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John Bolton was also behind the false Niger Yellowcake information (salon) JOHN BOLTON PUSHED NIGER-URANIUM FIASCO AT STATE -- Then Tried to Hide his Tracks and Staff Lied to CongressHere is the excerpt from the Waxman letter:Concealment of a State Department Official's Role.....- 5/13/2005 12:05:26 PM
Texas Schools To Start After Labor Day (salon) Sen Lucio had an amendment to change the school district start dates to after Labot Day, amendment added to the school finance bill being overhauled currently.GRISD proposes a start date of August 16t.....- 5/13/2005 11:57:16 AM
Texas Military Base Closings (salon) YahooTexas: Army National Guard Reserve Center No. 2, Dallas Army National Guard Reserve Center (Hondo Pass), El Paso Army National Guard Reserve Center, California Crossing Army National Guard Reserv.....- 5/13/2005 11:08:45 AM
President Wasn't Told About the Plane Threat Until 40 Minutes Later? (salon) We mentioned yesterday that Bush was out bicycling while the pending threat to the nation was occurring. His wife was whisked away to a safe bunker, as was Cheney, Congress was evacuated, but he was o.....- 5/13/2005 10:55:20 AM
What Senator George Voinovich Said Today About John Bolton (salon) Voinovich Makes the Case Against Bolton- Read the whole articleMr. Chairman, I have to say that after poring over the hundreds of pages of testimony and – you know, I wasn’t here for those hearings, b.....- 5/13/2005 12:25:46 AM
Texas HB 1212 Parental Consent for Abortion Bill Dies (salon) A bill to require parental consent on abortions died before making it to the house floor for debate Thursday.HB 1212 requires doctors to have a parent or guardian's consent before performing abortions.....- 5/12/2005 7:48:03 PM
Iraq War News and Stats-Thursday (salon) Total US casualties- 1612; Total UK- 88. Since May 1, 2003, when Bush declared that major combat operations in US had ended ("Mission Accomplished"), 1,468 US Military members have died. An .....- 5/12/2005 1:33:09 PM
GAO's Report on Rebuilding Iraq and Transferring Security Reponsibilities to Iraq (salon) What this report says is that the information provided by the US government is faulty, and that the insurgency in Iraq has intensified.U.S. government agencies do not report reliable data on the exten.....- 5/12/2005 1:13:32 PM
Having a Stellar GPA won't be enough to guarantee admission to State Universities (salon) In Texas, there is, right now, a 10 percent rule, that says that state universities, such as UT, accept freshmen graduates from the top 10 percent of their classes; original intent of the bill was to .....- 5/12/2005 12:16:12 PM
Appointments to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission (salon) are, first, the head of a Toyota company and second, Caterpillar. Another case of strange bedfellows.Gov. Rick Perry announced on Wednesday the appointments of T. Dan Friedkin of Houston and Peter Hol.....- 5/12/2005 12:05:08 PM
National Governor's Association Fighting Real ID Act (salon) The National Governors Association is threatening lawsuits to fight the legislation. And some states are threatening to ignore the legislation because they say it will cost up to $700 million for stat.....- 5/12/2005 11:57:47 AM
TX State District Judge Postponing Decision about the 2 political consultants who laundered campaign money (salon) The GOP defendants say that the election code is unconstitutional because it uses the word "cash" instead of a check. Lawyers for Jim Ellis and John Colyandro, consultants with Texans for a .....- 5/12/2005 11:21:42 AM
Judicial Activist Judges -Out of the Mainstream Nominees (salon) William Pryor blasted by Disability Rights Advocates"Fifteen years ago, Republicans and Democrats worked together to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act," said Jim Ward, president of AD.....- 5/12/2005 11:19:00 AM
Congressmen Calling for Probe into Recent Activities by Corporation for Public Broadcasting (salon) Background:Two Democratic congressmen called Wednesday for an investigation into recent activities by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, suggesting that efforts by the Republican chairman of the.....- 5/12/2005 11:08:43 AM
House Bill Would Bar Women From Serving in Combat Units (salon) An amendment sponsored by Rep John McHugh would bar women from serving in combat support and combat service support units. An Iraqi girl looks at a US Army female soldier as she searches an Iraqi woma.....- 5/12/2005 10:43:42 AM
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