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Geez. Nutjob Sarah Palin Says She'd Go to War with Russia (salon) - 9/11/2008 4:49:08 PM
Media-ASK Sarah Palin about Charging Rape Victims (salon) - 9/11/2008 3:55:28 PM
Video-Gina Gershon Does Sarah Palin (salon) - 9/11/2008 2:48:19 PM
John McCain Visits Criminal's Yacht the day AFTER He Pled Guilty to Multimillion Dollar Fraud. (salon) - 9/11/2008 2:44:27 PM
Video-John McCain's hypocrisy -Seal DNA and Shaming Sarah Palin (salon) My compilation for today reference Politico  and here.  (Update: I edited the video as I figured out, duh, how to make the clilps fit the background. ....... )Senator John McCain recently to.....- 9/11/2008 2:53:53 PM
Sarah Palin Story in National Enquirer Now in the Stores (salon) I went out a bit ago and found it at one of the quick stores in Glen Rose. It did not disappoint. There's also an article about how that guy that is supposed to be the baby daddy to John Edward's affa.....- 9/11/2008 12:43:08 PM
Pretty Funny! Sarah Palin Quotes a Guy Who was KICKED OUT OF THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (salon) hehIt was an interesting source for Palin to use in such a high-profile setting.It's an odd source because Pegler, who moved further right as his career went on, ended up very, very far out. Frank not.....- 9/11/2008 12:11:39 PM
Voters Beware: The GOP's Message (pstern) It's beyond interesting that the GOP members are clamoring for a platform of "change" for the future of the U.S.  They continually try to blame the last 2 years of a "lib.....- 9/11/2008 10:26:59 AM
I'm STILL Tired of Hearing about 9/11 (salon) I wrote this a couple of years ago.  The difference today is that I don't have Dish any more to listen to but I'm also keeping the radio off.GET OVER IT, AMERICA. It's like some kind of friggin D.....- 9/11/2008 10:05:32 AM
Political Cartoons O day- Thursday Sep 11 (salon) - 9/11/2008 9:58:00 AM
I think the McCain Strategy is to find Something, Anything They Can Blow Up on a Daily Basis (salon) Was thinking about this last night. If I was in charge of a sleazy campaign that didn't care WHAT made the news, just THAT it made the news, I'd find any little thing that I could seize upon to make a.....- 9/11/2008 8:43:44 AM
I'm Looking Forward to Hearing John McCain Blast Sarah Palin for Her Earmarks, Aren't You? (salon) (Course we all know he just picked the first woman who fell out of a tree and didn't vet her).From KFWBFAIRFAX, Va. (AP) -- Republican presidential nominee John McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov.....- 9/11/2008 8:17:19 AM
Movie Night-Margo at the Wedding-what the fool was THAT movie about? (salon) I can't believe I watched it twice. I got it from Netflix the other day because I thought I hadn't watched it. Yeah.... I had. And I don't even like Nicole Kidman.The plot is basically about a dysfunc.....- 9/11/2008 8:14:55 AM
Newsweek Slams the John McCain Campaign for Distorting Fact Check (salon) Because dishonorable John McCain has apparently decided to run a campaign of lies.Summary A McCain-Palin ad has FactCheck.org calling Obama's attacks on Palin "absolutely false" and "mi.....- 9/11/2008 8:08:04 AM
Sarah Palin Hypocrite Alert- SHE Can Charge Taxpayers Per Diem But Woe to Alaska Legislators! (salon) Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin charged taxpayers a per diem for her meals and incidental expenses as governor but was a vocal critic of a similar perk for state legislators.The Washington Post reported yeste.....- 9/11/2008 7:55:25 AM
Pfftt! Now the White House Trying to Say Bin Laden NOT BEHIND THE SEPT 11 ATTACKS. (salon) Why? Because Bush never caught him, dead or alive?Interesting that the Bush administration has used him as the bogeyman for all this time and now, conveniently, when Bush is about to leave office and .....- 9/11/2008 7:52:11 AM
Should Churches with Tax Exempt Status Be Able To Preach Politics from the Pulpit? (salon) Interesting set of complaints back and forth with regard to "Pulpit Freedom Sunday". I don't have a problem with a church preaching politics, as long as its non-profit status gets taken away.....- 9/11/2008 7:49:46 AM
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant-Is the NRC Relicensing Process Based on 30 Years Ago? (salon) Andrew Spano of Westchester Co, NY says soWestchester County will take its case against the Indian Point nuclear power plant to federal appeals court on Friday, arguing that the criteria being used by.....- 9/11/2008 7:46:12 AM
