City of Glen Rose (Texas) City Council Meeting (Audio/Video) for November 12,2007


City of Glen Rose (Texas) City Council Meeting (Audio/Video) for November 12,2007

14 November 2007 at 10:05:32 AM

We don't always get to the government meetings but when we do, they're always enjoyable. Here's what was on the agenda. (You can hear the entire meeting on this MP3, later on will update and add some video highlights of some things we liked).   MP3

Citizen Comments

Approve minutes

Receive Report from Strategic Steering Team-Consider approving recommendations

(Gary Marks)

Bruce Williams on request about right of way on property

B J Patel, developer of the hotel next to "Chicken Express" asking for a tax abatement for a restaurant. He said, incidentally, that he's trying to get a restaurant like I-Hop or Applebees to come here. The point of contention was whether granting Patel a tax abatement since the other hotels/restaurants didn't get one would be fair and whether new development would then set a precedent for abatements. Rocky Terry said this should be studied and the city should develop a policy for it.

Consider Jeff Albro's request to close off part of Cedar Street. He didn't actually show up to the meeting but some of the other business owners around there did... because they USE THE STREET!

Kevin Taylor on Wheeler Branch reservoir.

Consider increase to City of Glen Rose's contribution to the Transit Company

Ricky Villa

Chris Bryant

Peggy Busch, who is extremely knowledgeable

Consider bid(s) for solid waste disposal. Say what you will about garbage, but this was really interesting. There was only, that day, one bidder to pick up the city waste and he was talking about what would be included in a still-to-be-fully-negociated deal. He talked about the rising costs associated with his business, about the automation of the trash trucks that no longer even have to have a guy hop out and hoist the garbage, and how many days a week, etc trash pickup would be. Very much worth a listen!

ETJ expansion purposes-draft letter. I thought this was pretty interesting. Looks like an ETJ is a quasi city entity that can't be annexed by another city (like, say, Granbury) but isn't quite part of the city, either. I'm assuming it's both to be able to use some city services as well as not become part of a city you don't want to be part of.

CVB Director's report (Huckabay)

The new city councilman, Chris Bryant, brought up a great point, which is, is there any standard for how the town, as it develops, should look, to unify it. Instead of all these hotels coming in and buliding big boxes, could there be a requirement to have them meet a standard? Villa said that might be achieved through zoning regulations.

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