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Reserving Judgement about the Mueller Report Until It's Publicly Released (salon) The Barr report is not the Mueller Report William Barr Can't Exonerate Donald Trump AP Fact Check- Mueller Probe doesn't totally exonerate Trump THE FACTS: It was not a total vindic.....- 3/27/2019 10:10:58 AM
Trump wants to kill the Affordable Care Act- Buh-bye Protection for Pre-existing conditions (salon) USAToday Trump’s action would be by far the most far-reaching of his presidency. Americans who have pre-existing conditions, numbering 130 million, would no longer be assured of insuranc.....- 3/27/2019 9:21:24 AM
Trump Attacks Medicare and Farmers - His Budget Requests (salon) NY Times The Trump administration’s annual budget proposal on Mondayenvisioned a series of cuts that contrasted with the president’s own words of support for both programs and peop.....- 3/12/2019 4:01:36 PM
Sunshine Week 2019 and Anti-Slapp Law in Texas (salon) Attempts being made via HB 2730 (Leach) , SB 2162 (Paxton)  and HB3547 (Moody) to weaken the strong Texas Citizens Participation Act RCFP New legislation would imperil Texas anti-SLA.....- 3/12/2019 3:41:43 PM
Trump the Serial Liar's Swamp for 3/1/2019 (salon) Trump lied about North Korea. Lied about it last year, lied about it yesterday. BBC North Korea has denied US President Donald Trump's claim that the country demanded total sanctions relief dur.....- 3/1/2019 8:43:22 AM
Turk Case Update- Telephone Conference Hearing Set for March 8 2019 (salon) - 2/28/2019 4:34:46 PM
Hah! There are seriously people that believe God appointed immoral unethical Trump (salon) This is the looniest take I've seen yet from the MyPillow guy. Proving that some people will ignore all evidence of wrongdoing, and criminal behaviour in order to fall in line with religiou.....- 2/28/2019 2:26:44 PM
Texas Open Meetings Act-One Provision Struck Down by Criminal Court of Appeals (salon) PDF Part excerpted below in the question of whether part of TOMA is unconstitutionally vague. A provision of the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA) makes it a crime if a member or group of memb.....- 2/28/2019 10:09:50 AM
How is what Google did in Midlothian Texas transparent? (salon) There' s a reason why elected officials go into private closed session to discuss real estate deals. For one reason, real estate prices could be played with if neighbors knew a city or county was .....- 2/16/2019 3:49:37 PM
Wow! Trump Says He Didn't Need to do his Wall Emergency-So it's NOT an Emergency (salon) This man is truly a moron, not to mention that he doesn't understand that he's not a King. Washington Post The key quote came when the Q&A portion started. Trump was challenged by NBC.....- 2/15/2019 1:44:12 PM
Monarch Butterflies are Disappearing - That and Trump's Immoral Wall (salon) We're lucky living in this county where, in the fall, there is a procession of Monarch butterflies making their way south for the winter. My yard happens to have the right type of milkweed and oth.....- 2/12/2019 12:27:49 PM
Video about Nemo, Texas from WFAA (salon) - 2/11/2019 8:53:32 AM
On Trump Violating the Magnitsky Act (2/11/2019) (salon) Trump violated the law again this last week by not sending a report to Congress about who was responsible for Jamal Khashoggi's death.  McCaul Statement on Administration’s Response .....- 2/11/2019 8:43:32 AM
Southern Baptist Sex Offenders- Houston Chronicle Created an online database (salon) Abuse of Faith SBC churches and organizations share resources and materials, and together they fund missionary trips and seminaries. Most pastors are ordained locally after they've convinced a .....- 2/10/2019 8:36:12 AM
On National Enquirer (AMI) Threatening Blackmail on Various People -Including Jeff Bezos (salon) Who can avoid seeing National Enquirer in the checkout stand of the grocery store? Most of the headlines are pretty tired, like Jennifer Anniston still pining or being jealous about Brad Pitt years af.....- 2/9/2019 10:50:47 AM
