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More on Matt B From the ALJ/TEA Transcript- Joelle Ogletree

13 January 2008 at 3:14:44 AM

Short recap of posts done here: re: Matt B, who was one of the people who made accusations against Joelle Ogletree. Here's Matt's testimony from Day 1 of the criminal trial in 2004, here is Day 2. Then, here is the findings of the Administrative Law Judge at the 2006 TEA hearing regarding Matt, in which the findings were that none of Matt B's allegations occurred. Here is a post about Matt's appearance on Dr Phil, in which he failed the polygraph test. and from yesterday, here's a post regarding character, plagiarism and animal cruelty. As mentioned before, I've been reading the hundreds of pages from the ALJ/TEA hearing, of which the 80 page report was a summary. Following are some bits I've culled out from the transcript of testimony. (best to right click and download to your computer, especially if you have a slower connection.)

p. 19. Mr. Conners, Ogletree's attorney characterizes Matt as an actor and describes his multiple accounts.

p 27 (p 2 in the PDF) Ogletree  describes the seating arrangement in her class.

A. At the beginning of the year, they could sit wherever they chose to. I don't know where exactly in the back of the room, but a bunch of boys were in the back of the room. And I then created a seating chart in which I moved the boys towards the front so that I could keep them in line better. I know that I sat Sam --When I was facing the room, Sam was on the right-hand side and Chayce was as far away as he could be on the left-hand side from Sam.

Before you read the next parts, listen to this audio snippet I made from the Dr Phil show and then compare what Matt B says versus what is said in the transcripts, in some cases BY HIM, below.  MP3.

p 34 (page 3 in the PDF) Ogletree describes asking the boys over to help move the piano.

Q. Did you call Chayce I think that would be during the summer of 2002 and ask him to come to your home to assist you and your husband in moving a piano?

A. Yes, I did. But he said he could not come.

Q. Did you call and ask Matt to come to the residence you share with your husband to assist you and your husband in moving a piano?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. Did Matt come over to help you?

A. Yes, he did.

Q. Did Matt arrive at your home to move the piano while your husband was present?

A. Yes.

Q. Did Matt appear any other time at your home to help with moving the piano when your husband was not there?

A. No ma'am.

p 62 (p 4 of the PDF). Asking Matt abour moving the piano, but he says he helped move furniture.

A. She called my house around the end of July and asked if I could come out to her house and help move furniture.

Q. And did you go?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. When you arrived, who was there?

A. Only her... Only Ms Ogletree

p 64 (p 5 of the PDF) Matt says he had never dated. (But, if you listen to the audio recording from Dr Phil, above, he says he had "slept with one girl before that". He also mentions the other time he'd been out to the Ogletrees for the campout.

A. At that time I had never dated.. I wasn't a big dater or dating anyone at the time and had never had any sexual involvement with another female.

Ooops. That's not what he said on Dr Phil!

 p 76 (page 7 in the PDF). Matt describes how he wrote a poem about Ogletree in his coach's class, read it to the class. He says HERE he didn't make copies, but later he says he does (on a different scan) 

Q. Did that poem get distributed throughout the school?

A. Yes, it did.

Q. Did you do it?

A. No ma'am.

p 101 (p 9 of the PDF) Says he had only been to Ogletree's house TWO times, once to move the piano and once at the campout in the fall.

Q. Now, let's talk about the allegations in the summer of 2002. Now, it's my understanding that the only times that you had been over to the Ogletree house was in the fall ... was in the summer of 2002 to move a piano and in the fall of 2002 for a camp out, and there were no other times. is that correct?

A. That's correct....

ooops. Except when he was caught on Dr Phil, he ADDED another time of going to her house. Listen to the audience react on the audio!

Q. And then the other time-the only other times that you saw--that you went to Ms Ogletree's house was about the time of the camp out in the fall of 2002; is that correct?

