin is dishing. No More Choice. Abstinence Only Training. Joinin.....- 9/4/2008 12:25:22 PM
Is Sarah Palin a Female John Hagee? (salon) Just saw this video via Boing Boing about Sarah Palin's church.Wasilla Assembly of God ClipOne of the comments on Boing Boing said that she has an Israeli flag on view in her office. Given that the ch.....- 9/4/2008 11:32:43 AM
I Get It! The Religious Right Evangelicals are a Wanna-Be Political Party without the numbers (salon) so the men in charge, in order to gain the power they want are forced to hitch their wagon to one or the other of the two mainstream parties. (Should there be only two parties? I don't think so but I .....- 9/4/2008 11:04:28 AM
Some Palin Political Cartoons O Day- Thursday September 4th (salon) - 9/4/2008 10:21:11 AM
TPJ Wants Criminal Investigation Into David Dewhurst's Flouting of Texas Ethics Commission Rules (salon) Wrote about this the other day.Now here's this from the Houston Chronicle.AUSTIN — A campaign watchdog group in Texas is urging prosecutors to launch a criminal investigation of Lt. Gov. David D.....- 9/4/2008 9:58:53 AM
McCain! Don't Pee On My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining-YOU*RE NO REFORMER (salon) From the WaPostThe difficulty for the Republican ticket in talking about change and reform and acting like insurgents is that they have been running Washington — the White House and Congress &md.....- 9/4/2008 9:08:41 AM
You Can't Gripe About Privacy for a 17 Yr Old Girl and Baby IF YOU USE THEM AS PROPS (salon) I don't agree in the first place that the way someone raises his or her family when he or she has power to make decisions ABOUT how others raise their families should be somehow off limits. But that's.....- 9/4/2008 8:56:57 AM
Some of those Sarah Palin *Troopergate* Emails Published in the Newspaper (salon) - 9/4/2008 7:47:07 AM
You Can't Cry *SEXISM!!! SEXISM* if YOu're Gonna Let Your Repubs Wear These Buttons. (salon) You'd stop the RNC people from selling buttons about the Hot Chick.or thisAre we in the "Dude, Where's My Car?" movie?? Yeah, let's put in a woman to be VP because (she's accomplished? we ag.....- 9/4/2008 8:24:48 AM
Is Sarah Palin a Cheater Like John McCain? National Enquirer Says So (salon) The Enquirer, which exposed John Edwards's extramarital affair, cited unnamed sources in alleging that the Alaska governor had an affair with a business associate of her "fisherman husband,".....- 9/3/2008 8:28:35 PM
McCain Had Called Palin's Earmark Spending for Wasilla *Objectionable Pork* (salon) YOu know, this is all just highly entertaining and gets back to whether McCain ACTUALLY DID ANY VETTING or just grabbed the first gun-shooting younger governor he could to PANDER! bwhahahahahah.From t.....- 9/3/2008 5:11:14 PM
Heh! Spears Family (Yes. THAT Spears Family) Sends Gift to Bristol Palin (salon) This amused, not only because you Just Know John McCain must love having Jamie Lynn Spears be talked about in the same breath as Bristol Palin, but because of this.A source close to the Beverly Hills .....- 9/3/2008 4:49:24 PM
Why Does Sarah Palin Hate Polar Bears? Lawsuit Challenges US Decision to Delist Polar Bears (salon) Five industry groups are disputing the US decision to list the polar bear as a threatened species. Last week, they filed suit in federal court to attempt to change the text of the listing that says bu.....- 9/3/2008 4:38:01 PM
AT&T wireless data network goes out in East (joe) NEW YORK - AT&T Inc.'s wireless data network was down Wednesday morning in parts of the eastern U.S., according to user reports and the company.AT&T spokesman Michael Coe said the company was .....- 9/3/2008 4:04:55 PM
