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Texas Trans Corridor Audio Snips - Hearing held in Fort Worth last weekend (salon) Listened to the whole thing and snipped some of it into easy to be angry about bits. On CanOFunSome main points. Some of the participants, mayors, Texas congressmen, etc, are concerned that the red ro.....- 6/23/2006 1:30:15 PM
Could Edwards Net Neutrality Vote Be Due to the $10,000 he received from National Cable & (salon) Telecommunications Assn? This is one of the main reasons we have to go to public financing. There should never be a question about whether someone's vote might have been influenced by what monies one .....- 6/23/2006 9:39:25 AM
Lon Burnam (Dist 90) Points out the Baloney Goodhair is Peddling (salon) Hold that applause - He criticizes the Star-Telegram for saying Good Job to Perry, when it's clear that the legislative session failed and will have have its tax cut actions corrected in the next legi.....- 6/23/2006 8:48:29 AM
Friedman, Strayhorn get on Texas ballot (joe) AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Maverick gubernatorial candidates Kinky Friedman and Carole Keeton Strayhorn learned Thursday that they had each collected enough valid voter signatures to make on the November e.....- 6/22/2006 6:53:24 PM
PAC contributions to Chet Edwards for 2005-2006 (joe) Edwards, Chet (D-TX)2005-2006 PAC Contributions: $857,480 Based on data released by the FEC on Monday, May 29, 2006.    Agribusiness $29,500   Crop Production & Basic Processing $13,500   American.....- 6/22/2006 2:13:29 PM
Bills sponsored by Chet Edwards in the 108th congress (joe) 1. [108th] H.RES.584 : Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 548) to amend title 10, United States Code, to increase the minimum Survivor Benefit Plan basic annuity for surviving spouses age 6.....- 6/22/2006 1:47:38 PM
Bills sponsored by Chet Edwards in the 109th congress (joe) Gathered from the databases of the Library of Congress:1. H.RES.205 : Congratulating the Baylor University Lady Bear Women's Basketball team on winning the 2005 NCAA Championship for basketball.Sponso.....- 6/22/2006 1:40:39 PM
Chet Edwards campaign contributions (joe) CHET EDWARDS: CAREER PROFILE (SINCE 1989)Top Contributors Top Contributors http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/allcontrib.asp?CID=N000057941National Auto Dealers Assn $74,0002Lockheed Martin $72,50.....- 6/22/2006 1:22:04 PM
Chet Edwards continues negative advertising campaign (joe) I received a request to help raise some money for Chet (aka Thomas) Edwards and in the email he accuses his opponent of  being wealthy with ExxonMobil stock. I think someone who makes almost 200k a ye.....- 6/22/2006 11:33:59 AM
Greg Palast was in Austin yesterday (salon) - 6/19/2006 11:52:13 AM
Chet Edwards Votes With the Republicans on Resolution that conflates War on Terror with War in Iraq (salon) I watched yesterday as Democrat after Democrat stood up to express outrage and concern at the obvious ploy of the Republicans to make it appear that Democrats do not support the troops because most De.....- 6/16/2006 11:36:30 AM
John Cornyn on Amnesty for the Iraqi Insurgents who have killed US Troops-a "Distraction" (salon) In the most bizarre of all worlds, adding to the comments Bush made yesterday at his press conference in which he discussed "reconciliation" for Iraqi insurgents who have killed US troops, J.....- 6/15/2006 9:21:00 PM
Counter-Recruiters in High Schools Score Victory in Central Texas (salon) Now on to all the school districts in TexasTuesday, June 13, 2006 Page B-5 Austin American-StatesmanAustin trustees approve limits on recruitment District will restrict military's access to high schoo.....- 6/14/2006 2:10:49 PM
Who was the Well-Connected Oilman that bent Karl Rove's Ear about No Clean Water Near Oil Drill Sites? (salon) Somervell County, in the Barnett Shale region, has been increasingly getting more and more gas wells going in. I've been concerned about what types of environmental protections there would be as more .....- 6/13/2006 1:22:30 PM
Chet Edwards voted AGAINST NET NEUTRALITY- Why? (salon) I've said before that I'm disappointed with Chet Edward's voting record and reading this bit from Talking Points Memo is no exception. Net Neutrality shouldn't be a partisan issue. There should be Rep.....- 6/11/2006 10:50:50 PM
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