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John McCain Just Can't Quit Cronyism For His Keatings Buddies -Public Land Swap to Benefit Private Crony? (salon) Caught in another Lie Years after he resurrected his political fortunes from the Keating Five savings and loan investigation, John McCain promoted an Arizona land swap that would've benefited a former.....- 10/28/2008 12:25:11 PM
Heh! What Happens When you Build a Hotel in the Path of an Elephant Walk (salon) - 10/28/2008 12:14:41 PM
Remember How 70 Percent of the Public Was for an Assault Weapons Ban? (salon) at a dang gun show. from Boston HeraldThe annual machine gun expo, advertised as an all-ages party, has raised eyebrows with club members, including Bob Greenleaf and Bob Lajoie.“To let an 8-yea.....- 10/28/2008 11:47:35 AM
Hank Gilbert Has Some Fun with Cornyn's Guy (salon) - 10/28/2008 11:24:30 AM
Sarah Palin Tries to Paddle Away from Convicted Senator Ted Stevens as Fast As She Can (salon) Saw today that Palin and McCain are calling on Stevens to stop down out of the race. Heh. Yeah, like it's going to work to try to put themselves on the OPPOSITE side of that.Now why might she do that?.....- 10/28/2008 11:05:18 AM
In Honor of another Republican Crook, Ted Stevens, Being Convicted Yesterday (salon) - 10/28/2008 10:54:34 AM
Why *I'm Scared of Obama-He's a Muslim* is Antithetical to Evangelical Christianity (salon) I know that there is at least one person (not me!)  living in this neck of the woods who, despite clear evidence to the contrary, says that Barack Obama is a Muslim and is afraid that, when .....- 10/28/2008 10:36:18 AM
One more on Conservation Easements-Got a Letter from Our Land Our Lives (salon) What's interesting is that Sid Miller apparently is AGAINST Conservation Easements... when it comes to supporting this group. But FOR them when it comes to Chalk Mountain. Dare I say that he says what.....- 10/27/2008 9:47:52 PM
Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Found Guilty on all 7 Counts (salon) - 10/27/2008 3:31:42 PM
Wrap up the water spigots! Freeze Warning-Possible Freezing Temps Tonight in Somervell County (salon) - 10/27/2008 1:51:33 PM
From Ernie Casbeer-(for Tx House District 59) CASBEER: *OUR COMMUNITIES HAVE THE COURAGE TO CHANGE* (salon) (OGLESBY)--As the second week of early voting gets underway, Texas House challenger Ernie Casbeer called on voters to seize this historic opportunity for a new day and a new direction, saying middle-c.....- 10/27/2008 1:22:18 PM
Heh! More Evidence Sarah Palin thinks *She* Is Running for President (salon) Ben SmithTAMPA, Fla. (CNN) — Ensuring that news of the Republican National Committee's sartorial spending spree will remain in the headlines for at least one more news cycle, Sarah Palin on.....- 10/27/2008 12:18:09 PM
Barnett Shale Rig Report Somervell County -October 24 2008 (salon) - 10/26/2008 7:06:05 PM
James Moore Passed Away Last night shortly after midnight-Glen Rose (salon) Sad. I really liked James Moore. He was running for Somervell County Constable Precinct 1 (Democrat) against Karolee Oates, and had just been down to Houston for surgery. Don't know yet when the funer.....- 10/26/2008 6:29:57 PM
Some Pics from *Friends of the Brazos* Fundraiser in Nemo, Texas (salon) We, for the first time last night, went to the Friends of the Brazos fundraiser held out in Nemo at the Lilly ranch. What a wonderful event! Not only does it raise money to help keep the Brazos River .....- 10/26/2008 5:35:15 PM
Palin leads a *frugal life*-Yeah, that's why she installed a TANNING BED IN HER MANSION. (salon) www.huffingtonpost.com/jaye-saranda/palin-can-be-frugal-becau_b_138239.html Um. I don't have a tanning bed.  I also don't take my kids on official Alaska business and bill the taxpayer. &nbs.....- 10/26/2008 4:31:36 PM
Some Kentuckians Still Have Mistaken Notion about Obama's Religion-Obama is a CHRISTIAN (salon) - 10/26/2008 3:18:40 PM
Fort Worth Star-Telegram Endorses Barack Obama for President (salon) There is no perfect presidential candidate. If fully funded, the policy proposals put forward by both candidates, with their unaffordable promises, would exacerbate the country’s already-outrage.....- 10/26/2008 3:16:16 PM
