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Biggest Texas Problem? The Governor

Governor Perry responsible for high cost of electricity in Texas

10 February 2009 at 6:49:35 AM

A governor leads by example.  During the past 8 years the example set by Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been one that places the needs of his wealthy campaign contributing special interests consistently above those of the Texas community.
Currently, the skyrocketing cost of electricity may be directly attributed to the previous willful actions of Perry and his legislative "Lieutenants" like former House Speaker Tom Craddick.
In 1999 legislation was passed that provided deregulation of electricity.  Costs increased.  Several years ago Perry pushed to deregulate costs of electricity, promising Texans that competition would encourage lower monthly bills.  Well, Perry got what he wanted, but again, Texans are paying higher and ever escalating costs for their electricity.
The industry itself presents the concept that the reason for high costs is due to our increased dependence on natural gas and its higher cost.  This is nonsense.
Compared to other states that also depend more on gas, Texans is the leader of higher costs of electricity.
Consequently, the real reason Texans pay higher costs of electricity is due to a governor who places the needs of his wealthy campaign contributing special interests than that of the Texas community.  Perry's contempt of hard-working Texans may be viewed when considering the governor also pushed for deregulation of higher education tuition and for legislation to eliminate what was termed "frivolous" medical malpractice lawsuits.  Furthermore, Perry continues to push the need for toll roads for similar reasons, a.k.a., to lower costs of building and maintaining roadways.  These all are special interest directed agendas.
In his crusade for his special interests, Perry told Texans that each of these measures would open-up free competition and would result in lowering costs to consumers.  If not outright lies, Perry's words are either extremely naive or delusional. 
Once upon a time in American deregulation was good.  But that was then and this is now.  Currently in our society the wealthy corporate and industrial sectors are far too greedy for profiteering and can NOT be entrusted to monitor their own operations and actions that should be in the best interests of the community at-large.  American capitalism does NOT work if it abuses or punishes most citizens.
As Governor of Texas, Rick Perry must be held accountable for his misguided actions and the best way Texans may hold him responsible is to vote-out Perry in his 2010 reelection bid.

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1 - salon   10 Feb 2009 @ 7:29:39 AM 

I saw a related article last night in the Star-Telegram that showed that, after deregulation, Texas electricity rates soared. You hit the nail on the head that it's the greedy corporate and industrial sectors, with legislators in their pockets, who are responsible for this, with Perry steering that ship in Texas.

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2 - pstern   10 Feb 2009 @ 8:53:18 AM 

Just watch what is happening with Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC).  Here is an electric entity that was corrupt from the git-go!  No one did anything about it.  State regulatory agencies didn't do anything because cooperatives are better protected from government oversight.  For the past 2 years PEC has undergone numberous changes due to public pressure by its cooperative members who finally have had enough.

Still, REAL change does NOT come easy.

PEC has chucked all its previous Board Chairmen and the members have more involvement in who runs and is elected to the Board.  Too little, too late.

The previous CEO's, Board Members ripped-off the cooperative of millions of dollars.  They hired attorneys and other companies that also received gifts and perks while hard-working coop members paid top dollar for their electric needs.

Still, the state is taking its time letting the cooperative try to "right" itself and letting the former "leaders" escape with the millions they abscounded with.

Legislators, Attorney General Greg Abbott and District Attorneys are watching and doing nothing to correct this issue and to hold the former "leaders" accountable.

Legislators are doing little to change the laws governing cooperatives.

They are doing little to protect consumers from other types of electric companies.

There is far too much lax legislation and oversight to protect consumers and no one is doing anything about it.


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3 - Bigtime Republican   10 Feb 2009 @ 1:47:33 PM  Perry also caused the dinosaurs to go extinct and engineered the drought we're currently experiencing. Oh, and he also hates puppies.

4 - salon   10 Feb 2009 @ 2:22:05 PM 

@bigtime- let me guess which governor that only won 39 percent of the vote last time YOU are going to vote for. heh.

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5 - John Cobarruvias   10 Feb 2009 @ 5:10:39 PM  You just have to wonder where someone's head is when they cant see the fraud in electricity deregulation. Before dereg, I was paying 8 cents a kwh with Houston Lighting and Power. It was dependable and I paid the bill for 18 years without needing to call them. Now? I am paying 12 cents a kWh, after scouring the internets for a good deal, and I have to re-scour every year and I've had to call them at least twice a year to fix the billing. Thanks to the republicans false promises.

6 - pstern   17 Feb 2009 @ 10:00:00 AM 

Bigtime, let me remind you that you don't believe in Darwin or evolution of Dinosaurs.

Your denial of Perry's influence on various issues underscores my point.  You are part of the GOP problem.  Or do you think the GOP lost this election as a fluke?

Let me remind you that I still am a registered member of the GOP.  You also must be part of that group of GOP in power who still believes that GW Bush did a great job as President.  Economic depression?  "What me worry?"

You and the others in power currently need to wake-up or you will become as extinct as those Dinosaurs.

"...for the times they are a-changin'"

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7 - pstern   17 Feb 2009 @ 10:04:57 AM 

Hi John, good to hear from you.

At least you can scour the Internet for "deals".  Where I live we have one choice, good ol' ethical Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC)!!!  Nothing like being tied to a monopoly in a district where the current laws are meaningless to an electric coop.  They don't fall under the same laws and rules as do other electric companies. 

