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Silly String Over Your Child's Grave-Darlie Routier Case More Testing

20 November 2008 at 7:11:15 PM

I saw that a judge is going to allow testing of a bloody sock that was found near the crime scene in the case of Darlie Routier, who was convicted years ago of stabbling her two sons. I distinctly remember that case, particularly because, after her sons were buried, she went to the gravesite with a can of silly string and, laughing, sprayed it over their graves.

For me, I had a real problem imagining that she killed her own sons. Especially with a knife. And I\'ve always wondered if it was actually her husband that did it. The very first night this was on the news, I thought it was the dad that did it. He said, if I remember right, that he was sleeping on the couch downstairs and didn\'t hear anything. Right. Maybe it\'s sexist of me but I had a hard time imagining a woman killing her sons by stabbing them-maybe suffocating or giving them pills or something not quite so vicious. But I also didn\'t believe the intruder theory because what reason would an intruder have to kill innocent children?  Also seems like I remember Darin had some money issues.

Found the article- Lubbock Times Online 2002

Darlie Routier's husband discussed staging a home burglary insurance scam to pay off debt several months before two of the couple's sons were stabbed to death in their living room, according to affidavits.

Darin Routier recently admitted that he wanted to hire someone to break into their upscale Rowlett home in the spring of 1996 while the family was away, according to an account first reported in Texas Monthly's July issue.

He said he discussed it with his wife's stepfather and possibly others, including some reputed car thieves, but never pursued the plan and didn't tell authorities — even after his wife was arrested, convicted and sent to death row.

anyway, I think they could have checked this evidence at the time, didn\'t but the good news about 12 years later is that there is even more chances of being able to determine guilt or innocenc.e

Will be interesting.

Update 7/2/2011- Just read that Darlie Routier's husband Darren  has filed for divorce, mutually agreed upon. Router is still on Death Row.

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Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
1 - Susan   26 Aug 2009 @ 12:39:15 PM 

I believe you are right about the mother being innocent.  I have always believed that.  The silly string was because it was their birthday.  Each person copes with death in different ways, Some cultures celebrate that their loved ones are in heaven, others weep by their child's grave for months, I did when my first son died.

No one knows as the parent stands at her childs grave the many, many, mixed emotions a mother feels when their child is murdered, and you are standing beside their grave, helpless to do anything.   I know now. 

I have thought of Darlene may times over the years and felt that investigation was pitiful.  It was almost as though Judges were paid off.  She was brought to trial, convicted and sent to prison so fast, who had time to investigate? In fact did they even bother?  I don't think so.  I am so happy to hear that they will examine this evidence.  Darlene, we will keep you in our prayers.

Susan McLendon

2 - Karen McCarthy   12 Feb 2010 @ 6:09:08 PM 

Ms. McLendon, 

        What are you talking about? Do you even know this case? Doesn't sound as if you are very familiar with the DARLIE Routier case. Let's start with that DAMNING 911 call. Did you listen to it? If not, I strongly suggest that you do so.This woman, Ms. Routier, has 1 son barely clinging to life, and another that has already died, laying on the floor in front of her. When her husband Darin arrives downstairs, she tells him  "Someone broke in here and did this Darin." In the middle of a horrific tragedy, she's trying to convince her own husband that it was SOMEONE ELSE. Listen to the tape, you'll hear it. Then there's the  "I already touched it, and picked it up. Bet we could have got the prints." That's her way of TRYING to explain the absence of the so called intruder's prints. Why were those children so brutally butchered, and Darlie's wounds weren't  so life threatening? Because, she didn't want to kill herself. Those wounds were self inflicted. Luminol testing showed someone cleaned blood out of the kitchen sink. That's where SEASONED detectives think she cut her own throat. What about the crime scene itself? These poor children were savagely murdered, yet there wasn't a single drop of blood outside of the Routier home. If there was an intruder, they would have had blood ALL OVER themself, and it would have been found somewhere outside of that house. Actually, there would have been a mass amount of blood found, if someone really did run from that crime scene. Her story has changed far too many times. And then there's the graveside birthday party. What the hell was this girl thinking? She wasn't thinking, because she has no sympathy or empathy. I realize people grieve differently, but did you actually sit and watch that graveside video? I'm a parent, and I was just in absolute shock when I watched it. Then, when poor Darin TRIES to speak at the cemetary, Darlie puts on her sad act and takes the stage. Everything is about HER.

