Personal Financial Statement of Sid Miller(Texas House District 59) for 2007-ReduxSomervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Personal Financial Statement of Sid Miller(Texas House District 59) for 2007-Redux

28 November 2008 at 9:27:29 AM

I noticed the other day that there's a new site that has gotten all the Texas Legislature Personal Financial Statements and put them online. That site if Also has a pretty nice google map although the markers are a little crowded in some spots-but the alphabetized list of legislators on the left makes it easy to look up yours and see what he has done financially. I'm going to put Kip Averitt on a separate post.

Thought this was a good time to put the business out of the PDF and list it where it can be searched. Readers know that I got the personal financial statement as well as his Ooops, I dang forgot I also was doing business with a lobbyist correction a month or so ago.

So, here's what's in it in case you didn't open the PDF and look.

FILER Miller Nusery & Tree Company (yes, that's  a SIC) , 6407 S US Hwy 377, Stephenville, Texas 76401 self-employed

FILER House of Representatives, 201 E 14th Ste, Austin, Texas Emplyed by another

FILER Lone Oak Lanscape LLC self-employed Landscaping/Owner

SPOUSE- Miler Nusery (SIC) & Tree Company 6407 S US Hwy 377, Stephenville, Texas 76401 Director

SPOUSE- Erath Excels Academy, 6532 S US Hwy 377 Stpehenville Texas Diector EMPLOYED BY ANOTHER (what does that mean? Does that mean that his spouse, although director of Erath Excels that she and her husband started, actually works for a corporae entity or something?

RETAINERS-checked Not Applicable

STOCK- Dell Inc owned by Spouse 100-499 shares

SPOUSE John H Harland Co Spouse 100-499 shares

SPOUSE Pfizer, Inc Spouse less than 100 shares

SPOUSE Monstanto Co Spouse less than 100

SPOUSE Wal-Mart De Mexico Sade Spouse less than 100

FILER Cisco Systems INc less than 100 shares

FILER- Access Group Cattle Equity Options Less than 100 shares

FILER- E Communications Advantage Inc 10,000 Shares of More (THIS is the company that he conveniently forgot he also owns with lobbyist Todd Smith, sat on the board of directors of,  and had to file an amendment for).

SPOUSE- Caterpillar INc less than 100

SPOUSE- Cisco Systems Inc Less than 100

Bonds, Notes and Other Commercial Paper- NOT APPLICABLE


Capital World Growth and Income Fund CLA FILER - 100 to 499 shares

Heartford Dividend and Growth Fund CLA FILER - 100 to 499 shares

Fundamental Investors Fund - SPOUSE 10 to 499

Growth Fund of America SPOUSE 100 to 499

Washington Mutual Investors Fund Spouse 100 to 499

Heartford Capital Appreciation Fund CLA Filer 100 to 499

Heartford Mid Cap Value Fund CLA Filer 100 to 499

Investment Fund of America CLA FILER 100 to 499

Capital World Growth and Income SPOUSE 100 to 499

Hearford Dividend & Growth Fund SPOUSE 100 to 499

Heartford Global Leaders Fund Spouse 100 to 499

Small Cap Wrold Fund Spouse 100 to 499


Farmers & Merchants Bank, 240 South Teas Street, DeLeon, Texas FILER 500-4999

First Financial Bank 2201 W South Loop St, Stephenville Filer 500-4999

Edward D Jones, 105 West Washington, Stephenville, Texas FILER 500-4999


The Access Group, Inc Filer 25,000 or more.


Club Lake, Hwy 281 Stephenville, Texas 76401 FILER Lots Lake Cabin # 16

FILER - 184 CR 567 Stephenville, Home with 6844 Acres, Erath County

FILER 6407 S UW Hwy 377 Stephenville 193.073 acres Erath County


FILER-Miller Nursery & Tree Company (yes, this time somebody spelled it right)

FILER Lone Oak Landscape, LLC 597 CR 279 Dublin Texas

GIFTS Not Applicable

Trust Income-Not Applicable

Blind Trusts-Not Applicable

Trustee Statement not applicable

Assets of Business Associations NOT APPLICABLE (this is the one I'd like to see if changes for this year. Surely if he owns a business with Todd Smith, he must have business assets.

Liabilities of Business Associations not applicable.

Boards and Executive Positions

FILER- Miller Nursery & Tree Company

SPOUSE- Erath Excels! Academy - Executive Director

FILER- Lone Oak Landscape LLC

Expenses Accepted Under Honorarium Exception-not applicable

Interest in Business in Common with Lobbyists (Not Applicable)OOPS< EXCEPT IT WAS!!!

The Corrections filed with this affidavit apply to my financial statement due in 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 (I guess he forgot for 4 separate years that HE WAS IN BUSINESS WITH A LOBBYIST). Explanation of correction- On September 24, I learned that I held shares in a company where a registered lobbyist also owned shares. I also am listing a LLP that I have with my two sons that was not previously listed on IIA.

Lone Oak Landscape LLP 529 Co Rd 279 Dublin, Texas 76442 Dependent Child 1 & 2 Machinery and Tools Less than 5000

ECommunication Advantage 7020 US Hwy 290 East Austin Texa 78723 FILER

Fees Received for Services Rendered to a Lobbyist or Lobbyists Employer- Not Applicable .(I think this is interesting given the above)

Representation by Legislator Before State Agency Not Applicable.

Benefits Derived from Functions Honoring Public Servant Not Applicable.

Legislative Continuances Not Applicable (but I'll bet Phil King of Weatherford has this checked)

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