Sarah Palin Who Pledged Cooperation in Ethics Probe NOW TRYING TO STALL THE INVESTIGATION (salon) Sarah Palin now refuses to submit to questioning unless it's IN FRONT OF A PANEL COMPRISED OF THREE PEOPLE SHE APPOINTED. How crooked is that? So much for full cooperation with the probe.Course we alr.....- 9/3/2008 3:54:03 PM
Video-John McCain-More of the Same (salon) - 9/3/2008 3:46:29 PM
More Jokes about McCain and Palin (salon) First up, Video via Wonkette (it's VERY RUDE AND VULGAR, You've been warned)• "She does know about international relations because she is right up there in Alaska, right next-door to Russia......- 9/3/2008 3:40:34 PM
One in Three Chance McCain Will Die in Office-Then We'd Have Sarah Palin as president (salon) And pointing out that his mom is still living isn't good enough. My grandmother lived to be 96 but not my grandpa.Yeah, I really want a woman who was FOR abstinence training, against abortions, even i.....- 9/3/2008 3:18:57 PM
Lots O Room To Sit At the RNC (salon) - 9/3/2008 3:12:11 PM
Bwahahah-Now the RNC is trying to HIDE Palin's Answers About the Pledge, Abortion etc (salon) If you followed the link I had at the post in which I questioned why IGNORANT Sarah Palin thought that the Founding Fathers had God in the Pledge, it would take you to the Eagle Forum. The Eagle Forum.....- 9/3/2008 2:53:15 PM
McCain Campaign Playing up Bristol Palin's Pregnancy Yet Want Critics to Lay Off (salon) Pfffttt. Bunch of hypocrites. Here's the McCain campaign making sure that Bristold's pregnancy is not played up.Gee, as the commentator in the video says, doesn't this BRING BACK THE FAMILY DISCUSSION.....- 9/3/2008 2:33:21 PM
Corruption To Introduce Corruption- Michael Williams of the Texas Railroad Commission at the RNC (salon) I read last night that Michael Williams of the RRC was going to be the one to introduce John McCain. Let's just see WHY that might be.I'll say it straight out. the Texas Railroad Commission is one the.....- 9/3/2008 2:10:55 PM
This is Rude.. But I Laughed.. Rick Santorum on Sarah Palin (salon) - 9/3/2008 1:51:34 PM
WATCH OUT FOR THOSE GRAPES! heh. (salon) - 9/3/2008 1:42:48 PM
Women, Including HRC Supporters, Flocking to Obama After Speech (salon) and, no doubt after hearing about Palin, who Sits at the Feet Of Her Master. "A new Gallup poll out yesterday says that the percentage of Clinton loyalists planning to vote for Obama in November .....- 9/3/2008 12:48:50 PM
Best Comment About Palin O Day (salon) - 9/3/2008 12:46:13 PM
I'm Horrified- Amy Goodman was ARRESTED at the RNC Convention for ASKING A QUESTION??? (salon) Have to admit, I've become somewhat jaded about this government's respect for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. I read the other day that the police in Minnesota were barging into places to t.....- 9/3/2008 12:39:14 PM
Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) Says Being Named In An Indictment Against TAB/TRMPAC is Politically Motivated (salon) Let's just do a little recap of what the fool all of this is about.David Lengefeld of Hamilton, Texas (D) believes he was targeted by Republicans to get him out of office. But corporate money was used.....- 9/3/2008 11:50:56 AM
One More Time on the One-Trick-Pony-One-Issue-Trumps-All of Social Conservatives (salon) from James WolcottMcCain has put the conservative base in a position where it has to bend itself out of shape to maintain its support for the Republican ticket. He also understands that cultural conse.....- 9/3/2008 11:11:53 AM
McCain! Release Your Military Records-Including the 3 Reports on Air Mishaps You were Involved In (salon) From the Nieman Watchdog.Setting the stage for the Republican convention, the Washington Post ran a special eight-page section with a profile of John McCain, more than 10,000 words long, by writer Mic.....- 9/3/2008 1:11:15 AM
