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43 Year Old Cleburne (Texas) Woman Charged with Sexual Assault with 16 Year Old Boy

22 August 2008 at 3:44:47 PM

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Julie von Tungeln surrendered on a warrant for sexual assault at the Johnson County Jail. Bail was set at $10,000.

Sgt. Amy Knoll said Cleburne police began investigating the case this week after receiving a report alleging that Von Tungeln had been involved in sexual relationships with underage teenage boys. Knoll said the report was made by one of the boys’ parents.

A subsequent investigation found Von Tungeln had had sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old boy, Knoll said. She said the contact was not forced and occurred at a Cleburne residence, declining to further elaborate.

From the Cleburne paper

Von Tungeln owns Friou Floral & Gifts in Cleburne and serves on the Black & White Gala committee. Proceeds from the Black & White Gala benefit Harris Methodist Walls Regional Hospital in Cleburne.

The parents of one of the boys contacted police after learning about the offense. The investigation indicates that von Tungeln engaged in sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old boy, said Sgt. Amy Knoll of the Cleburne Police Department. Additional information indicates the possibility of other victims, Knoll said.

Ugh. This might not be the only kid. from WFAA which also has a video

Her problems may not end there.

"We've received information that there could be additional victims. That there may be other teenage boys that have been victimized by this woman," said Knoll.

Police say they have evidence that the woman had sex more than once with the 16-year-old boy over a period of several weeks.

Sexual assault is punishable by a prison term of 20 years and a $10,000 fine.

and nbci5

Let me just whip out my ole calculator here. 43 minus 16 equals TWENTY SEVEN YEARS DIFFERENCE. So a female predator that is 27 years older than some kid still in high school not only is going after him but others in the same age range? Ew. Ew. Ew. I don't know the circumstances of how it was that she turned herself in once she apparently found out there was a warrant out for her, but I hope that doesn't let her off easy. I expect to see her face on the Texas Sexual Offenders website.

Even creepier. I notice, from internet records that the woman has a daughter that is around high school age. Maybe that's how she met these guys-IF THAT IS SO, nothing more disgusting that having your MOM hit on your male friends.  This is apparently her husband (or maybe they're divorced now, or will be-yug.) He's a Republican that worked for Smokey Joe Barton and is also an elder in a local Cleburne Church.

P.S. If it turns out to be the same type of thing that happened with Joelle Ogletree, where the teenage boys were making fasle claims that were proven to be baloney, I'll rescind.

P.P.S.More on *Sexy Jules*.

Update March 2009 from the Feb 27 2009 Cleburne paper- For some reason, she got a plea bargain She pled guilty to 2 counts of sexually assaulting a child, have to be registered as a sex offender for the rest of her life, can't go visit her children in school and 10 years deferred adjudication, 180 days in jail at the Johnson County Corrections Center, and $2000 fine. She also has a divorce case with her husband.

UPDATE August 2015- Amazingly, despite the fact she got a plea bargain, she broke one of the terms-from the 10th court of appeals.

In May of 2013, Appellant (without the trial court’s approval) and Steven Alsobrook filed a Formal Declaration and Registration of Informal Marriage, see TEX. FAM. CODE ANN. §§ 2.401, 2.402 (West 2006), but they had it immediately annulled when they learned that Alsobrook’s divorce was not final. Alsobrook, like Appellant, was also on felony community supervision.1 On June 19, 2013, the State filed its First Amended Motion to Proceed with an Adjudication of Guilt; it alleged in part that Appellant violated Condition 3, “to-wit: on or about May 24, 2013 the defendant married Steven Alsobrook, who has an extensive criminal history and is currently on felony probation for Family Violence in Dallas County, Texas.”2 After Appellant agreed to two weeks in jail as a condition of probation for the alleged violations, the State withdrew its motion to adjudicate. On August 27, 2013, and again without the trial court’s approval, 3 Appellant and Alsobrook filed a second Formal Declaration and Registration of Informal Marriage. After filing several unsuccessful motions to modify her community supervision terms and conditions so that she could associate with Alsobrook, Appellant filed the instant habeas application and raised constitutional complaints about Condition 3’s application to her spouse. 

