More interesting Civil Cases Filed in Somervell County


More interesting Civil Cases Filed in Somervell County

5 December 2008 at 3:44:29 PM

Following is me putting an abstract of the filed case, not necessarily verbatim.

Cooper/McKay versus Graham- William Cooper died on April 8. 2008 as a result, the suit alleges, of a motor vehicle collision with a vehicle driven by Colin Stuart Grahm, which was towin ga trailer, vehicle owned or operated by RD West Trucking, American Milk Transport, Lone Star Milk Transport or Five Point. Cooper was going north on a green light at CR 333 through the intersection at Hwy 67, while Graham was travelling eastbound and field at yield right of way at the stop light; he violently collided with Cooper\'s vehicle. Cooper suffered great physical and mental injuries, pain and suffering and ultimately wrongfully died. The defendatns answer demanded strict proof.

Andrew Dare vs Lone Star Disposals, agent is James Elliott of Stephenville. On July 14, 2007, the plaintiff was driving a water truck for Excalibur Energy Services, and while he was unloading the water, he decided to use a porta john on the property. He was going around his truck towards the porta john when he fell into a large unmarked 7-10 foot trench.. couldn\'t see the trench because the area was drak and not well lit. Says that Lone Star Disposals is negligent in supervision of premises and didn\'t provide ordinary care. Defendant issued a general denial and said that the plaintiff failes to state an amount in the controversy.

Brian Dunn, Janet Dunn and Leisel Mosely vs Happy Hill. Janet Dunn reported to the Texas Dept of Public Safety a violation of law, to wit, that Grace Barber, RN, was impropertly executing prescriptions wihtout authority to do so, and that Dr John Michael White was involved in the improper execution of prescriptions for children. (Those issues are under consideration by the Somervell County DA office). Plaintiff Brian Dunn reported those same issues to his supervisor Susan Blair. Af few days after he reported those issues, he was terminated from his job. As a result, he and his wife lost the right to live on a house on the farm as well as have their children attend Happy Hill Academy. Jante Dunn resigned on June 9, 2008 as a result of an intolerable work environment. Plaintiff Leisel Mosely was a school nurse employed by defendants who .. reported certain violations of law about medical misconduct to the Dept of Family and Protective Services regarding employees of defendants. She made the report on June 13, 2008 and on July 31, 2008 defendants terminated her from her job. Their answer is deny all the allegations, deny that the Happy Hill Farm Children\'s Home Endowmen Fund (The Foundation) employed the plaintiffs at any time, that Happy Hill Farm is exempt from liability under a certain section of Texas Health and Safety Code and that provisions of Chapter 161 of the Texas Health and Safety code do not apply to Happy Hill Farm. They also filed a motion to dismiss and also, after getting a notice of intent to depose Todd Shipman, filed a motion to quash his deposition.

UPDATE: Jan 28-I have heard, informally, that Shipman was deposed earlier this month.

Joanne Palmer v Rick Villa. From reading this, it looks like the widow of Joanne Palmer is planning to file suit against Cherokee Rose Nursing and Rehabilitation LLP for alllegedly falling *below the standard of care for nursing homea and their employees in the State of Texas* Her husband, Raymond l Palmer, a known fall risk, was not property monitored by the Nursing Home and his death on June 15, 2006 would have been prevented by the Nursing Home had they responded promptly to his injury. This suit wants to depose Rick Villa and one reason it was brought is that Cherokee Rose refuses to respond to Joanne Palmer\'s request for Mr. Palmer\'s records. The suit is back from March-not sure why it\'s still open, but it doesn\'t look like Villa has been desposed yet.

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1 - step1   7 Jan 2009 @ 8:59:21 PM 

Where do you get these public records in their entirety... online or in person?  Also, will you be following these cases through their duration?

2 - salon   7 Jan 2009 @ 10:23:06 PM 

In person-Somervell County doesn't have the records online. Yes, I"ll probably follow what happens with these ones, because I think they're pretty interesting.

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3 - step1   23 Mar 2009 @ 8:09:41 PM  Any more news or updates on these cases? I don't live close enough to the Sommervell court house to follow up and was wondering if any were dismissed or continued...

4 - salon   23 Mar 2009 @ 10:06:34 PM 

Do you have one in particular you're wondering about?

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5 - step1   1 Apr 2009 @ 10:20:58 PM  The first one and the third one...

6 - Cyborger   28 May 2009 @ 2:39:37 PM 

I am interested in contacting house parents that may have found out that being employed by Happy Hill Farms is not the Happy experience they say it is. (If there are any unhappy ones out there!)

Latest Blog Post by Cyborger -Searching for former Happy Hill Farm House Parents
7 - salon   28 May 2009 @ 3:05:08 PM 

@cyborger-email me or login and send me a private message, would like to talk about this, although I am not affiliated with Happy Hill (salon   at

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8 - Former House Parent   31 Jul 2009 @ 11:25:08 PM 

I worked there and I know the Shipman's have a great heart, but there are issues... I'm sure there are PLENTYof former unhappy house parents, as a matter of fact, I know some!

