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NBC-Wall Street Journal Poll: Bush Honesty Drops to Lowest Point (salon) Regarding Bush’s upcoming pick to replace O’Connor on the court, moreover, the poll shows that strong majorities believe Bush would be taking a step in the right direction if he appointed a woman and .....- 7/13/2005 8:47:53 PM
Happy Talk of "Full Cooperation" from Presidents and what it Means (salon) Helen ThomasSomehow, I feel we have been here before with White House scandals. Every time an official investigation gets underway involving the White House, a president always promises "full coo.....- 7/13/2005 8:25:23 PM
The Love-Fest for Judith Miller is Misguided (salon)  In the midst of the media's love-fest for Judith Miller, First Amendment Martyr, it's easy to forget that Miller's questionable journalistic ethics left her in the doghouse only a year ago. It was Mi.....- 7/13/2005 7:48:33 PM
Congress Asked to Close Student Loan Loophole (salon) The secretary of education, Margaret Spellings, on Friday joined the chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, Rep. John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, in asking Congress to close a loophole t.....- 7/13/2005 5:46:09 PM
The Big Lie About Valerie Plame -Served up by Republicans (salon) TPMCafeThe lies by people like Victoria Toensing, Representative Peter King, and P. J. O'Rourke insist that Valerie was nothing, just a desk jockey.  Yet, until Robert Novak betrayed her she was still.....- 7/13/2005 3:35:05 PM
TX Legislators Can't Decide About Property Taxes for Schools, but Both Branches Vote Themselves a Pension Raise (salon) The vote was non-recorded so that the public can't know how they voted.The House and Senate haven't agreed on how to cut school property taxes, but both chambers approved bills Tuesday that would boos.....- 7/13/2005 3:22:56 PM
TRMPAC- Judge Rules that GOP operative should stand trial for money-laundering (salon) Austin-American Statesman  - Background - Texans for a Republican Majority tried to claim that it wasn't money-laundering if "checks" were used instead of cash. The judge didn't agree. State.....- 7/13/2005 1:38:18 PM
Pentagon Misses July 11th Deadline in Which They were to Specify Plans for Training Iraqis and Troop Levels (salon) The Bush administration yesterday came under more pressure to outline the number of American forces that may need to stay in Iraq over the next two years after the Pentagon failed to meet a 60-day dea.....- 7/13/2005 1:30:55 PM
Bush Stonewalls for a Second Day (salon) Yesterday he refused to answer questions about Karl Rove's obvious lie. Today, he said he will not prejudge the CIA investigation and Karl's role. President Bush said on Wednesday he would withhold ju.....- 7/13/2005 12:40:12 PM
Rebutting the Republican Talking Points That Seek to Divert Attention from the WMD Issue-Joseph Wilson (salon) Background - In response to the knowledge that Karl Rove lied about Joseph Wilson, the Republicans distributed talking points designed to divert attention away from the issues as well as smear (again).....- 7/13/2005 12:30:30 PM
Texas House Backs Eminent Domain Limits (salon) BackgroundSeeking to circumvent a recent, controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision, the Texas House on Tuesday approved a measure to prohibit state or local governments from seizing homes and other p.....- 7/13/2005 7:10:01 AM
White House Stonewalls for Second Day about Rove's Involvement with Plame Investigation (salon) President Bush was asked directly if he planned do fire Rove, since he had said before he would fire anyone involved, and he refused to answer. Then, at the White House Press Briefing, for the second .....- 7/12/2005 10:33:52 PM
Prime Minister of Iraq Criticizes US for Civilian Deaths (salon) From an article that describes a wave of attacks that kill nearly 50.Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, meanwhile, criticized U.S. and multinational forces for shooting at Iraqi civilians who act susp.....- 7/12/2005 2:51:30 PM
Chet Edwards on Vet Spending (salon) - 7/12/2005 11:46:06 AM
Hillary Clinton Compares Bush to Alfred E Neuman (salon) "I sometimes feel that Alfred E. Neuman is in charge in Washington," she said during the inaugural Aspen Ideas Festival, organized by the Aspen Institute, a non-partisan think tank.The forme.....- 7/12/2005 6:19:51 AM
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