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1 - curious reader   22 Aug 2008 @ 10:34:26 PM 

Did the article say that her profession was a "de-florist"?

2 - salon   23 Aug 2008 @ 12:36:09 AM 

Hah! You wit! Made me laugh

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video re: Danny Chambers Drag Racing Around the Square In Youth (Glen Rose)
3 - concerned reader   24 Aug 2008 @ 6:35:19 PM 

Listen people, show some sympathy for this family. This family is so kind-hearted. ALL of them have welcomed me into their home with care and the daughter is absolutely the sweetest. She had nothing to do with it. Give her sympathy. Poor thing, has to start high school Monday with all that drama and gossip. Julie just got caught up in the wrong situation. Pray from this family. They truly need it. :)

4 - salon   24 Aug 2008 @ 8:06:17 PM 

I do feel sorry for the daughter, and I don't think anyone will hold what her mother did against her. But the mom deserves ZERO sympathy. Besides being a child predator, she cheated on her husband with a child. Sorry, but yuk.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video re: Danny Chambers Drag Racing Around the Square In Youth (Glen Rose)
5 - broken   25 Aug 2008 @ 12:07:13 PM 

this has all been so very sad for her daughter and her friends who had a friendship with her mom.  she has broken hearts of so many that thought she was such a cool mom and looked up to her.  please pray for this family....don't pray she will get off without punishment, pray for God's will to be done and for comfort for the daughter and husband who are in such pain right now.

6 - pharper   26 Aug 2008 @ 9:34:31 AM 

I will add that a 16-year old, male nor female, can NOT consent to having sex with an adult in the state of Texas. So anyone who thinks this could have been consentual should take a look at this law which does not bias on gender.

Another thought is that what if this was a man having sex with a boy instead of a woman having sex with a boy...would your opinion change? It should be the same...it is against the law to have sex with minors no  matter if you are male or female.

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7 - salon   26 Aug 2008 @ 9:41:28 AM 

Reminds me that I'm not going to post any comments from anyone who thinks that what she did deserves an excuse or that the kid made a decision to do this, thus was as culpable as she apparently is. A minor cannot make these kinds of decisions, it is against the law. Otherwise, she wouldn't have had a warrant waiting for her.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video re: Danny Chambers Drag Racing Around the Square In Youth (Glen Rose)
8 - concerned mother   26 Aug 2008 @ 2:46:16 PM 

Hopefully this lady will head to prison soon for taking advantage of these young boys.I heard she was trash in school and stil is...we refer to it as "white trash with money"! She's now white trash child molester with money...hopefully she will get exactly what she deserves. Hopefully CPS will make sure her daughter will be in a safe living environment as obviously Julie was no role model for her. Surely her husband will be smart enough to have already headed to a divorce lawyer and filed for full custody of his daughter. Hope she does not end up in prison with any young girls!!!

9 - a classmate   26 Aug 2008 @ 10:42:12 PM 

Hey Julie -

The Class of '84 is prayin' for ya kid...YES you know me...from waaaaaaaay back in the day....

You can call me

"The Kawasaki Kid"

10 - classmate.....   27 Aug 2008 @ 12:51:49 AM 

Wow....I do not think the entire class of 84 would agree with Ted's posting...this lady does not need praying for....her young daughter and husband yes...but this child molester....I highly doubt anyone with any class what so ever would feel that she needs any prayin' for..other than prison time for child molestation...this is just flat out sick and she has some mental issues...of course she is going to blame it on some new hormone pills she was taking..thats the rumor in Cleburne...lets see how far that gets her. These poor "kids" (i.e. MINORS) need all the prayers. YES, I am sure she knows many from waaaaaaaay back in the day......possibly she is trying to relive that moment now...only with minors!!! Flat out SICK!!!!!!

