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Self-Serving Republican Carter Casteel on the Texas Cheerleading Bill (salon) Rep. Carter Casteel, R-New Braunfels, agreed legislators should not be legislating morality or telling people what to do, but she voted for the bill."Sometimes as adults, we should say there are .....- 5/4/2005 12:29:39 PM
Gay GOP Consultant, After Wedding His Partner, Starts Smearing Hillary Clinton (salon) Arthur Finkelstein believes that marriage for gays is good, since he, in New York, married his partner, in order to ensure that the partner had the same financial protections as heterosexual couples. .....- 5/4/2005 12:01:21 PM
Advertisers Launching an Assault on Captive Consumers (salon) We read on Wired of a project that a media research firm is doing, at great expense, to find out precisely what triggers people to spend money. To that end, the participants in the program, Project Ap.....- 5/4/2005 11:38:28 AM
The Army Deliberately Withheld Information about Pat Tillman's Death (salon) including keeping it from his family. The Army knew before Pat Tillman's memorial service that Pat had been killed by friendly fire, but lied to the public.The first Army investigator who looked into .....- 5/3/2005 10:51:49 PM
Pat Robertson Equates Judges with Al Qaida (salon) Off the edge. We contrast the comments from President Bush in his speech the other night, which were tolerant and promoted American values of respect for others, regardless of their race, religion or .....- 5/3/2005 10:48:41 PM
Double Standard on Jokes-Where are Republican's Moral Values? (salon) We've watched the video of Laura Bush telling jokes at the White House Correspondent Dinner. Among other things, she said she, Lynn Cheney, Condi Rice, and by extension the female Supreme Court judges.....- 5/3/2005 10:12:05 PM
Showing Respect for Official Records that Posterity Will Read (salon) Today we heard Rep Nadler introduce a resolution in which he asks for a supplement to the Congressional Record re: The Child Notification Act, due to Sensenbrenner altering his and other resolution wo.....- 5/3/2005 7:50:17 PM
Armbrister's Water Bill Passes the Senate (salon) Originally the bill called for a sales tax on water usage. Dallas Morning News AUSTIN – A bill aimed at improving the state's management of surface and groundwater and promoting water conservation won.....- 5/3/2005 6:08:49 PM
How Will Sexually Suggestive Cheerleading be Determined? (salon) The Cheerleader bill is moving through the Texas House, HB 1476. relating to regulation of certain sexually suggestive performances at public school events. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STA.....- 5/3/2005 5:48:22 PM
Road Rage Bill-HB 1249 (salon) Here's one we agree with. If a person, through "aggressive driving" aka road rage, causes death to others, he or she can be charged with a felony. Star-TelegramTexans who drive while angry a.....- 5/3/2005 5:36:45 PM
Texas Bully Act-HB 283 (salon) Star-TelegramStudents pestered by bullies would get some relief under a bill tentatively approved Monday by the House."This bill simply allows a young person who is being bullied to ask for a tra.....- 5/3/2005 5:21:28 PM
Voting in Iraq versus Texas (salon) "Do you know that Mary Denny's bill would make it harder to vote in Texas than it is for people in Afghanistan and Iraq?"REP. RAFAEL ANCHIA, D-DALLAS,criticizing the Republican lawmaker's bi.....- 5/3/2005 5:09:14 PM
Iraq Doesn't Have Freedom of the Press (salon) Authorities in Iraq, including Iraqi security forces, are attacking Iraqi reporters.Although Baghdad is the main hub for Iraqi journalists, complaints have poured in from other provinces, said Ibrahim.....- 5/3/2005 4:40:03 PM
DeLay Billboards in Houston Area (salon) Lobbyists Sent Tom DeLay golfing, all you got was this billboard. Update from the Houston Chronicle:Think the sniping over U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay's ethics might fade away anytime soon?Read the signs.A le.....- 5/3/2005 3:50:28 PM
Eco Watch- Texas Environment (salon) Houston Chronicle:NEW SUPERFUND. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed adding Pelican Bay, an underground plume of contaminated water in Tarrant County, to the federal Superfund, or hazard.....- 5/3/2005 3:45:36 PM
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