What's Going on in Trump's Swamp Today? Oh, yeah, his hiring of illegal immigrants (2/8/2019) (salon) Hard to keep up with how corrupt the Trump administration is, but this really takes the cake. All the while Trump is blustering in his bigoted way about the unamerican practice of trying to stop legal.....- 2/8/2019 1:19:57 PM
Turk Case Against Somervell County Hospital District and Ray Reynolds STILL Ongoing, Apparently Altered More than 3 years later- Update Feb 2019 (salon) Last update from October 2018  What is this case about?  Docket report bringing this up to today Haven't updated this case in awhile. Here's a short recap, plus you can cli.....- 2/8/2019 1:03:16 PM
When Local Government Possibly Violates the Texas Open Meetings Act # 5(Somervell County) (salon) October 22 2018 I'm going to start calling this a category of TOMA violation, ie "What I'm about to say isn't a line item on the agenda, but it's generally connected to the bud.....- 2/8/2019 10:23:02 AM
On Difficult Navigation of the Somervell County website at http://www.somervell.co/ (salon) I have, as readers know, a particular interest in following along with local government. I believe it's not only a civic duty but a responsibility of free citizens in the United States to keep abr.....- 2/8/2019 9:41:22 AM
Danny Chambers on Expo- Business versus Hobby -from August 14 2018 (salon) Video from audio - To hear that entire meeting, click here Interesting discussion of how expenses versus revenue from the Expo Center are considered in the budget Chambers: Forgive my sarcas.....- 2/7/2019 11:03:21 AM
State Tax Lien of $8779.32 against Somervell County Hospital District (Feb 2019) (salon) There was apparently nothing specific as a line item  listed on the Somervell County Hospital District agenda for January 31, 2019 to indicate that Somervell County Hospital District had not paid.....- 2/6/2019 2:04:20 PM
For Reference- Somervell County Commissioner Court Meetings with Audio in 2018 (salon) July 2 2018- Special Session 1. COUNTY JUDGE: FIRE CHIEF/FIRE MARSHAL: DISCUSS/TAKE ACTION ON BURN BAN. 2. COUNTY JUDGE: COUNTY AUDITOR: APPROVE BUDGET TRANSFERS. 3. COUNTY JUDGE: COUNTY .....- 2/5/2019 5:11:34 PM
When Local Government Possibly Violates the Texas Open Meetings Act # 4(Somervell County) (salon) If you listen to the budget workshops or glance at the agenda, you'll see that the workshop is designed to be a free flow of discussion and information regarding the proposed budget for the upcomi.....- 2/6/2019 10:55:31 AM
Somervell County Salon for 2019 (salon) Every year about this time I like to take stock of the direction of this blog. I started this blog back in 2005, mostly as a way to express myself on political matters and also to be involved with loc.....- 2/4/2019 5:58:51 PM
When Local Government Possibly Violates the Texas Open Meetings Act # 3 (Somervell County) (salon) In a Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting held June 25, 2018, there was an item about paying county bills. One of the commissioners, Krantz, brought up a potential bill that had not been voted.....- 2/4/2019 5:26:31 PM
When Local Government Possibly Violates the Texas Open Meetings Act # 2 (Somervell County) (salon) Agenda items should be clear and specific enough that any citizen reading knows what is going to happen when commissioners deliberate, discuss and then vote on a given line item. Otherwise, voting on .....- 2/4/2019 10:27:22 AM
For Reference-Budget Workshop Audio from Somervell County Commissioners 2018 (salon) These budget workshop agendas have no line items. I have added a rough transcript to the audio and posted as video so that it might be easier to locate what was said in the meetings.  June 11,.....- 2/2/2019 7:42:00 PM
For Reference- Somervell County Commissioner Court Meetings with Audio in 2018 (salon) January 2018-June 2018 January 8 2018 1. COUNTY JUDGE: SOMERVELL COUNTY JUDGE: PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAGS. 2. COUNTY JUDGE: SOMERVELL COUNTY JUDGE: PRAYER. 3. COUNTY JUDGE: SOME.....- 2/2/2019 2:47:53 PM