11 - so sad   27 Aug 2008 @ 11:33:04 AM 

Sex abuse in any form or fashion is a sick  and depraved thing for anyone of any age to have to endure. Yet we are not the one who should judge these people,that's Gods job. Our job is to try to come together as a community and cry out when we see these things happening. They say Julie exhibited some pretty strange behavior before all of this came to light. Should  people have spoken out ? As it turns out yes, yes, yes .Will we all learn and remember the next  time we see someone who is behaving out the ordinary. Who knows?  We can only hope that in the furture we will all  try to be more aware of the  things that go on around us, the crys for help we see and hear that we all choose to ignore. May God have MERCY on everyone involved in this terrible thing, and may the victims families and Julies family somehow find peace.

12 - cleburne resident...   28 Aug 2008 @ 9:30:25 AM 

Spoken out??? This lady is only going to attempt to cover up her sick low class actions with "mental issues" and or on some hormone pills...what would any one expect...she is looking at prison time...I am sure she is already working on anything she can come up with. Truth is...she is trash...was having problems at home with her husband...too low class to get anyone her own age therefore she turned to these young boys who she knew would be more willing than someone of her own age. Just flat out sick. But, in this town...she will whip out the ole checkbook and pay her way to paint up a nice picture for the town that she had some mental issues hoping everyone will feel sorry for her. Hopefully the parents will push it until she is sent off to prison where she belongs! Anyone whom feels sorry for this lady.... I would not want my young boys around you!!!! There is no excuse for this lady...everyone in Cleburne knows she knew better!!! She is just trash!

13 - another cleburne resident !!!   28 Aug 2008 @ 3:44:27 PM 

Lord Have Mercy, I Still Cant Believe This, I dont know her personally but I do know someone who knows her VERY WELL...She was not that kinna person to do that, But what in Gods name happened to turn her around, I think this is just PLAIN SICK, And to choose her daughters BOYFRIEND ??? WHY Would a mother even think of doing that with a teenager must less someone HER DAUGHTER Cared about OMG Julie how could u do that...U not ONLY hurt ur Husband & Daughter but got urself A REALLY BAD NAME Here in Cleburne....As u know MONEY Cant buy everything & It sure hell aint gonna get ur ass out of trouble, Are at least I HOPE It Dont...And DONT come up with that MENTAL SHIT Either because Thats not the problem, The problem is Ur JUST PLAIN SICK & NOT THE mental kinna SICK Either....U will get what u got coming i am sure of it....The WORST Think to get in trouble for in Cleburne Texas is DRUGS & CHILD MOLESTORS....U Have SOOOOOOOO F***** Ur Life Up Just to have SEX WITH A DAMN MINOR...Not ONLY 1 BUT 3 OMGGGGGGGGGGG...I bet ur daughter has been through PURE HELL From ALLLLLLLL The MEAN ASS KIDS @ School, I Feel SOOOOOOO SORRY For her & Ur Husband...And I also heard U Guys (meaning u & ur X HUBBY to be) had just built a BRAND NEW HOME....Was it ALLLLLLLL WORTH IT  ????????  Just SICK PLAIN O'LE SICK IS THE ONLY WORK I CAN SAY & ASHAMED OF U

14 - one of the mothers   29 Aug 2008 @ 11:10:04 PM 

I just want to say that what you have done to my families life, will only be forgiven with the grace that Jesus has given me. I allowed you in my home and I trusted you like a second mother to my children.

You have stole the most important thing in my son's life and have caused hurt beyond belief to my whole family.  I only pray that everyday for the rest of your life that you beg for the mercy that only Jesus can give you....  There are so many other things that I want to say to you right now, but I will never in my life stoop as low as you have. 

You had everything that anyone could desire, why why why could you not find whatever it was that you were looking for from someone your own age, or at least an adult!!! 

You have caused all of us so so so so much pain... And to any parents reading this, please be so very careful in who you trust around your children ask questions all the time look them in the eye and make them look back in to yours... I trusted this women with the most important people in my life and she hurt every single one of us!!!


A mother in a whole lot of pain!!!!!

15 - salon   30 Aug 2008 @ 9:08:25 AM 

I just want to give you a hug. I'm sorry for what you're going through. I hope Cleburne police throw the book at this woman. .

