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I Voted NO on the Hospital District for Somervell County (Glen Rose)

5 February 2009 at 8:57:21 PM

and even after having questions answered, would do the same thing again. I just got a call a bit ago from a friend who asked if, with more knowledge and more questions answered, I would no longer recommend that people vote against it. (Because he saw my letter in the paper today and thought it was milder than last week's) Nope! And let me do a short recap why.

-The hospital will continue to exist even if the Glen Rose Medical Center doesn't run it because the land, building (including the expansions) and equipment belong to Somervell County, NOT to private foundation Glen Rose Medical Foundation whose dba is Glen Rose Medical Center. Mike Ford has told me that the commissioners have an interest in keeping a hospital here and I can certainly understand why. Nothing says that it MUST be the GRMC.

-We've already had our property taxes raised this last year to cover the 14.5 million dollar certificate of obligation for the loan to GRMC. I liked the point that one of the questioners at the Town Hall meeting had the other night that maybe we should lower our expectations and costs as to what the hospital/clinic would actually provide, especially given that in a huge emergency, chances are the person will be airlifted out to a major hospital anyway. There was an intimation by Gary Marks that if the district didn't pass, Somervell County would try to raise our taxes again. I don't know why that should be, since they just DID.. in September, to cover that 14.5 mill.

-I don't care if private foundation GRMC wants to supply equipment and support with their money to Bosque County or Hood County clinics. I DO when it's my tax money. The boundaries of the Somervell County Hospital district would be the county line. Why should even one dime of my tax money go to support a clinic that's in Bosque County? Marks, in my opinion, is trying to obfuscate the issue by saying that the Bosque Newspaper got it wrong by saying that GRMC wanted to buy Meridian Manor. Well, I have at least 4 issues of the Bosque News  (and two from the Glen Rose Reporter) that talk about that deal and almost all of them say that non-existent company  is going to buy it, but they DO say that GRMC plans to support it, and Marks has said that, should GRMC be chosen to run the hospital if a district passes, they would be spending tax money on those clinics. Not one dime, I say.

I also know that Beck and Marks met with the editor of the Bosque County newspaper at Big Cup a couple of months back and talked about what the deal would be. Marks and Beck both say they have a partnership. Marks said the name of Beck';s business is Glen Rose Health Care Partnership Inc. That business DOES NOT EXIST AT THIS TIME. I have heard a rumour that she may be trying to get one registered NOW but that's putting the cart WAY after the horse is out. If you follow what is going on in Bosque County, you know that Beck didn't even have the money to BUY the clinic and had to ask for an extension. Some partnership. One might ask why Marks is having a partnership with someone who has no registered business with the Secretary of State's office and doesn't know that she can't even apparently get the money to buy the place. She's not just a representative of some private company that is buying the clinic, but someone he knows well and has written more than one blurb for in the papers about their collaboration. Don't believe me? Go look in the papers for yourself-it's not right that he is trying to insinuate that the newspaper editor doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • Bosque County News- Oct 29, 2008. Meridian Manor sold to Glen Rose Partnership. .. a move that will bring a satellite Glen Rose Medical Center diagnostic clinic to the nursing home and Meridian. .... Speaking to the Bosque County News on Thursday, Oct 23, both Beck and GRMC CEO Gary Marks said they wanted to assure Bosque County residents that they are committed to a long future [salon-this is the meeting they had with the editor for a couple of hours at Big Cup Café in Glen Rose]. ... Marks said the medical center plans to install a $90,000 xray unit and about $50,000 in laboratory diagnostics in the clinic. ... Both Marks and Beck said they could not disclose the purchase price prior to the consummation of the agreement that was expected to be final soon.

Two things about this. First, and this was confirmed by Gary Marks at the Town Hall and in the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper on Feb 5, 2008, GRMC plans to purchase equipment for use by Meridian Manor. Secondly, how is it if Beck and Marks don't have a close collaboration that they BOTH know about the purchase price of the manor, asked about it as they were together getting interviewed, even though it is supposedly Beck, with a non-existence company, buying it?

  • Glen Rose Reporter Nov 6 2008- GRMC Expands to Meridian. "Glen Rose Health Care Partnership is a not-for profit organization and works closely with Glen Rose Medical Canter (GRMC) which is also not for profit. The move will bring new technology and a greater access to care through GRMC. ... A big part of the equation is allowing GRMC to have a clinic in Meridian... the acquisition will bring new technology and new resources to Meridian Manor, such as an X-ray unit and diagnostic equipment.
  • Glen Rose Reporter Nov 13, 2008- Remember that first Mark's petition tried to set a cap of 75 cents per 100 in property valuation till someone, Jerry Lee, connected with Luminant, griped and the petition was withdrawn. You can read about THAT in the Reporter on Nov 20 2008
  • Bosque County News Dec 24, 2008- Sale date. approaches. This paper DOES say Glen Rose Medical Center is going to buy it and that it was going to until the process was let out for bids. It's entirely possible that THIS article has it wrong, but it would be worth a call to the editor to verify whether, initially, GRMC was going to try to buy until the Meridian Manor board found out they had to let the process out for bids. Either way, the bulk of articles very clearly say that that Health Care Partnership is going to buy it and that GRMC is going to supply equipment.
  • Bosque County News Jan 14 2009 says that Glen Rose Health Care Partnership seals deal on sale and made a 1000 deposit.
  • Glen Rose Reporter Jan 15, 2009- Chet Edwards stops in commissioners court for 5 minutes and says he is going to secure another earmark for GRMC.
  • Bosque County News Jan 21 2009- Buyer wants more time. Beck was supposed to come up with an additional 30,000 and couldn't do it. She had until Jan 27 to come up with the money. Guess what.
  • Bosque County News Jan 28 2009. Beck didn't come up with the money but she took over operations anyway. She says again in this article that GRMC is going to support the operation of the home and will be operating a clinic there.

Let me say again, I OBJECT to spending taxpayer money to support a clinic outside the boundaries of a taxable hospital district. Yes, it may be LEGAL in the last couple of years to do this but I do not think it's right. Let GRMC remain as a private foundation if they want to do this. And let them also stop asking Chet Edwards for earmarks. Since Somervell County actually owns the whole ball of wax, shouldn't it be them asking for additional support rather than a private tenant?

Now, others may and do feel differently. That's what our democracy is great for-that we can have varying opinions and vote our conscience. But if I'm asked, that's my answer.

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