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One more comment re: the Republican Border Fence (salon) Yesterday I commented that Chet Edwards voted with the Republicans to pass the border fence issue, despite most Democrats voting against.Peter Stern sent me a comment from Democrat Steny Hoyer:HOYER: .....- 9/15/2006 9:56:35 AM
John Cornyn Thinks It's Fine To Eavesdrop on You Any Time Without a Warrant (salon) "The committee took the important step of acknowledging the president's constitutional authority to conduct foreign intelligence surveillance," said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), an ardent Bush.....- 9/14/2006 10:50:22 PM
Franklin (Robertson County) Texas Residents Suing Gas Refinery over Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions (salon) Especially since I"ve been immersed in hearing and reading about the Texas Railroad Commission's responsibility for these types of things, I found it interesting to read how the complaints of the.....- 9/14/2006 9:15:56 PM
Chet Edwards Votes (Again) With the Republicans-This Time for that Ridiculous Border Fence (salon) I'm sure all the Republicans in this district that, despite enjoying Reagan's "Tear Down That Wall" sentiment, nonetheless think that the way to keep out illegal aliens is to wall in our cou.....- 9/14/2006 7:36:53 PM
Attorney General's Office to Landowners-THERE IS NO PROTECTION for your land against the Trans Texas Corridor (salon) I read this one with bemusement. A company in Killeen has a way (I don't know if it's legal or not) to try to get around Texas taking their land for the Trans Texas Corridor, by developing commercial .....- 9/14/2006 3:48:16 PM
Video and Audio of the Hico Town Meeting with the Texas RailRoad Commission- Part 2 (salon) I finished making a few more snips of some more questions and put the entire meeting into an MP3/Audio file. AUDIO of entire meeting - lasted over 2 hoursHow often does the tubing have to be replaced,.....- 9/14/2006 2:31:22 PM
VIDEO Short from Local DFW News about Eagle Mountain Lake Park, Texas (salon) I was curious to see how local news would treat the news that Perry, who not only was (and is) trying to sell off state park land, but also was actively behind trying to sell off Eagle Mountain Lake, .....- 9/14/2006 1:17:13 PM
This would be funny if Wynne Wasn't a Wacko-Testing Microwave Weapons on Americans (salon) Oh, yeah. Sure. I definitely think that we need to let the military turn microwave devices against us FIRST before, God forbid, they do it on enemies somewhere else. Those enemies might get injured an.....- 9/13/2006 1:50:56 PM
The High School Band Clarinet Playing Terrorist Will GET YOU!!! Tale of Houston Texans Football (salon) I can't be one of only a few people in the world that think that getting frisked if you go anywhere in public anymore is not, uh, conducive to having a good time, and uh, when it comes to young high s.....- 9/13/2006 1:32:48 PM
Tale of Two Phone-Tapping Stalkers (salon) Read just now about a judge who rejected the plea-deal of a man who crawled up under his ex-girlfriend's house to plant a listening device. The man was charged with burglary and unlawful interception .....- 9/13/2006 12:54:54 PM
Eagle Mountain Lake WILL be Parkland and Perry the Destroyer Will Try to Take Credit Today (salon) I guess I'll have to watch the local news tonight to see Perry's Big Ole Head of Hair trying to take credit for the reversal of his attempt to SELL OFF parkland. Wonder if the DFW news will call out h.....- 9/13/2006 12:32:03 PM
Selling off Water Rights as North Texas Prepares for what may be a 20 year Drought (salon) Must be *Water Week*. Between writing about gas wells and injection wells using water at a fast clip and poisoning waters with the waste, and worrying about water tables from, say, the Paluxy, droppin.....- 9/13/2006 12:05:58 PM
Cleburne Times Review on the Democratic Rally in Johnson County this last weekend (salon) Good turnout, about 120 people, with Chris Bell and Barbara Radnofsky attending. I particularly liked reading comments from the keynote speaker, Dr. Brett Younger of Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Wo.....- 9/13/2006 11:56:03 AM
More on the 17 extra cents to pay in gasoline tax versus toll road in Central Texas (salon) I list this issue because, in general, these are the same types of arguments that are made with Trans Texas Corridor and other toll roads that, as a matter of Texas Legislature policy, are being rolle.....- 9/13/2006 6:49:34 AM
Mineral Wells (Parker County) Texas and Flawed Gas Injection Waste Well Permit (salon) Saw this via Bill Gordon's No Taxpayer Left Behind (Erath County) -The Mineral Wells city personnel were not notified, as they were supposed to have been, about a gas injection well going into city li.....- 9/13/2006 6:29:41 AM
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