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16 - remember what jesus taught   9 Sep 2008 @ 4:40:13 PM 

I know the von Tungeln family, on a very limited basis, but that's not why I am writing this. I have read through the comments on this blog and I felt compelled to address the irony of some of the comments. There are many references to God, Jesus, penance, and consequence. It occurs to me that Jesus and His Grace, did not categorize sin or attempt to differentiate degrees of sin - that is a wordly attribute, not a heavenly one. In God's eyes, sin is sin and we are all guilty of it to some degree or another.  Let us remember His lesson, "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone". Our Father did not bestow upon us the duty of judgement, prayerfully so, because there is not a person among us qualified to sit in the judgement of another. Our concern should be our own path and walk before God. For whatever reason, if Julie is guilty of these crimes, she has fallen from the righteous path and our duty, our obligation, as Christians is NOT to sit in condemnation and judgement, but to forgive, as the Father forgave us.

Secondly, I would like to point out the following, as it seems to have been forgotten:  The Cleburne Times Review, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, WFAA TV, this blog, your next door neighbor, hairdresser, rumor mill, or any other form of media, the last time I checked, ARE NOT participants IN or representatives OF our justice system. The comments made here, and the opinions formed , as evidenced by the merciless attack of this woman, her CHECKBOOK, her HUSBAND, her HOME, her MEDICAL history, and for goodness sakes, even her high school reputation, are based on the ASSUMPTION of guilt. The Constitution of the United States of America, that we so proudly honor and defend, affords EACH of us the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT AND PROTECTION of the ASSUMPTION OF INNOCENCE, until proven otherwise. Take care, such reckless and wanton abandonment of the very foundation of what freedom truly means, is a dangerous game to play, and perhaps indicates how far we still must go, rather than how far we've come - Are the days of mob lynchings, beheadings in the town square, the Salem Witch hunts, imprisonment without due process, are they all such a distant memory, that we can so carelessly disregard the presumption of innocence? Each of the greatest miscarriages of justice in our limited history most often began with an accusation and little more... I argue this point, not for Julie von Tungeln, but for all of us. Imagine the chaos and pandemonium we would experience, if we were left to the mercy of rumor and assumption. If a I were a betting person, I would venture to say that all of us, at some point in our lives, were the victim of rumor - Anyone, no matter how righteous, could fall prey to the accusation of one and the mob mentality, ever prevelant, which almost always follows. That very mentality is exhibited here (read your comments). You have played the role of judge, jury, and executioner - she has been sentenced and condemned in the Cleburne court of public opinion and I would venture to say that the majority of these opinions were formed, based on media reports, and not a single shred of testimentory evidence.

You are not honoring the alleged victim with your comments - you violate the very concept of the justice being sought.

Julie von Tungeln may have committed the acts of which she is accused - acts that have no justifiable excuse. Do not mistake the intent behind my comments. My heart breaks, as I read your words, and realize that this is only a very small glimpse at the public humiliation the alleged victim, his family, and the von Tungeln family must be experiencing. The entire matter is tragic on a multitude of levels, there is no shortage of sadness or pain. We can only imagine the kind of grief the boy's mother must feel, innocence, so precious, once lost can never again be found. The von Tungeln's daughter, by all accounts a precious young lady, can you imagine her pain and humiliation? Kenneth von Tungeln, a kind, caring man, with a servant's heart - each of them, writing under the relentless, tormenting gaze of public opinion.

We ALL want to know the dirty, scandalous secrets, and of course, there must be something going on at home, that drove her to such depravity, if she is in fact guilty. What is wrong with her husband? What was Julie lacking?

No explanation will ever satisfy the curiosity. Any explanation will be disappointing - we don't want to understand and acknowledge that sometimes people are plain and simply CAPABLE of such things - we  want more, we want to know WHY.....there is no why. I have no doubt that Kenneth was a good husband. I have no doubt that Julie cared for her daughter, that Kenneth is a good father, that their young daughter is a product of love and attention. There should be no doubt or clamoring need to UNDERSTAND, dismantle, dissect, and discuss.