Stephenville (Erath County) Texas Editorial Comment About Sarah Palin (salon) from Sara Vanden Berge.....what this says about McCain is that he doesn’t know squat about women. If he thought female voters would overlook a candidate’s qualifications because of gender,.....- 9/3/2008 12:57:42 AM
The Promise in Glen Rose (Texas) Kicking off 20th Year (salon) - 9/3/2008 12:55:02 AM
Think Jews Will Like Sarah Palin's *Jews for Jesus* Pastor? Bet Not! (salon) Let's see. Palin's pastor, Larry Kroon, introduced David Brickner of "Jews for Jesus". Palin was there.  From Politico.Palin’s pastor, Larry Kroon, introduced Brickner on Aug. 17,.....- 9/3/2008 12:10:26 AM
Country First? Not for Sarah Palin- Videos of her and the Alaska Independence Party (salon) Listen at about 6:00Former member of AIP, Sarah Palin mentioned in clip from AIP convention. At 6:00 Dexter Clark, Vice Chairman of the AIP says:"Our current governor, we mentioned at the last co.....- 9/2/2008 11:44:23 PM
Except Joe Lieberman Isn't a Democrat (salon) I sure hope when the REAL Democrats take over Congress that they will kick Lieberman off his Homeland Security seat in the Senate and let him go growl in the corner with McCain."And that brings m.....- 9/2/2008 11:28:45 PM
And Now the National Enquirer Has *Teen Prego Crisis* Article about Sarah Palin (salon) As mentioned here yesterday, the National Enquirer says that the reason Sarah Palin spilled the beans to the press about her 17 year old daughter being pregnant is because the Enquirer was about to go.....- 9/2/2008 11:12:00 PM
Daily Dump of More Stuff About Sarah Palin-Because She's a Nine Day Wonder (salon) McCain probably won't dump Palin because He Likes To Have Her Sit At the Feet Of the Master. And you know how that appeals to extreme cultish fundamentalist Christian women who Know Their Place.Let's .....- 9/2/2008 10:50:58 PM
CNN Political Market Alert: Will John McCain drop Sarah Palin as his running mate? (pharper) Received this notification from CNN at 9:52pm CST, thought it was a very interesting thing that they are now putting this on the political market.---Will John McCain drop Sarah Palin as his runni.....- 9/2/2008 10:00:56 PM
First Gossip Rag With Sarah Palin on the Cover-US Weekly (salon) US WeeklyMom-of-five Palin is antiabortion (even in cases of rape) and opposed to sex-education classes (she believes in abstinence instruction for teens).In the wake of the announcement about Bristol.....- 9/2/2008 9:49:42 PM
Sarah Palin on the Cover of *Foreign Affairs Weekly* (salon) - 9/2/2008 8:49:07 PM
Heh! Videos - Comedienne Sara Benincasa Makes Fun of Sarah Palin (salon) - 9/2/2008 5:37:14 PM
Hey! Texans! Let's All Run for President! WE ALL Have Foreign Policy Experience! (salon) - 9/2/2008 5:22:42 PM
Phyllis Schlafly-Hey, Why'd McCain Cancel Palin on Us? We Weren't Going to Ask Her Any Questions!!! (salon)  A little humphing. I said the other day that I thought Palin probably appealed to the same wackos that like Schlafly. Guess so, since Sarah Palin was scheduled to speak, but then (she?No, McCain.....- 9/2/2008 5:16:14 PM
Whiny McCain Can't Stand the Heat-Won't Go on CNN Where There Are Tough Questions (salon) - 9/2/2008 5:10:41 PM
Back Off Barack Obama-You Don't Get It- It's a FEMALE Issue. (salon) I'm voting for Barack Obama, I would be CRAZY to vote for McCain. But he doesn't get why WOMEN that care about reproductive rights are NOT going to stop talking about Palin. Ever.Jane Smiley via SlogS.....- 9/2/2008 12:25:25 PM
Justice Urges an En Banc Review of Tom Delay's Money-Laundering Case (salon) Wrote about this the other day with regard to Sid Miller, among others, being called to testify.From the A-ASA member of the state's 3rd Court of Appeals has questioned her colleagues' handling of a c.....- 9/2/2008 12:05:39 PM
