Audio- City of Glen Rose (Texas) Town Council Meeting of August 2008


Audio- City of Glen Rose (Texas) Town Council Meeting of August 2008

25 August 2008 at 7:31:21 PM

MP3-best to rightclick and download to your computer to listen to it.  (Note that parts of the original tape had moments of silence-I noted when that occurred) .

Replat from James Burkhart. Approved

Replat from La Quinta (public hearing #2) -Approved

Spend $10000 or more on 4b projects. Riverwalk project to proceed. Engineering study, will be reiumbursed. Rough estimate of $13,000 for engineering study. Maybe by the time they get around to charging, the city will be able to use 4b tax money. Resolution to spend funds approved.

Update on Riverwalk project. Margaret Drake. Determined the width of path be betweeen 6 to 8 feet. Possible dock locations and parking locations. Engineer to meet with committee on August 28, will present to City Council in September City Council meeting. Helen Kerwin status, 10 year renewable agreement, has asked for $15,000 from city for fencing. Contract still not finished, she wants opened that if her land sells, and it becomes an issue with the buyer, to be able to opt out. Kerwin's renegotiating is the last hurdle for the Riverwalk project. If she opts out, would Kerwin pay back the 15000 for the fence? Plain pipe fence. Does a pipe fence fit in with the look of what the Riverwalk  would want to be? Riverwalk Com fine with whatever.Surveillance cameras. Margaret Drake on considering building a pedestrian crosswalk over the Paluxy, needs to take place in 3 phases. What kind of crossing? Then engineering company to come up with design, then build it. Freeze (sic?) and Nichols to come up with a proposal/feasiblity study. 6325 dollars to explore 4 different options for crossing the Paluxy. Suspension bridge, low water crossing, etc. Why using Freeze (sp?) and Nichols because they have already done some of thw work, due to having built the wier. Sent statement of work to Connally, head of 4b tax committee. FEMA to be contacted to find out about putting a bridge over the Paluxy? Would 10000 amount be reduced if we get 2 options? Another person who was going to give some ideas about a walk, but would have to start from scratch.  Mayor recommendation to sit on this. Margaret Drake on applying for several grants from TPWD; must show that Riverwalk exists in any local planning to get the grant. (about 16 minutes in). Riverwalk plans will also include county property.

4b Tax Committee Status. Connally not there.

Update on TxDOT's progress on flood control. Nothing back from TxDOT.

Ordinance about budget. fixing line items. Okayed

City's investment policies. Tabled.

Masonry-cement material. commercial buidlings, not homes. Granbury has 90 percent masonry. Maynard comparing industrial park buildings with hotels, says that the industrial building woudln't be there if it had had to comply with masonry standards being considered. Only for new commercial construction. 35,000 square foot building in the industrial area negotiations going on now but won't come if it has to comply. Can exempt industrial park from ordinance, apply to buildings on Hwy 67. 60 percent of buildings must be approved products. motion to adopt changes with dropping industrial parks and reviewing any alternate masonry products. Adopted the ordinance.

Selected equipment for animal control faciility. Itemized list. Addressed in budget

Change in workweek to 10 hours per day, 4 days per week. Does it really conserve energy if it's open the same number of hours, also save trucks on the road and fuel. Counties have gone 4/10. Citizens want city to be open 5 days per week. Maynard-only done in road maintenance, during paving season when it's so hot.

Tax abatements. ETJ letter

CVB report. Hotels under construction. Holiday Inn goal open Oct 1. La Quinta goal open October 15, might be November. 1 or 2 properties haven't reported tax for last quarter. 100,000 for one quarter. No profit for ticket sales. July 5th 12,000 after expenses. acrobats-$8000. Ray Price. Plan to do some shows next spring, weather's better. One large org to bring 4 of smaller conventions here.

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