       Do I think she deserves a new trial? Well, I guess with all the controversy over the trial transcripts, the state of Texas should grant her one. If it was my decision, she would NOT get another chance in the courts. It's just going to be a waste of time and tax dollars, because she WILL be convicted again.  DARLIE ROUTIER IS GUILTY OF MURDERING HER OWN CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 - Susan McLendon   14 Feb 2010 @ 2:48:27 PM 


I'm sorry this has struck such a deeply sensitive area for you.  Do I hear anger, revenge and hate?  Did you know this woman personally?  Put yourself in her place, has anything tragic happened to you? How do you know how you would react if your children were laying in their blood before you?  No one knows until it happens to them.  I believe they tried, convicted, and sentenced a woman without her due process rights.  In a perfect justice system you are innocent until proven guilty,  however I feel in Darlene's case they accused her of being guilty and it was up to her to prove her innocence.  That is not how our Constitution reads according to the 1st, 6th, and 14th Amendments.   It is not for us to pass judgement, we need to be praying for her.  I think she has suffered enough.

Mrs. McLendon 

4 - Pam   28 Mar 2010 @ 4:39:27 PM 


Darin was NOT asleep on the couch downstairs. He was upstairs, in bed asleep. You say that you had a real problem imagining that Darlie killed her own sons. I feel sure that is what you are basing your opinion on. It is obviously not based on the facts of the case. I'm sure you did detect anger, hate and hate from Karen. Darlie brutally murdered her children. Things like that tend to stir a little anger

5 - salon   29 Mar 2010 @ 9:09:02 AM 

@Pam. Quick note that Susan is not the one that said some of what you're commenting about, I did. Just to keep it straight. As I said, AS I RECALL, Darrin was downstairs, but it's been years, I'm incorrect. I do remember watching the whole thing on the news, from the very first, and seeing the news stations going out to their home in Rowlett. My very first thought, though, when I heard the first news account, was that it seemed unbelieveable that a mother would stab, so brutally, her own children and I wondered if it was really the father who did it. I can't see any reason for some stranger to do that. I also remember seeing that news clilp (over and over) of her spraying silly string over her child's grave and laughing.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
6 - Kyra   20 Jul 2010 @ 4:19:03 PM 

If you look at all the facts then you will she that this woman is not guilty. What about the man that was on the jury going on national television and saying that he knew she didnt do it. Or the woman that wrote a book about her murdering these children and coming back to pull the book off the shelves because she knew she wasn't guilt. Or the fact that the first police man on the scene saw a man come around the corner from the garage window and when the cop stopped him he said he was the womans husband and he was going to get help when in fact her husband was inside giving CPR to his son Devon. Or the neighbor that said she was alone in her home one night days before the murder took place and a man ,matching the discription Darlie gave police, started knocking on her door and demanded she let him in. How about the bloody fingerprint that they cant match to anyone in the house that night. Even scientist say its a 90 percent chance that finger print doesnt belong to anyone in the house the night of the murders. Yes I agree the silly string tape was awful but what they didnt show you was the two hour service held grave side before the party took place. The tape also showed Darlies sister bought the silly strip for the boys. Did you know that when they asked officers about the tape and why it wasnt admitted into court the plead the 5th because they didnt want to incriminate themselves. Sounds like we have a great justice system huh? Not to mention that the nurses that took care of darlie in the hospital stated in their charts she was sobbing, crying, and very depressed during her hospital stay. They also state that her injuries where life threatening and if she hadnt gotten into surgery when she did she would have bled to death. Then when the nurses got on the stand they lied about her condition. Seems to me like someone coached them into saying what they wanted them to say. Go look at the book Media Tried Justice Denied and maybe you might change your views on this case. I maybe young but I have followed this case very close and I know everything there is to know about it.....

7 - BRY   14 Sep 2010 @ 8:55:31 AM 

Darlie is a personal friend of mine, I keep her posted on things being said and wrote about her... She did not do this.Texas will not admit they flubbed the investigation.Anyone who applaudes her death ( if it happens) is as guilty as the one who killed those boys!

