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The Clearance on the Plame Memo was Marked Secret (salon) Memo Central to Probe Of Leak Was Written By State Dept. AnalystA classified State Department memorandum central to a federal leak investigation contained information about CIA officer Valerie Plame i.....- 7/20/2005 11:05:02 PM
Eleven Intelligence Officers Say that the CIA Leak May Have Harmed the United States (salon) Eleven former intelligence officers say the leak of CIA officer Valerie Plame's identity may have damaged national security and the government's ability to gather intelligence.The former officers made.....- 7/20/2005 8:05:15 PM
Pentagon Rolls out a Fiendish New Weapon- Microwave Heat Beam Ray Gun (salon) Cruel and Unusual? Yes.The Active Denial System weapon, classified as “less lethal” by the Pentagon, fires a 95-gigahertz microwave beam at rioters to cause heating and intolerable pain in less than f.....- 7/20/2005 7:07:21 PM
Iraq Roundup (salon) Most Soldiers in Iraq Report Low Unit Morale"Fifty-four percent of OIF-II soldiers reported their unit moral as low or very low," it said. Only nine percent reported high or very high unit m.....- 7/20/2005 3:02:00 PM
Moazzam Begg, a British citizen, Shares His Story at Guantenemo Bay (salon) AlternetBut, I can try to highlight the most profound parts of my incarceration including being held by the Americans in Kandahar, in Bagram, and ultimately in Guantanamo for 2 years. During my time t.....- 7/20/2005 12:49:19 PM
Plame Rove Leak Roundup (salon) What the 10/17/2003 WSJ Niger Memo Leak Tells UsIt is fascinating to note the facts that are omitted from David Cloud's October 17, 2003 Wall Street Journal article that described the memo detailing t.....- 7/20/2005 12:47:35 PM
John G Roberts Roundup (salon) John Roberts - Just Representing his Clients?Unfortunately on TV last night, it looked like the pundit class has already confirmed the guy. Too many people seemed to have bought the White House talkin.....- 7/20/2005 12:40:23 PM
CONPLAN 0300-97-Employing Special, Ultra Secret Anti-Terrorist Military Units on American Soil (salon) NYTimes-Commandos Get Duty on US SoilSomewhere in the shadows of the White House and the Capitol this week, a small group of super-secret commandos stood ready with state-of-the-art weaponry to swing .....- 7/20/2005 12:07:07 PM
Karl Rove Omitted to Tell His Conversation with Cooper Initially to the FBI (salon) An Unlikely StoryWhite House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove did not disclose that he had ever discussed CIA officer Valerie Plame with Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper during Rove’s first interv.....- 7/20/2005 8:50:33 AM
Tom DeLay-New Campaign Finance Report-Who Gave DeLay How Much? (salon) WASHINGTON, July 19 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Majority Leader Tom DeLay raised more money from corporate interests in the last quarter than any other reporting period in his career, according to a new analys.....- 7/20/2005 7:57:35 AM
Zogby Poll: More Support for Impeaching Bush That There was for Impeaching Clinton (salon) Zogbyby Dan Froomkin More than four in 10 Americans, according to a recent Zogby poll, say that if President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should c.....- 7/20/2005 7:49:46 AM
Why Did Bush Announce the New Supreme Court Nominee a Week Earlier than Expected (salon) Sources said the timing of an announcement had been moved up in part to deflect attention away from a  {activateYQinl(this);return false;}" href="http://search.news.yahoo.com/search/news/?p=CIA">CIA l.....- 7/20/2005 12:48:24 AM
Turkey Says the United States Ordered Capture of PKK, including Incursion into Iraq (salon) Background:A top Turkish general said on July 19 the United States had given direct orders for the capture of rebel Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leaders in Iraq, Turkish media reported. General Ilker.....- 7/19/2005 11:21:08 PM
Iraq News Roundup (salon) 1771 US Military Deaths, 25,000 Civilian Deaths in Iraq while Sunnis working on the Iraq Constitution are slain.The bodies of three Sunni Muslims -- who were working on the draft of Iraq's new constit.....- 7/19/2005 11:14:58 PM
President Bush Breaks IAEA Rules-Announces New Nuke Policy with India (Markey) (salon) "Why should the United States sell controlled nuclear goods to India? India is not a member state of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and lacks full-scope safeguards required by the Internati.....- 7/19/2005 10:22:38 PM
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