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Chet Edwards Updated on Progress of L-3 Surveillance Aircraft (salon) As we noted in a previous post, Chet received $12,000 from L-3 for his campaign. According to this article, L-3 received $32 million in federal funding. Wondered what the P-3 is. It's surveillance air.....- 8/26/2006 1:37:46 PM
Chet Edwards Gets Support of Business Groups in Texas (salon) Interesting. Business groups that include National Federation of Independent Business, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Texas Association of Business (that's the association that illegally helped S.....- 8/26/2006 11:26:15 AM
Informing people is not for the lazy-which is why I'm having trouble (salon) heh. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about how I can personally get the word out about Trans Texas Corridor to people, where I can have an effect. It seems to me that, while internet blogging.....- 8/26/2006 10:10:20 AM
Between the Texas Drought and Gas Well Drilling, Are Our Counties Drying up? (salon) I was reading a post from Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News in which the author echoes what I was reading in the Weatherford newspaper-that it is getting harder and harder to drill a well and get water. A.....- 8/26/2006 9:28:46 AM
Get Coal-Fired Power Plants Rammed Through-Get Lots of Checks from TXU (salon) Rick Perry signed an executive order to speed up the state\'s permit process for dirty coal-burning plants. MIRACULOUSLY, only a few weeks later, Perry got money both from TXU\'s PAC and th.....- 8/26/2006 8:33:45 AM
Perry Says Mexico's Calderon is *President-Elect* (salon) Uh, No, Pinhead, he's NOT "President-Elect", which, according to my dictionary is someone who's been ELECTED but just hasn't been INDUCTED into office yet. Calderon has NOT been elected beca.....- 8/26/2006 8:24:29 AM
Trans Texas Corridor- What IS the New Route? What about the Cars? (salon) J Ware did some thorough research into the North Central Texas Council of Governments and came up with some interesting facts from the TTC website that seem to show what their real priorities are:  Fi.....- 8/24/2006 9:11:09 AM
Republican Idiot in My District, Nicholas Van Campen Taylor, was on the teevee the other day (salon) I was busy with the TTC stuff I've been working on and got around to finally watching him (TIVO is a great invention!) Obviously, Van Taylor was told that the way to win hearts and minds in Bush's dis.....- 8/24/2006 7:59:03 AM
Perry Continues to Sneer at Citizens Versus the Commercial Elites-Trans Texas Corridor (salon) Everybody knows by now that Rick Perry DID NOT GO to a single TTC hearing, so it's pretty obvious what he thinks about the people that voted for him and whether they were truly "Hearings" or.....- 8/22/2006 1:15:29 PM
I now have a DVD of the Citizen Comments for the Trans Texas Corridor (salon) Tomorrow night we're having a local meeting to go over the Largest Land Grab in Texas History, about the TTC since so many don't know about it, and in preparation for it, I've made a DVD from all the .....- 8/21/2006 5:27:29 PM
How NOT to Present Toll Roads to the Public (salon)  From Peter Stern, who is a most faithful and energetic emailerPresentation is Key GOLDEN RULE #1:  Thou shalt NOT force toll roads down taxpayer throats! Unfortunately, in Texas the governor, special.....- 8/21/2006 5:06:05 PM
Trans Texas Corridor-Letter to the Editor Re: Grayson County Support? (salon) Apparently there was an article in the North Texas e-News that talked about Grayson County support for the TTC-except they only talked about the POLITICIANS who were supporting it, not the, uh, citize.....- 8/21/2006 4:42:16 PM
Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) Comments Deadline is Today (salon) Reminder from Lake Bridgeport News. Now, honestly, I'd like to see a second step which is for them to MAKE PUBLIC all the comments and it's not clear to me that TXDOT is going to do so.  But if you ha.....- 8/21/2006 12:32:38 PM
AG Greg Abbott and his Goon Squad- and pretty careless, too (salon) What would you say about a guy who is supposed to be upholding the law traipsing down to a federal repository with 4 armed guards in order to take xrays, in defiance of a court order issued the previo.....- 8/21/2006 9:54:24 AM
I am NOT going to microchip (RFID) my pets, my chickens or my livestock (salon) Just read another article, this time from Austin, about an *aggressive* program to microchip pets. Hey, if people want to slip RFID chips into their pets, and it's an individual personal decision, hav.....- 8/21/2006 9:31:38 AM
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