8 - Cat   17 Sep 2010 @ 11:16:30 AM 

BRY..Everyone needs a friend..glad that Darlie has you..but she is as guilty as the day is long..Yes, I have over and over and over again watched this an anything pertaining to this case....She is going to one of these days slip up  and it will all come to a head...For a few dollar, anyone will say anything....I mean years after the fact people all of a sudden saw someone..come realistic about the whole thing.  Surely each person has their own opinion..and what is funny is..its not anything she really said, or anything she really did makes me absolutely positively sure she is guilty but...there is a part of an interview where she cuts her eyes to her husband, almost in a pleading if to say if I look straight ahead Im going to betray myself so please start talkikng..Why would someone break in..kill two little innocent children, not kill an adult witness and not take anything....Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see whats plainly clear and right in front of our faces..Id just like to know why she has been sitting on death row for eons...Regardless of any of this..two little boys lost their lives..they never had a chance to live, laugh, love and have families of their own..And if some day they find she had an accomplice Lord help them both..for the Lord will deal the true and real punishment and I would not want to be in their shoes ever..I pray for her..that she sees what she did..and begs God for forgiveness...then an only then will she have true peace.."For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God."

9 - Kelly Clark   25 Sep 2010 @ 8:30:44 PM 


 I think you might need to take a better look at this case, for one , the type of person Darlie is , very feminine and a fancy girl shall we say , always dressed and made up to the nines, would not injure herself in the aspect to which SHE suffered, also , one of the jurors came forward and said he never saw the many photos of Darlies injuries that clearly showed her DEFENSIVE wounds , unless she is a magician , she was pretty beat up in areas that are pretty difficult to injure yourself or she has to have the stomach made of steel to inflict these wounds to herself, also it wasnt years after the fact that anyone came forward claiming they saw something it was that very night , a neighbor approached the police about seeing a strange vehicle outside the home and this lead was nver followed through, not proven yet but Darin was said to have hired someone to come in and rob the house for insurance purposes, what reason did she have to kill her children? ABSOLUTELY none, insurance ? Nope they had a policy on each child that was 5,000 each which didnt even cover their funerals, the silly string at graveside was not her idea , it was her sisters to which she clearly admitted to and do you have a handbook handy that tells you how you should grieve ? FOR another FACT, she is right handed and her wounds on her throat were life threatening , she had to have her necklace surgically removed from her neck , you do not have enough force to embed a necklace into your own throat and sustain a injury the way she did, i have written to Darlie and at first was looking for a reason to find her guilty as charged myself but the more reading and watching of her story tells me something completey different SHE IS INNOCENT!!! Yes just my opinion , but many others out there are willing to agrue the fact , that she is guilty , too many facts are leading awy from her guilt and shedding light on her innocence, i believe she had nothing to do with those children dieing, my theory and only my theory is that Darin in some way is the guilty one and has failed a polygraph test and when he failed he blwwe a gasket sort to speak , The Lord is caring for those children and only He knows for sure what happened but Please read a book on mothers who kill and put a few things together, either they drown them or suffocate them, many times over this was the case VERY few do you find where a child is mutilated in such a way these poor kids were.

10 - Kelly Clark   25 Sep 2010 @ 8:33:17 PM 

sorry my comment was to Karen not Bry.

11 - Pamela Collins   28 Dec 2010 @ 8:16:57 AM 

So many incorrect statements, so little time.

From post #1:

"Each person copes with death in different ways"

Yes they do. I would like to speak to one mother that wasn't an absolute basket case ONE WEEK after losing a child to anything, especially a brutal murder.

"No one knows as the parent stands at her childs grave the many, many, mixed emotions a mother feels when their child is murdered"

Oh, I do. It's called bone-crushing grief. It's what any mother would feel after her children are murdered. If she wasn't the one who murdered them, that is.

Post #3:

"How do you know how you would react if your children were laying in their blood before you?"

Are you kidding me with this??? There is no doubt in my mind how I would react in that situation. Just the thought of something like that happening to my children makes me sick to my stomach and breaks my heart.

" It is not for us to pass judgement, we need to be praying for her.  I think she has suffered enough."

She does need prayer. After what she has done, I don't think she's suffered nearly enough.

Post #5:

" My very first thought, though, when I heard the first news account, was that it seemed unbelieveable that a mother would stab, so brutally, her own children..."

Really? Try Googling Vanessa Ricon or Ottey Sanchez or Dena Schlosser or better yet, Monica McCarrick before you tell me what mothers do and/or don't do to their children. I believed Routier for the same reason. I stumbled across her support site and started researching. It didn't take long for my opinion to change.

Post #6:

What about the man that was on the jury going on national television and saying that he knew she didnt do it.






