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Rep Phil King of Weatherford, TX honored by ALEC as one of the finest state legislators today! (salon) Hang on a sec while I wipe the pepsi from the monitor so I can see to type. This Phil King? Or This Phil King?  Although the bill looked dead in regular session, King managed to get it pushed through .....- 7/23/2006 12:53:27 PM
New web site for Somervell County Democrats (joe) - 7/23/2006 12:06:35 PM
Speaking of Texas Outsourcing, Is Neil Bush's Ignite Software Produced by Mexico's Grupo Carso? (salon) While reading some other education news, I started wondering about who the investors were in Neil Bush's Ignite!Learning program that is such a crony goodie for the Bush family and which purpose is to.....- 7/23/2006 9:16:11 AM
Interesting-Marking Errors on SAT Test Caused by Dampness- Pearson says-What about optical vote ballots? (salon) I was reading some articles on Pearson Educational and ran across this which sparked my interest due to wondering just how the mechanical process works. In other words, either this is BS or it's not. .....- 7/23/2006 8:38:56 AM
Texas Education Agency Hires Contractor Caveon to Find TAKS Cheaters- Caveon Won't Tell Them Who the Schools Are (salon) Bizarre. You'd think that if you hire a company that says it will turn over all summary and detailed information about TAKS schools that cheat (a number of tests all seem to have exactly the same .....- 7/23/2006 8:27:22 AM
Somervell County Democrats have a Chair change (joe) Karen Richardson, elected County Chair, resigned at the CEC meeting on Thursday, http://democrats.glenrose.net/cecminutes07202006.pdf. Paul Harper will take over as the Interim County Chair until the .....- 7/22/2006 9:40:46 PM
About Bush's Creepy Fondling of German Chancellor and Whether it is *Texan* to have Appallingly Bad Manners (salon) from Mack White who is from Austin, TexasI’ve noticed that a few Bush apologists, as well as foreign writers attempting to understand the incident , are asserting that Bush’s impromptu massage of the .....- 7/22/2006 7:32:24 PM
Photo of David Van OS from his Whistlestop Tour in Somervell County, Texas last week (salon) - 7/22/2006 7:11:23 PM
Since the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) is for NAFTA, CAFTA and global free trade, wouldn't they also be for the Trans Texas Corridor? (salon) Reason enough to make sure that ANY so-called Democrat who is a member of the DLC or supports it any way should NOT be voted for. Let's say this again- the DLC IS FOR TRADE EXPANSION, which would incl.....- 7/22/2006 6:53:28 PM
One more point about Democrats Limiting the power of the courts to hear citizen complaints (salon) I talked here before about how annoyed I was to see Chet Edwards vote with the Republicans to limit people's ability to take pledge of allegiance issues before federal courts. Ran across this from the.....- 7/22/2006 5:54:47 PM
Prayer and Texas Political Meetings (salon) Let me start out by saying that I am not particularly religious. I was raised as a Southern Baptist, and for reasons that aren't relevant to this discussion, I'm not anymore, although most of my kin a.....- 7/22/2006 5:35:49 PM
Get your Texas House Senator and Rep ON RECORD about the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) (salon) I just got done calling up Sid Miller and Kip Averitt's office to find out their positions on the TTC. Both of them voted for it. The woman answering Miller's phone argued with me for awhile, repeatin.....- 7/21/2006 2:30:12 PM
On the DCCC removing the coffins ad- Chet Edwards was one of 2 congressmen that asked it be pulled (salon) I am totally against this, not only because the Bush administration and Republicans are constantly invoking pictures of terror (now to include not only 9/11 but World War III, thank you very much), bu.....- 7/21/2006 1:24:41 PM
National Guard on border ... or should I say Security Guards? (salon) When I read articles like this, the first thought that jumps into my mind is how the Republican Congress CUT border patrol funding. Why be happy to see the military used to supplement the border patro.....- 7/21/2006 10:54:24 AM
Perry Apparently thinks Texas Citizens Against the Trans Texas Horrordor are Lying or Uninformed (salon) Saw this link from Easter Lemmings - Texans FURIOUS over SuperhighwayYup. I've been, now, to 5 county meetings and overwhelmingly people are against it. Perry's spokesman, Robert Black, dismissed sugg.....- 7/21/2006 10:44:37 AM
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