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The REAL Game-plan of the Bush Administration and Its Success

22 May 2008 at 10:33:00 AM

The American people have been duped for the past 8 years.
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The Bush administration's game plan has been executed to perfection:
  • Halliburton is solvent again with a sparkling new headquarters in Dubai,
  • Oil companies are awash in fear-baited profiteering
  • Eric Prince of Blackwater is on his way to billionaire hood
  • The U.S. is making Arab governments more wealthy and independent of us
  • Our military has established itself in the heart of the Middle East and in close proximity of Iran
  • The laws of our nation have been fine-tuned to protect the guilty
  • Impeachment of Bush and his administration has been avoided.
The Bush administration's game-plan including lies and deceit and fear-mongering and MORE fear-mongering has worked to perfection.
Who is to blame for this success?
The American people are to blame for their myopic special interests just as much as the fear-mongering oil price speculators: the greatest threat to and current bludgeon of health (see PTSD and Suicide and DU) is the behavior of the Middle East war; the greatest threat and current bludgeon of the environment (see again DU and Jet fumes) is the behavior of the Middle East war; the greatest threat and current bludgeon of Justice (see FISA, Torture, and  the lies, lies, lies...) is the behavior of the Middle East war; the greatest threat and current bludgeon of jobs and housing (see foreclosed and unemployed in this Nation and Iraq) is the behavior of the Middle East war. 


Have Americans simply given up?   Even now the People circle their special interest wagons and call for single payer health, stopping the funding, capping carbon emissions, etc., while the perfectly orchestrated behavior of the Middle East war marches on unabated.
The problem is not that the People are not uniting; it is that the People --- and this means the People whose roots of origin are from every continent on Earth --- are failing to recognize how they are united: they are united by the social contract of the Constitution of the United States of America, within, which has a remedy to the behavior that poses the greatest threat to, and is currently causing the greatest harm to the Nation's systems of health, environment, justice and economics.   That remedy is impeachment (Article II, Section 4).
Until you recognize yourself as an American Citizen and call for impeachment, you are as much of the problem as anyone. 
Be not the problem but the solution, I know you can do it.  Let's unite and call for impeachment hearings for George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney.
Some will deny the Bush administration's guilt.
Some may say it's a "liberal" power-play.
Some will say that the administration is on its way out and therefore that impeachment is not needed.
Don't succumb to the ongoing propaganda and lies that have been spoon-fed to us by the Bush administration and its wealthy special interests, including the unconscious or bought-outright media.
Recognize the audacity and pre-conceived unacceptable outrageous and anti-American actions by the Bush administration for the past 8 years and call for justice, as the Constitution calls for.

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1 - menopausal mick   22 May 2008 @ 3:04:42 PM 

Hell, yes...impeach them all.  I'm an old hippie and I tell ya, this bunch make Tricky Dick look like a piker.

Biden said recently that if Bush attacks Iran that he'd start impeachment hearings.  Why on earth  wait?  It's obvious they want to bomb Iran before they leave office.  We should wait until what??? WWWIII?

Americans torture?  Say that again... we TORTURE...if we aren't  screaming about this one thing alone, then we are complicit.

What in the cornbread hell is Pelosi waiting for?  Is there any part of the constitution that hasn't been raped by this bunch?

What consequences for the MSM that knowingly aired the propoganda for the Iraqi war? 

What consequences for ANYBODY except Scooter dadgum Libby and  he got a pardon...go figure.

9 BILLION missing from Halliburton and nary a peep about it since.

The attorney general's office high-jacked as a political tool.

Signing statements that negate over 750 laws without recourse from the courts or congress.

Executive orders issued in secret even when they rescind previous executive orders BELIEVED to be policy.

How is this NOT a dictatorship?  Is this what the American people want?  Is this the price of "safety" which isn't safe.  It is impossible to totally make safe a country of this size.  Do we give up our democracy for an illusion of safety?

Ah hell...what's the point.  I yell and scream day after day.  I cajole and point things out and beg for people to wake up.  Nothing seems to change.  Nobody really cares any more.

And according to current laws, I am a domestic terrorist for even speaking out against the Iraq war...god knows what classification I am by calling for impeachment.

Ya'll got bail money? 

I  hear scotch calling my name...I'll get back to yelling tomorrow.

Menopausal Mick

2 - salon   22 May 2008 @ 3:24:50 PM 

I'm with you. Bush should have been impeached long ago, or at least the impeachment hearings started. It isn't as if there had to be already a given verdict for it to be so. Nancy Pelosi infuriated me when she said impeachment was off the table.

You just keep on yelling and so will we! Oh, and you're autoapproved for any future comments, bud!

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3 - pstern   22 May 2008 @ 8:17:46 PM 

Dear MM:

Please NEVER stop yelling!


Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
4 - pstern   22 May 2008 @ 9:35:15 PM 

I'm still hoping that some wealthy Democrats, or groups/organizations file civil suits against Bush, Cheney and the rest after they step down.

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
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