Did Sarah Palin Spill About Her Preggers Daughter Because National Enquirer Was About to Break the Story? (salon) Baby Daddy (Say, that blonde hanging off his neck doesn't look like Bristol, does she?)From RadarMake that 2-0 for David Perel. Fresh off his success with the John Edwards story, sources tell Radar th.....- 9/2/2008 11:35:29 AM
I see My Video of John McCain and the Arabian Horses Made Wonkette (salon) Here's hilarious Wonkette (and the embedded video) snarking about it. Oh god that horrible imitation of a human laugh. “Well, heh heh heh, at least no Arabian horses died. Heh heh heh heh.&rdquo.....- 9/2/2008 11:25:05 AM
When Is an *Extended Vacation* A Euphemism for Being Kicked Out of Your House for Cheating? (salon) When it's John Edwards. From RadarSupposedly, friends of his wife, Elizabeth, who herself is experiencing a good deal of fallout, are saying that she ordered him to pack up his things and move out. An.....- 9/2/2008 11:15:54 AM
Another WONDERFUL Video from Obama (salon) - 9/2/2008 11:06:55 AM
On Sitting In Judgment on This Blog of McCain, Bush, Palin, or any other politician (salon) Let's get this clear. Right now. People make judgments every day. You make a judgment about whether to take an umbrella with you on a cloudy day. You make a judgment about whether to make a right turn.....- 9/2/2008 10:56:49 AM
*Jilted* Bush Acting Like a Woman Scorned-Will be on the RNC Ticket Tonight (salon) Another amusing drama with the Republicans. McCain didn't want Bush to speak. Even though he is Bush on Steroids, he is trying desperately to look like a *Maverick* (which in case means a Senior Momen.....- 9/2/2008 10:30:15 AM
More on *Waterbreak* Scandal with Sarah Palin-Because this Pick for VP is Pretty Hilar (salon) First up, from Tom Burka- Sarah Palin was THOROUGHLY vetted... by Jamie Spears Mom, McCain Campaign says.Spears was selected to vet Palin because she is an authority on mothering, and the author of nu.....- 9/2/2008 8:44:55 AM
UPDATED: So.. Is Sarah Palin LYING about being Miss Congeniality? Another Woman Said So, CORRECTION (salon) Update: I'm STILL snickering over Palin but the Miss Congeniality brouhaha as detailed below turns out to be a case of someone with a faulty memory. From the St Louis Post Dispatch on SaturdayIn comme.....- 9/1/2008 11:37:16 PM
Sarah Palin Political Cartoons (salon) - 9/1/2008 10:33:56 PM
When a Female, Just Any Ole Female, Will Do for VP- Sunday's Snickers (salon) I wasn't for Hillary Clinton but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see a woman for president. Or even VP. But sheesh, what the choice of John McCain of Sarah Palin indicates is that he wanted a wom.....- 9/1/2008 9:51:18 PM
Um. Sarah Palin! The Founding Fathers Did NOT PUt *Under God* in the Pledge (salon) I was looking at some of Sarah Palin's positions and ran across this. (update: see bottom for new link)11. Are you offended by the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why .....- 9/1/2008 8:25:48 PM
People Elected to Office Who Pass Laws Should Expect Criticism and Scrutiny of their Values (salon) On another post, a commenter asked "since when do other people have the right to tell another how to raise their children?" . After my jaw dropped at the absurdity of the question, I replied.....- 9/1/2008 7:16:59 PM
Family Values PfffTT!! Sarah Palin's Daughter Bristol is Pregnant Out of Wedlock (salon) Wrote about all the brouhahah concerning Palin and her down syndrome child, including a rumour that perhaps it was Sarah Palin's child and Bristol was the mother of the down syndrome baby instead of S.....- 9/1/2008 11:53:19 AM
