And MORE Audio from the Texas State BOE Science TEKS in November 2008


And MORE Audio from the Texas State BOE Science TEKS in November 2008

28 December 2008 at 6:08:49 PM

Last post with more audio here I remind that these are some very rough transcripts taken while listening, that I dont have a clue how to spell the people speaking's last names, so be sure to listen to hear what exactly was said.

Mike Singer MP3- UT Pro Biology. happy at first, young earth creationists that believe the world is 6000 years old versus biologists. ID seems to accept geological and biological facts. if that were the only debate. since then debate has undergone resurgence-ID vs evolutionary biologists. why has conflict arisen? Evangelicals attempt to explain the origin of life, perhaps if better understood conflict would be reduced. Evolutionary biologists don't expect to explain everything, not of concern. geneticists about next kid to be born might say whether nice or nasty can't say whtat it will be. do teach ID but wouldn't want to be oliged to do it.

Timothy Tutt MP3 -pastor original draft by teacher writing teams. do not include s&w. Just because something has been around awhile doesn't mean we have to continue it. Faith says how do we live once we're here. Leave reilgious instruction to congregations.

Steve Smith MP3- Flower Mound Petition from 60 of us. Darwins theory streteched faith. Fossil record lacks continuity, no intermediate dna code no code for a monkey to become man. stripping s&w strips free inquiry. Asked if had analyze and evaluated doesn't that encompass s&w? Yes. -Refreshing to have someone that just gets it.

Robert Baumgartner Mp3  science. abundatne academic freedom oppose wasting time with s&w. based on mistaken notion that science and religion are in conflict. Example of child who died. Pastor said that it was an attempt from the devil to take Benjamin's soul. Coronor said it was congenital heart failure and to check the other children. If his sister had refused to consider a scientific explantion. Religion and science have completely different functions, phony arguments.

Andrew Ellington MP3  biochemistry UTA. Dunbar asked what has changed since 2001 about s&w? Ellington -weaknesses a code word for factual inaccuracy. Miller Discovery Institute highlighted as false. in 2003 I told you it was false. 2008 how the person who promoted the factual inaccuracy is an *expert*. Would have taught lies? Scienced moves in. Stanly Miller, samples live on, furthre validate claims. Discovery Institute factually inaccurate. Aplogy to YOUR error? Mercer. How we weigh individual facts. Mercer factually inaccurate in equating facts with theory. Evolution has a large body of evidence in which any one fact can be thrown out but not the theory.

Tom Lancaster Mp3  Woodlands. s&w language thrown out due to pressure from evolutionists. Carl Sagan-cosmos.. not sacred truths, whatever is inconsistent needs to be discarded or revisded. Evolution is not critically examined anymore. Phillip Scale-intellectual freedom logically, creativity, examine evidence for or against neo-darwinism. Lowe-just as long as you're an evolutionist you can talk but if not you can't. Weakness of theory. Leo-why so much criticism when evolution examined? Evolution taught more thoroughly.

Hannah Weissgartner MP3 UTA biochemistry. May 2008 valedictorian. AP During 4 years of science classes no teacher mentioned any weakness of biology. No questions. Open hostility to questions. Cambrian explostion Miller Ray questions ignored, teacher ridiculed. Blindfolded acceptance. Leo-do you feel research would have changed your view? -Has to be presented in a dogmatic way, only strengths. Textbook central threads that weave all biology together. Doesn't affect anything I want to do in a career; origin of life has nothing to do with it now. Knight- why did your teacher take that approach? She prefectd unit that questions were not allowed and she wasn't going to get bogged down "to teach science not religion". Couldn't even ask a question re: other evidence available. Knight. was that a limitation of the teacher herself? -doubted her ability to cover weaknesses because casts doubt on the theory.  To pretend it is, you have to silence all questions. K-have you had biology in college? No weaknesses, freedom to ask questions? Cargill-several classes no questions? How affected you? -discouragement to me. Close-minded field, starting in HS classrooms, might be why she's not in research field. Mercer;-who's puttin religion in there? Who is that person? Whole premise is academic freedom. William Wilfberforce survival of the fittest, slavery, Hitler. All asking for academic debate. Dunbar-other theories no insecurity around it. Clouded around evolution. Why are we not allowed to examine this further? More harm than good.