Iraqi Prime Minister Malaki Won't Sign the SOFA Agreement (salon) Iraqis, however, are adamant that the accord must be open to further amendments if they're to approve it."The problem is that when we were given the latest draft, we were told the American negoti.....- 10/26/2008 1:27:51 PM
Chet Edwards and Rob Curnock Debate -US House District 17 Race (salon) - 10/26/2008 1:05:17 PM
*Uncle Sam Wants Your Land*-Conservation Easements and Fort Hood (Coryell County) (salon) I had never heard the term "conservation easement* before the other night at the Save Chalk Mountain/TCEQ meeting held at the Citizens Center in Glen Rose. Sid Miller hosted a meeting before that.....- 10/26/2008 12:59:31 PM
Video-Obama on McCain-*Out of Ideas* (salon) - 10/26/2008 12:24:08 PM
E Tu Brute? Pit Bull Palin Turns on John McCain (salon) NYPost continues the knife-in-the-back story.A campaign official privately tells the paper: "She's now positioning herself for her own future. Of course, this is bad for John. It looks like no on.....- 10/26/2008 12:22:26 PM
Awful-Dallas ISD Lays Off Hundreds of Teachers, has Job Postings for 60 (salon) From DMNNews of the openings shocked some teachers who lost their jobs."I can't believe it," said Philip Fiero, a father of four who was laid off last week from his job as a second-grade tea.....- 10/26/2008 11:55:57 AM
The Anchorage Alaska Newspaper Endorses .. Barack Obama (salon) On the most important issue of the day, Sen. Obama is a clear choice.Sen. McCain describes himself as a maverick, by which he seems to mean that he spent 25 years trying unsuccessfully to persuade his.....- 10/26/2008 11:48:17 AM
JROTC Being phased out in San Francisco Public Schools (salon) From the SF Examiner“ JROTC IS ONE OF THE BEST RECRUITING DEVICES WE COULD HAVE” –Defense Secretary William Cohen. Almost two years ago, eight hundred students petitioned the SF.....- 10/26/2008 9:17:32 AM
Party in the Barnett Shale Over? From 25000 per acre down to 5000 max (salon) From the Star-Telegram. Side note about DevonAs an early pioneer, Devon leased land in the sweet spot of the play, in rural areas in Denton, Parker, Johnson, Tarrant and Wise counties.Devon paid less .....- 10/26/2008 9:05:17 AM
So.. Sid Miller Supports John McCain... Why Is That? (salon) In an ad running this week in the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper, Mr. Miller says that he supports John McCain because he is a "an American hero and patriot".Let's examine (and hey, how old wa.....- 10/26/2008 10:09:57 AM
Heh! $600 Per Day on Makeup for Sarah Palin (salon) - 10/25/2008 4:47:03 PM
I Early Voted-DEMOCRAT! A Small Snark at an ad in the local paper (salon) I saw an advert in the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper that was enjoining Republicans, Independents and Democrats to vote Republican. Bwahahahahahahah. The second line, which must have come straight out .....- 10/25/2008 4:36:19 PM
Maverick? Or Rogue? Sarah Palin Looking OUt for Number One-And That's Not McCain (salon) - 10/25/2008 4:27:05 PM
Video-Ernie Casbeer (for State District 59) About the Texas 65 Percent School Dollars Rule (salon) - 10/25/2008 3:46:42 PM
Video-Ernie Casbeer (Running for Tx State District 59) Sets Record Straight on State Income Tax (salon) I saw the ad that Sid Miller was running in the local newspaper, the Glen Rose Reporter, contrasting his positions with those of Ernie Casbeer. But he misrepresented Casbeer. Casbeer is against it. I .....- 10/25/2008 3:35:24 PM
Video- Ernie Casbeer's Position on Saving Chalk Mountain-FIGHTING FOR US!!! (Tx House Dist 59) (salon) - 10/25/2008 2:56:54 PM
VIDEO- Ernie Casbeer (Running for Tx House District 59) On Conservation Easements (Chalk Mountain) (salon) - 10/25/2008 2:44:27 PM
SHAME on Sid Miller (TX House District 59) On His Ad in the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper (salon) I picked up the local newspaper, the Glen Rose Reporter, last night and, in thumbing through it, saw a number of political ads for people running for office (or ads for one party versus another). .....- 10/25/2008 11:52:50 AM