People in my district are being "legally" held-up and ripped-off without any protection from the state.

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8 - JRC   4 Aug 2011 @ 3:13:27 PM 

Actually this is completely misleading.  In fact most Texans, like me are paying less for electricity than we did before deregulation.  Some are paying more but they have the choice to change to another provider, but for various reason, like wanting GREEN energy they choose to pay more.  What's causing prices to go up in Texas is the same thing that's making rise elsewhere, Government regulations that are putting a huge strain on the industry.  Deregulation has probably caused prices to rise less in Texas than in other states.  

Stop misleading people.

9 - pstern   4 Aug 2011 @ 5:30:35 PM 

What YOU stated is misleading.  You cite no facts what-so-ever in challenging my commentary.  Allow me to provide you with some information.

Your statement that "people have the choice to change to another" electric provider is false.

Many people do NOT have a choice in providers because in the district they live in there is only one electric option.  An example of this is in Hays County where most residents must use Pedernales Electric Cooperative.  THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. 

In addition, cooperatives like PEC do NOT come under the same laws and rules that electric companies must.  Furthermore, electric cooperatives have less oversight by government agencies than electric companies.

So, I suggest you fully study the realities of the electric industry before you criticize what I wrote here.  I have been involved in researching these companies and cooperatives for the past 10 years and I base my opinions on the available facts.

Perry and legislators are primarily responsible for the high cost of electricity.  The providers also are responsible for high costs.  They are responsible in the same manner that they are responsible for the recent increased cost of higher education tuition.

Thanks to Perry, Senators and House Representatives and their misrepresentation of the facts to voters, tuition costs at the University of Texas have increased 5 separate times since the deregulation of tuition.  Other universities and colleges have followed UT's lead in increasing tuition costs.

Look, at one time in this nation deregulation was a great idea.  Companies and people were responsible.

However, in today's world greed for profits has superceded responsible actions and behavior.  As a whole, deregulation does NOT work any more for this reason.

Perry and legislators also are responsible for having lax legislation over the insurance industry.  It is for this reason that approximately 5 years ago the industry doubled our premiums overnight.  It is why Texas homeowners currently pay the 2nd highest premiums in the nation (after Florida).

Again, in today's Texas climate (and throughout the nation it is the same mentality) deregulation no longer works as it once did.  Lax legislation and oversight now cause increased costs due to the greed for profiteering above provider fairness and responsibility.

You don't have to agree with me, but this is the reality of our issues with electricity, higher education tuition and home insurance premiums and the responsibilty for these issues lies with our Governor and Legislature because companies lack the conscience to keep themselves and their greed in check.

Once upon a time in America deregulation was good, but that was then and this is now.  Like it or not, greed for profits dictates that we do need some sort of reasonable regulation and oversight with most industry, goods and services.

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10 - humanbeing   4 Aug 2011 @ 7:40:03 PM 

And if you think the cozy Corporate/Government thing is a problem, which it is, just wait until the oil runs out. I didn't turn on my small AC until 7:15 tonight. I conserved, as requested, by ERCOT. All that really means, however, is that I simmered so all the rest of you could be in comfort. O well...

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11 - salon   4 Aug 2011 @ 7:42:59 PM 

My A/C is broken so I simmered with you. I know the little fan I had blasting towards me all day was lower elec.

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12 - pstern   4 Aug 2011 @ 7:58:03 PM 

With the exorbitant amount of money we pay for electricity and the huge profits they make, they should damn well set up the grid do that we all have as much electricity/energy as we need, especially to stay cool when the intense heat bears down on all of us.

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13 - salon   4 Aug 2011 @ 8:00:34 PM 

I wish solar was cheaper. With all this sun, we'd go out and panel the entire house and get OFF the grid. In this eat, i'm willing to bet that we could have had all our electricity bills met by the sun this summer. But you have to be rich to do that.

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14 - humanbeing   4 Aug 2011 @ 8:26:33 PM 

The more we consumers demand solar (and all the other altermatives) the more affordable it will become. I read an article a couple months ago about a burgeoning solar company here that had to send its manufacturing to China in order to compete. (Does anyone out there understand the connection with our Un-Universal health care system that encourages Corporate to do this?). I tolerate the heat by giving in to it. I change the way I live. I yield. I constantly wet down, t-shirt and all, get under the fan, watch film (the only time of year I allow myself this privilege) or sit outside and birdwatch. I turn off the computer, don't answer the telephone and allow myself to get into the zone. To hell with productivity. I productively vegetate and gain more from this than all that other stuff.

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15 - pstern   4 Aug 2011 @ 8:34:25 PM 

The government and main-stream oil businesses have made certain that solar remains too expensive for most of us.  I purchased a solar company stock two years ago and the stock has continued to lose points because thin solar panels have risen dramatically in manufacturing cost making larger solar systems cost-ineffective.

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16 - humanbeing   4 Aug 2011 @ 8:50:42 PM 

I think you are correct, pstern. We have plenty of solutions available but no political (Corporate) will to do so. The message I'm getting is to become as self-sufficient as possible.

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17 - humanbeing   4 Aug 2011 @ 9:44:40 PM 

Just for the record: although I have good coping skills when it comes to servere weather, if I didn't have that little AC in the bedroom tonight, I'd be pretty miserable. I have always thought that deregulation of utilities sucked and still do.

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