What are the OTHER Foundations related to the Glen Rose Medical Foundation/Medical Center? Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


What are the OTHER Foundations related to the Glen Rose Medical Foundation/Medical Center?

26 January 2009 at 1:52:59 PM

At the meeting Gary Marks had last week, he said something to the effect that the Glen Rose Medical Foundation had nothing to do with buying that clinic in Meridian; actually when you listen to this, you'll see he doesn't really answer the question. Video clip

 There were several of us in the audience who wondered what the relationship was, and whether, despite that clinic and the one in Pecan Plantation, we would be paying taxes to support the clinics through the hospital district. Not satisfactorily answered yet. I ran down to the Bosque County News office this morning to get the papers with articles regarding this sale to compare them with my memory of what was in the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper. So, here goes.

Glen Rose Reporter November 6, 2008. GRMC Expands to Meridian. The article mentions an entity, the Glen Rose Health Partnership and says that that entity acquied Meridian Manor, a clinic in Bosque County (in Meridian, naturally). Snip from that article.

The Glen Rose Health Partnership is a not-for-profit organization and works closely with the Glen Rose Medical Center (GRMC) which is also not for profit. The move will bring new technology and a greater access to care through GRMC. Rose Back of Glen Rose Health Partnership said the acquisition should be finalized this week.

From the Bosque County News Oct 29, 2008. Meridian Manor Sold to Glen Rose Partnership

Meridian Hospital Board voted on Monday Oct 20 to sell the finacially-troubled facility to Glen Rose Health Care Partnership, a move that will bring a satellite Glen Rose Medical Center diagnostic clinic to the nursing home and Meridian.  (and by proxy to Scott and White Hospital)

Glen Rose Health Partnership, headed by Rose Beck, is a stand-alone not-for-profit organization that works closely with teh not-for-profit Glen Rose Medical Center. Speaking to the Bosque County News on Thursday Oct 23, both Beck and Glen Rose Medical Center CEO Gary Marks said they wanted to assure Bosque County residetns that they are committed to a long fuure and growth at the nursing home.

"Both GRHP and GRMC are committed to growing the healthcare delivery system for the residents of both the nursing facility and of the community. ". ..said Beck... Marks commended the Meridian Hospital Board for acting quickly once they realized the manor was in financial distress. ... Glen Rose Medical Cneter was among the first potential buyers considered.

Marks says the medical center plans to install a $90,000 xray unit and about $50,000 in laboratory diagnostic equipment in the clinic. There, Manor residents and others can be seen by a nurse practicitioner who will transmit the data to physicians in Glen Rose.


From Dec 24 Bosque County News-Meridian Manor Sale Date Approaches (Jan 16)

Recently a deal was struck to sell the facility to Glen Rose Medical Center. That deal was put on hold, however, after board members learned that, as a governmental body, they were required to go out for bids before selling the nursing home. .. With Glen Rose Medical Center as the buyer, the sale would mean not only financial security for the home but a diagnostic clinic for the area as well.

Jan 14, Bosque County News- Meridian Manor Seals Deal on Sale (only one bid)

That bid by Glen Rose Health Care Partnership was for $750,000 lessn than half the 1.8 million that is listed as the appraised value of the land and bulding by the Bosque County Appraisal district, but the Meridian Hospital Authority Board was in no position to dicker. ... In fact the price was agreed on more than a month ago, when the board first voted to sell the financially troubled facility to the Glen Rose partnership, represented by Rose Beck. .. Beck made a $1000 escrow payment was to pay another $30,000 by Jan 18.

Jan 21- Bosque County News- Meridian Manor sale hits snag, buyer wants more time.

... potential buyer Rose Beck requested additional time to secure financing for the $750,000 purchase. ... Beck, representing Glen Rose Health Care Partnership (a partnership with the Glen Rose Medical Center) bid $750,000 for the nursing home...... the actual sale date would be late February.

So, Here's what I want to know. When was the Glen Rose Health Care Partnership created? Given that it is a partnership with the Glen Rose Medical Center, would any of the tax money that would be used by a hospital district be funnelled through the Glen Rose Health Care Partnership to run the clinics in Meridian? (or Pecan Plantation, for that matter). What is the relationship of the Dr Roger Marks Foundation, run by president Mike Ford, who also sits on the county commissioner's court for Precinct 2-has the GRMF (Glen Rose Medical Foundation) ever taken any money, donations, etc from the Dr Roger Marks Foundation? (ie, was there any intent for the Marks Foundation, which is named after Gary Marks daddy, to be the fundraising arm of the GRMF?) UPDATE: I have been told by Mike Ford that the Roger Marks foundation has never given money or donated in any fashion to the GRMF/GRMC but deals with scholarships for students. I am happy to hear that and glad to have it clarified.) UPDATE #2- However, Ihave found the document from the SOS website that shows the purpose of the Roger Marks Foundation IF the hospital district passes, one would assume that, being funded by the taxpayer, EVERYTHING that has to do with the running of the district would be available to the public, subject to Texas Open Records Act. And yet Marks has said that he wants to continue to have his private foundation run the hospital, not subject to sunshine. As a taxpayer, I certainly object to that, and I plan to verify this with the Texas Attorney General's office. IF it turns out that a publicly elected board could opt to take taxes and give them to another entity which would effectivly run the hospital but do it privately, so that the public has no way to hold the officials accountable for the tax money, then there's no way I would ever want to vote for a hospital district. And the point of all the above about the Meridian Clinic is that, even though it is only Somervell taxpayers who would be paying for the hospital district, IF the board also planned to funnel money through that Health foundation, then that seems like a wrong thing to do as well. These are questions that must be answered, I think, by Mr. Marks, Ms. Beck, and Mr. Ford.

Update: I couldn't find Glen Rose Health Care Partnership on the Texas Secretary of State's website. Going to look again and rub my eyes first in case I just missed it the first time. Because, surely, there isn't plans to buy a clinic without having some kind of registration with the SOS first.UPDATE #2- It does not exist on the SOS website. I looked again. Gary Marks said it was a private corporation, he said INC. If so, then it ought to be registered with the Secretary of State. It's not.

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1 - jojoakaoscar   16 Feb 2009 @ 4:51:23 AM  In January 2008 GRMCnursing home was cited for five federal violations and eight state violations by DADS (Dept.of Aging and Disabilty Services). Why do they want more when they can't even take care of what they have? I wonder how the latest investigation went last week?

2 - concerned citizen   11 Jul 2013 @ 1:09:48 AM 

Read this!  History of our hospital management. 2,000 read it then ----hope entire community reads it again along with all attachments and references. Thank you Salon for your reporting!

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