12 - Mark   4 Jan 2011 @ 12:44:47 PM 

Ref: Post # 6

You're referring to the juror Charlie Samford. He contends that the jury never saw those photos. Its unsure why he said that. Even Darlie's defense council says that all the jurors saw those photographs depicting the underarm bruises. 3 seperate doctors have contended that the age of the bruises did not line up the night they alledgedy occured and that they were self inflicted, most likely by slamming her arms down on the eleveated bed rails of her hospital bed.  

13 - Scott   13 Jan 2011 @ 10:40:35 AM 

My Son went to Kindergarten with the oldest boy.  Sadly, there is little doubt that the bitch did.  Yes, the Rowlett Police Department were rookies at this and did not investigate like seasoned pros, but they were not incompetent Keystone Cops bungling around the crime scene.    Just look in the News Media at all of the missing  and murdered children that have been sensationalized in the News.  You can almost pick out the culprit (s) by their strange behavior that goes beyond non atypical grieving.  You bet that the Police know to get these people to make public statements to use as a litmus test to determine if they need to focus more of the investigation on those individuals or not.  When President Bush was Governor of the Great State of Texas, his administration made DNA testing more accessible to Death Row inmates that warranted such.  Testing has become so common place that it is relatively inexpensive these days so why has it not been done yet?

14 - snorky   8 Mar 2011 @ 5:04:21 PM 

This girl is innocent. It is a crime that she is still in jail, or was even jailed to begin with. No, I don't care for people like that at all either, I think that they are hicks and act like hicks and that's where the silly string mentality comes from. But to convict this innocent girl is a disgrace. And the reason she was is because all of those who made certain that she was convicted felt the same way as I do. That is a horrendous way to take out their dissaproval. I think that they are far to stupid to even realize that this is nothing but revenge for the dissaproval of these people's life style.

That is no one's business, but the "authorities" think it is.

 Dreadful shame on them.

15 - Kelli   11 Mar 2011 @ 9:23:36 PM 

Darlie is innocent and here's why I believe this, I have many of the books published since her conviction and the jury never saw the defenive wounds on her hands etc, they DA never played the FIRST part of the "silly string" video which showed the somber prayer service held, Never heard Darlie Kee tell her daughter to stop crying because she was scaring the children that were in attendance.  The investigators who broke the law themselves by illegally wiretapping the gravesite in hopes of getting a confession.  and not to mention the OVER 33,000 errors in her court transcripts.  Texas is so death happy that they would rather an INNOCENT mother die, than admit their mistakes.  Devon and Damon's blood is on the hands of the Texas DA

16 - Michael   6 May 2011 @ 9:07:51 AM 

Sorry But ............By By Darlie

17 - Pamela Collins   31 Aug 2011 @ 8:12:53 PM 

"I have many of the books published since her conviction and the jury never saw the defenive wounds on her hands etc,"

Not true. Instead of books, read the transcripts. The jury saw the photo's of her injuries. Her injuries were a huge part of her defense. There is page ofter page of trial testimony regarding her bruises.  Even her own attorney says they were shown. This is one of the biggest lies told in Darlie's supporter. 

"they DA never played the FIRST part of the "silly string" video which showed the somber prayer service held"

 It was Darlie's attorney who chose not to enter the surveillance tape, NOT the prosecution. The prosecution even offered Mulder a second chance at showing the jury the surveillance tape and he still chose not to. There's only one reason for that. The surveillance video didn't show her grieving anymore than the Silly String video did. If it had, Mulder would have shown it in a heartbeat, as he knew the Silly String video was being entered. 

"Never heard Darlie Kee tell her daughter to stop crying because she was scaring the children that were in attendance."

No one has heard that. The surveillance video has been in the hands of her defense team since November of '96 and it has never been made public, except for the clip shown on American Justice.

"The investigators who broke the law themselves by illegally wiretapping the gravesite in hopes of getting a confession."

The officers didn't do anything wrong, as Darlie Kee and Darin found out when they tried to sue the city of Rowlett. The officers obtained permission from the owners of the cemetary and the judge ruled there was no expected privacy in such a public place. Darlie's attorney tried to make it look as if the police had done something wrong because he didn't want the jury to see that tape.

