Audio of the Somervell County Commissioner's Court for May and June 2008


Audio of the Somervell County Commissioner's Court for May and June 2008

18 July 2008 at 1:54:32 PM

I've added a nifty-difty player to put on the screen so that you can listen to it on this page instead of downloading. You must click play to listen.

May 12 2008 - Regular Session

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Somervell County Commissioner's Court June 9 2008-Some items, about the county wide cleanup day(s) that was at the end of June.  About the land that C Jersykowski -Fossil Rim owns that's near the Expo Center. About the water that the City of Glen Rose wants to charge the Expo. Farmer's Branch wants one of our bridges. Can't use that bridge for the pedestrian bridge for the potential River Walk, too short. Could the water district use it? There was an online auction at the end of the month, to be advertised in the paper. Oaks subdivision-can't locate the owners, easement crosses property but county can't touch it for emergency access road exit because documents weren't signed before. IRS rules changing. Approval of audit-26,000 cost.

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Special Session on May 19, 2008 Approving objects and bids. Sylvania for expo cleaning, discussion of temporary workers.

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Special Session on June 12, 2008. Andy Rash of Hood County there. Chip Cameron of the NRC in the special session to meet with Commissioner's Court beforehand, including introducing all the speakers. (We have put video of the night meeting on Youtube. ) Notice that when you listen to this, the objective of the NRC meeting was NOT to provide an "I'm for this or against this" but more the context of what people can do to be part of the process. That's the same type of thing that happened with the TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) hearings, and reduces the meetings into ONLY potential venting opportunities, with no real power to step in and say that the process shouldn't be started... at all. (That's at about 48/49 minutes into the MP3, with Mike Ford asking the question). As Cameron said "It's our job to listen to those concerns, BUT".... and then he takes the conversation into why it's informational. I think it's pretty interesting that the NRC sought to meet with the commisioner's court (did they also with the City of Glen Rose or other agencies?) before the meeting, and we know that the court passed a resolution in support. At about 52 minutes in Judge Maynard mentions that outside groups were soliciting for protesting in this area. Cameron says the NRC meetings typically don't have protestors as in people marching around with signs outside. Maynard mentions the South Texas meetings with the protestors. Cameron mentions that there will be a meeting in Victoria for the NRC in August; green field sites versus sites that already have reactors. Cameron says wants to have local representatives know what's going on. NRC also meeting with state officials (about 57 minutes in) Might be 3/12 -4 years before construction would start, depending on the design certification review. Question about why there is construction going on at the site right now before certification passed-distinction between safety related construction... (about 1 hour in)

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Special Session on June 16 2008. Monies to be allocated. More expenses for jury and court- murder trials can cost between 50 and 100,000. Bones up on 105 murder trial. Next murder trial probably in October. interpreter 3200 for 32 hours ($100 per hour). "I'm in the wrong business".  Need to budget more. City Street $40,000-CR 335. Right of ways versus putting in middle of street. Cost per foot of county road. Cost of indigent defense. Buctra (sp?) name of person incarcerated awaiting trial. Granbury school district gas and oil costs a million per year. Usage agreement with C Jersykowski-any way to purchase or trade for it? Electric drop on the property. Lease with allowance to do advertising (Fossil Rim sign).

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