A. That's correct.

Q. But isn't it true that Mr. Ogletree and you, as well as another individual, helped move the piano into the Ogletree house  in the summer of 2002?

A. I don't recall that, no.

Q. Are you saying it didn't happen?

A. No. I wasn't out there, other than those two times.

Q. So if Mr Ogletree comes in and another individual comes in and Ms Ogletree comes in and says they moved the piano with you, then they would be making false statements?

A. That's correct.

Q. And isn't it true that after they moved the piano that you went to Grandbury (SIC) to a restaurant; do you remember that?

A. No sir.

The next page is about the campout. Matt said in his deposition that nothing out of the ordinary happened on the way over to his house, BUT he contradicts himself in another place and says that Ogletree was very affectionate, very touchy, wanted to hold his hand or have her hand on his neck.

p 131 (page 14 of the PDF) Matt says that he made copies of the poem and gave them to his friends (Remember on a previous page, up above, he says he didn't distribute it.

p 132 (p 15 of PDF) Matt was asked if he ever told anyone he was going to get money by suing Ms Ogletree and he says "no sir"

p 133 (p 16)

Q. Did you ever tell others that nothing happened between you and Ms Ogletree?

A. Yes, I did.

p 138 (p 17) talks about the polygraphs everyone took. It doesn't say here but someplace else I read that the boys had polygraphs taken at a different place than Ogletree-and of course we know that they failed their polygraphs on Dr Phil.

p 169 (p 18) One of the witnesses describes how Chayce, Matt and Sam' got a field trip class kicked out of Walmart.

p 183 (p 19) Another witness overheard Matt say that he had enough on Ogletree that he could sue her. (INcidentally, as a side note, notice on the next page that the *I Never* game was played in other classes as well, and when Ogletree heard students trying to make sexual inappropriate remarks, she stopped it.

p 191 (p 22) Another witness says that Matt was rude and that Matt was considered by the witness to be a liar.

p 210 (p 24) Another witness heard Matt trying to convince Sam he should get in on it because they were going to make money off Ogletree.

Also on p 25.  The whole class was present in the room when he said that.

p 27-more on how they tried to use profanity in french class and Ogletree would stop it, according to a witness.

p 237- (p 29) Matt said he was going to sue the **** out of Ogletree, according to one of the witnesses

p 244. Matt prank with the VCR.

"I recall when our new teacher came in, we were to watch a French video one day. And he before class- before the teacher came in, took the TV cart, one similar to that, rolled it over to the desk, tied the TV cord around the desk leg, took the video and hid it and shoved paper in the VCR.

p 246. Another witness talks about the VCR incident.

Q. Now, you gave some specific instances with the TV in question. Was any of the equipment damaged?

A. Damaged?

Q. Yes. Did he break anything?

A. Well, his plan by tying the TV to the desk was when she came in and went to move it, that it would fall over. But when she came in, me and one of the other students told her that it was that way so she wouldn't do that. And we had to pull the paper out of the VCR and then it would work. But had she put the tape in there with the paper, it would have been damaged. But we stopped that from happening.

p 256 (p 34) Told another witness that the Ogletree thing didn't happen.

I was sick of the whole--the whole everything that was involved with Ms Ogletree. and I just asked him straight up. I said, Matt, did it happen or did it not, you know. And he was like, no. It wasn't a no, I don't want to talk about it. I asked him straightforword, Matthew, did this happen or did it not. You know, I'm sick of it. Tell me. And he said, no.

p 334 (p 35) witness testimony about moving that piano. Witness says that Ogletree was there with the piano and that Matt arrived about the same time as the witness, that they moved the piano and then went to eat.

p 344 (p 38) Mr. Ogletree's statements about the piano. Says he was there, as was the other witness, Ms Ogletree, and Matt and that they went to eat in Granbury after moving the piano. I also included a bit about the campout.

p 444 (p 42) Sam says in his deposition that Matt talked about moving the piano.