18 - forensic psychology major   8 Sep 2012 @ 7:55:02 AM 

anyone who is trying to use the silly string video as confirmation of guilt is clearly unaware of the hundreds of gravesite birthday celebrations across the world. this is not unheard of, but i suppose it is okay for the family of a decorated iraq veteran, and not everyday people. i also heard the emergency call and several times she begged them to hurry and help her sons "my babies, theyre dying, lease hurry".  i saw/heard nothing in those tapes that show anything less than a freaked out mother - freaked out due to finding her boys stabbed. there are way too many questions, and not enough answers. i studied this case for a report in my forensic psychology studied. i would like to ask any of you passing a guilty judgement to relook at it, open your minds, and realize that the "system" is not always fair and just. if you believe that it is, and that cases are prosecuted without prejudice, than you are exactly the sheeple they want you to be. good luck with that.

19 - salon   13 Jul 2015 @ 1:13:35 PM 

CNN did a documentary on Routier recently

Routier’s case is very much alive: Court records show that just last April, State District Judge Gracie Lewis ordered additional forensic testing on several items, including the infamous bloody sock, a baseball cap, a nightshirt and the knife. Those items now reside at the University of North Texas Health Science Center’s Center for Human Identification. Routier’s been pinning her hopes on those items since 2008.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
20 - JezMyOpinion   13 Nov 2015 @ 9:25:34 PM 

DNA released June 2015 prove there was no intruder.  

Jez Darlie.

21 - Justathought   3 Jan 2016 @ 5:02:18 PM 

My thoughts on the graveside silly string birthday party....extremely vulgar and in very poor taste. BUT what really struck me is Darlie's pale yet completely unblemished puffy red eyes or nose of someone whose been mourning the loss of a loved one or two. Just a plain pale gum chomping woman laughing while spraying silly string on the grave of her two murdered children while the media crew she invited films on...obscene!!!

22 - Yvonne Breau   26 Jul 2016 @ 7:25:44 PM  Has Darlie Routier done a lie detector test to prove if she is guilty or not guilty it would be interesting to see what it would reveal I personally think she did kill her sons.

23 - Debbie Ackley   18 Nov 2016 @ 12:20:46 AM 

Omg I don't know who is reading about this case then posting answers that should be made up off of some Alfred Hitchcock movie. First of all it was the big man Darin that said he slept upstairs with Drake and Darlie slept downstairs with her other two boys. Now do not forget they were having financial problems and Darin has already created himself a fine little rap sheet for himself and one charge was for Insurance fraud after getting someone to steal his Jaguar and got caught. He also had some other things on his rap sheet that isn't worth time looking in to. But he did get an additional life insurance policy on Darlie and was lining someone up to rob their house, imagine? Darin was also called in for a polygraph and the over weight cocky idiot went in first talking about how beautiful his wife was and how perfect her chest was, that's normal. So anyway smart boy took the polygraph and failed yet they did nothing. The first two officers to arrive at the scene trying to throw it all on Darlie which a double murder and attempted murder takes a bit of time I would think. However when the trial began and the two officers were called to the stand both pled the fifth! It gets better. The jury never saw all the pictures of her stab wounds but didn't leave any of the boys out. The Birthday that went on and on about, Darlie's sister brought the silly string to the cemetery but before any happy birthday took place there was a two hour memorial service for those boys where all of the family was hugging and crying but there were police taping that part of it and the jury didn't get to see that either but those two cops also pled the fifth. The graceful stenographer had over 3,000 errors to the point of using a pen and scratching out the word then wrote on top the word meaning the complete opposite none in Darlie's favor. Also there were 53 pages missing so they get her in the stand and I bet you can't guess??? She pled the fifth. Supposedly that paperwork was corrected. Ha, how can anyone but a two year old believe in these court documents now? Forget it, there are so many holes in this case it looks like Swiss cheese. Some of the jury members saw what they missed afterwards and said had they saw the pictures of her injuries and the video tape of that memorial service before the silly string video Darlie would have been home with her family long ago. The cut screen they say that was staged because the mulch wasn't touched. Well there wasn't any mulch there to be messed it was all concrete. And when do you ever see someone arrested for capital murder 20 hours after it took place? Oh please. Then the Author Barbara Davis that wrote Precious Angels and thought without a fought Darlie was 100% guilty until she saw all the photographs and the missing video tape of the memorial and now feels awful and feels she is totally innocent, she befriended the family and every penny she gets for that book is going to Darlie's defense. So now tell me with so many descrepencies in this case could they not only have Darlie on death row for 20 years, Darin of course is remarried, Drake their only living son has been battling cancer and wants his mom but too bad because no way is Texas ever going to admit to being wrong but they can put that woman to death with all those holes in that case. How does that ever make sense?

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