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Update on Elizabeth Ann Morgan: Re DWI - May 2016) (salon) For background, do a search on this site on Liz Morgan, multiple articles. Liz Morgan worked for Glen Rose Medical Center as the HIM director as well as HIPAA privacy officer. She stole a signifi.....- 5/11/2016 8:17:52 AM
Case Set for Karen Shepard June 1 2016 at 9:00 am (Somervell) (salon) - 5/11/2016 7:08:43 AM
Somervell County Fire/EMS Logs for Logs 3/1/2016 through May 8 2016 (salon) - 5/10/2016 10:38:27 PM
Somervell County Jail Logs 3/1/2016 through May 8 2016 (salon) - 5/10/2016 10:20:47 PM
Somervell County Incident Reports 3/1/2016 through 5/6/2016 (salon) - 5/10/2016 9:45:54 PM
Sheriff Doyle Inconsistent and Arbitrary with Mugshot Photos - May 2016 (salon) Since about 8 years ago, the Somervell County Sheriff's Department has consistently denied supplying mugshots for jail inmates, unless the person has been through court and been convicted. In.....- 5/10/2016 11:22:20 PM
Video- City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting 5/9/2016 (salon) Agenda Also a few selected video clips, below. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month Tom Osborne re: Preservation Board Celeste Schmidt. This is with regard to the upc.....- 5/10/2016 8:58:39 AM
Primary Runoff Election for Somervell County Sheriff - Election Day May 24 2016 (salon) via DebAnn Gartrell There is a run off for Sheriff between Jeff Slaton and Allen West. Early voting is Monday May 16 - Friday May 20. 7am - 7pm at the Somervell County Annex Conference Room......- 5/9/2016 4:28:06 PM
Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court May 9 2016=Full and some selected clips (salon) Agenda Somervell County Commissioners Court Haley Baird re: National Mental Health Awareness Month (also Hank Jones) Mark Crawford Lucas CPR Compression machine .....- 5/9/2016 4:14:24 PM
Registered Voters versus Recent Election Voters in Somervell County and the City of Glen Rose (salon) Total City of Glen Rose Registered Voters as of 5/9/2016 (this number subject to change daily due to people moving, new voters, deaths, etc)  1533 Council Member Election held on May 7 2016.....- 5/9/2016 11:30:37 AM
2016 Elections for City of Glen Rose and Somervell County Hospital District (salon) City of Glen Rose (Town Council Members) The results are posted on the front door of the City of Glen Rose Town Hall  3 spots, the top three (to be certified next week) were Doug Mitchel.....- 5/8/2016 9:59:42 AM
Multiple Somervell County Commissioners Court meetings this week - 5/9-5/10, 5/11, and 5/12 - 2016 (salon) Monday 9:30 at Somervell County Annex- Regular meeting   1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flags.     Agenda Request Printout &.....- 5/7/2016 10:20:43 AM
City of Glen Rose Agenda for 5/9/2016 5:30 pm Town Council Meeting (salon) - 5/7/2016 10:08:05 AM
Paying Your City of Glen Rose Water Bill - An Opinion (salon) I was sent this yesterday, an opinion that alleges a couple of things regarding, first, the Water Utility Rate Ordinance, and second, the naming of the stage at Oakdale Park. If you have sources eithe.....- 5/7/2016 8:53:23 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 5/6/2016 (salon) Something amazing about life. When a personal situation cleared up around here, I found I have boundless energy. Had the flu about a month ago and was very sick, then the flu turned into bronchitis. Y.....- 5/6/2016 10:17:50 AM
Video of Glen Rose CVB Meeting from 5/4/2016 (salon) Here was the agenda for the meeting, with 3 speakers. Jayme McIlveene, Drew Myers, and Steve Garcia.  Kelly Nobles   Steve Garcia Drew Myers Jayme McIlveen.....- 5/4/2016 5:35:34 PM
Despite Suzanne Gentling's LIES, Neither I nor Paul Harper are in favor of closing the hospital (salon) Sheesh I can certainly understand people deciding to vote one way or the other, but shouldn't the decision be informed at least by FACTS? Apparently not in Suzanne Gentling's world. She said&n.....- 5/4/2016 8:28:17 AM
Top Posts on Somervell County Salon for Last Month- April 2016 (salon)  1  Paul Harper WINS - Harper v Best Anti-Slapp Appeal from 10th Court of Appeals Waco  4/22/2016-salon    2  So... Apparently some .....- 5/3/2016 6:02:38 PM
Voting in May 2016 for City of Glen Rose and Somervell County Hospital District Candidates (salon) from the City of Glen Rose Early Voting for 2016 Glen Rose City Council Early Voting for the City of Glen Rose is April 25th- May 5th at the County Annex. Voting is from 8:00am - 5:00pm&nbs.....- 5/2/2016 10:25:29 PM
Karen Shepard's Arraignment To Be 5/4/2016 (Wed) at 18th District Court-Somervell (salon) Karen Shepard was loan officer at First Financial Bank in Glen Rose, TX. She was indicted and arrested on 4/5/2016 by William Resto of SCSO. Her offense is "Theft >=$20k < $100k from Elderl.....- 5/2/2016 9:52:42 AM