Video-Somervell County Commissioners Court Regular Session Jan 14 2019 (salon) I put in the agenda items to sync with the audio. Agenda You can find the county bills on this link as well as the monthly reports 1. COUNTY JUDGE: SOMERVELL COUNTY JUDGE: PLEDGE OF ALL.....- 2/2/2019 9:36:55 AM
When Local Government Possibly Violates the Texas Open Meetings Act #1 (Somervell County) (salon) Somervell County Commissioners Court decided to purchase Marguerite Dempsey's property ,after she passed away, for $95,000. Reason was that her property adjoins the fire department property o.....- 2/1/2019 5:56:05 PM
Swamp and Witch Hunt Update- January 2019 (salon) Vox: All of Robert Mueller's indictments and plea deals in the Russia investigation so far (that we know of)  CREW: Presidential profiteering: Trump's conflicts got worse in year two.&.....- 1/30/2019 11:50:37 AM
Open Records/Open Meetings in Somervell County - 2018/2019 (salon) Suppose you want to watch or listen to a government meeting after the fact. For whatever reason, you cannot attend in person (perhaps you are working or ill). What is truly great is that, for the most.....- 1/30/2019 12:10:33 PM
What Happened to the Hollywood and Vine sign on Vine Street (Glen Rose)? (salon) Was sent this picture on the January 10 2019 by one of Somervell County Salon's readers. See something missing from that little street to the left of the building where the Hollywood and Vine rest.....- 1/30/2019 11:02:00 AM
2018 Texas Open Meetings Handbook Mentions the State of TX ex rel Darrell Best v Paul Harper case (salon) Thought this was interesting. I was looking at something unrelated in the Texas Open Meetings Handbook put out by the Texas Attorney General and came across this. In text In Harper v Best .....- 1/30/2019 10:21:00 AM
Video-Crystal Roseman of Nationwide Insurance Presentation at Somervell County Com. Ct 2019 (salon) - 1/28/2019 5:47:34 PM
Video-Glen Rose City Administrator re: Safe Sidewalks - 2019 (salon) - 1/28/2019 5:46:08 PM
Video-New Rates and Fees for Somervell County's Squaw Valley Golf Course (2019) (salon) - 1/27/2019 5:45:32 PM
Video-Kelly Harris on Texas Downtown Association's Assessment of Historic Downtown Glen Rose (salon) Item #2 from the January 21, 2019 Somervell County Commissioners Court  2. COUNTY JUDGE: SOMERVELL COUNTY JUDGE: PRESENTATION BY KELLY HARRIS OF THE TEXAS DOWNTOWN ASSOCIATION REGARDING TH.....- 1/22/2019 11:51:49 AM
Video-Somervell County Commissioners Court-Welcome to New Members - 1/21/2019 (salon) - 1/22/2019 8:59:50 AM
When Govt Seeks To Keep Public Actions Hidden- Transparency Issues with the Texas Public Information Act (salon) I saw an article last week regarding the Travis County Sherrif's Depart who are suing the Texas Attorney General's office to keep certain records secret. What records? A death at the Travis Co.....- 1/21/2019 4:34:07 PM
Rowan County, NC, to pay ACLU $285k for Commissioners Court Prayer Lawsuit (salon) WHSV.COM The years-long fight over a North Carolina county commission's practice of opening meetings with Christian prayers and inviting audience members to join is over, with commissioners a.....- 1/21/2019 2:31:31 PM
Paul Harper wins again at Texas Supreme Court -Anti-Slapp -TCPA (salon) When I last wrote about this, Paul Harper had won every single time against the State of Texas, as represented by Andy Lucas in the State of Texas ex rel George Darrell Best v Paul Harper case.  .....- 1/2/2019 7:15:04 PM
Trump Lies (salon) Trump's lies on his campaign finance violations (Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal and who knows how many more)   The Wall New Factchecking claims- New Bottomless Pinnochio Ru.....- 12/14/2018 9:29:24 AM
Trump-Adderall Snorting Speed Freak? (salon) Someecards  Casler claims that the president is a "speed freak," "who crushes up his Adderall and he sniffs it because he can’t read, so he gets really nervous when he h.....- 12/14/2018 8:16:37 AM
Hat Trick Criminal Wednesday- Michael Cohen sentenced, David Pecker admission and NY State AG investigation (salon) When it rains, it pours. Michael Cohen, who was Donald Trump's personal attorney, was sentenced to 3 years in prison today. Basically, the  SDNY believed that Cohen had not cooperated with.....- 12/12/2018 2:12:05 PM