Cynthia Schneidler MP3 doctor, concerned physician. Galileo. Earth orbirted around sun. examples. the S&w language incorrectly implies that certain tenets are not proven. 1. science and religion do not negate each other 2. our country protects religios freedom, separation of church and state. If taught in schools, lose religious freedom. 3. staph infactions. Force of selective pressure (evolutionary principle).

David Chapman Mp3 Williamson County. VP App Engineering, active christian, son of Baptist preacher. FOR 1st draft. About travelling to asian world, top 10 percent chian high in science and techologies, worst possible time to water down science with pseudo-science.-What about TEKS support for last 20 years? No. very poos underatnading of scientific method.

Cheryl Pullman Mp3 Pres of National Council of Jewish Women. Dallas. Opposed to the changes in draft 2. Sciencedoes not have all the answers, weding in an a supernatural or pseudo science into curriculum. Public statements of the board demonstrate religious intent. Who? Dr Meyer well known advocate of intelligent design.

Jonathan Cox Mp3 graduate student, integrated biology. for draft 1 standard  (Heard a whisper in here with one of the board members, not talking about Cox, saying he's so good they can't debate him-Who? Myer?) Asked what is integrated biology. umbrella incorporates. Is that the term for studying evolution in university? Leoo-religion in spite of s&w not because of s&w. Why no lawsuits in Texas for the last 20 years? Perhaps teachers are ignoring weaknesses language. Leo-basis for statement that interjecting religion in classes. specific examples. can't cite example.

Virginia Balter MP3 Discovery Institute suggest a viewpoint association. Have only heard term "weaknesses" used by religious associates. Detests term weaknesses. Scientific process itself will reveal strengths and weaknesses, don't have to teach it it will be revealed on its own.

Wendy Holtkamp Mp3 christian, graduated teaches evolutionary biology. Science writer, writing a book. Despite what pro-creationist board members claim,this is a religious battle. Kitzmiller vs Dover that shows Discovery Institute motives are religious in nature. Arrogance and deliberate willfull deception, in other words lying. McEvoy-We Do Not Use That Word -what word? Improper to Use the Word Lying. (Incidentally, I heard McEvoy during the course ot this chew out the audience when one of the creationists were speaking, about how rude it was. Listen to the audio on THIS one and others of how some members are being rude, not only talking among themselves instead of paying respectful attention but you can friggin HEAR them on the audio. Rude. And arrogant). Why place dice with taxpayer money. Over a million dollars on the Dover lawsuit.

Jean Carlson MP3 Very religious no problem with accepting scientific. Texas is 206h in the nation for scientific knowledge, support the teacher writing

Susan Shelton MP3 support original language, brign focus back to science and away from politics.

Joe Lapp MP3 Spider Joe. Biology and physics. Board doesn't have the answers.

Eugene Fisher MP3 Discovery Institute all about enabling ID in school. 2 arguments. ID makes no testable predictions. Religion. Evolution through mutaion and seleciton. Boeing computer systems. Evolution already lowers the price of gas. Irreducable complexity-students won't understand. Will leave disrespect for students from people from other states.

Jay Tinsley Odon MP3 President Academy of Medicine Board of Directors for TMIST. unanimous support for draft 1. It's been a decade since the standards were reviewed. Anything that diminishes high quality education. Enhance teaching of true science.

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1 - twhitson   29 Dec 2008 @ 2:14:20 PM 

Thanks for doing this. It's very helpful.

I've been doing something along these lines at . I'd like to include your contributions. If you take a look at , could you let me know if I have your permission to do this?


2 - salon   29 Dec 2008 @ 5:16:23 PM 

I certainly don't have a problem with you putting a link to the pages in which i have put the links. I want links to come here to this site, including the links to the audio files themselves. So as long as you link to the permalinks for the posts on Somervell County Salon  that contain the audio MP3s and not the MP3 files themselves, please do, as naturally I want people to come to this site to read and not merely download the files from where they are stored Your wiki is very nice.

I decided about a week ago to do this because I wanted to not only listen to the entire thing, which I'm almost done with, but also understand the positions on both sides. I plan to do a brain dump of my conclusions when I get done listening and clipping all the people.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Why Does Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church Support Sexual Predator Donald Trump?
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