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Texans Join Suit Over NCLB (salon) Background- From Today- WASHINGTON — The nation's largest teachers union and school districts in Texas and two other states launched a legal fight over No Child Left Behind today, aiming to free schoo.....- 4/20/2005 12:55:28 PM
Fake News- How Companies Pay TV Experts for On-Air Product Mentions (salon) As we have discussed before, the answer to the fake news issue, which includes not only government propaganda disguised as true news, but marketing press releases presented in VNRs (Video News Release.....- 4/20/2005 12:45:48 PM
Why did the Senate Panel to investigate Iraq War Intelligence failures leave out the Curveball memo? (salon) Curveball, an Iraq emigre, was used as a main source of intelligence and justification for going to war with Iraq. As Newsweek points out, Curveball was considered a liar and his information discredit.....- 4/20/2005 11:57:21 AM
Bush-Americans have no right or calling to impose our own form of government on others. (salon) Really. Why, then, did the US preemptively attack Iraq, who was not a threat to us, on the false pretext of WMD, and then decide to change the pretext to bringing them democracy?Reading further into B.....- 4/20/2005 10:38:40 AM
Hutchison Hijinks at the NRA (salon) Burnt Orange Report on the utter foolishness of KBH in her attempt to pander to the right-wing nuts at the NRAKBH tried to win favor with gun owners by saying this at the NRA convention:"The Fren.....- 4/20/2005 9:59:44 AM
TX House CPS Bill to privatize foster care, prevent homosexuals from being foster parents (salon) Houston Chronicle: Private contractors would be responsible for placing abused and neglected children in foster homes and monitoring their progress under a Texas House plan lawmakers passed Tuesday to.....- 4/20/2005 9:39:46 AM
Needs of the American People VS Radical Idealogical Elements in the Republican Party Base (salon) Harry Reid to Mitch McConnell regarding judicial nominations via KOSThank you for your letter yesterday regarding judicial nominations. I assume that your reply to my March 15 letter is not a substitu.....- 4/19/2005 11:20:36 PM
Tom DeLay's Email Protesting his Innocence and a Rebuttal (salon) Tom's Email Broken Down - Note to Tom DeLay: If it takes 2540 words to explain why you didn’t do anything wrong, you’ve probably done something wrong. Rebuttal - DeLay's DodgeYesterday, in an effort t.....- 4/19/2005 10:56:12 PM
Drug and Alcohol Employee Testing-Reported to TDPS for commercial license holders (salon) SB 217-  Requires all firms and agencies using drug testing on workers holding commercial driver's licenses to report results to the Texas Department of Public Safety if results exceed the legal limit.....- 4/19/2005 10:39:16 PM
Changes to Zero Tolerance Bill in Texas (salon) We've read our share of silly situations in which students have been expelled from school by some innocent action that nevertheless went against strict zero-tolerance policy.SB 126 changes this for th.....- 4/19/2005 10:29:24 PM
Spanking in Texas-Pro and Con (salon) Rep Dutton sponsored HB 383 which gives the custodial parent the right to use "corporal punishment for the reasonable discipline of the child"  Last Action: 04/19/2005  H  Non.....- 4/19/2005 10:16:04 PM
Texas HB 3563 Calls for Randomly Testing Students for Steroid Use (salon) Phil King of Weatherford is author.The bill would apply to students competing under UIL rules. Houston Chronicle:Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, said if his bill is passed, a student-athlete who tests .....- 4/19/2005 10:07:06 PM
Enron Documentary Opens in Houston- When's Ken Lay Coming to Trial? (salon) Houston Chronicle: The documentary includes internal corporate videos, bits of Skilling's 2002 testimony before Congress and photos of ex-executives ensnared in criminal cases. Lay appears in his post.....- 4/19/2005 10:00:40 PM
Why is Luger eager to push through Bolton's nomination? (salon) We watched with fascination the Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting on vote for John Bolton for UN Ambassador. Senator Lugar, as chair, repeatedly attempted to cut off any discussion of new all.....- 4/19/2005 9:39:05 PM
White House's Trent Duffy Seems to Indicate Bush Pre-Screens Audiences for (salon) We have written previously about Bush's pre-screened meetings which ensure, first, that only those who agree with his policies can attend, ensure that all participants on the platform are pre-screened.....- 4/19/2005 9:28:55 PM
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