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And NOW Trump's Policy Causing Children of *Tender Age* to be put in Camps (test) NBC Trump officials send migrant babies, toddlers to 'tender age' shelters Lawyers and medical providers who have visited the South Texas shelters described playrooms of crying preschool-age c.....- 6/20/2018 7:32:16 AM
All Trump has to do is pick up the phone about these kids and say *STOP IT* (salon) - 6/19/2018 4:44:14 PM
Trump Now Saying Immigrants *Infest* the country. Utterly disgusting (salon) I suppose he must believe that when his own ancestors came into the country, they were infesting it. Or this only apparently counts if it's brown people from Mexico or Central America. And, of .....- 6/19/2018 10:59:39 AM
Apparently Trump Wants to Hold Immigrant Children Hostage in Exchange for the Wall He wants built (salon) Disgusting. Trump is basically saying that if he would start acting humane and stop separating children from parents if he gets Congress to pass a Wall. WaPost President Trump has calculated that.....- 6/18/2018 12:01:32 PM
On the Unjust Separation of Families of the Trump Administration (salon) Hundreds of children wait in Border Patrol facility in Texas As of today, 6/18/2018, 11785 children now in Trump's HHS Inside an old warehouse in South Texas, hundreds of children wait i.....- 6/18/2018 10:45:19 AM
United Methodist Church Resolution Against Donald Trump Treating of People (salon) Update: Church charges brought against Jeff Sessions.  “I really never would have thought I’d be working on charges against anybody in the Methodist connection, much less a lay p.....- 6/18/2018 10:01:04 AM
Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Passed Resolution in favor of Immigration reform (salon) VOX God commands His people to treat immigrants with the same respect and dignity as those native born ... we desire to see immigration reform include an emphasis on securing our borders and prov.....- 6/15/2018 10:53:07 AM
Paul Manafort going to jail! (salon) Judge revoked his bail, violated the conditions of his probation Trump lied about Manafort and said "Paul Manafort worked for me for a very short period of time...He worked for me, what, for 4.....- 6/15/2018 10:48:33 AM
Liar Trump has some new lawsuit problems -on his birthday (salon) First up, on the IG report- Trump is a liar. and dumb. The IG report was about Hillary Clinton's emails and has nothing to do with the Russia investigation. Nothing in the IG report discredits the.....- 6/15/2018 8:06:18 AM
Liar Trump is also a monster for deciding (POLICY NOT LAW) to tear children away from parents (salon) Truly disgusting. And his spokesmen are using the Bible to try to justify this, in a country where we don't use the Bible above the law. Every decent and ethical person needs to speak up about thi.....- 6/15/2018 7:19:06 AM
Trump Administration Wants to Build Tent Cities in HOT Texas to hold CHILDREN (salon) Ugh. No one ever tell me again that Republicans are for family values when children are taken away from their parents and between 1000 and 5000 children will be put, separated, in tents. In Texas.&nbs.....- 6/13/2018 8:56:42 AM
Paul Manafort (Former Campaign Manager to Donald Trump) New Indictment for Conspiracy (salon) Hill Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been hit with new charges filed by special counsel Robert Mueller's office. Mueller filed a superseding indictment.....- 6/8/2018 2:53:48 PM
Some Republican Congressmen Contest Donald Trump's Bullchit *Spygate* Crapola (salon) As said, the other day, Trey Gowdy is one that disputes the baloney Trump is trying to spread to his gullible followers.  Remember, Gowdy said "I think when the president finds out what.....- 6/7/2018 12:38:08 PM
Eagle's Malcolm Jenkins on Donald Trump and the White House (Video) (salon) - 6/6/2018 4:16:45 PM
Trump's Lies about the Philadelphia Eagles. (salon)   Trump is such a baby. And a moron. The Eagles didn't even one time kneel during a football game this last season.  Torrey Smith, Eagles wide receiver, had said he was goin.....- 6/6/2018 10:21:19 AM
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