All Readers of Somervell County Salon have a WONDERFUL Labor Day (salon) It\'s early here and everyone in the house, including family and guests, are sleeping, including, luckily, for the moment, the dog. Later on, when all get up, we\'re planning a barbecue and ho.....- 9/1/2008 8:40:05 AM
Video In Honor of John McCain Glory-Hogging Down in the Gulf-*Arabian Horses* (salon) Yeah, this is the guy that was hugging up to Bush this time around 2 years ago, eating a birthday cake while people died in Katrina. Now he's pretending to care.This clip I made a couple of years.....- 8/31/2008 7:32:22 PM
The Chick Flick Starring Sarah Palin and Gramps McCain! (salon) (Original Picture of  -maybe- Sarah Palin from Hollywood Newsroom)So Maureen Dowd wrote this, which is a hoot, and then Dave Winer wrote this. The wrinkly white haired dude and the VP-chick win t.....- 8/31/2008 4:49:04 PM
Having a Nostalgia Moment for High School-Hudson Ohio (salon) Maybe it's all these hilarious jokes about Sarah Palin, being a cheerleader and clueless, and also that I was thinking the other day about a job I once had back in Hudson at a place called Flilckinger.....- 8/31/2008 5:13:01 PM
Video- The Jokes Just Keep Coming about McCain and Palin (salon) - 8/31/2008 3:06:07 PM
I-See-You-Naked Backscatter Machines are SO Old School-Now it's Millimeter Wave Scan Machines (salon) We have talked about backscatter machines here before. You think when you go the airport that you have some protection against being randomly scanned where the operator of a machine can't SEE YOU UNDE.....- 8/31/2008 3:00:00 PM
Funniest Comment I've Read Today About Sarah Palin-What a HOOT! (salon) from Wonkette, where somebody named Jingo said.McCain made an excellent choice for Vice Presidential running mate. Sure she has less that 2 years experience as a governor and prior to that was the may.....- 8/31/2008 2:11:37 PM
Kip Averitt (TX State Senator District 22) All For Privatizing the State Lottery (salon) Remember that Rick Perry, whose son WORKS for a company that stands to beneft from this, has been all for this.  And Perry has used school funds to try to push video gambling. Back to AverittAlth.....- 8/31/2008 1:16:27 PM
Belly Laugh O Day- Cindy *Pillpopper* McCain Explains Sarah Palin's Foreign Policy Experience (salon) Well, I love a good laugh!I almost hate to have to explain why this is such a hoot. Hey, I used to live in Houston. I guess that made me a foreign policy expert on Cuba!Bwaahahahahahahahahah. Cindy, j.....- 8/31/2008 12:06:18 PM
Nanosolar: new energy cost saving product hits the market (pstern) Nanosolar is a company providing thin solar panels at a fraction of the cost of regular panels.With high energy costs, especially runaway electric bills, Nanosolar may be the ticket out of energy ensl.....- 8/31/2008 10:20:50 AM
Forget Eagleton! Sarah Palin A Younger and Prettier Phyllis Schlafly? (salon) When I was reading that ridiculous comment from Cathie Adams of the Eagle Forum (and the equally silly one from *stay at home mom* Patricia Neerman) about how Sarah Palin, mom of five, can have it all.....- 8/31/2008 12:00:49 PM
Audio- Jim Dunnam of Waco (Texas House Rep) Was on Think The Other Day (salon) - 8/31/2008 9:55:37 AM
So, Inexperienced Palin Nomination NOT About Women-It's about Evangelicals (salon) Yesterday I wondered why in the fool one of the campaign spokesmen for McCain said that Palin would learn at the feet of the master. SO offensive to women. And I daresay there aren't many women who we.....- 8/31/2008 9:26:51 AM
Thyroid Cancer in Adults for Survivors of Atomic Bomb Explosions-New Study (salon) Washington, August 31 : A new research has led to the discovery that an atomic bomb explosion in a particular area can lead to thyroid cancer in survivors at the onset of adulthood.The research, carri.....- 8/31/2008 8:56:26 AM
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