Save Chalk Mountain (Video)-What the Fool is a Conservation Easement? (salon) Last night at the TCEQ meeting on Tommy Davis (Slick Machines) request to get a permit for his rock crushing machine at Chalk Mountain, Sid Miller brought up the idea that perhaps the landowner would .....- 10/24/2008 7:26:57 PM
Video-The Vet Who Did Not Vet-GREAT VIDEO (salon) - 10/24/2008 7:02:27 PM
Video-WHazzup? ... Change (salon) - 10/24/2008 6:59:03 PM
Video-Heh! Socialist John McCain in the Year 2000-Sounds Like Obama! (salon) - 10/24/2008 4:38:38 PM
Video from Save Chalk Mountain/TCEQ Meeting October 23 08 (salon) I'm not going to clip the whole thing but the parts that particularly interested me. I have audio of the whole thing on THIS post if you want to hear the meeting. I will say that the turnout was huge,.....- 10/24/2008 3:39:55 PM
Bwahahahah-Video-Danceoff (salon) - 10/24/2008 2:13:42 PM
So.. Uh... Republican Women Weren't Involved in Politics Before Sarah Palin? (salon) Old White Man insults women.I'll bet if you were to conk Andy Card on the head and get his attention, you could let him know that there are also  (gasp) Republican WOMEN who are in Congress! Elec.....- 10/24/2008 1:56:41 PM
Weird! Troubled College Station Woman Makes Up Story about Getting B Carved in Face (salon) I missed out on this weird story of race-baiting yesterday. A woman from College Station said she was working in NY as a field rep for College Republicans, and that she was at an ATM getting out money.....- 10/24/2008 1:41:07 PM
While Pondering *Save Chalk Mountain*-Consider TCEQ and Bluff Dale with Liberty Pumping (salon) from the Stephenville paperThe irate citizens of Bluffdale contested what Liberty Pumping was trying to do re: permit for bulk sand hauling and thought, for a while, they were making some progress. Ar.....- 10/24/2008 12:49:12 PM
Video-Dingbat Joe McCain (John's Nutty Bro) Calls 9/11 To Complain About Traffic (salon) from WonketteThat's not the most hilarious part of this-He CALLED 911 BACK to gripe about how THEY told him not to use 911 for frigging TRAFFIC calls.Joe McCain is the same NUT who said that northern .....- 10/24/2008 12:37:19 PM
SHAME on the Republican Party for Embracing Racism-SHAME! Texas GOP (salon) - 10/24/2008 12:24:25 PM
Here's Nutty- Fort Worth Baptist Southwest Seminary VP Says Birth Control Pills are *Murder* (salon) heh. Let's see. The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is run by a Criswell type fanatic now, right?Here's from KHOU TV, including a link to video.FORT WORTH — A Southern Baptist leader a.....- 10/24/2008 12:19:47 PM
McCain Had Private Meeting with Dictator Pinochet in 1985 (salon) Thought this was especially interesting given that I just watched The Trials of Henry Kissinger the other day. From HuffpoJohn McCain, who has harshly criticized the idea of sitting down with dictator.....- 10/24/2008 11:26:11 AM
Save Chalk Mountain-TCEQ Meeting From Thursday October 24 in Somervell County Texas (salon) Went to the meeting hosted by TCEQ last night at the Citizen's Center. TCEQ explained the process of how they determine okaying or denying the permit from Tommy Davis of Slick Machines, and people att.....- 10/24/2008 11:37:09 AM
Video-SNL spoofs Bush and Palin -Will Ferrell (salon) - 10/24/2008 8:50:30 AM
Video-No Chemistry Between McCain and *Soulmate* Palin (salon) - 10/23/2008 9:57:46 AM
Wow! This Video Brought Tears to My Eyes (salon) - 10/22/2008 3:27:04 PM
Republican Rep Virgil Goode Linked to Movie About Homosexuality-Moved Around Earmark Dollars (salon) Last time I heard about Virgil Goode he was going to come down to Austin for a Trans Texas Corridor rally-I didn't care to watch him because I think he's a nut. He's apparently maybe also another one .....- 10/22/2008 3:13:26 PM
Video-Sarah Palin Meets Woody Allen (salon) - 10/22/2008 2:33:50 PM
Michelle Bachman Sorry She Went on Hardball-Because SHE Was CAUGHT LYING (salon) - 10/22/2008 2:33:09 PM
