Audio of City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting December 8, 2008


Audio of City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting December 8, 2008

10 December 2008 at 12:29:18 PM

MP3 (best to right click and save to your hard drive to listen-22 mg)-More pics here.

Ken Prikryl Public Hearing approval of final plat on NE Barnard St - planned development. About 2:04 Ken P's request approved.

2:28 phase in water supply from Somervell District or phase it all in at once? Ken Taylor discusses. Listen about the potential cost of water vs what the city charges, as well as the advantages of bringing it all online at once vs phasing.Also, with Judge Maynard in the audience, a bit about comparing this to the water districts being formed for counties.Would like decision to be made by February meeting.

20:52 Mike Ford replaces Zach Cummings as County Representative on advisory board.

21:46 about building a deck on the bird sanctuary downtown. Rod Hale explained all about it, very interesting discussion, county actually owns the property, but sits in the city. Pros and cons of building a deck, who maintains it, should the city take it over, etc.

about 42:55 Karen Richardson on the preservation district and getting tax free status on properties within a block radius of downtown. Kind of rushed, had to change a city rule, then Richardson has to get out all the applications for those who want (and are eligible to) participate, and have them back in time for a meeting this month to approve the applications. THEN the whole thing gets sent to another state board for approval. But the deadline was the first of the year for all the local stuff. Some questions about what happens with the loss of tax money from the properties, especially if Glen Rose ultimately ends up being hurt by the national recession? Special meeting on Thursday, Dec 18 at 5:30.

about 1:21 -moving Rhett Butler statue from its present location to the county park. Judge Maynard supports moving it but needs more detail on where to put it before final approval. Mr. Knowles owns the land, when the monument was put there, the city thought it was county land, but it actually was private property. Mr Knowles willing to pay up to 1000 dollars to move it. Can add a plaque to the memorial as needed, and hope no more are ever needed.

1:24 discuss the budget income. Look at expenditures for this year in light of the downtown in the economy. Discussion of tourism in the area due to driving distance from metroplex.

1:27 On Riverwalk committee. Ken Prikryl filled in for Margaret Drake. Plans done, requested meeting with 4B tax committee, ask them to commit the money for this, and then put out for bids so can get exact cost. 550,000 for total project, but doesn't include reconstructing the bridge across the river. city easement with Helen Kerwin-contract not signed yet, no feedback from Freise and Nickols on bridge with cost estimate, only piece of info really lacking. 4B makes first approval then would come back for second phase (bridge) Walk go from weir up to Heritage Park. Might be able to do the walk but not necesarily all the landscaping, etc (mayor) Line item bids can adjust costs (wooden sidewalk versus something else). Deck/boat dock -was thought to be on county land but has been moved off the riverwalk itself. Boat launch with ramp, closer to parking, back of Heritage Park. ALL on water district access, none on county. Observation deck (overlook). Info on bridge, then have to get with the county to discuss.

1:30 Another 4b meeting to be scheduled.

1:32 TxDot progress-none

P.S. I also plan to put up November's audio. Mygnonne and Peggy did a tape for me but the dang thing (my tape, incidentally, used several times) broke in my boombox. I think I can pry the tape plastic apart and redo the turn thingie, but haven't done it yet. That will teach me to keep trying to use the same tape over and over!

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