Reasons to re-elect Paul Harper to the Somervell County Hospital District board in 2016 (pharper) This year I ask to be re-elected to push for the following published agenda: Reduce the property tax - The hospital should be able to run within its means, not on the back of the taxpayers. T.....- 5/1/2016 9:54:57 PM
Was an employee of Wheeler Branch putting a gas powered boat in the reservoir? (salon)    from a tip. This is from the complete rules for Wheeler Branch from the Somervell County Water District website If it is the case that a person who works there on the.....- 4/30/2016 5:34:01 PM
Incidentally, in case you missed Sid Miller being an unethical son of a gun (April 2016) (salon) from Waco Trib The diligent Houston Chronicle furnished evidence indicating Miller, arguably the most colorful of our elected state officials, purchased flights to and from Mississippi with an ag.....- 4/29/2016 11:03:26 AM
Video-Somervell County Hospital District meeting -4/29/2016 (salon) - 4/29/2016 8:20:38 AM
Poor Poor Suzanne Gentling Loves to Mislead & Victim Blame- At It Again! (salon) Spoke about Gentling's propensity to make up stuff out of her own head.  Everyone can have an opinion but it's always so much better when it's not baloney. Previously she went up on a.....- 4/29/2016 7:22:26 AM
Should Ray Reynolds be SUED by Darrell Best? Reynolds Suggests Paring Hospital Down to Emergency Services (salon) in light of cash flow issues. How DARE Reynolds talk about cutting back services or  expenses!!!!! (From a public question by Margaret Drake) Gee, maybe Reynolds was listening to the sugge.....- 4/28/2016 11:52:02 PM
Update 4/28/2016 on Turk Lawsuit vs Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District Lawsuit (salon) Last update, from January 2016 here.  Docket sheet as of 4/28/2016-from US Western District Court records  One of the documents posted on the court website Second Amended Compla.....- 4/28/2016 11:14:16 AM
Brett Nabors Gets All Snippy With Paul Harper at Budget and Finance Meeting April 2016 (salon) When I watch video from Somervell County Hospital Board meetings, I don't usually see Brett Nabors saying much of anything, but I'm sure the chair he sits in is cozy and warm. About the only 2.....- 4/27/2016 10:02:53 AM
Video from Budget and Finance Committee-Somervell County Hospital District- Glen Rose Medical Center (salon) Agenda Full video Selected clips of some of this. Rough transcript -Whitsett- And I'd also like to mention, you'll see that this last week was very odd that on Friday we recei.....- 4/27/2016 8:41:38 AM
WHY a special meeting of Somervell County Hospital District in PECAN PLANTATION????? (salon) So brazen. Pecan Family Medical Center is NOT in Somervell County, it is in HOOD County. Further, the clinic is NOT open to the public, there is a gate through which one must pass after getting permis.....- 4/26/2016 4:26:42 PM
About the human remains found at Ingram Sand and Gravel in Glen Rose (April 2016)-Shane Michael Siddall (salon) Update 5/17/2016- Hood County News Skeletal remains found April 15 in Mitchell Bend have been identified as being Shane Michael Siddall, according to the Hood County Sheriff’s Department. T.....- 4/26/2016 11:45:24 AM
Open Records Complaint Against Ray Reynolds of Glen Rose Medical Center - 4/26/2016 (salon) Back on January 22, 2016, I did an open records request to Ray Reynolds, who acts as the public information officer for fulfilling these types of requests, for Glen Rose Medical Center/Somervell Count.....- 4/26/2016 9:38:55 AM
So... Apparently some employees at Glen Rose Medical Center had delayed paychecks the other day (salon) due to cash flow problems.  UPDATE - see also the video where Becky Whitsett, at the Budget and Finance Committee meeting explains that this could happen again.  At the Somervell Count.....- 4/23/2016 6:15:46 PM
Worst .... Flu... Ever (salon) - 4/22/2016 11:27:47 AM
Paul Harper WINS - Harper v Best Anti-Slapp Motion to Dismiss from 10th Court of Appeals Waco (salon) Updated on 1/30/2019. Harper ultimately won at the Texas State Supreme Court in December 2018. PDF IN THE TENTH COURT OF APPEALS No. 10-15-00105-CV PAUL REED HARPER, Appellant v. GEORGE DA.....- 4/22/2016 11:19:06 AM
Taking a Hiatus for awhile -Have a project I need to redo (salon) I've had a hobby project for some years. It has required a great deal of coding to make it work the way I wanted it to, and the good news was that I was told by a lot of people that I had the best.....- 3/28/2016 2:07:39 PM
