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Why Should the Choice of Political Parties Be Between War Party 1 and War Party 2? (salon) - 7/10/2005 8:23:16 PM
New Perry Boondoggle-The $200 Million Emergency Technology Fund (salon) While Texas struggles to pass a budget that will take care of education, a new law for creating centers for research is coming. Who decides what entities get the money? Not the taxpayers, but Perry, L.....- 7/10/2005 11:38:30 AM
Freeport Seafood Firm Tries to Escape Net (salon) BackgroundFor more than a half-century, the Gore family and its Western Seafood Co. have been a landmark on Freeport's waterfront, a key stop for hundreds of shrimp boats along Texas' Gulf coast.But t.....- 7/10/2005 11:33:15 AM
Iraq News Roundup (salon) Moqtada Sadr Launching Petition Calling for Troop Removal of US ForcesTomorrow, we shall begin to collect a million signatures in every Iraqi town demanding the withdrawal of multinational forces from.....- 7/10/2005 11:27:58 AM
America's Main Job in Iraq is to Correct the Mistakes of the Past Two Years (salon) This is Iraq now, an upside-down place - so far from normality it is hard to know where to begin in describing it. The streets are jammed with traffic, except when there is an American convoy, when ev.....- 7/10/2005 11:07:37 AM
US Won't Pay for Uzbeck Bases-Uzbeck threatening to kick them out (salon) Keeping in mind that the United States has military bases in scores of places around the world, while no other country's military bases here, Uzbeck has a base the United States has been using but did.....- 7/10/2005 10:58:39 AM
Spellings Wants to Expand NCLB to include other subjects (salon) "I am a strong believer in this, 'what gets measured gets done' kind of notion," Ms. Spellings told members of the American Federation of Teachers at their summer meeting here.Expanding the .....- 7/10/2005 10:27:23 AM
What Karl Rove Told Matthew Cooper (salon) Newsweek has an article today in which it discusses the emails sent to Time Magazine recapping conversations Cooper had with Rove. Besides the obvious questions about whether Rove knew Plame was a CIA.....- 7/10/2005 9:46:23 AM
Florida Continues to Use Matrix Database (salon) Background:Florida, Ohio, Connecticut and Pennsylvania still use software that lets investigators quickly cull through much of the data about people that reside in cyberspace. However, without the fed.....- 7/10/2005 9:34:30 AM
Critics of Iraq War on the London Bombings (salon) Chicago TribuneGeorge Galloway-"We argued, as did the security services in this country, that the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, would increase the threat of terrorist attack in Britain," .....- 7/10/2005 9:29:54 AM
G8's Miniscule Step Forward (salon) - 7/10/2005 9:25:19 AM
London Bombs were Crude-Homegrown Extremists Rather than Imported Terrorists in Britain (salon) NYTimesInvestigators have concluded that the bombs that ripped through three subway trains and a bus on Thursday were relatively crude devices containing less than 10 pounds of explosives each. That f.....- 7/9/2005 10:48:33 AM
Amendment to Prohibit Funds for RNEP Shot Down (salon) Background:  Horrific nuclear weapon, not trivial at all. It's a disgrace for any Senator that voted against this amendment.Purpose of the Amendment: To prohibit the use of funds for the Robust Nuclea.....- 7/9/2005 12:10:03 AM
No Letup in Unrest Over Bush's No Child Left Behind Law (salon) Schools are preparing for their fourth year under the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) this fall even as a state-led grassroots rebellion rages against the education law. The revolt is expected.....- 7/8/2005 11:54:33 PM
City of Glen Rose Meeting May 2005 (salon) - 7/8/2005 8:37:21 PM
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