Ernie Casbeer (Running for Tx House Dist 59) News of September (salon) - 9/11/2008 7:06:51 AM
Lipstick (humanbeing) 9/10/2008 I think I’ve heard the word, ‘Lipstick’ today more times than all the rest of my years put together, including those teenage ones, when finding the right color was of par.....- 9/10/2008 9:36:56 PM
Sarah Palin's Kids-On Drugs and Wild According to the National Enquirer (salon) - 9/10/2008 8:25:14 PM
Woah! Remember that Bosque County News Editor from Meridian (TX) That Disappeared from her job? (salon) She's charged with theft up to $20,000. No wonder she ran away. From the Waco TribThree months after the managing editor of the Bosque County News disappeared from her job and family for six days, the.....- 9/10/2008 7:33:30 PM
Heh! Video of Sarah Palin Lying about Earmark Reform (salon) - 9/10/2008 7:25:01 PM
TSA Dishes Out New Uniforms to Pretend those Intrusive Folks Frisking You are Law and Order People (salon) If TSA was TRULY for law and order, they'd make sure they had warrants before they subjected people to the awful searches they have for everyone who is cowlike enough to fly. And they'd also have some.....- 9/10/2008 7:02:11 PM
Senator Ted Stevens From Alaska Must Be in Court on Sep 22 (salon) - 9/10/2008 6:33:50 PM
Back Atcha, McCain-Mr. Sexist. (salon) "I have to wonder why John McCain would want to raise something like this. And maybe [former Massachusetts Gov.] Jane Swift [who appeared earlier on MSNBC] doesn't know his record but I wonder wh.....- 9/10/2008 6:25:08 PM
How did WE Watch the Democratic National Convention? Via the Internet, NOT the Television (salon) Suppose that the polls showing that more people watched McCain than Obama didn't take into consideration the people that don't WATCH TELEVISION but watch it online, either as it is streaming or afterw.....- 9/10/2008 5:23:34 PM
Today, Wednesday Sept 10-Twenty Seven Times Palin Has Lied About the Bridge To Nowhere (salon) Thinkprogress is not only keeping count but has a listing with each time she's done it.And here's Chris Mathews keeping a count, via TPMAt some point, won't she and John McCain just have to STOP LYING.....- 9/10/2008 5:10:13 PM
Hays County Commissioners Demand Road Bonds (pstern) Ludicrous Road Bond Package at Huge Cost to Taxpayers  During the current predatory economic "recession" Hays County Commissioners must NOT agree to increase the burden o.....- 9/10/2008 5:00:38 PM
Bwahahahah-McCain Violates Copyright Law with *Lipstick* ad-Gets Pulled from Youtube (salon) Too funny! First, Obama wasn't even describing Palin, he was talking about McCain. Maybe McCain didn't like being told his policies were like lipstick on a pig or maybe he just is a lying opportunist......- 9/10/2008 4:23:39 PM
McCain-Not Even Pretending to be Honorable Any More-Scumbags Ahoy! (salon) feedproxy.google.com/~r/Talking-Points-Memo/~3/XzmkOSqxarg/215224.phpI saw the ad his campaign put out about Obama that seems to imply that Scary Black Men Will Rape your Children. Now, I'm sure if th.....- 9/10/2008 1:32:02 PM
So. Is THIS Why Diane Delisi Stepped Down? Appointed by Geren to be CASA (salon) I wondered at the time what Delisi (Tx House District 55) was up to, there was no way she was going to spend more time with her family or the other bs excuses people make when they quit a job, althoug.....- 9/10/2008 9:07:50 AM
Buh-Bye! In Case the Giant Hadron Collider Blows Us Into Oblivion Today (salon) - 9/10/2008 8:56:30 AM
Personally, I Believe It's Fine To Question Why McCain's POW Experience Makes Him A Better Candidate (salon) I remember reading a few weeks back that Tom Brokaw said something to the effect that John McCain couldn't be questioned for his fitness to office on the basis of being a POW. I wondered at the time ,.....- 9/10/2008 8:46:28 AM
Friedman on the 3 am phone call (salon) Somebody needs to tell Obama that if he wants the chance to calmly answer the phone at 3 a.m. in the White House, he is going to need to start slamming down some phones at 3 p.m. along the campaign tr.....- 9/10/2008 7:45:10 AM
Patrick Barkman on Whiny Conservatives and Why It's Not Sexist To...... (salon) from the Cleburne Times Review....it’s not sexist to point out, experience notwithstanding, Palin’s narrative is a little, to be charitable, inconsistent. McCain touted her opposition to e.....- 9/10/2008 7:40:22 AM