Sunshine Week-Hillary Clinton's Emails and FOIA (salon) USA Today Were the emails sensitive, confidential, secret or top secret? Should they have been considered “classified at birth” or only in retrospect? Did Clinton violate rules&n.....- 3/17/2016 7:42:04 PM
Happy 11th Anniversary to Somervell County Salon (salon) I was reading Jobsanger who has had his blog for 10 years today. Made me look at when I started this one. March 15, 2005.  I see that I had gone to video record the County Commissioners meeting o.....- 3/16/2016 9:20:43 PM
Sunshine Week 2016 - *Your Right to Know* (salon) Some selected news articles from this week from all over Columbus Dispatch Maintaining democratic freedoms, safeguarding against abuse of power by government and catching (or, better yet, disc.....- 3/16/2016 1:18:20 PM
SNL Makes Fun of How Hillary Clinton copies Bernie Sanders-hah (salon) - 3/14/2016 11:08:14 AM
Sheesh! Hillary Clinton Thinks *Melted Hearts* Will End Institutional Racism (salon) WTF is wrong with Hillary *superpredators* Clinton? After that horrendous Donald Trump rally in Chicago yesterday, she issued her own 2 cents Part of that. "Last year in Charleston, South .....- 3/12/2016 1:11:59 PM
Curious- Why Is it not a conflict of interest for Dr Steven Vacek to Run for Somervell County Hospital District board? (salon) Dr Vacek works for Glen Rose Medical Center, is employed by the 501a, which is part of the Somervell County Hospital District budget. If he actually was elected, he'd undoubtedly have to recuse hi.....- 3/12/2016 12:20:24 PM
Hillary Clinton's Disturbing Comments about Nancy Reagan Yesterday (salon) Yesterday of all the crazy, idiotic things in the world, Hillary Clinton praised Nancy Reagan on Reagan's funeral day by saying It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it wa.....- 3/12/2016 12:01:20 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 3/11/2016 (salon) So... Judge ruled in favor of Somervell County over Luminant - Glen Rose Reporter (Facebook) Sid Miller makes me laugh We are aggressively going after childhood obesity and juvenile diabe.....- 3/11/2016 2:41:53 PM
Disenfranchising Somervell County Residents for Points of View (salon) The other day on a Facebook page I manage, one of the members posted something she felt was of community concern. She did so in a way that was completely non-offensive and informative. A couple of rud.....- 3/11/2016 1:28:04 PM
Is Questioning, Getting Records and Participating in Government the WRONG THING to do? (salon) Any citizen is not only entitled to know what his or her government is doing but those actions are backed up by Texas law. Although there may be a small few people in this county that simply do not un.....- 3/11/2016 9:49:11 AM
Ridiculous- Credulous Article about Carl Baugh's Unscientific Hyperbaric Chamber (salon) Had to laugh at the article in the Glen Rose Reporter from March 8 2016 entitled "Creation Evidence Museum director disputes theory of evolution", referencing Carl Baugh. The article credulo.....- 3/11/2016 9:10:12 AM
Should Govt Elected Officials Delete Email Dealing with Public Business or Financial Matters (Somervell County) (salon) In an open records request to a number of different elected officials I did recently, a few people replied that they had no records responsive to my request. HAD they had the records? Yes. The re.....- 3/9/2016 7:55:15 PM
Which Somervell County Entity Responsible for 14.4 Million Dollar Debt? In 2016, 3 Documents (salon) From open records Somervell County voted to take out 14.4 million dollar (plus interest) certificates of obligation in 2008. At that point, Glen Rose Medical Center was a private non-profit hospita.....- 3/9/2016 7:13:04 PM
Retention Policies for Somervell County (2016) (salon) How long should emails be kept by elected officials in order to be responsive to public information requests? Recently I did a public information request asking for the retention policy and received a.....- 3/7/2016 11:51:29 AM
Where are the wells (W1) and Injection Wells in Somervell County? (salon) If you want to see all the wells, injection wells, etc, you can look them up from the Texas Railroad Commission site here- choose, for examples, Wells with W-1 permits and then look up by county&.....- 3/5/2016 4:31:01 PM
Videos- For Jobs For Us and Tenemos Familias- Bernie Sanders Ads (salon) - 3/5/2016 10:39:57 AM
Hahah. DailyKos Founder Markos Moulitsas Bullies, Pushes *Unity* on Democrats Before Primaries Are Over (salon) Apparently, Daily Kos's, which is ostensibly a site that promotes Democratic interaction,  blog owner, Markos Moulitsas  told readers yesterday that the site, despite the .....- 3/5/2016 9:28:16 AM