Instead, direct your efforts and energy into helping the victims of this terrible tragedy recover. Lend a kind word, a supportive hug, a faithful condolence - or, simply put, quiet your angry words. The family of the abused, the abused, and the family of the alleged abuser are all sufferring and that sufferring is being made infinitly worse by your gossip and careless words - words that hurt and victimize over and over again. You cannot change, understand, or ridicule away what has happened, but you can control your own behavior. Model not what you deplore, model what should be, and remember, you too, are not without sin and your Lord Jesus Christ speaks to you on the subject...put down the stones and pray not for vengence and retribution, but instead for forgiveness and the Grace of God, to touch the hearts of all those afflicted.

Thank you for your time.

17 - salon   9 Sep 2008 @ 6:28:34 PM 

To *remember*.  This is an opinion blog, not a religious blog,  and as such, yours is one of many opinions. If we all strictly waited until the judgment of Jesus, for those of us who profess the Christian faith, no one would ever go to jail or be otherwise held accountable. I myself believe that discussing these types of situations provides an outlet for the shock people feel, and an attempt to answer "Could this happen to me? How was it that happened?". von Tungeln has said she did what she is accused of, she turned herself in once she found out about the warrant. Maybe all that will change when her case is adjudicated but people will again then want to talk about the particulars.

So thanks again but to all readers-express yourself as you will unless you want to write that there is an excuse for what von Tungeln has already admitted to. That will not be posted.

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18 - outsider looking in   12 Sep 2008 @ 10:47:18 PM 

I too am a resident of Cleburne and have seen the pain this womany has put her family and friends ithrough because of her selfish actions.  In my opinion it is unforgivable.  Her hopefully soon to be ex-husband is an amazing man who is handsome, smart and caring and very well respected in the community.   He is trying to provide as normal a life as he can for his daughter and himself.  They truly need prayer and privacy right now.  Maybe the link to his bio should be deleted.  He really does not deserve the extra scrutiny.  He has been through enough. 

19 - remember what jesus taught   17 Sep 2008 @ 10:35:39 AM 

My comments were directed at the references to God and the like, in other comments left by other readers. I was trying to point out the irony of their remarks - the tone and nature in which the references to "Christianity, God, and/or Jesus" are in direct contradiction to what the bible teaches.

I also wanted to point out that this woman has not yet been convicted in a court of law and the presumption of innocence, until proven otherwise, is fundamental - it appeared to me, in reading some of the more aggressive comments, that there is evidence of a "mob mentality" - I just wanted to highlight that, so hopefully people would recognize that one wrong does not justify another. Yes, it is revolting, what she is accused of and what some reports indicate she admitted to, but that does not lend permission to anyone else, to disregard the rule of law or the rule of God and relentlessly attack her family and to behave with mercy - especially when their attacks contain Christian undertones.

That's what I was trying to do - I certainly do not believe in censorship and feel people are entitled to write/say what they wish.

20 - anon   27 Oct 2008 @ 12:27:58 AM 

It is very sad to see many of the post coming through in some way or fashion trying to "take up" for this sick old lady! Leave God...Christian undertones and everything else aside.....long and short of it....this lady is sick and regardless if she has not been convicted yet means absolutely nothing! She did what she did and she deserves no remorse or anything other than the walls of a prison cell for what she did. She not only commited a crime...she lost her own daughter over it!!!! I guess an old 40+ woman getting to screw kids meant more to her than her husband and more so her young daughter...this child deserves much more than this...I only hope the ex-husband and daughter walk away and never look back on this trash....once trash always trash...flat out sick!!!

21 - salon   10 Nov 2008 @ 8:32:45 PM 

Reminder that if you want to curse up a storm, and especially,heh, when you're trying to use God as your example, your post won't make it online. Now go wash out your mouth with soap.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video re: Danny Chambers Drag Racing Around the Square In Youth (Glen Rose)
22 - just curious   13 Nov 2008 @ 11:37:32 AM 

Do you have any idea what is going on legally with this?

23 - salon   15 Nov 2008 @ 4:10:28 PM 

I actually haven't looked since this was posted, but the next step would be to have a criminal case in the district in Johnson County. If anyone has called to ask what the date is on the docket, please post it here.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video re: Danny Chambers Drag Racing Around the Square In Youth (Glen Rose)
24 - unknon   18 Nov 2008 @ 8:53:09 PM 

grand jury indicted her and hear she is to be arraigned next week.  it makes me sick how she acts like nothing has happened or will happen to her. she dresses very provocative and acts like she has done no wrong

25 - anonymous   27 Feb 2009 @ 10:42:22 PM  Now hopefully this whole town will see she was guilty is guilty and always will be. She has shown no remorse for her actions. HOPEFULLY SHE GETS SOME HELP!! Pled guilty of all charges!!!!