When you read Sam's deposition, Sam also acknowledges that he remembers Matt talking about coming out and actually moving a piano the first or second day of class. .. What happened  it was like the first or second day of school, all of the kids were talking about what they did over the summer. And Matt was complaining, joking, you know, in a fun way, yeah, I had to come move a piano, you know, trying to gripe about the work he had to do. But, I mean, he's the one who brought it up and said he had to move a piano.

Frankly, this next part of Ogletree's statement is poignant.

And had I known.. This is part of what infuriates me. Had I known about these allegations when they were first made, there was a whole classroom of people that could have heard it. ... I can't guarantee everybody in the class heard it. But they could have.

Now my comment about this. I guess you can tell that this whole case is pretty gripping to me. Every time I have seen transcripts, I haven't been able to put them down until I'm done reading. One thing about the piano that I just didn't get and it suddenly struck me this evening. When I watched Dr Phil, Matt made a big deal about how he was NOT moving a piano, but furniture. Except that when he realized he was caught in a lie, he said he had been over there a THIRD time... AFTER SCHOOL STARTED!!!???!!!! And, even though there is evidence that he TOLD people he had moved that dang piano, I couldn't figure out why he would lie about it. Well, it makes sense if you consider that he said he'd only been out to Ogletree's house twice, which is the same number Ogletree did. But there were WITNESSES for moving the piano-if he could make up a DIFFERENT scenario for being out there, one that involved moving furniture, where Mr. Ogletree wasn't home, and say that the OTHER people were lying, he would be covering his butt. Except that, as noted above, heck, even Sam had it in his deposition that he had moved the PIANO. The piano. Where there were witnesses and Mr. Ogletree was there.







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1 - believer   7 Aug 2008 @ 11:24:48 PM 

sounds like matt b is tellin the truth! have yall ever though that he was only 16 when this happened, and it has been almost 7 years! yall act like yall know these kids, seems to me yall are just good friends with joelle. it happened  lady! oh and dont forget him and chayce passed there first polygraph test, its a proven fact that when taken twice and asked the same questions it is possible to fail due to nerves!

thanks just wanted to put the input of the people that know what kind of person joelle ogletree really is, and know that matt b and chayce are tellin the truth 100%

2 - salon   8 Aug 2008 @ 12:47:18 PM 

Well...I suppose you're not a regular reader of this site and don't know that when I was first posting and researching about Ms Ogletree, I didn't know her at all, and only met her after some time of discussing the issues, with relevant facts. One might also wonder whether you are, say, kin to Matt B, and it would be understandable that, say, as his sister or brother-in-law, for example, you would take his side.

On the polygraph. Sam F also took the polygraph test and passed, and later recanted what he had said, and even, from a distance, apologized for his immaturity.Who knows why he was able to pass initially? But he refused to lie under oath at the criminal trial.

For others that may not be kin or friends to Matt B who thus have a stake in defending his actions, you can read the evidence on this site, through court transcripts both from the criminal case (declared a mistrial) and the ALJ/TEA hearing. The upshot is that in 2004 all charges against Ogletree were dropped, with jeopardy. At that trial, Chayce W did not testify under oath. When he later was supposed to do so at the ALJ hearing, he instead left the country. The ALJ/TEA hearing conclusion was that all of Chayce W's allegations were fabricated. They further declared that none of Matt B's allegations occurred "ranged from implausible to impossible".  Ogletree's teaching license was renewed. (more findings of fact from the ALJ

When Matt testified at the trial, he was an adult. He was an adult when he went on the Dr Phil show. Yes, it's been seven years, and perhaps he wishes all this would go away. So does Joelle Ogletree, but it is her name that has been besmirched by lies and she has had seven years of false accusations to live through.

P.S. Ogletree has a master's degree in English and is well equipped to teach English to those who need help with grammar.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
3 - salon   11 Aug 2008 @ 3:55:15 PM 

Confidential to commenter from Lubbock. Your question is a deflection. Your move was detailed in the local newspaper.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
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