ANNNNNNDDDDD The SH130 Concession Company Declares Bankruptcy (salon) Texas Tribune A private company that operates part of the Texas toll road with the highest speed limit in the country filed for bankruptcy Wednesday, fewer than three years after the section of t.....- 3/4/2016 9:15:16 PM
Design Flaw With Nuclear Power Plants- March 2016 (salon) Link  A group of engineers in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission say they have identified a design flaw in nearly all nuclear reactors in the country that should result in their mandato.....- 3/4/2016 7:06:04 PM
Video-Hillary Clinton in Black History (salon) - 3/3/2016 10:02:24 PM
Trying to Make Sense of Hillary Clinton's Email Situation - March 3 2016 (salon) I, unlike Bernie Sanders, and as a Democrat, want to understand why Clinton used a private account on a private server at her own place for government business.At best, this is a lack of judgement on .....- 3/3/2016 10:48:14 AM
Somervell County Jail Logs/Incident Reports/Fire EMS for Jan 19, 2016 thru Feb 29 2016 (salon) - 3/2/2016 5:02:09 PM
Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is Bullchit Based on Bill Clinton's Lies (salon) Notice that this whole "vast right wing conspiracy" idea came up, as espoused by HIllary Clinton,  with respect to Bill Clinton lies about having sex with Monica Lewinsky. Since what wa.....- 3/2/2016 1:10:48 PM
Somervell County March 1 2016 Election Results (salon) Local results uncertified until canvassed From Somervell County website- Republican Primary    Democratic Primary County Attorney- Lucas (uncontested) Sheriff in order of most votes.....- 3/2/2016 10:18:58 AM
Video-Drawing for Ballot Position for Somervell County Hospital District Election 2016 (salon) - 3/1/2016 10:31:33 AM
What Happened With Somervell County Considering Making a Bond Payment Loan for Glen Rose Medical Center? (salon) Background. Basically, for some reason Somervell County was considering taking out a loan for the benefit of Glen Rose Medical Center. The bonds are held in the name of Somervell County, but Glen Rose.....- 2/29/2016 5:49:52 PM
Rumour Mill- Embezzlement at a local bank? (salon) Heard informally that a local bank may have had an employee that was embezzling money from bank accounts and that same bank was going to be audited by the FDIC. May be entirely horsepucky, but if you .....- 2/29/2016 3:29:01 PM
The Game is Rigged - Some Musings (March 2016) (salon) I'm a Democrat but simply will not hold my nose if somehow Hillary Clinton  manages to win the Democratic party nomination. She stands for everything I dislike about, first, politics, and sec.....- 3/2/2016 1:25:12 PM
Gatehouse Media Scandal After Selling Las Vegas Review-Journal to Sheldon Adelsen (salon) Back in December 2015, New Media Investments, also known informally as Gatehouse Media, sold the ReviewJournal to News + Media Capital Group LLC at almost 3 times the value of the paper. And, the.....- 2/29/2016 2:21:52 PM
Elizabeth Ann Morgan*s DWI Goes To Court on March 11 2016 (salon) - 2/29/2016 1:09:25 PM
Video-Meeting of Somervell County Hospital District 2/25/2016 (salon) - 2/27/2016 11:07:36 AM
Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton Brain Dump 2/26/2016 (salon) When Hillary Clinton threw Muslim Americans under the bus. Clinton moves a Friday event in Georgia to a more tightly controlled venue Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton .....- 2/26/2016 9:01:25 PM
*The Public- Not the Candidate- Who Decides How Much Disclosure Is Enough* (salon) NYtimes Editorial Board tells Hillary Clinton to release her transcripts. On Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton further complained, “Why is there one standard for me, and not for everybody else?” .....- 2/26/2016 8:50:56 PM
How is *Interest* on Glen Rose Medical Center's Loan's Budgeted? (salon) - 2/26/2016 6:53:33 PM
New head football coach paid more than any teacher at Glen Rose ISD (pharper) Glen Rose ISD recently hired a new Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, press release by GRISD here. Notice in the press release, Coach Watkins is currently the Head Football Coach and Athletic D.....- 2/26/2016 9:06:35 AM
*We Have To Bring Them to Heel*- Black Lives Matter Activist Calls Hillary Clinton to Account (salon) but notice when you watch the video that HIllary Clinton not only does not attempt to speak with her but at the end says she is going to go back to what's really important. Also, weirdly, she says.....- 2/25/2016 3:27:24 PM
Video-Budget and Finance Committee 2/23/2015- Somervell County Hospital District (salon) - 2/25/2016 12:20:40 PM
Rick Perry Wins Appeal in Texas Criminal Court of Appeal (salon) - 2/24/2016 11:58:34 AM
Weakling Hillary Clinton's Hitman David Brock Asks Bernie To Stop Criticism (salon) - 2/23/2016 5:28:23 PM
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