Went Canoeing This Weekend in the Brazos River at Glen Rose


Went Canoeing This Weekend in the Brazos River at Glen Rose

25 August 2008 at 11:57:00 AM

What an enjoyable experience. We rented a canoe from Rhodes Canoe Rentals, he drove us (and the canoe) down to an entry point on the river and off we went. We did take some sunscreen, me a portable mister, and wore hats. First we paddled up the river towards Granbury. (I need to go back and reread "Goodbye to a River".) Not many places that were actually built by the banks of the river, but that has to do with flooding. Saw huge catfish, minnows, interesting flying birds and something that screeched-maybe it was a type of eagle or hawk? And of course some black buzzards cooling their heels on a bank. Saw one place way up the river, fairly near a gas rig, where somebody had a generator going that was sucking water out of the Brazos. I think that's the person that has a deal with the BRA to capture water and resell it for fraccing. We were told that the same people are the ones that are levelling a spot near the Dinosaurus cafe .. wonder what's going there?

When we turned back south again to follow the river flow towards, say, Waco, we saw a group of fun-loving kids that were out tubing.

There are a few spots, because the river isn't really deep (in fact, if anyone drowned in the river that was an adult, it would be, as Mr. Rhodes said, a case for the sheriff to investigate because it would be strange) where we pulled the canoe over some sand bars or a big pipeline. Fell into the water a few times and it was refreshing.

All that sunblock and NO SUNBURN today! It was really a great time.

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