Bwahahah-Is Sarah Palin Secretly a Mole Out there to DESTROY McCAIN*S CAMPAIGN? (salon) and he is just too senile to realize? This is hugely amusing. Saw this via Slog and then had to go up and check for the pic on Yahoo News. Yuppers, it's an AFP picture.And, here I thought that McCain .....- 10/22/2008 2:24:48 PM
NBC/WSJ Poll-Obama Over 50 percent-55 Percent Think Palin Not Qualified (salon) - 10/22/2008 1:55:02 PM
Even the FEC Thinks This Joker's Case Against Obama is Absurd (salon) - 10/22/2008 1:36:10 PM
Heh! Al Qaeda Endorses McCain- What, Does He Associate With Terrorists? (salon) - 10/22/2008 12:48:36 PM
HAYS COUNTY Road Bond Proposition: Voters must say *No!* (pstern) "No!" to Road Bonds!  Do Hays County Commissioners even see our failing economy? Do they realize that taxpayers are overburdened already without throwing out more money for is.....- 10/22/2008 11:37:37 AM
Video of Sarah Palin Being a Moron-Doesn't know what the VP Does (salon) Arrgggh. Didn't EVERYONE have to take a civics class in school? Doesn't EVERYONE know what the VP does and that he or she is NOT IN CHARGE OF THE SENATE? What about 3 Branches of Government doesn't Pa.....- 10/22/2008 10:59:22 AM
Obama Fights Back Against McCain's Sleazy RoboCalls (salon) - 10/22/2008 10:15:45 AM
Sarah Palin Charged Alaska Taxpayers Over $21,000 To Take Her Kids on Her Trips (salon) Let's get real here. I worked in the business world. I travelled. I did NOT take my kids. For one reason, it's because it is not professional. For a second reason, even IF I had wanted to take them, m.....- 10/22/2008 10:48:13 AM
GOP Spent 150 THOUSAND Smacks for Sarah Palin's Clothing- Some from Sax Fifth Avenue (salon) You know, I don't really care if the GOP group is the party of elites. If McCain has 8 or 10 or whatever houses and a fleet of cars and is RIcher Than God, Fine. But don't Pee on My Leg And Tell Me It.....- 10/22/2008 9:34:41 AM
Is Sid Miller's Local Support So Low That He Must Get Lobbyists To Block Walk For Him? (salon) TX House District 59. Ernie Casbeer, who is running for the seat Miller holds currenctly, sent this press release.CASBEER TO MILLER: "TRY SPENDING LESS TIME WITH AUSTIN LOBBYISTS AND MORE TIME LI.....- 10/21/2008 10:54:07 PM
How Many Waste Injection Wells in Somervell County Now? (October 2008) (salon) Have mentioned before how much I appreciate that the County Judge and Commisioners have a standing protest to try to prevent addtional commercial waste injection wells from coming into the county. I't.....- 10/21/2008 9:38:44 PM
Video- Obama on McCain- ERRATIC (salon) - 10/21/2008 4:59:22 PM
Barack Obama Off the Campaign Trail Till Next Week To Visit His Sick Grandma. (salon) - 10/21/2008 3:49:53 PM
John McCain's Makeup Artist Making the Big Bucks-$8672.55 in September (salon) - 10/21/2008 3:44:42 PM
bwahahahah-Video-Who is John McCain? (salon) - 10/21/2008 3:42:38 PM
Personal Financial Statements for 2007 from Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) (salon) When I read, in just about every paper in the state as well as the US, about Sid Miller and his ties to lobbyist Todd Smith (and I will repeat again that for some odd reason NONE of the newspapers in .....- 10/21/2008 3:34:05 PM
Republican Rep Hayes Says Liberals Hate *Real* Americans... and then LIES about saying it. (salon) Hub and I have talked about this quite a bit. Politicians are no longer living in the days where they could say stuff or do stuff and then lie about it, hoping no one will notice they're lying. People.....- 10/21/2008 2:44:27 PM
TAB (Texas Association of Business) Pleads Guilty to Illegal Corporate Donations-As To Sid Miller (District 59) (salon) Just saw this come across on the Austin-American Statesman.The state's largest business organization pleaded guilty today to violating campaign finance law six years after helping elect a slate of Rep.....- 10/21/2008 2:26:58 PM
Video- Ernie Casbeer- Running for State House District 59 Texas (salon) - 10/21/2008 2:15:32 PM
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