26 - students form chs   6 Mar 2009 @ 5:32:57 PM  no doubt this woman is very sick and if she doesnt feel remorse for tearing apart families than she really does need help!!! everyone can say she was never like this but obviously she was just didnt show it!! how can a MOTHER take her own daughters boyfriends innocence!! she can try and pay her way out of it and use the mental excuse but everyone can see who she really is.... she walks around this own like she is the shit like nothing went wrong but she is about to see and i know for a fact that these families are not goin to let this go until justice is indeed served... as for you julie you are one SICK BITCH!!! AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT NOW!!

27 - Friend of the Family   7 Mar 2009 @ 9:25:42 AM  Yep - goes to show you that money can't buy class. The writing was on the wall for a long time, but even the husband avoided dealing with it until it caused family damage that may take a life time to heal, if the damage will ever heal. High school should be full of great memories, not memories of a 46 yr. old preditor getting her "rocks-off" at the expense of kids. Again, if this was a guy that messed around with 3 underage girls, he would be in Huntsville for 20 yrs. Yep - she's lucky in a way, but will always be a scumbag. If I want flowers, I will find another shop. Hopefully the a civil suit will strip her of her shop/money and put her in her place - near or around the trash that she is... Prayers go out to those victims and the families that were in her path of destruction. Julie (Unsexy-Juls) - please move away from our town !!Your not wanted here......

28 - anonymous   29 Mar 2009 @ 2:19:36 PM  you know that julie will have to live with guilt of what she did. it was not right.but when people say not to use her flower shop ...it's effect the people who works there. they cannot help what she did. they have to work there to take care of their family. please thinking about how it effect them and their lives.. may god bless them....

29 - someone   27 Jun 2009 @ 10:08:23 PM 

For the entire summer before junoir year, i knew ms. von tungeln ... i feel terribly sorry for her daughter, considering she was going out with the 16 year old boy... i feel that i should have done something to stop it, since i was there when it all went down... sometimes i got the feeling she was coming on to me, but nothing ever happend thats for sure. .. the boy is no victim, if someone asks to have sex with you, you always have the option and the right to say NO..  but he did not do that, just like the 90's scandal between a teacher and student, he;s also not a victim because he brags about it, " DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM, ILL @!#$% YOUR MOM!" i feel sorry for the kid, keeping the lie from his girlfriend, the daughter, and the real victim in this scandal.....

30 - kim   31 Mar 2010 @ 11:21:45 PM 

WOW!!  I never herd of such a case pending in johnson, co.  I live in Burleson, and WOW!  Now, im gladmy 11 year old only lets me watch "his" shows, and no news! 

Its amazing how, a person is "persumed innocent, until proven guilty"....in a court of law, of corse!  Or, so it's suppose to be. 

Ive read thru the most of the post's...comments and I cant believe some of the things i read.  Of the author's of the post's, how many actually saw this crime take place. Saw it with their own two eyes?  I hope if she opts for a jury trial, not one of yall is sitting on that jury!

Im not implying what she has been accused of is at all appropriate.  If she is conviced beyond a reasonable doubt?  Yes, her punishment should reflect the crime!  The alleged victom has my heart thru this, as well as the defendants family.  Bless her daughters heart.  I entered high school, the same year my dad entered the Texas dept Criminal Jutice...in 1980.  Needless to say, i

know what her daughter will be and is going thru.  Maybe, we should put more energy in helping all the victoms of this crime rather than wearing ourselves out on the planning of her lynching.  ......TIME WILL TELL...AND SH@T WILL SMELL!  Always has always will.  Just sit back and watch...may take a minute or two...but what doesnt?

good luck to the victom his family and the family of the defendant...arent we the first ones to EXPECT forgiveness...sadly, were the last ones to GIVE it. 

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