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Bolton Was Running his own Intelligence Agency (salon) - 4/23/2005 9:44:52 PM
Why Does Media Ownership aka Media Monopoly Matter? (salon) Amy and David Goodman George Bush must have been delighted to learn from a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll that 56 percent of Americans still think Iraq had weapons of mass destruction befor.....- 4/23/2005 9:23:39 AM
Ken Ferree, Media Ownership Rules and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) (salon) Ken Ferree wants to bring more conservative viewers to PBS. The new President for Corporation of Public Broadcasting, which oversees PBS and NPR, doesn't watch much television, including PBS, nor list.....- 4/23/2005 8:32:36 AM
TX Sen Jane Nelson, Author of SB6, Says She Will Fight to Strip the Gay/Bisexual Amendment (salon) Background: Sen Nelson has the right idea- she believes that other parts of the bill to overhaul CPS are important enough not to allow the bill to be tied up in court over the intolerant amendment off.....- 4/22/2005 10:36:53 PM
Textbook bill would teach creationism and have option to remove evolution (salon) Rep Howard of Sugar Land (Tom DeLay is also from Sugar Land) says that since evolution is a theory, and he believes in creationism, science textbooks should teach both, in HB 220 The Housto.....- 4/22/2005 10:25:14 PM
Reid: Bush Goes Back on Word and Encourages Irresponsible Abuse of Power (salon) Harry Reid met with Bush last week, spoke about the filibuster and Bush told hiim "would not become involved in Republican efforts to break the Senate rules". But it's okay for his vice-pres.....- 4/22/2005 9:35:58 PM
Rep Waxman asks the State Department Inspector General about 2003 Terrorism Data (salon) The Bush Administration found that the statistics about terrorism were unfavorable, so they dropped the annual Patterns of Terrorism Report. Thursday, April 21, 2005 -- Rep. Waxman asked the State Dep.....- 4/22/2005 9:16:19 PM
Meddler Bush At it Again- Tells Ecuador's President He Must Hold Elections (salon) We weren't aware that Bush was Emperor of the World. Did we not get the memo or was the Memo from God only directed to Bush in the shower? Quito, April 22 (RHC)--In the wake of the sacking of the Pres.....- 4/22/2005 6:15:37 PM
Clean Air Watch on Bush's "Almost" Vist to The Smokies Today-Backs Dirty Air Energy Bill (salon) President Bush Visits Parks with Dirty Air, Backs Energy Bill to Prolong Dirty Air (the same energy bill that passed yesterday and included dirty air and dirty water provisions while providing pork fo.....- 4/22/2005 5:45:51 PM
How Will FCC's Broadcast Flag Rules Affect Fair Use? (salon) First, the FCC's Broadcast Flag Rules that affect not only television sets but pcs. Essentially, "broadcast flags" are a form of copy protection to prevent consumers from copying digital con.....- 4/22/2005 5:31:25 PM
Scientific Article About US Nuclear Weapon- Earth Penetrating Warheads (salon) Read about this on the Federation of American Scientists site, as we were still considering the implications of the United States having nuclear weapons while preventing other countries from doing so......- 4/22/2005 5:00:22 PM
American Library Association (ALA) on Library Battles Against Portions of the Patriot Act (salon) ALA's Carol Brey-Casiano will be holding a news conference on Monday.The American Library Association (ALA) opposes any use of governmental power to suppress the free and open exchange of knowledge or.....- 4/22/2005 4:43:41 PM
Republicans Planning to Shove Private Accounts Down Unwilling Populace Throat (salon) We already know that the President's Social Security Roadshow is a failure, except for the hand-picked audiences that are already fans, for reasons we can't fathom, of Bush. The more Bush has attempte.....- 4/22/2005 4:30:52 PM
More on the Guns in Bars Bill in Arizona (salon) Background: We read a press release today from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, who are calling the opponents to carrying a concealed weapon into a bar or restaurant, anti-g.....- 4/22/2005 4:16:51 PM
Potpourri of Posted Religious Documents (salon) Digby has a posting about Gov Haley Barbour signing a law in Mississippi okaying the posting of religious documents on government property. Instead of fighting this as an issue of separation of church.....- 4/22/2005 3:32:00 PM
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