9 - anonymous   1 Aug 2009 @ 8:18:11 AM 

My wife and I worked at HHF about 8 years ago or so and I still have conversations about the underhanded things that were going on there.  We found out about some of the things that were going on and they started trying to find reasons to write us up, even though we were very successful with the kids we worked with and they couldn't find anything on us.  They will deny this but my wife was there with me when they told me to lie on a report.  I refused and it went down hill from there.  I believe that HHF can help some kids but I feel for the house parents that work there because I know that they are not just fighting the problems with the kids, they are fighting the evils of upper management making some unethical and immoral decisions at times.

10 - salon   1 Aug 2009 @ 8:56:02 AM 

@anonymous-what kind of unethical or immoral decisions? (salon    at   glenrose dot   net if you want to email.).

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11 - anonymous 2   1 Aug 2009 @ 10:54:44 AM 

I am also a former employee.  There are too many things to list that were wrong out there.  I cleaned out some files at my home recently and came across a 3 inch file of documentation of the things that went wrong.  At the time, I felt as if I needed to protect myself from any possible retribution.  I am now struggling with what to do.  If I report them, who do I report them to? Will anyone believe me or think I'm just making stuff up because I left (under what they thought were good circumstances)? What about those kids that do need to be there and have no where else to go?  I want to be free of this situation, I never want to be reminded of the pain and hurt in my life that came from that place.  However, it just keeps coming up, the wound never has time to heal before someone or something picks the scab off again.

12 - humanbeing   1 Aug 2009 @ 10:25:53 PM 

Judging from the comments from anonymous and anonymous 2, it sounds like there are issues @ HHF that are more serious than, for example, management problems. If so, yes, you should speak to some authority. Perhaps the two of you could email one another and discuss this? I have never had a good feeling about that place in the 25 years I've been driving by it. I've observed their powerful fund raising persona and it's clear someone there has a lot of money to build, build, build. But where are the children, the people? My gut has always told me something there is wrong. 

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13 - salon   2 Aug 2009 @ 3:10:43 PM 

HB-that's funny. I always wonder the same thing, too. The place is gorgeous but I never see anyone out there. Maybe you can from the CR instead of 144.

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14 - anonymous   23 Sep 2009 @ 10:43:50 PM 

Hundreds of kids have been helped at HHF.  They have graduated and gone to college and become successful in their lives.  There are always two sides to every story.  There are hundreds of employees that have worked at HHF happily.  They've come and gone to serve somewhere else.  Almost every single person that works out there has stated that it was God's will for them to be there as well as leave there when their time was over.  Child care is extremely hard work, like no other. In 35 years of operation there are a few former house parents and a few former teachers that have left unhappy.  They are for the most part still unhappy.  There are many whose lives have been enriched by the experience.  HHF has many long term employees that have worth and integrity.  They understand commitment.  If evil was going on these long term committed and honest people would not have stayed.  If evil was going on, the funds would have dried up long ago.  These hugely public figures, companies and enterprises would not continue to contribute if they felt their name might be linked to an agency that was harming kids and perpetrating EVIL.  Come on folks, every work place has its problems and makes mistakes but look at the big picture.  What is going on at HHF is education, love, spiritual guidance, futures for children, employment for many and hard work. I am employed at HHF for the second time and I'm still awed by the good work that goes on there on behalf of kids. 

15 - Anonymous   9 Dec 2009 @ 10:39:33 AM 

I am employed by HHF.  I have seen people leave for positive and negative reasons, isn't that true with any place of business?  There are negativities in any organization.  Especially when God's work is being done, the enemy is always out to get those who do His work.  HHF is in no way evil or underhanded.  The Shipman family is active in every part of the Farm and loves and supports this work.  No people are ever seen?  We don't have children just running free everywhere, they are occupied and busy.  This is also a 500 acre farm, there is a lot of space behind just that front gate!!  Please dont' be so judgemental of something you know nothing about.  Find out information for yourself.  For those unhappy former employees, there is always going to be something unhappy about leaving a place of employment.  Overall, HHF does good work for children and that is it's intent, no one I know can argue with that!  I love this place!

16 - Wondering   13 Jul 2010 @ 12:23:21 PM 

I heard the lawsuit against Happy Hill was finally secheduled to begin this Friday, after long periods of put-offs. Is this correct?

17 - salon   13 Jul 2010 @ 1:06:01 PM 

checking- wonder, since it's a civil case if it would actually start tomorrow, at the district court? Anyway, will find out and post.

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18 - salon   13 Jul 2010 @ 3:38:28 PM 

Not on the docket for tomorrow. Do you know where this is supposed to be held?

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19 - Former student   1 Aug 2010 @ 4:18:49 AM  I was a student at HHF 16 years ago. I have fond memories of the house parents as well as life long friendships. I asked to go to a boarding school with horses. That I'd why I was there. There did seem to be a constant feeling like something was going on over our heads and it often seemed like our house parents were protecting us from something. Anyway I found this all very interesting. Just learned Billy Blair is leaving or something.. That's why I looked this up.

20 - salon   1 Aug 2010 @ 11:26:01 AM 

Was Billy Blair one of the house parents?

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