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New York Times on Freedom (salon) We are, as a nation, exceptionally profligate with the symbols of our national identity and with words like "democracy" and "freedom." The word "freedom" especially seems.....- 7/4/2005 6:52:51 PM
Army Can't Find Enough Recruits- Clear Expression of American's Dissatisfaction with the Iraq War (salon) Baltimore SunThis is democracy where it matters. No one should doubt that young Americans would willingly go to war if they believed in it. But this is a war of choice that began with fabrications and.....- 7/4/2005 6:13:28 PM
Bush's Independence Day Propaganda Discussed (salon) Bush's Speech Today we gather to celebrate the 229th anniversary of America's independence.  Across our great land, families will gather to fly the flag, to watch the fireworks, and count our blessing.....- 7/4/2005 1:21:08 PM
Debunking the idea that the entire world thought Saddam had WMD (salon) The world did not think that. Germany, France, Russia, and Canada did not think that. The UN wanted more time for weapons inspectors; Hans Blix told the UN there were no WMD. There were massive protes.....- 7/4/2005 12:01:41 PM
Why is the FBI helping Iraq solve crime? (salon) We were under the impression that the FBI's mission was "to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United .....- 7/3/2005 4:00:10 PM
John Cornyn Against Idealogical Balance on the Supreme Court (salon) Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) said in an interview yesterday that his party will resist Democratic arguments for "ideological balance" on the court, a concept not in the writings of the Founding.....- 7/3/2005 3:55:35 PM
Economic Explosion in Hood County-Natural Gas Production (salon) Hood County NewsRevenue generated from gas leases was estimated in excess of $50 million. About a year ago, gas leases were paying about $100 an acre. Today, the price has skyrocketed to more than $50.....- 7/3/2005 11:10:42 AM
What Got Bush Interested in Mars? His Wife Laura (salon) Waco TribuneSociety members like to believe they already helped contribute to President Bush's interest in Mars when, in summer 2003, the red planet got its closest to earth in 60,000 years, presentin.....- 7/3/2005 11:00:06 AM
Rove's Lawyer Speaks and Lawrence O Donnell Answers (salon) Background:Huffington PostOn Friday, I broke the story that the e-mails that Time turned over to the prosecutor that day reveal that Karl Rove is the source Matt Cooper is protecting. That provoked Ro.....- 7/3/2005 10:19:00 AM
How Our Congressional Representatives Voted This Week (salon) Houston ChronicleSenate•1. Energy tax breaks: Approved, 85-12, a package (HR 6) of tax incentives, regulatory relief, environmental waivers and other policy changes designed to reduce U.S. dependence .....- 7/3/2005 10:11:37 AM
Enacting "No Teacher Left Behind"- In Salaries (salon) Press-TelegramThis is a bizarre and unsettling time in the lives of students, parents and teachers. It is a time when school lets out, and hundreds of thousands of teachers start their second jobs to .....- 7/3/2005 8:53:21 AM
Afghanistan Roundup (salon) Afghan 'civilians' die in US raidUS military officials concede civilians may have been killed during Friday's bombing raids on a suspected Taleban hideout in eastern Afghanistan. US fighter planes car.....- 7/3/2005 8:41:21 AM
Bush in 2000 Debates- No Nation Building and an Exit Strategy-What Happened? (salon) Debate TranscriptMODERATOR: New question. How would you go about as president deciding when it was in the national interest to use U.S. force, generally? BUSH: Well, if it's in our vital national inte.....- 7/3/2005 8:13:36 AM
Rory Mayberry on His Experience Working with Halliburton In Iraq (salon) Testimony before the Senate Democratic Policy Committee - Excerpts-Mayberry worked there from Feb 2004 to April 2004When I was assigned to the dining facility, KBR managers informed me that there were.....- 7/3/2005 7:55:05 AM
Lawrence O Donnell Confirms via Huffington Post that Rove was Cooper's Source (salon) I revealed in yesterday's taping of the McLaughlin Group that Time magazine's emails will reveal that Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source. I have known this for months but didn't want to say it at a ti.....- 7/2/2005 11:47:17 PM
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