What do you get when you merge a Liar with a Grifter with a Fear-Mongerer? (salon) Answer: Trump My neck has a crick in it from shaking my head at this creep so often.  Also, the types of corrupt things Trump pushes are not what America stands for. He apparently ignores t.....- 10/30/2018 8:19:14 AM
Terrorist Attacks on (Mostly) Public Officials-Some Sicko wants to murder people (salon) Some deranged person has been sending actual loaded pipe bombs to various people this last week, including George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman-Shulz. .....- 10/25/2018 8:43:03 AM
Most Popular Posts by Year on Somervell County Salon (salon) - 10/19/2018 8:37:14 PM
What's Going on with the Turk v Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District Lawsuit? (Glen Rose Medical Center) (salon) What is this case about? from this link Plaintiffs have repeatedly spoken out about urgent matters of public interest in regard to the operation of the public hospital facility known as Glen.....- 10/19/2018 10:21:55 AM
Republican Lies and Hypocrisy- in COURT to KILL ACA Including Pre-Existing Conditions (salon) Why is it that Republicans, including Donald Trump are lying and saying they are trying to protect people with pre-existing conditions when they are in federal court to KILL it? Many GOP ca.....- 10/19/2018 8:48:24 AM
Ted Cruz-Tough as Texas? Bwahahah (salon) - 10/9/2018 12:47:01 PM
Brett Kavanaugh is supremely the wrong person to be on SCOTUS (salon) Brett Kavanaugh lied and perjured himself when testifying before Congress He lied about his use of stolen documents  Also He lied about his involvement in the confirmation process of cert.....- 10/7/2018 12:09:25 PM
Video- Former President Barack Obama on the State of our Democracy (salon) - 9/7/2018 2:30:59 PM
Draining Trump's Swamp- Michael Cohen Says Trump Directed Him to Commit Campaign Finance Violations (salon) In particular, this was about Trump having sex with a couple of different people, including one where his wife had recently given birth, and wanting to hush it up for the election.  NYMAG .....- 8/23/2018 1:28:47 PM
Draining Trump's Swamp- Update- Paul Manafort Convicted of 8 Felony Counts (salon) Almost impossible to keep up with the level of corruption in Donald Trump's administration, but here's an attempt at it. Paul Manafort, who was Trump's campaign chairman, was found guil.....- 8/23/2018 8:22:19 AM
What's Donald Trump Lying About Today and other corruptions? (Monday 7/23/2018 (salon) Trump loses it, shouts at cloud on Twitter over Iran.  He's like your delusional grampy that doesn't know that shouting at people in all caps makes you look cray-cray. Except thsi is.....- 7/23/2018 9:47:47 AM
Timeline of some interesting actions Trump and others took re: Russia Investigation (salon) with sources: This is from an excellent  thread by Sarah Sannder Dukic with some additions of my own.  Feb 13, 2016 - Russian Alexander Torshin writes in a tweet that "Maria But.....- 7/20/2018 3:40:52 PM
Bits and Pieces- Stuff in the News`-John Bolton edition (salon) John Bolton, who has been asked by Trump to invite Putin to come to America in the fall, was in a Russian gun rights video. The Bolton video appears to be another plank in a bridge built by Russi.....- 7/20/2018 2:10:18 PM
Paul Ryan Knew in 2016 that Putin Pays Trump and Dana Rohrabacher (salon) Transcript of GOP meeting McCarthy: There's ... there's two people, I think, Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump [laughter] ... swear to God. Ryan: This is an off the records ... [laught.....- 7/20/2018 1:31:46 PM
Trump Lied about Discussing Payment to Playboy Model- There's an audio tape (salon) When the FBI did a raid on Michael Cohen, Trump's attorney, earlier this year, they seized a recording in which Cohen had recorded a conversation with Trump about payments to Karen McDougal. .....- 7/20/2018 11:31:55 AM
Welp... Trump has just committed treason.... (salon) I've never seen anything like this in my life.  You have a man who goes to visit someone who the US considers untrustworthy and our enemy and he has a private, unrecorded meeting with hi.....- 7/16/2018 2:21:02 PM
