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White House puts credibility of Fox News credibility with WH Press officials at 90 percent (salon) - 3/21/2005
CNN Airs a Story By TV Reporter paid by State of Florida (salon) Reporter Mike Vasilinda not only did the news on-air but earned hundreds of thousands of money for PR pieces the government of Florida paid him for. His Tallahassee company, Mike Vasilinda Productions.....- 3/21/2005
More on DeLay-In light of the overwhelming disapproval of Congressional meddling, he steps out (salon) Mr. DeLay was front and center in the political opportunity show surrounding the Terri Schaivo situation. He said “One thing that God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo, to help elevate the visibility.....- 3/21/2005
Tom DeLay on end-of-life-Do As I Say, Not As I Do (salon) We are not surprised to read that when Tom DeLay faced his own "Right to Die" moment with regard to his father, he and his family decided to remove the life-sustaining equipment and let his .....- 3/21/2005
Will Evangelicals Get Loud About Wolfowitz's Mistress? (salon) We were reading Digby's Hullabaloo this morning concerning Paul Wolfowitz, nominated to head the World Bank. (The World Bank is the institution that loans money to lesser countries; unfortunately it o.....- 3/21/2005
Mr Bush's Priorities (salon) When Mr. Bush was given a Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6th, 2001 that Bin Laden was "Determined to Attack Within the United States", he continued his month-long vacation. We saw pho.....- 3/20/2005
Our private and personal information-mishandled by the Transportation Security Administration (salon) Homeland Security Department Acting Inspector General Richard Skinner, after an investigation, found that the TSA had "misled" the public about the personal information it got to test the CA.....- 3/20/2005
Pentagon's New Plans Reveal that Those Who Violate International Law Are Considered Threats (salon) The Pentagon is releasing the new National Defense Strategy. Among its four major strategic objectives:Securing the United States from direct attack from other countries. We are interested to read how.....- 3/20/2005
If the Texas House has its way, the public would be limited in participation about environmental planning decisions (salon) Rep Dennis Bonnen of Angleton is the House rep pushing HB 2758. Although Public Citizen's reports show that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality works more efficiently to issue permits than t.....- 3/20/2005
Overreaching Congress Forgets the Principles this country founded upon (salon) We haven't paid much attention to the Terri Schiavo up till now, as we have been confident that the process of courts at the state level have dealt fairly and comprehensively with the issues involved......- 3/20/2005
Pentagon/CIA-run Al Iraqiya television station in Iraq playing CPA sponsored propaganda (salon) In a new low for government-sponsored propaganda, the US-funded television station in Iraq, Al Iraqiya, is playing a show named "Terrorism", which is meant to convince Iraqis that insurgents.....- 3/20/2005
When 9 year old children and closed meetings are not enough (salon) The polls show that the public at large is not buying what George Bush is selling. In true Rain Man fashion, he has attempted to pull out all the stops to push what he recently admitted is not yet in .....- 3/20/2005
John Cornyn and Open Records (salon) We read the other day that John Cornyn and Patrick Leahy have joined together, during Sunshine Week, to improve the Freedom of Information Open Records Act Sens. John Cornyn, R-TX, and Patrick Leahy, .....- 3/20/2005
The Pentagon Channel -at what point is it inappropriate or illegal to broadcast propaganda into the US? (salon) Donald Rumsfeld, in the year 2002, announced his intention to create an "Office of Strategic Influence".  The object of the OSI was to plant propaganda and misleading stories in the internat.....- 3/20/2005
Senators On Record as being for Social Security deep benefit cuts and massive increases in debt (salon) Yesterday, Senator Bill Nelson of Florida submitted an amendment to the budget, regarding social securityAMENDMENT PURPOSE:To express the sense of the Senate that Congress should reject any Social Sec.....- 3/20/2005
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