Audio of City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting for October 2008Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Audio of City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting for October 2008

4 November 2008 at 9:05:54 AM

Thanks to Mygnonne and Peggy for providing not only a tape but minutes of the meeting.

Here's MP3. (best to right click and download to your computer).

Agenda with about when each part happened.

2nd hearing on request to annex Larry Smith's land of 27.503 acres into the city.

No citizen comments and approve minutes of previous meetings.

Extend the John Graves Scenic Waterway to Hood and Somervell Counties (about 1:38). Especially fitting because John Graves who wrote "Goodbye to a River" is from here. Friends of the Brazos wants the city to put in a resolution in the Texas Legislature. Currently the Waterway starts at Possum Kingdom Dam. Plans from Friends of the Brazos, besides continuing to do cleanup work on the Brazos through volunteers, is to put in canoe trails, etc.

About 5:45. Flood Plain compliance. Although the item mentioned Gary Marks, he did not ask to have it put on the agenda and wasn't notified that it was going to be brought up. I read through the minutes and learned more than I ever thought I would on flood plains. I had no idea that there were different flood plain plans, like 100 years with X size of pipe, and 25 years with another size of pipe and 10 years. The hospital, on a 100 year plan, connects with the city, which is on 25, which connects to TxDOt, which is on 10 year. The hospital would have to pay 500,000 for a drainage system, and thought that maybe if they go to a 25 year flood plan it would decrease the size of the pipe (and cost) but it might increase it. The engineers think that the city, requirements for drain sizes wouldn't handle the hospital's outflow, and they'd have to drain into the creek across from 144 ((((My note: What? Really? Into the creek?)))  Any request for a change in flood plain plans was denied. 4/0

Community Development Block Grant- Sewer grant request for 250,000 for Wolf City (south on 144) with City providing 25,000 in matching funds. motion passed 4/0

Second supplement to Code of Ordinances. Passed

Now THIS was interesting. About 18:34  Seems that there is a difference in basic philosophy about the members of city council and what, if any, renumeration they would get. It's the difference between seeing being on City council as a volunteer act that gives back to the community or it being a paid position. Mr. Bryant brought up the idea that he thought city council members, as well as the mayor, should be paid more. Right now the city council members get $10 per month, and it was Bryant's position that that amount doesn't justify the time spent, nor gas, nor late night phone calls,etc. Busch mentioned that council members are only reimbursed for gas on out of town trips but not coming to and from the meetings. At the other end of the philosophical spectrum was Stricklin who said that his dollar amount was zero and that believed that the job was a volunteer one on behalf of the community. Terry said he had mixed feelings about it, that if somebody was doing it for the money, that wasn't enough, but it is a volunteer service to the community. Bryant had checked into what Granbury personnel were paid, although they do it full-time. A couple of people in the audience piped up on Bryant's behalf. Busch brought up that ti's all a budget issue, that if there were an additional 250 per month for council (and 350 for mayor) that would not only be additional salary but also FICA and Medicare taxes on that amount at 7.65%, and since that wasn't budgeted for this year, it couldn't be included for this session. Also, since election positions are staggered, not everyone would get a new pay increase. The item was tabled.

My question on this is, wouldn't the city have to raise taxes to pay for additional salary? It's not like money comes out of thin air. And did some on the city council run because they expected to be renumerated more as opposed to it being a volunteer service?

No replacements for Board of Adjustments.

Parking on Grand Street, behind the Heritage Park-no action because waiting for county info.

Riverwalk update. (about 33:00) The estimate of Michael Buckley given at the last meeting was at 415,000, being revised and his info will be given to the 4-B Tax committee in November.  On the Bosque County Bridge, Bruce said it would transverse the Paluxy by 170 feet, so it does reach across the river. Projected cost to the city is 9800. That proposal will be discussed at the 4-b tax committee as well.

On vendors on the downtown square 38:00. The real deal is what kind of process is needed to permit events. The Downtown Association is dissolving, the county owns the gazebo, where's the clearing house for events? Decided to have a form at the Town Hall, which would then be given to Huckaby, with whoever is sponsoring the event responsible for their vendors.

October 16, 4 B Committee meeting.

Stadium Addition Flooding, Halff Consultants, waiting for reply from TxDOT.

CVB Report about 45- Paluxy Pedal had 808 bike riders, will change dates next time to be a week earlier so as not to conflict with band contest or Texas O/U weekend. Pumpkin Fest no complaints, minor problems, jump houses went flat, pies for pie-eating contest frozen and no tp in the women's restroom.

Executive session.

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