The Mueller- Russia Investigation is quite quick by historical standards (salon) - 7/13/2018 5:11:46 PM
DOJ Indicts 12 Russian Intelligence officers for 2016 election hack (salon) MSNBC Rosenstein told Trump this was going to happen last week.  And isn't THIS a coincidence Reminder that was only about a week ago that the Senate Intelligence Committee showing R.....- 7/13/2018 1:07:48 PM
Hah! Trump Calls an Interview He Gave that was Recorded *Fake News* (salon) This fake news baloney from him has now reached beyond the point of ridiculous irony. The Sun in the UK has an interview in their paper that came out today where Trump, among other things trashed T.....- 7/13/2018 1:04:45 PM
The Senate Intelligence Committee Reports Russia DID interfere with our election, so why were some Republican Senators in Russia over the 4th of July? (salon) Senate Intelligence Committee Report  Senate Intel Committee Agrees that Putin was trying to help Trump win the election Breaking with their House Republican counterparts, the Senate In.....- 7/6/2018 11:16:37 AM
Text of the Lund v Rowan Co NC Prayer by Commissioners Court Case- Lund Won (salon) Here is the PDF link to the case And here is the text (bolding mine)  WILKINSON, Circuit Judge: This case requires that we decide whether Rowan County’s practice of lawmakerled sectar.....- 7/2/2018 2:06:50 PM
Followup on Somervell County Commissioners Court Unconstitutional Invocations (7/2/2018-Danny Chambers) (salon) This morning I printed out the ACLU decision regarding the US Supreme Court declining to take on the 4th US Circuit of Appeals Case Lund v Rowan Co. This case is specifically about county commissioner.....- 7/2/2018 10:49:18 AM
Glen Rose ISD (GRISD)'s Unconstitutional Practice of Invocations at School Board Meetings (2018) (salon) Glen Rose ISD has had, for some years, a practice of having one of the elected school board members offer up an invocation at the beginning of school board meetings. Doing so has been blatantly uncons.....- 7/2/2018 12:52:44 PM
US Supreme Court Will not review Lund v Rowan Co -Case about Prayers at Govt Meetings Led by County Commissioners (salon) ACLU.ORG   (Previously, before this case was appealed to the SCOTUS, the full US Court of Appeals for the 4th circuit ruled that the commissiones violated the  constitution when th.....- 7/2/2018 7:46:26 AM
State of Texas ex rel Darrell Best v Paul Harper - Paul Harper wins again, this time at the Texas Supreme Court (TCPA/Anti-Slapp) - 6/29/2018 (salon) Judgment from today   (Background)  A few parts (the state of Texas in this case is Andy Lucas, attorney for Somervell County) TCPA (Texas Citizens Participation Act)  -aka &.....- 6/29/2018 10:26:46 AM
Some parents may never see their children again due to Trump's atrocious policy (salon) Trump's decision to separate children from parents is terrible policy. And it continues. Still unclear to me, for the children that have already been shipped to other states, how they are going to.....- 6/25/2018 1:39:00 PM
Finally Trump Issues an Executive Order to Fix the Mess HE Created -How Will He Fix it for the Missing Children? (salon) I guess Trump didn't like looking like a complete monster, although he was sure willing to hold those kids hostage in order to get a wall bill through the legisature. STILL a monster. Last week.....- 6/20/2018 3:08:57 PM
Can This Get Any Worse? Yes, Immigrant Children Claim They were Drugged (Trump's America) (salon) Reveal News- look at the court filing link in this. President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance policy is creating a zombie army of children forcibly injected with medications that make them di.....- 6/20/2018 2:20:44 PM
More Fallout- American Airlines Asks to be Removed from Transporting Children (salon) CBS American Airlines, now ensnared in the billowing controversy over the U.S. policy of separating families at the border, said in a statement Wednesday that it has “requested the fed.....- 6/20/2018 1:56:32 PM
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