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Why is USA Freedom Corps Teamed with the Department of Defense? (salon) - 5/22/2005 12:42:16 AM
Sweden Assisted the US CIA in Renditioning Torture Suspects (salon) Bush says that he does not torture people. But he allows the CIA to send suspects to countries who do torture, called rendition. What if you were in charge of a foster care program that you knew was s.....- 5/22/2005 12:10:09 AM
Pre-War Findings and Planning Off-Kilter (salon) First, National Security Council believed that the NSC case was weak, even while Bush and his advisors were trumpeting the case to invade Iraq. Between the Downing Street Memo, which shows that Bush w.....- 5/22/2005 12:00:10 AM
US Army Beat 2 Afghan Prisoners to Death, including an innocent man (salon) Gruesome story of brutalizing Afghan men who happened to be in the wrong place at hte wrong time.Even as the young Afghan man was dying before them, his American jailers continued to torment him.The p.....- 5/21/2005 11:50:28 PM
Disservice to our country for the press not to include more war-reality news and photos (salon) We see plenty of Iraqi casualty photos, including the rash of almost constant car-bombings and innocent civilians dying. But where are the photos to show what soldiers are experiencing in the war, inc.....- 5/21/2005 11:47:24 PM
The Midlothian Town Hall Meeting with Erin Brokovich (salon) - 5/21/2005 10:18:18 PM
AP Poll: Most Americans Don't Want Judges Approved Only Because They are President's Choice (salon) Americans say the Senate should aggressively examine federal judicial nominees and not just approve them because they are the president's choices.That's one of the few aspects of this divisive issue t.....- 5/21/2005 1:00:49 AM
Culture of Life Hypocrisy (salon) - 5/20/2005 5:24:37 PM
Washington Post Calls Bush's Social Security Roadshow Past Its Prime Broadway Production (salon) When does a staged production jump the shark and become a has-been? That point has now officially been reached- the newspapers are tired of covering Bush's losing, staged roadshows.Notice again that t.....- 5/20/2005 4:55:30 PM
Napervile, IL to get biometric fingerprint scanners for public library system (salon) We object, as privacy advocates, to having our fingerprints used for checking out library books. Seems there are not many areas where intrusive procedures will not go.Before long, patrons wanting to u.....- 5/20/2005 4:30:54 PM
Protests-Shiites in Iraq Stage Mass Anti-US Protests (salon) Thousands of Shiites stomped on American flags painted on roads outside mosques in a show of anger over the U.S. presence in {function anonymous(){activateYQinl(this);return false;}}" href="http://sea.....- 5/20/2005 3:23:17 PM
Bush Still Against Stem Cell Research (salon) - 5/20/2005 3:12:44 PM
How Bush Orchestrates his Appearances with Supporters and Makes Sure They Will Agree With Him (salon) Article in the LATimes discusses the type of memo the Bush camp sends around before his Social Security Show to ensure that the attendees agree with him. For example, this week, for his appearance in .....- 5/20/2005 3:11:25 PM
Saudi Arabia Wants to Limit Nuclear Inspections-Will the US Be Invading their country next? (salon) We have heard a lot of chest-thumping recently about invading Iran, on the premise that they are not opening up their sovereign country to nuclear inspections. Whether this is true or not, or merely a.....- 5/20/2005 2:42:33 PM
Bush Insults Iraqis (salon) We are of the opinion here that one man's insurgent is another man's patriot. When we consider how the British felt about the Colonies rising up against them, we imagine that Britain could easily have.....- 5/20/2005 2:38:29 PM
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