Anchorage Judge Told Sarah Palin to QUIT HARRASSING HER BROTHER IN LAW (salon) But she didn't. An Anchorage judge three years ago warned Sarah Palin and members of her family to stop "disparaging" the reputation of Alaska State Trooper Michael Wooten, who at the time w.....- 9/10/2008 12:26:17 AM
McCain Says *Screw You, Heart! I'm Gonna Play Barracuda Whether YOU Like it or NOT!* (salon) It's comical to read how many musicians have asked McCain to quit playing their music because they think his policies and ideas stink. But what music would be left to play, except perhaps Lawrence Wel.....- 9/10/2008 12:21:56 AM
John *Lemme Tell You Again About How I Was a POW* McCain (salon) From Think ProgressMcCain has a long history of not just discussing his POW experience, but bringing it up in conversations entirely unrelated to the subject. In addition, on the campaign trail, McCai.....- 9/9/2008 11:47:01 PM
McCain to News Media-Yes, You Can Be ON the Plane But YOu Can't Do Your Job (salon) Absurd.  What happens when a man who is afraid the media will actually ask questions of his VP candidate (who can show up at rallies and read the telerprompter but Cannot Be Asked Any Questions) .....- 9/9/2008 10:28:09 PM
McPOW-Over One Million POW References Served (salon) - 9/9/2008 9:52:05 PM
John McCain Walks His Dog, Glen Rose Style (salon) - 9/9/2008 8:45:40 PM
So.. McCain's Campaign Endorses Palin's Iraq War is a Task from God Craziness (salon) I really really have to wonder, now. Do religious fundamentalists really all believe this. Do all Republicans believe this? That the war in Iraq is God's task? I think that's NUTS.Tell me again what m.....- 9/9/2008 3:14:53 PM
Ugh. When Sarah Palin Was Mayor, Her City CHARGED RAPE VICTIMS for expense of investigation. (salon) - 9/9/2008 2:33:51 PM
Barack Obama on Education (salon) I saw the other day that McCain is all for school vouchers. To me, this GUTS public education and I don't want my tax dollars going to help somebody who wants to send their kid to private school (or a.....- 9/9/2008 1:23:38 PM
Give the Alaska National Guard General a Promotion-HE CHANGES HIS STORY! (salon) You ever see the movie "In and Out" where Joan Cusack rushes out into the street in her wedding dress and shouts "IS EVERYBODY GAY?". I sort of feel like that with corruption. Po P.....- 9/9/2008 1:18:01 PM
Meghan McCain Says Her Family is the ONLY ONE THAT UNDERSTANDS WAR (salon) - 9/9/2008 1:11:56 PM
Bwahahaha-Video of Norm Coleman Being Asked about the Last 8 Bush Years (salon) - 9/9/2008 1:09:01 PM
Here Comes Propaganda *Clean Skies* Baloney from Chesapeake-via Shale.TV (salon) From PRWatchFaced with "public complaints about its new drilling in an urban area" -- Forth Worth, Texas -- the natural gas company Chesapeake Energy is about to launch its own "brand-n.....- 9/9/2008 12:45:02 PM
Now The WSJ In on Talking about Palin's Revenge Firing For a Friend Of Hers (salon) We talked about this the other day. It's pretty amusing that hyper conservative Wall Street Journal is reporting on this now. Read the whole thing but here's an excerptThey were, you know, professiona.....- 9/9/2008 12:40:01 PM
Why Does Sarah Palin KEEP LYING about Her Bridge to Nowhere Claim? (salon) - 9/9/2008 12:35:04 PM
Heh! Republicans Don't LIke a Bald McCain So They PhotoShopped Him Some Hair (salon) - 9/9/2008 12:28:11 PM
Audio- On that Fishing Ordinance That Glen Rose City Council Approved Last Time -September 8 2008 (salon) Went to the City of Glen Rose Town Council meeting last night and recorded the whole thing. I hadn't heard about the problems with hooks in the Paluxy River by Big Rocks but apparently it's a huge iss.....- 9/9/2008 12:23:31 PM
Not So Ethical Sarah Palin Charging Alaskans A Per Diem for her OWN HOME (salon) Okay. So. If you become governor of a state and you decide that, instead of living in the big mansion that is provided for you, you're going to live far away and then use a per diem that is supposed t.....- 9/9/2008 11:22:08 AM
Video-Mary Adams at Glen Rose City Council Meeting About Runoff, History, Human/Dinosaur Footprints and Evolution (salon) I really enjoyed the historial part of what Mary Adams was saying. Joseph Godfrey Adams bought property in Glen Rose on Hereford Street in 1893 and ran the Adam's Drugstore which was downtown on the s.....- 9/9/2008 10:48:50 AM
Well, THIS Answers a Question about Insane Women (salon) Okay. I can get that Warmongering or looney right-wing Christianistas that also believe, with Palin that God wants people to vote on pipelines and that the War in Iraq is a task  from God. But wh.....- 9/9/2008 9:02:56 AM
