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Interesting Article about Chain Stores Only being X Percent of a City (salon) Fairly recently I heard a rumour (AND IT'S ONLY A RUMOUR) that Walmart Express was considering coming here. If a community really wants to support local businesses, it seems to me that the followi.....- 4/7/2015 12:52:51 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 4/7/2015 (salon) Still mind-blggling to me how many people, for whatever reason, do not choose to try to find out if something is true, but merely pass it along. It definitely can be tiring to do that. For a long whil.....- 4/7/2015 12:11:57 PM
On posts that could potentially be hoaxes (Example: Jody Cook Wood) (salon) UPDATE: 4/14/2015- Jody Cook Wood found alive, was apparently with a male friend from Sherman, TX. As at least some people know that read on the Facebook site "Somervell County Breaking News.....- 4/7/2015 8:42:25 AM
Bill Flores wouldn't help with the Waco Mammoth Monument, so President Obama is (salon) background and now, via Socratic Gadfly Waco civic leaders and the management of the Waco Mammoth Site have, for several sessions, tried to go the Congressional approval route to get the site .....- 4/4/2015 5:09:30 PM
More Questions about Sid Miller's Judgment (Hint: It's not good (salon) Sid Miller hired Walt Roberts in a high position, but there are significant questions about Roberts role as a lobbyist before.  The Austin American-Statesman (http://atxne.ws/1F8Mrjh ) repor.....- 4/4/2015 2:11:24 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 4/4/2015 (salon) The weather is GORGEOUS today. I realized a couple of days ago that I have had my oldest donkey for 4 years. He had been through at least 2 other owners before me, so I can't say how old he is, bu.....- 4/4/2015 12:49:37 PM
The Anti-Democracy Cult of Some re: Glen Rose Medical Center (Somervell County Texas) (salon) A lot of Glen Rose Medical Center affiliated people clearly do not believe in democracy, not democratic elections. When I was in school and took civics class, I was told that when a person decide.....- 4/4/2015 11:44:35 AM
68% of Glen Rose ISD Twitter posts in March 2015 are about sports (pharper) I noticed that Glen Rose ISD was using the Twitter account mainly for sports so I went ahead and tweeted to @GlenRoseSchool about it: Paul Harper @paulharpertexas @GlenRoseSchool I see all the.....- 4/3/2015 11:26:05 AM
How'd YOU like to make $13,750 bucks per month? Sid *Sonogram* Miller BACK in the news (salon) Hilarious. From the Austin-American Statesman Newly elected Agriculture Commissioner Sid Millerappointed the wife of his longtime political consultant and business partner to one of the high.....- 3/31/2015 8:49:50 PM
Mulch-Mulch-Mulch-Hub got me a pickup truck full from Somervell County Transfer Station (salon) on Monday. The stuff seemed to be from the Stock Show as it was rich with dung that was in various stages of compost. I put some around every single tree and bush in the yard over the course of Monday.....- 3/31/2015 7:20:57 PM
Animal Crematory in Glen Rose? TCEQ has a pending permit application (salon) Diann Giffin has put in a permit request through TCEQ for an animal crematory, on CR 313.   TCEQ Permit # is 130685  -It's an air permit, presumably for smoke.  Regulat.....- 3/30/2015 9:44:31 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 3/29/2015 (salon) I've had a GREAT weekend! Went down to Austin and recorded a cousin of mine singing gospel music, spent time with more family, got stained glass materials, ate Indian food and went to Quack's,.....- 3/30/2015 1:30:45 PM
Sheesh. If it's a choice between Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina, it's CLINTON hands down (salon) - 3/29/2015 11:02:34 PM
Indiana wants business to be able to discriminate against others (salon) I've seen the #boycottindiana tag on Twitter. I don't ever go to Indiana so I can't see any reason I have to specifcally boycott going there but if I did have a reason, I would not go ther.....- 3/29/2015 10:32:52 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 3/27/2015 (salon) I had ordered some billboard material to cover that small barn shed I made some months back for the donkeys. CAME TODAY! I don't think I will get a chance to do anything with it until next week, b.....- 3/27/2015 1:19:10 PM
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