Big Fat Liar-When have the Puffery and Claims about Sarah Palin been TRUE? (salon) Pretty bad when even Fox News points out that John McCain and Sarah Palin are lying about what they're saying.I guess we know why McCain doesn't want Palin to get vettted... BY THE MEDIA!P.S. There's .....- 9/9/2008 8:13:49 AM
New, Better Screening Test for HPV Virus (salon) Thank goodness for science!A new way to test for cervical cancer is more accurate than a pap smear and identified more dangerous lesions, an Italian study showed on Tuesday.Researchers used the tradit.....- 9/9/2008 7:30:36 AM
Lots of Texas School Districts Asking Voters for Tax Hikes (salon) - 9/9/2008 7:14:49 AM
FACT CHECK on Sarah Palin and the Bridge to Nowhere and Pork Barrel Spending (salon) From the APTHE FACTS: Palin did abandon plans to build the nearly $400 million bridge from Ketchikan to an island with 50 residents and an airport. But she made her decision after the project had beco.....- 9/9/2008 7:11:47 AM
Heh! John McSame Picked the WRONG PALIN! MICHAEL PALIN for President! (salon) - 9/9/2008 7:00:41 AM
McCain vs. Obama: Is Fluff Enuff? (pstern) Will Americans be fooled by political rhetoric? Why not?  It worked before.After all, this is the nation that voted twice for the Bush administration."We need to bring change to Washing.....- 9/9/2008 6:33:25 AM
Playing with some Panoramic Photos of Downtown Glen Rose (salon) When you see this, keep in mind that I am LEARNING Photoshop and thus, the photos aren't perfect. I see, for example, in this one that I took the photos looking to the right a little too high. But I o.....- 9/8/2008 11:18:19 PM
Obama Calls Out McCain and Palin's BS- Including Both Of Their Lies about the Bridge to Nowhere (salon) "I've got to admit, these folks are shameless," Obama told a rally here, displaying a passion and an intensity rarely seen from the Illinois senator.He noted that Palin had originally suppor.....- 9/8/2008 10:57:51 PM
I Should Probably Care That Olbermann Is Off the Election Beat With Bland Ole David Gregory Instead (salon) - 9/8/2008 10:28:42 PM
Here's a Button I like (salon) - 9/8/2008 4:49:43 PM
Ugh. Republicans Try to Stop Students at Virginia Tech from Voting (salon) - 9/8/2008 4:48:40 PM
Some Assorted Pictures from Today-Glen Rose, Texas- September 8 2008 (salon) I've already raved about how great I think the remodel of the county courthouse is. Here are a couple of pictures from the county commissioner's court room.Notice the screen up on the wall, in the rec.....- 9/8/2008 4:37:55 PM
Video- Somervell County Commish Court and the Tire Recycling Pilot Plan (TCEA/COG) Sep 8 08 (salon) I thought this was pretty interesting. The idea is to take old tires and make them into what looks like hay bales! Then they will be used as *fill*, such as by TxDOT on road berms.  It's a pilot .....- 9/8/2008 4:58:57 PM
Video-Janis Stout Talks about Louise Berry and the Somervell County Food Bank (salon) - 9/8/2008 2:45:45 PM
McCain Doesn't Understand Economics-As It Turns Out, Neither Does Palin (salon) - 9/8/2008 2:12:33 PM
Video- The Somervell County Tax Hearing (2nd one) September 8, 2008 (salon) Somervell County is proposing raising taxes to cover the budget and held the 2nd public hearing on that this morning. (I think they only hold two). Here\'s video of that, with one man who made a c.....- 9/8/2008 2:21:39 PM
John McCain's Actions and Involvement with the Fannie Mae Crisis (salon) I was thinking about this today when I was mowing the lawn, wondering how McCain voted in any of the leadups that led to YOU AND ME picking up the tab for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac BECAUSE WE ARE IN .....- 9/8/2008 12:15:12 AM
Steve Blow of DMN- Use the Palin Case to Re-examine Abstinence Only Education (salon) since, as he points out, we spent 17 million dollars on it last year BUT a higher percentage of Texas high school students, as compared to nationally, have had sex. So it's NOT WORKING, is it?But as f.....- 9/8/2008 12:00:22 AM
Pallin' on Palin- Well, I think I'm hitting my Nine Day Wonder Peak with Sarah Palin (salon) When did we first hear about this unvetted woman who believes it's God's will to have war in Iraq? The first time I posted about her was on August 29. I was utterly fascinated for days but you know, s.....- 9/7/2008 10:57:46 PM
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